The Little Roleplay That Could (SU)

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  1. This will be the sign-ups for a story that literally can contain any characters from any verse
    The laws of physics do belong here and more will be added as we go on, and rules and regulations will be posted here. Any rules based on the physics of other locations of our maps will be in existence. Do know that this is an ever changing roleplay, and will Hopefully end up being a fun experience for everyone who joins in.

    Sign up rules:
    No God play. Their May be mentions of any sorts of "Gods" in this, but we will keep it to a minimum. Your character will probably not be a god, and to our hopes won't act like one.
    •Any sexual times will be taken away to a separate chat/message as no body, to my knowledge, will wish to read your smut.
    • Histories are very important to this roleplay, so please tell use your characters unless it's still in development, for characters that have no canon past and you wish to add one in.

    Do have fun, and I will be adding a sign up sheet to this as soon as I get a proper sheet for this website figured out. Please PM me or something if you can help me understand.

    Sign up sheet:
    Physical description: (req. if no image)
    Inventory: (any sort of things they ALWAYS have on them)

    My own sheet will be added shortly.

    Current Locations:
    Farmington, New Jersey- A set of colder woods off to the side of the smaller city. The name and location are based off of the real location, but have been edited to a small town situation with a larger Unamed city next to it. The organization known as the Templar Order have a training camp within the town and a larger scale prison within the city.
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