The Lonely night

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  1. It was a cold winter's day, This was the coldest day that has been seen in a many of years. The streets of the town were empty as a lone man was walking down the street swaying left and right like a drunk man. It didnt help that he had a bottle of hard whisky in his hand.The sky was clouded but still it was very cold, Snow would begin to fly and burry the who town in snow. ANy one caught out in the snow would freeze to death in this harsh weather. The man sighs deeply as he looks down the road draining the bottle and throwing it away. He looked like your normal bum long grezzy matted hair. His beard was very long as it reached down to his broad chest. Much like his hair his beard was the same way, He is red eyes glowing in the night as he looks seeing the moon blotted out from the clouds. He sighs deeply and shakes his head he misses his old world his old people;. He was once a king of his kind the king of the werewolfs a proud people who never once would harm a human unless it was for defense.

    He was thrown out for these views he was cast into this town with no where to go no where to hide or live. He was condemed to live on the streets of this town. He had no money or food he was living by the scarps he could find on the street. Even now he hasent had as much food as he needs to survive this winter. He knew that this would be the winter he would die. He shakes his head as the snow begins to fall as he finds himself sitting down by a shop that still had its lights on. He couldent understand why this place was still open. he sighs deeply and sits down under one of the windows and sighs deeply sitting down smiling a bit as he curls into himself closeing his eyes slowly feeling the cold seeping into him
  2. A silent figure, covered with a thick layer of black clothing, happened to be walking down that same street, save for a few others hurrying quickly into their homes, the figure didn't seem to be in muchh of a hurry. As it neared the spot the lone man had curled up, its features started to become clearer, a slender feminine figure, with a scarf covering most of her face save for her dark brown hair that seemed to billow a little behind her as the wind began to pick up. Her gentle eyes were also not covered by the scarf for obvious reasons, with pupils of a light shade of gray, these eyes spotted the lone man, yet to be named. She noticed his ragged appearance, as he curled up underneath this particular window, she felt a pang of sadness for him, knowing all too well how it felt to be like this. Pausing for a moment, as if considering something, she took off her wool lined coat, revealing a deep brown, and patterned sweater undearneath it. She placed the coat on the mans shoulders gently, before speaking; "I know it's not much, but I hope it helps..." her voice was gentle, even though it was muffled a little by her scarf she had covering her face she paused again, before continueing "D-do you have a place to stay?" she spoke a little hesitantly...
  3. The man huddled under the window of the dark shop had not seen the lone women walking to him he was lost in thought what little thought he could muster for himself. He sighs deeply a large puff of air coming out of his mouth rising in the air when he felt the warm coat placed around him. He was in shock not hearing the women speaking to him when he looked up and saw her. His long beard matted with all kinds of things as his long hair was gressy and matted much like the mans beard. He looks up to the women and shakes his head. When he had lifted his head up he had revealed that his lips were a dark shade of blue showing that he was in a high stage of hypotherima" N-no miss, f-forgive me i will leave this spot if it is troubling you" he tells her stammering a bit looking up at her. He seemed to try to get up and move around but could not falling over onto his face groaning. He couldent move and shiverd deeply now. He was very pale under the moon light. The lone man couldent move at all he was very cold his joints feeling like they were stiff and rigged." f-forgive me miss i-i can not move i am terribly sorry" he tells her it seemed the man was veru humble and had been treated roughly on these streets. It was very common to kick the homless from their spots even more common to attack them and leave them for dead. No one in this town paied them any mind much less help them. He looks up at her closing his eyes his dark red eyes showing a deep sadness for where he was. But the strange thing was that this man didnt carry or talk like a bum he held himself not as a bum but as a normal person. he looks back at her" n-no need to be concernd miss" he tells her but that was not true this would be the coldest night and he would die this night left out like this.
  4. The woman thought about what the man said for a moment, then looked up at the sky for a moment. The man wasn't in a state to stay here, as the sky was starting to darken, and the cold wind was starting to blow harder. Without another thought, she wrapped her coat tighter around the man and picked him up, not without effort however, as he wasn't light, but at least he wasn't too heavy to be carried by her. His body was ice cold to the touch, as she carried him, making her way towards her home. She wondered what this particular man was doing here, he didn't seem like your average bum, but others treated him as so regardless. Her body heat was warming up the man, but she knew that wouldn't do any good when the storm hit, on that thought she quickened her pace, spotting her small, but cozy house not too far from her. She reached into her pants pocket and pulled out the key to unlock the door, gently opening it, and stepping inside still carrying the man, and closed the door, she set him down on the couch near the fireplace which was radiating heat from the still burning fire, hoping it wasn't too late for the man. "W-well, this place isn't much... But it's home." She spoke softly, before removing her scarf and her hat, revealing a soft, but kind face, she smiled a little nervously. "You're welcome to stay as long as you like you like." She added, quietly, she let her gaze wander to the window, where she could see snow falling outside at an increasing rate, beginning to cover the town in snow...
