The Lonely Playground (Supernatural)

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  1. Legends tell of an island, far to the East of 'the world'. Satellite images from ages long past show this island, a long, thin volcanic arc covered in cities. Of course, back when those photos were taken, every country resembled that. Now, though, there is only dust. Several days ago, contact was restored with the last remaining satellite. A single, high resolution photo was taken, and sent to the only functioning computer in the west. It was the first time a map would ever be made of the Deadlands (officially known as the Irradiated Zone). The entirety of continental Asia and Africa was barren, as was Oceania and the majority of South and Mid America. Unusually, though, the little island in the East was completely fine. In fact, it was perfect. It was flooded with greenery, huge cities were still standing and even had an abundance of electricity. It did lack one thing though - people. Even at maximum zoom, precise enough to pick out individual humans, only one figure existed. It was standing on a roof, seemingly hanging up washing to dry.


    This is the tale of the People in the East. Decades ago, the world as we know it was obliterated by a catastrophic fission bomb that detonated in China, literally turning the continent into dust. Smaller weapons, activated automatically, inflicted similar events upon the third and second world. North America and most of Europe now live underground, able to stand only a few minutes on the surface before seeing adverse effects. Japan, though, is seemingly unaffected by the event, in terms of nature and infrastructure. However, it completely lacks inhabitants; besides of course, the main characters of this RP. They are a group of 5-8 people alone in an empty world they know ironically as "The Playground". There is a catch though - "Phantoms". The shadows in this world are lethal. Which shadows are Phantoms can be identified easily - they go backwards. If you stand facing the light source, your shadow will still stretch infront of you. There's no 100% effective way known to combat them, and if you step in a Phantom, it will tag itself onto you. Once you're tagged, you're living on a timer, never knowing when you may expire. When your time is up, you disappear, without any trace. So many people have gone now that the remaining 5-8 have stopped keeping count.

    The plot will revolve around both the daily life of these people in an empty, murderous world, as well as their investigation into what the Phantoms are and why Japan was unaffected by the nuclear bombs. None of the characters have memories older than 3 years ago, and as the RP progresses they will develop very minor special abilities to aid in the investigation process. We're talking things like being able to touch locks to open them.

    If you've seen Silence in the Library, you'll know the kind of atmosphere I'm going for here - a completely empty world that's still trying to kill you. Don't worry, this has an original plot so it'll still be fun.
  2. I'm wondering if this is still open, because this story has tons of potential and I would love to be a part of it.
  3. Yep, still open. Thanks for the bump too :P
  4. No problem. And of course, with that said, I'm in.
  5. I'm in this as well. I love the idea and I like the mystery!

    Hope this is still alive!
  6. Well, it wasn't alive but the defibrillator arrived, so it's got hope :P
  7. Seems quite interesting. Drop me a line when the signups are up.
  8. Lol, weird how this got no interest the first time and 3 people already the second time :D I'd like to wait for 1 more before starting, but if it gets to tomorrow evening and we don't have a 5th, I'll put up the OOC regardless.
  9. Is this still a possibility because this looks really really cool! I want to join. @Karakui
  10. Awesome! And at this point, I think I'm going to stop accepting people, to prevent overcrowding, which often ruins this kind of atmosphere. OOC coming tonight!
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  11. Let me know if there's an opening slot anyway please. This plot is very interesting ^^
  12. Well, if you Watch the OOC thread I've linked above, then you'll know whether or not all the spaces get filled. Given the current speed of comments, it looks likely that not everyone here will sign up. If there are spaces by Monday evening, feel free to throw in your CS!
  13. I think I'll leave my interest here.. might as well have something to do until some of my rp's get off the ground
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