The Lives Of The Brontes

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  1. As the thread description says, I am a big fan of the Bronte sisters - Charlotte, Anne and Emily - and I always wonder what their lives were actually like back in the Victorian Era.

    I would love to do a roleplay based on them and their lives as much as is known - with maybe some romance in there as well....

    Please join!

    Here are the characters I want to have:
    • Charlotte Bronte - (taken by me!)
    • Emily Bronte
    • Anne Bronte
    • Branwell Bronte
    • Professor Heger (a married professor that Charlotte fell in love with while teaching in Brussels.)
    • Maybe an OC as one of their friends
  2. :o Fellow history fan!
    I'm not an expert on the Bronte sisters- I've read a couple of books by them- but I love Victorian era, so I'm interested in playing :)
  3. Cool - which character?