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  5. He feels his body being lifted off the ground he thought that the women was going to set him down in an allyway he was not going to fight her though he didnt mind she would put him in an allyway and he would die there out of site from anyone and out of there minds. He smiles a bit and shakes his head thinking he didnt mind he would be at peace finaly and he would be relased from his pain. He sighs deeply and shakes his head when he sees a fine allway to set him down in and she had passed right by it. This confused him and he began to think she might toss him into the cold river. That was normal sometimes people who pretened to help bums but to lead them to the river to push them in. He sighs he thought he could handle a bit more suffering before giving up. He was a heavy man very large he stood at about 6 foot 5 inches tall with a lot of muscle mass. He feels her stop for a moment but couldent look to where she was going to take him when he hears a door open he sighs and feels the warmth spreading to him as she set him down he was still a little on the defensive looking at her" w-where am i" he asks her and looks around when she called it her home he was in shock" m-my lady no i couldent be a burden" he tells her and turns to head for the door seeing the storm he would not make it more then a few feet out the door before dropping dead from the cold he couldent burden her with his bodys removl
  6. The woman was surprised to see the man, getting up to leave already, telling her he didn't want to be a burden to her, a look of worry crossed her face as it seemed he was about to step outside into the raging snowstorm. Then, thankfully he stopped, she rushed towards him, gently grabbing his shoulder. "Hey, you don't have to leave you know... You're not a burden, in fact, things were getting a little lonely here, not many people visit me really." She realized she forgot to ask the mans name "Oh, and my apologies for forgetting, but what's your name Sir? You don't seem to be from around here..." Her voice radiated kindness as she looked at him with a curious, but caring look, she hoped he wouldn't try and step out the door again...
  7. He looks at her and sighs deeply knowing that he couldent leave like this he would die as he sighs deeply and smiles at her showing her a warm and careing smile to her showing her that he could be kind and would not hurt her." my name is alexander holden" he tells her and bows before her and sighs deeply shaking his head pulling a golden seal from his pocket and handing it to her it was pure gold with strange jewles in it. It had the carving of a wolf in the seal as he smiles to the women" please keep it you have shown such kindness and helped me when i was near death i beg you please keep this" he tells her his red eyes soft and careing to the women showing that he was not bitter about his life but he was more reisend to his death then anything
  8. The woman hesitates wondering if she should take something so valuable from him... Even if he did offer, but his pleading won her over and she took it gently "T-Thank you, I-it was nothing really, I've been in your position before... I promise I'll keep it safe... I'm Cassia by the way... Cassia Ramona." She studied the seal she was still holding in her hand closely, particularly the wolf carving on it, she frowned a little before speaking again "I feel like I've... Seen that symbol carved on that seal before, but I don't remember when, or even where..." Cassia felt a sense of familiarity looking at the wolf symbol, yet, trying to recall any previous memory of anything like that made her head hurt, which was quite... Odd for Cassia, as she wasn't usually one to forget these sorts of things...
  9. He smiles and nodds" it is the seal of my clan but now it is yours for your kindness" he tells her and smiles gently sitting down at the fire place and taking in the warmth closing his eyes for a moment and thinking how he must smelled to her he must have stunk to high hevan as he looks down at his body" miss may i use your shower i know my order must be highly offensive": he tells her and smiles gently standing his full lenght he looked like a rather imposing giant thanks to how he looked it was a bit strange he seemed like a gentle giant. He sighs deeply he thinks he could use a trim and a shave so if she would accept he would head to her shower warm up and clean up a bit
  10. When Alexander mentioned the seal was of his clan's, Cassia couldn't help but wonder what clan he was referring to, though it was cut short when Alexander requested to use his shower. Cassia nodded politely, knowing he probably didn't have many ways to maintain his personal hygiene living as he was. "I don't mind the odor too much, as I don't think there was much you could have done about it in your state back there..." She commented, assuring Alexander his odor didn't offend her too much, she took note of his quite considerably height, as it was more noticeable now that he wasstanding up, not to mention his more... hulking form, but it didn't seem to scare Cassia too much, he had a more gentle aura around him than most others she's seen that have had a similar body build, though admittedly she hadn't seen many others like him...
  11. He smiles to her and bows a bit" thank you so much miss you have shown me great kindess i do not know how i will ever pay you back for what you have done for me" he tells her and smiles as he walks to the shower and peels off his dirty clothing and smiles cleaning in the shower he cleans better now the water had come off as brown water before turning clear he sighs deeply and drys off and begins to shave clearing off his beard now he feels his face as he had a five o clock shadow but he was all clean. He trims his clean hair now he didnt reconise himself for a moment he hasent seen himself like this in a long time he was very handsom as he smiles and walks out he had a soft face he still looked very strong but still he was very kind looking. He walks behind the women and taps on her sholder" thank you miss so much i feel better" he tells her
  12. Cassia was a little startled when Alexander tapped her on the shoulder, turning around, she didn't quite recognize him at first, as he looked quite handsome... She nods at him when he thanked her "You're very welcome." she smiled a little again, curiousity took hold of her, as she suspected he was once someone of at least a good amount of significance at some point... "Sorry if I'm being a little blunt but.... Are you willing to tell me where you come from?" She asked, feeling like she once knew the answer to that question at some point in her life...
