The Lonely Hearts Club (STILL LOOKING! ONE SLOT LEFT!!)

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    This is De Wallen, what appears to be a quaint, historic neighborhood that lies in the heart of old Amsterdam. Picturesque houses dating all the way back to the medieval ages stand tall and sturdy along its narrow, cobbled streets. The murky canal that runs through it is also a sight to behold and is one of its many defining features. But this neighborhood is not all what it appears to be in daylight: when the sky dims, neon lights start to flicker and cast its blood-red glow upon the antiquated cobblestones, setting a mood fit for late night getaways. After all, De Wallen isn't just any ordinary place, but Amsterdam's largest and most notorious red-light district.

    By night, De Wallen's infamous streets hum to life with a large troupe of interesting characters: pimps, prostitutes, marijuana smokers, lonely businessmen, curious tourists--the list goes on and on. There is no vice, no guilty pleasure you cannot indulge in here, for De Wallen has an inexhaustible variety of diversions. Cozy up in one of its many family-friendly coffee shops, or watch professional dancers take the stage in sex theaters like the Moulin Rouge. De Wallen will be happy to accommodate all your whims and your pleasures... for a price.

    The Plot

    The Lonely Hearts Club opened its doors in the summer of the preceding year, but its services still remain as something of a novelty among tourists. It is the only club in Amsterdam, or perhaps even Europe as a whole, where the roles are reversed and handsome men are hired to cater to females seeking conversation and intimacy. Male prostitution, while not as popular as its counterpart, is no new concept, but what makes the Lonely Hearts Club so different from other businesses in the sex industry is that it does not try to sell sex in itself, but love. Inspired by Japan's host club culture, it is an ambitious endeavor that is slowly making waves in the market, but it is not as popular as it aspires to be. Tensions are rising high within the host club as employees try to lure in more customers to keep the business running and generate more income, all the while being subjected to the cruel treatment of their boss, also known as the Mistress. The past year alone has been an endless roller-coaster ride of drama, what with hosts stealing each other's clients, or outright destroying each other's reputation. What will become of the Lonely Hearts Club? Will it be able to raise itself from its slump, or will it see an early demise?
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  2. Omg yehussssssss!!!!! Id like that spot.
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  3. Wish I would have seen this sooner :O This is definitely something I would love to play in. I wish you and this RP the best of luck. Please keep me in mind if another spot ever opens up!
  4. Ahhh im so sorry I just came on and saw this just now ill put the CS up tomorrow if the part isnt taken
  5. You were the first to express an interest in the slot, it is yours for the taking :)
  6. Ahh I see but if youd like it thats fine with me.
  7. Still looking :U We need a Sponsor asap!
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  8. Is this still open?
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