The little things which make you happy.

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  1. So, I was having this conversation within my social group on our way out of work and we got talking about what it is we like to do in our spare time that makes us happy. Now I know for allot, if not all of us, RP is something we like to do in our spare time, but for me that's not all I do when I get some time alone. So I got interested in learning what little things other people do when they get some time to themselves to wind down and get comfortable. Whether it's reading a book, playing a specific game or even working out. A friend of mine really enjoys ironing, which I find to be odd.

    For me, it's watching a Youtube video with a glass of something, usually a LetsPlay of a game I used to play or I'm currently playing. What little things do you do in your spare time that make you happy?
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  2. I pet my dogs. Just looking into the big brown eyes of my husky mix makes me extremely happy. :3
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  3. Those times when me, my mom, and siblings eat dinner with a side of soda.
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  4. When I wake up and have a few minutes to just plan out the day while laying in bed.
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  5. I wish I had a dog D:
  6. Watching youtube videos or checking Ifunny with my Mister :3
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  7. I like to watch YouTube videos or binge on Amazon Instant Video, Hulu, or Netflix. That usually makes me feel better aside from gaming.
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    • Seeing my wife succeed
    • Pouring catnip on the floor
    • Watering my plants
    • Tending my plants
    • Seeing my desk after it's been cleaned
    • Clearing a difficult level/boss in video games
    • Finally watching a movie people won't shut up about and enjoying it
    • Learning to be less blunt and argumentative in general
    • Seeing people react to my sprays in Garry's Mod
    • Throwing a ball for my dog
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  8. Waking up beside @Qwertronix and taking some time to cuddle in the morning before getting up and on with our days.

    Something that really makes me happy is to take a few minutes to disconnect from the world and my problems, and pet my cats until they drown in their drool of purring.
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  9. Cats. My own kitty passed a few years ago but there's still lots of friendly ones where I live.
  10. Paying all of the bills and realizing there's still lots of money left over and I was anxious for nothing.

    Meeting new cats.

    Discovering a new song that has that perfect sound or lyrics that is ideal for something I was feeling or plotting.

    Spending a day working on my blog and preening at how pretty it is.
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  11. omg I know that feeling all too well... "Wait are you telling me we've paid everything, paid our previous debts, and we have enough for a month's worth of groceries?" <--- literally my life since I got this new over-paid job.
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  12. Oh the many things that make Logic happy. I'll try to narrow it down.

    • The smell of fresh coffee grounds
    • That moment you finally wait for when the hot water comes on
    • Creating a new character, I get really excited to play my new creation
    • My cat and her antics
    • Watching YouTube while playing Skyrim
    • That first cup of coffee
    • Getting stuck in werewolf form on Skyrim and having to run from everyone
    • Talking to people, getting into discussions
    • When I hear about someone else's happiness
    • when my burger is finished
    • When a new episode of My Little Pony comes out
    • Finding my next face swap picture
    • Watching prank videos
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  13. Yeaaah! That brings a grin to my face, and a roll to my mister's eyes XD
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    • sleeping in
    • feeling productive
    • that "I'm so cute" look my cat gives me
  14. putting on my amazing bass sound containment headphones, lying back on my bed, and letting the tunes blast

    letting YouTube autoplay until I'm in a really weird part of the internet, or listening to 16 variations of Adele's "Hello" in succession.

    colouring! I don't need no fancy "adult meditative zen therapy psychiatrist approved colouring portfolios" either, just some printouts from the internet (public use approved ones!) or dollar store books of unicorns and butterflies and stuff n_n

    and fan-fiction. Nothing cheers up a bad day or helps an already decent one like a sugary fluff fic
  15. When I need a little bit of joy, I like to pull my cat into my arms for mandatory snuggle times. She doesn't appreciate it, but it is nice to feel her fur against my face.

    I also tease my friends.
  16. @Sen asked me this a few times already whenever we talk so shout out to her :P She's one of the 'big' things to make me happy though, and the little things she does can count for this list as well, yeah?

    • Positive yet calming music
    • Sleeping in
    • Fanfiction (guilty pleasure!!)
    • CRACK VIDEOS OF MY FANDOMS ON YOUTUBE. I know they're just random lines, music or vines slapped onto anime scenes but fuck if they don't make me laugh
    • Miniature Space's Youtube channel and videos
    • Markiplier's Drunk Minecraft series. Stupid things are being done yet this still makes me laugh lol
    • Peach tea, my current love
    • Talking a lot in the OOC Chat of the group roleplays I am involved in (currently only 1 though)
    • Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector
    • Gordon Ramsay videos on Youtube
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  17. My big thing is painting and making dreamcatchers. I find it so therapeutic and it's a bonus that I can often sell them. Lately I have also been taking drives into the country where I get no service and can just coast along. I've seen a lot of wildlife on the way, too!
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  18. My kids giving me a hug when they know I'm stressed out, especially my oldest daughter who's a teenager and thinks she no longer needs her mother. :(
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