  13. he sighs deeply and shakes his head for a moment thinking about what she had asked him he didnt know what he could tell her" i will tell you but i think you will think i am nothing but a crazy person" he tells her and gets up pacing back and forth gently looking at her" i am alexander holden i am the fallen wolf king i was banished from my clan over a few years ago" he tells her and shakes his head gently" i know i may seem crazy" he tells her and sighs deeply rubbing his eyes for a moment and sitting back down closing his eyes" i was banished by my brother for beliveing that humans and werewolfs could get along i tryed to prove it but before i could i was banished" he tells her
  14. Cassia listened to Alexanders explanation, as strange as it may be, it did make sense why his clans seal would be of a wolf then if it was composed of werewolves... "Well, I think we've both kind-of proven that humans and werewolves can get along haven't we?" She smiled, laughing a little, something she hadn't done for a while, before her face was relaxed once more "I think I've seen a few other werewolves like you roaming around in the past... Though other than you, it's been a while since I've seen any sign of them..." Perhaps they're part of the reason why she feels a familiarity about Alexander's seal's symbol...
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  15. He nodds for a moment and sighs deeply looking at her shaking his head" they do not come here they leave me here to die" He tells her and sighs deeply looking out at the storm wipping around outside." i will leave your home when the storm passes miss thank you so much for your help you did not have to help me the way you did": he tells her and sighs sadly looking down at his shaking hand why did she think that it was familer she was familer to him now to the more he looked at her wonderign why she had seemed so familer to him
  16. Cassia seemed a little saddened when Alexander said he'll leave after the storm "Hey, you don't have to leave if you don't want to, I still need to your help to figure out when and where I've seen your seal before..." She recalled what she said earlier about them proving in a way that humans and wolves can get along, an idea formed, one that might not work, but nevertheless, an idea.. "And besides... I think we might be able to prove to your clan that humans and werewolves can get along just fine, after all, you're not such a bad guy to hang out with!" Cassia found herself giggling a little, and covered her mouth, a little embarrassed from letting something like that slip...
  17. He smiles and thinks on her offer the one she had made him it made him smiles a bit" it wasent that my brother hates humans that is why i was banished because i wanted to protected them he wanted to eat them" he tells her and shakes his head for a bit" i dont know i wonder if you will think me a burden" he tells her and sighs deeply wondring why she would offer him a place to stay it made no sense to him the way she would offer him a place to stay for the time being why did she seem to know his seal only him and a handfull of people knew that seal it was strange no human has ever seen it not that he could rember anyways
  18. Cassia was quiet for a moment, thinking about what Alexander said, one question still nagged at her though, and this time, no feelings of familiarity accompanied it. "Why?... What does your brother hope to accomplish from it..." She asked, her brow furrowing as she tried to figure out a solution to all of this... If only she could recall the memory of seeing that seal, that might just help them both in a way...
  19. He sighs and thinks about it for a moment shaking his head looking around for a moment" He hates humans he wants them all dead he wants to rule" He tell her and sighs deeply sitting down for a moment. He could never understand his brothers madness. He wanted nothing more then to bring the races togther and help them out. He thought that the races could work togther but his brother thought much diffrent then he did. It was sad now his kind had a bad name attached to it thanks to him. Alex stands to his feet and walks over to the window and sighs deeply looking out the window it was a compleat white out he knew that if this women had not saved him the way she did he would be gone. He would have frozen to death and that would be the end of him. He frowns and sighs" if you would like i will do what ever you wish me to, If you need help with anything i shall help to repay the kindess you have shown me" he tells her and smiles gently his clothing was still very dirty and matted hanging off of his body.
  20. Cassia looked as if she remembered something; "Wait, I remember reading a few news articles about a large Wolf attacking some of the villages on full moons... However I don't think any new stories of something like that happening have been published as of yet..." She smiled a little again when Alexander requested to help her if need be, looking up at him, noticing the decrepit state his clothes were in. She cursed herself for not having any clothes for someone of his size around "I-if you'd like, we could pay the market a little visit after the storm to get you some proper clothes..." She glanced out the window again, noting how much snow was on the ground now, the storm itself was still raging, presumably it wouldn't clear up until the morning... She walked over to the fireplace and placed another log on it, using the firepoker to uncover the still hot embers remaining from the previous log. Then she sat back down again. "It may take a while for the storm to clear though.." She added.
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