The Little Wanderer.

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  1. Early morning was always the best for Ingrid. The morning dew still having from spiders webs and trees, the crisp air and the light sun always perked her up first thing, Ingrid had crept out. Under the strong control of her minder, this time meant it was the only time she could get away fast enough to not be caught, especially if she had piano lessons. As she got a safe distance away, she looked back to her home. A very understated place. Nothing like a manor. Her Father wasn’t one for putting too much money into his home and family, more for business. She smirked and hmph’d triumphantly, striding along the grass.

    Ingrid always sang or hummed as she went. It made time slip by much faster and out here, no one could hear her. She let herself daydream and lost her way quickly. Always did. A bit like a stray cat really, getting into places that she probably shouldn’t. Looking around coming back to reality, she was in a garden, somewhere in the city... Where she wasn't meant to be. All kinds of flowers around and different points to where someone would sit in the garden with tables and chairs. She blinked. She’d never walked this far before. Must’ve been about 9 now then, she thought, sitting herself in one of the chairs and bringing a knee up to her chest to adjust her shoe lace.

    She left out a sigh, putting her knee down and patting her skirt. “Well, if you’re lost..Stay put, and someone will come find you” She thought out loud, resting her head back to see the clouds moving above her. Just waiting to see who’d show up now.
  2. David had took a deep breath of the fresh air as he set up his easel in the garden, taking a few steps back and looking it over. Making sure that it was in a spot that he could work with for his next painting. After glaring it down for a few seconds he silently nodded to himself and cracked his knuckles, grabbing his palette and a brush after he removed his long coat and rested it on the back of a near by chair. He'd quickly mix up a few of the colors to get everything he thought he needed ready, before starting to paint on his blank canvas. Time would go by, and he was nearly done with is newest work of art, at first glance it seemed to be a painting of that side of the garden, with the flowers and such on it. But looking more closely, one could see that somethings were changed, to have a more surreal look it it. He would wipe some sweat from his brow from being outside all day and head in, getting himself a glass of water.

    But when he walked back out to his garden, he blinked a bit as he noticed a young girl just sitting there in one of his chairs. He brought up a eyebrow as he stared at her for a moment, then that little hole in his fence he always complained about. Putting two and tow together and figuring out just where she came from Sighing lightly as he walked towards her and calmly said "Hey, kid, what are you doing here?" She could see some varying colors of paint on his cheeks and some on his arms and hands, as he sat his class down at the table and picked up a a wet cloth he left there from earlier, and began to wipe some of the paint off before it got too dry. Waiting for the child to say something.
  3. Ingrid didn't even notice David, like he was just another thing in this world to ignore, but as he walked over, he had gotten hard to ignore, and her bright eyes blinked up at him. "No where" She said with a simple shrug, swinging her feet aimlessly. "Bored" she replied again, looking down to her feet, suddenly more interested in the way the grass bend away and brushed along her feet as they swayed midair.

    Looking back up slowly... He hadn't gone? Weird.. Most people would've just rolled their eyes and walked away. How funny. She smiled slightly, finally noticing all the things in the garden that she hadn't before, like the easel, and the paint across his cheek that he tried hard to wipe away, but he missed a lot.. She just giggled at that fact, then went back to her feet, seeing how long it would take for this adult to do what the rest do.
  4. David shook his head a bit as the small girl kept ignoring him, taking a few seconds to look down at the grass that she seemed to be more focused on then him. A light sigh escapes his lips as he puts the damp cloth down and stares at Ingrid. Before placing his hands in his pockets and speaking "Hey, miss. In case you haven't noticed this isn't your home, and I think you should shower me a little more respect then this. Do you know how much trouble you could get in if I told you parents you're intruding on my property like this?" A gentle sigh making it's way from his mouth as he sat at the seat opposite to her and grabbed his class, drinking some of his water.

    He really wasn't sure what to do with a situlation like this, or who the girl's parents were, but he was pretty sure he was handleing it well, or at least.Well enough. As he waited for the girl to do, or say something he looked over her again. Trying to figure out if he had ever seen her before. Lightly rubbing his forehead with three fingers.
  5. She only shrugged again. "They're used to it by now.. or should be.." She said, but she did look up and give him more attention this time around. After the dull, awkward silence, she held out her hand, oddly. "I'm Ingrid...You are?" She asked slightly, smiling brightly, trying to make light of a weird situation like this.

