The Little Mermaid Keeps Losing Her Head

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  1. if she doesnt have a head, how will we ever solve the mermaid dilemma???
  2. You know, whoever keeps doing that probably just wanted to make some "headway" o.o *crickets*
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  3. Maybe .. There is a way to it!!@.@

    It's a mystery .. Hmm~
  4. yea....The original little Mermaid. They need to move her finned ass to a museum before stupid humans do irreparable damage.
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  5. So people have to pay to see her? Where she wouldn't be by the sea? Placing outdoor art in museums just seems to rob a place of it's culture, but that's my opinion.
  6. Most Museums are Donations, maybe she would tour to different exhibits ( at that point it would cost money ) and I would totally pay money for the exhibit of the original little mermaid.

    I mean, king tut and the dead sea scrolls were at the franklin institute. Eventually the head won't reattach if they keep knocking it off, sooner or later it will go missing.
Thread Status:
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