The lonely lion (Closed)

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  1. Ana held Christopher for a moment, kissing him back, before leading him inside of the clearing. The trees around them formed an almost perfect circle and felt very homey. The stars shone clearly through the leaves. Just being here made Ana hopeful for the rest of the night. She had been known to sleep in her secret hideaway, and maybe tonight she could let Christopher do the same.

    The ground was covered in the softest grass on the Hogwarts grounds, and Anastasia felt very comfortable taking her shoes off and walking barefoot. "You can take off you shoes, Christopher. There are somehow no bugs or anything here."

    She let go of his hand and laid herself in the grass, closing her eyes and breathing in the scent of nature.
  2. Christopher watched as Ana walked around the clearing. Speechless, he took his shoes off and set them neatly down close to the edge of the trees. He then let himself wonder around the beautiful soft grass. He examined it for bugs, but as Ana said, there was not a one. As Ana lay in the middle of the clearing he went to the edges to ponder the age of the trees. This place felt more than magical. In the 6 years he had been at Hogwarts, he had studied modern magic. But he knew tonight that the Ancient magic that helped to save Harry Potter himself, was present in this place.

    Christophers heart gave a slight jump and he knew it longed for the soft warm lips of the girl whom brought him to this place. He felt so far from her there at the edge of the trees.

    He walked over to where she lay and knelt down to look into her eyes. "Ana" he said softly, "How did you find this place?"
  3. Ana's dress had gathered around her upper thighs, and though the night air was cold, she was not. Her eyes were closed and the hum of the nigh around her was comforting. She suddenly felt the day catching up with her and yawned. As she felt Christopher walk over to her, she smiled and looked up at him.

    "I don't really know how I found it. I was just wandering around and it was here. I can't help but to think that this place was meant for me, you know? And you being here feels so right... Maybe it was meant for us."

    Ana closed her eyes again, hoping that tonight was going to be as magical as the place they were inhabiting.
  4. Christopher turned these words over in his head. He hadn't ever felt so at home. Not even home felt this good. Ana was right, this did feel meant for her, for them.

    Christopher noticed her legs were uncovered. He didnt think that his heart could take anymore, but he kissed her on the forehead anyway.

    Her hair was spread out across soft grass. He moved himself so that he was laying next to her looking up at the stars. Besides dragons, the thing he loved the most was star gazing. From the clearing it seemed that he could see every star very clearly. So many things about this place were magical. He then pulled the Welsh Green out of his robe pocket and placed it on Ana's belly. He pointed his wand at it somewhat lazily and agian said "Actus" The little green dragon began to move around on Ana's body.

    (Is Ana wearing a dress or school robes?)
  5. (She's in a dress.)
    Ana giggled as the Welsh Greene crawled over her body. It was a nice feeling, not unpleasant, even though the small creature had claws. When it got to the bare skin of her legs, it tickled. She noticed that it was pulling her dress up even higher, but she didn't dare stop it. She knew something good would come out of it, something right.
    "How do you like my secret place, Christopher? Does it feel as romantic to you as it always has to me?"
  6. Christopher watched as his Welsh Greene pulled at Ana's dress. He pulled his little friend off and chuckled a little embarrassed. Christopher kissed Ana on the cheek and said, “everything feels so right here. Hard to describe.”

    He put the dragon in the grass to play. The little Dragon jumped around a bit in the grass. The magic seemed to even have affected the dragons mood as well. Christopher pointed his wand at the dragon and said “Actus sisto.” The dragon froze and Christopher left him where he was.

    Christopher turned to Ana and laid his hand upon her stomach. The lace of the dress was soft under his hand. His heart was beating a little faster than normal, but he felt at ease. As if this had always been the way things had been. He had just met this girl not even a day earlier.
    He lay on Ana’s left side. He was propped up on his right elbow with his left hand on Ana’s stomach. He stared into her beautiful eyes.
  7. Even though Ana would normally be embarrassed by Christopher's touch, she wasn't now. It felt good. It felt right. She wanted more. She gazed into his eyes and felt the urge to kiss him. She moved her face a bit closer, testing him, seeing if he wanted to try the magic of the clearing.

    The stars seemed aligned. The cool night breeze felt like a kiss along her bare arms and thighs. She brushed her soft lips against Christopher's, almost a kiss, but not quite.
  8. Christopher, taken by the moment, turned over ontop of Ana gently. He started his hand at her ankle and slowly moved it up her smooth satin skin. He kissed her softly as he moved his hand above her knee. Nervously he moved up her thigh. His hand met her dress. Supporting himself with his right hand he slowly rubbed Ana's beautifully silky skin with his left.
  9. Anastasia could feel a gentle throbbing between her legs that she wasn't used to, but definitely enjoyed. She licked at Christopher's lower lip, kissing him deeply and with a passion she hadn't ever shown anyone else. She parted her legs ever so slightly, trying to tell him that he was allowed in. Show him that she wanted what he wanted.