    The Arnstien family were quite well known, seeing as her father brought up most of the small business, linking them all to his name quite quickly. She would often be half hidden behind her tall mother as they stood for another stupid photo for any newspaper that wanted the story of how he took on another.. Just for fun.
  6. Wondered what she meant by "They're used to it" did she really run off like this that often? Though he shook his head and brought his attention back to reality. Nodding a bit as he gently took her hand and shook it. Seeing her smile he'd relax some and smile back slightly "My name's David, it's nice to meet you." Then taking another sip as he decided to be more a little more friendly now. Getting up as he asked "Well, would you like anything to drink or eat? Wouldn't want to send you back to your family hungry or anything."

    It was pretty easy to tell that he was getting nervous about this, he never had guests over, especially not children. He almost got a little worried that is hair was a mess, but then remember that this wasn't anything business like or the sort, it was just a little more casual. He'd lightly scratch the back of his head as he waited for Ingrid to answer, that though of business made him begin to think of maybe he had seen her before, somewhere.
  7. Ingrid quietly nodded and kept up her smile "You too" she said softly, moving her fringe from her eyes to catch a better look of him, now she wasn't ignoring him. He wasn't bad looking, for an adult. Most of the ones she knew had wrinkles or spots... Quite a nice change. She sat herself more comfortable in the seat as he seemed to get.. nicer.

    "Hmm? Ermm.. Do you have orange juice.. or toast.. I kinda skipped out on breakfast" she mumbled awkwardly, rubbing the back of her head slightly. She did have a look around. No one of her family or the 'zoo keepers' were about, so she got up, ready to follow him. Being stood up, she wasn't all that tall. On him, just under his chest. Though she'd always been known to be short for her age, often papers asking if she was sick or something, but no, just short.
  8. Though about what she just said, nodding a bit as he smiled a bit wider "I think I should have some." When she stood up he saw just how small Ingrid really was, he had to admit she was rather cute. But quickly pushed that to the back of his mind as he turned around and said "Well, let's head inside." grabbing his glass of water and making his way to the back door, opening it up and holding it open for Ingrid to go first, wondering if he was doing this right. He'd then walk in after her, walking pretty casually over to is kitchen. Putting his glass away after drinking the last of his water, then getting out a clean glass for her He'd go over and get his container of orange juice, pouring it into the glass and offering it to her. "go ahead and find your self a seat, I'll get some toast ready."

    David then went back and got out two slices of bread, and as he prepared it Ingrid was free to roam around his home. The inside was nice, with a good carpeting and some decent, comfy looking furniture. There was a big red couch in the middle of the room, with a small table right in front of it. The walls were painted white and had paintings from various different artist hanging up on them, and to the right was a bookcase near the stairway leading to the second floor.
  9. Taking the orange juice, she sipped at it while her eyes wondered arond, nodding to him, seeing which of the comfy looking seats she'd like best. The bright red couch seemed to be her favourite, putting herself in the middle. David did seem nice. Not stuck up. And all the bright art really made her quite happy just to stand and look. Most children would be bored, but once focused it was hard to get her attention back on being.. childish.

    She placed down her juice, and while she waited, found the book case and started flicking through some of the books. Like most children, any interesting looking covers, or anything with pictures in were the only ones she really looked at, humming as she did. She always hummed, it kept that other half of her mind busy while waiting. With the smell of toast, her stomach grumbled slightly, but she only looked at it like some kind of annoyence and shrugged it off, going back ot the pretty books she'd found.
  10. He placed the slices of toast onto a small plate and looked around the room a bit, seeing her at his bookcase. David lightly shrugged as she walked towards her and said "Ingrid, your toast is ready." And offered the plate to her, trying to get a glance off the over to see which book she was looking at, before speaking again "See any books you like?" Having a hint of awkwardness in his voice, trying to get used to having someone like Ingrid in his house.

    Then, he suddenly blinked. Just now remembering a few things, one, it's dark out, two, it may rain..And three, he left his unfinished painting outside. He knew he'd have to go out and bring his art supplies back inside, but what he didn't know, was what to do with the small girl in front of him. It's late, should he let her stay over and have her parents get her the next morning when it's light out? Maybe that'd be for the best.
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  11. Ingrid blinked slightly as the toast was presented, smiling "Thank you" She murred, folding the book back up and placing it in it's right place on the book shelf. "Well I like the covers.. And some of the pictures. I don't like reading much, m mind trails off" she giggled slightly, taking her plate, and herself to sit back down by her orange juice.

    It was pretty late. She'd walked a long way without realizing and her parents would take a while to find her otherwise. Like most children, she avoided the crusts on the toast, but soon finished tem off realizing she was hungry enough to not be all that picky. But, after, the little one yawned, rubbing her eye slightly before looking back at David, almost to see if he'd say what to do next...
  12. David sat down on the couch too and looked at her, blinking bit at that yawn as he watched her rub her eyes. He though about how cute she looked like that, kind of staring her in the eyes before clearing is throat a bit and saying "Well, it's rather late..And you seem tired. So, if you'd like..Maybe you should stay the night before going home? It wouldn't really be safe to have you leave or have someone come get you this late at night." He then began to get lost in thought a bit, waiting for what she thought of that idea. for some reason he kept getting more nervous around her.

    He felt like he was getting attracted to her a bit? But, not, he pushed that thought to the back of his mind. She's just a child so, it couldn't be that. Well, at least that's what he thought. Lightly scratching the side of his head as he thought about where she'd sleep if she accepted the offer. He had a guest room, key word being had. A few months again David had turned it into a storage place for all his supplies and records of his work and such. So really, the only options where his room, or this couch right here. Maybe he could try being a gentleman, and let her have his bed as he took the couch? Or maybe..He lightly flicks himself on the side of his head as a different idea came to mind.
  13. Ingrid blinked back up as David as he started to speak. He seemed really nice. Nothing like the other adults she knew. Him offering her to stay the night was a bit of a relief... She couldn't really count on herself to know her way back, or to even count on anybody to come find her at this hour. Her father probably had the police out, but would they really find her before morning anyway? It was better to sleep... Especially as her eyes felt itchy. With all that in mind, she needed lightly, smiling again "That's really nice of you" she said softly, fighting back another yawn that nearly cut her sentence off completely.

    He seemed very.. Huggable. But she wasn't going risk it yet, most people she knew weren't touchy-feely so she couldn't really tell if he'd jsut push her off or not. But he was really sweet to her.. Maybe when he found her a space to sleep, then she would. That would make sense. Look more like a thank you then just a random urge that way. She moved her fringe from her face again, sliding off the couch to stand up and wait for him to show her what to do now...
  14. David got up and then looked around, still trying to think of where to have her sleep. Though, maybe it'd be best to have her decide. Taking a moment to think that through before nodding to himself lightly. Looking her in the eyes he'd give a small smile and say "Well, either you can sleep on the couch here and I bring you a blanket and a pillow, or you can sleep in my bed and I take the couch." He has to admit, that now that she's not trying to ignore him and that they actually got to talk some, this girl was pretty sweet.

    Blinked a bit as he began to feel tired as well, lightly stretching his arms over his head and letting out a deep yawn, closing his eyes as he did. Which was, pretty weird actually. He tends to stay up late and get some extra work, or art done. Maybe it;s because Ingrid is so tired, all that yawning of hers might be affecting him
  15. After tilting her head in thought a little bit, she thought it was unfair to take him out of his bed... So.. "I'll sleep here" she said softly, shifting off her shoes and putting them neatly to one side by the door to keep them out of David's way. When he yawned... That was a good opening. She slipped herself right up against David hugging around his waist, her little arms just about connecting around his back. "Thank you for looking me" She murred tiredly, nestling her head under his chest.

    He was comfy.. Warm.. Definitely huggable. It was rather nice, after a long day.
  16. He opened his eyes and looked down at Ingrid as she suddenly hugged him, feeling her small, warm body press against his own. David wasn't someone who was used to hugs, which was pretty obvious by how much he stiffened up right there. But he gently went in and gave her a hug back, and trying to lightly pat her on the head. "It's no problem at all, Ingrid." Soon breaking the hug and smiling a little as he said "I'll go get you a blanket and pillow now, just wait here." As he made his way upstairs, opening the door to his bedroom and going in. Looking towards his closet as he pulled his spare blanket out and then grabbed a pillow from his own bed.

    Now walking down the stairs and placing the pillow on one side of the couch as he then neatly placed the blanket over the couch.Resisting the urge to just head up and go to sleep now, because he still had to get his art set up from outside. He'd look at Ingrid and said in a tired voice "Good night." as he made his way to the backyard, quickly taking all his art supplies and his finished painting and bringing them inside, though from tiredness he got lazy and instead of bringing them upstairs into the supply room. He instead just leaves them near the back door. Finally making his way upstairs to sleep.
  17. Ingrid smiled. He didn't push her away, that was a decent first. She just nodded then, letting him go get all the blankets and pillows, soon settling herself down within them as soon as they were placed. Looking up, she smiled again, mouthing good night to him before rolling onto her side and closing her eyes quiely, keeping the blanket tucked up just under her nose and hugged the pillow like any child would a teddy.