    Her hands traveled up the back of his shirt, the feeling of his bare skin one that she found comforting. One that she wanted to continue to know.
  10. Christopher looked deeply back into Ana's eyes, he had also never felt anything so intense. He slowly pushed the dress further up her thighs... the bottom hem of her dress only had three inches to go. He broke away from the dress and slid his hand up her right thigh. For a moment or two he rubbed her lower thigh, then he moved higher and slightly higher until he could feel the bend in her leg. He wasnt sure what he was going to feel as he moved his hands ever so close but not yet touching. He then withdrew his hand and run his fingers across her stomach and slightly closer to her breasts. He didnt know if he should untie her dress. He moved his lips to her neck. Her softly bit her neck and kissed it intensly.
  11. ("he wasnt sure what he was going to feel" only meant that he wanst sure if panties or not. lol just to be clear. he also is not an extremly experianced lover. only 15 or 16 as a 6th year.)
  12. Ana kissed Christopher's cheek as he touched her tentatively. She brushed her fingers along his sides before slipping his shirt over his head. His body was the most beautiful she had ever seen, though she hadn't seen many. She leaned forward and kissed his chest, starting in the middle, but making her way to each of his nipples. She didn't know what to expect and she had a confession to make.

    "Christopher? I..." She trailed off before coming back strong. "I'm a virgin."
  13. Christopher didnt know what he had thought. Infact, he had not given it a thought. He was too, but he wasn't sure if he should reveal this to her.

    He looked her in the eyes intently yet softly. "Anastasia....... I am too...." he said with a bit of a smile. He waited to see her reaction. He wasnt sure if he should giggle or remove his body from hers.

    He had not explored anyones body as he had been Ana's. The thought of touching anyone else actually repulsed him a bit. All he could think about was the dark haired beauty underneath him.
  14. Ana kissed Christopher lovingly, her lips reassuring him that his virginity was something she valued, not looked down upon. She rubbed his back and moved her hands down to his ass, which she grabbed playfully with a wink.

    She then sat up and unzipped the back of her dress. She was going to let Christopher do the rest.
  15. Christopher saw that Ana was being playful. He gasped at first when she grabbed his ass, but then laughed. No one had done that before to him.

    He peeled the shoulders of her dress down to the top of her breasts. He kissed her collar bone gently and then up her neck a little more intensely. He moved his lips down her neck and to the middle of her chest. Slowly he kissed down her cleavage. He pulled the dress down further and further until her breasts were completely bare. He moved his lips gently over her nipple. It was slightly hard.

    Christopher was becoming hard now. He was likely fully erect since he had bared Ana's beautiful boobs.
  16. Ana gasped at Christopher's touch. She could feel herself growing wetter and wetter with each movement of his hands and mouth, and as she arched her back to meet his mouth with her chest, she didn't know how much more she could handle. She had never wanted anything more than she wanted Christopher right now.

    She took her hands and slid them into the back of his jeans, running her hands across his bare ass. She gave it another little squeeze and pulled him down on her, thrusting her hips up to meet his.
  17. As she pulled him down on her tighter, Christopher could feel that he was poking her. A little embarrassed at this, he adjusted himself so she hopefully couldn't feel his penis. He was scared that this was to much and the last thing he wanted was this to end.

    Now that Ana's dress was off her shoulders and her breasts exposed, Christopher shifter his attention back to her thighs. He moved his hand slowly up her leg. When he got to the bend in her leg he could feel her lacey panties. He continued to rub her upper thighs to see how far he was allowed.
  18. Overcome with desire for Christopher, Ana took his hand and placed it square on her panties, right over her clit. She smiled and bit her lip as she looked into his eyes and nodded. "I want you, Christopher. Please, don't be shy."

    She started to unbutton his jeans before taking a small break. She wanted to be sure she wasn't the only one who wante this.
  19. Extremely surprised at what he'd just heard and felt, he was sure this is what he wanted and she as well.

    He could feel that she was very wet through her panties. He slid off her body and knelt down in the grass at her feet. He slid his hands up her legs and put his fingers through the sides of her underwear. He pulled them off slowly and set them aside. The look on his face was a mixture of happiness, desire, nervousness and curiosity.

    he place his hand very carefully back between her legs and gently spread the lips of her moist vagina. He slowly rubbed her clit as he watched her face to see if she felt any pleasure.
  20. Ana closed her eyes and curled her toes. She not her lip as she felt a pleasure she had never known. She had never touched herself, had never allowed anyone else to touch her either, and here was Christopher, making her wonder how she had kept her clothes on all these years.

    As he rubbed her clit, she moaned and arched her back in sheer pleasure. She needed Christopher. She needed him.