    Hearing David walk upstairs, she let out a sigh. This wasn't home, so it was weird. Wasn't her soft bed, but she soon got herself in a place that was comfy without the leather sticking to her skin. The pillow smelt like him, nice.. something calming around it. Nestling eherself right into it the same way she did him when she got him in a hug, settling her nose against the fabric but still having enough room to breathe, she soflty dozed off.

    By the time the morning came, the way the light came in through the curtains, it woke her up. She groaned slightly a bit like a disgruntled baby, trying to turn over and ignore it, but it was just in the wrong place for that to work. She let out a sigh and gave p, slowly opening her eyes and rubbing them. Sitting up, still hugging the pillow tight to her, as it was soft and still smelt nice, she began looking around for David. From the sound of things... He was still asleep. Padding over to the stairs and looking up them, with a bitten lip, deciding whether or not it was a good idea to wake him.. She hummed, still not being able to decide.. So she ended up playing rock, paper, scissors with herself to get herself to go up.

    One step at a time, making sure the stairs didn't creak, she made her way up. Up here was just as nice as downstairs, but Ingird wasn't into looking around right now, just finding David. She gently grabbed hold of what seemed to the be the last room she hadn't looked in and slowly pushed open the door, peering her head around, and there he was. Biting her lip again, she padded across the soft carpet, and stopped right by his bed side. Do I poke him? Or something? Never had to do this before...err.... She thought, prying one hand away from the pillow and gently poked his shoulder. That didn't wake him. What now? Maybe a little harder or something? No.. She quickly changed her mind and made a quick escape down the stairs, but leaving the bedroom door open by mistake. Quickly and quietly, she shuffled herself back under the warm blanket, looking to the stairs sneekily, hoping he wouldn't notice she'd moved....
  18. David laid there and slowly opened his eyes a few seconds later, lazily pushing the covers off of himself as she sat up on the bed and looked around, his vision slowly returning to him. Stretching his arms over his head as he loudly yawned, just sitting there for about half of a minute till he was out of his little "just woke up" daze and slipped out of his bed. Not even noticeing the door had been opened. He went to his closet, and got a change of clothes and changed into them rather quickly. Brown pants and a dark green shirt. He'd then yawn as he made his way towards his door, reaching out to grab and turn the handle but blinking, as all he grabbed was air.

    Opening his eyes as he looked and saw that the door was already opened, but being a little too tired to care or think about it he simply shrugged and walked towards the stairs, closing his bedroom door behind him. Making his way down the steps and ten looking towards the couch, wondering if Ingrid woke up yet. But he quickly got distracted by thoughts of breckfest, and wondering what to make since it's not just himself he's cooking for today. Walking into the kitchen and getting out some bread, eggs, and cheese. Starting to cook up two egg sandwhiches.
  19. Ingrid sighed in relief as she saw him walk down the stairs and into the kitchen, getting up and following him quietly. As she got close, she gently tugged on the back of his shirt, as not to startle him and smiled "Morning" to him as he turned. Still holding the pillow to her chest, she looked at watch he was doing and tilted her head slightly "What you making?" She asked quietly, blinking up at him softly.


    Without Ingrid and David knowing, there was a small party looking for Ingrid by this point, but her mother was the closest. Escorted by two police men, Rochell had been searching high and low for her little baby. She thought she would've gotten used to this by now, but now, she still was worried sick about where she might have gotten to. Following the trail Ingrid had gone before, having found where she got out of her own home, she was getting close to the hole in David's fence, but the officiers where holding her up, demanding they look around where they were walking, in case she was wrong. Mothers were never wrong, not in this case.
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  20. David turned at her and smiled a little "Good morning." he said as he tried to balance his cooking and talking to her. When she asked what he was making he would simply say "Making us egg sandwiches for breakfast, and did you sleep well, Ingrid?" The smell of the food feeling the kitchen as it was almost done, and seeing how close she was holding the pillow to herself. Blinking a bit at that, before lightly chuckling to himself as he thought that was pretty cute. After the breakfast was done he'd put the egg sandwiches onto plates and offered her her own plate, then making his way towards the dining table and sitting down. Thinking of how to get her to her parents after they eat.
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