The little (big) things that make me scream on the inside...

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  1. 1) People who fucking drive UNDER the speed limit. Like what the fuck!? I don't understand why people can't fucking go the speed limit! Like I don't mind if it's a kid driving but if you are an adult and have been driving for several years then you should be comfortable with driving the speed limit! I understand when it is raining, or snowing, or dark that you'd drive slower. Normally I do to, but if it is bright as fuck outside and the weather is good then why are you driving so slow. If you're car is crap, get a better fucking car. People who go below the speed limit and hold everybody else up are inconsiderate assbutts in my opinion.

    2) People who stall (basically sit there for so long that the light actually turns yellow before anyone gets the chance to go) when the light turns green, then get mad when you honk your horn. FUCKING PAY ATTENTION AND MAYBE I WOULDN'T HAVE TO.

    3) When people honk the horn like the instant a light turns green. I'm parking my car next time someone does this shit to me. THE LIGHT JUST TURNED FUCKING GREEN, SO THERE'S NO NEED FOR THAT SHIT. FUCKING CHILL YOUR BALLS.

    4) When I buy something for myself, with my own money, and people either use it - WHEN IM TYPING UP A LONG POST AND PRESS THE BACK BUTTON TO FIX A MISTAKE AND THE COMPUTER FUCKING REGISTERS IT WRONG AND TAKES ME BACK TO THE PREVIOUS PAGE. I'm lucky I just didn't loose all of what I typed just now. This shit used to happen all the fucking time when I was role-playing on crunchyroll.

    5) When I buy something for myself, with my own money, and other people use it with out consulting me first. When I buy my own food or soda and some other person eats it or drinks it with out consulting me first. Then get pissed at me when I eat their shit or use their shit. Fucking hypocritical ass wholes.


    7) People who borrow my shit but then never fucking give it back, or returns it to me damaged.

    8) When people ask me for paper an ENTIRE semester. Get your own fucking paper you lazy ass bitch!

    9) When people complain after I do something nice for them. If you don't like the way I do it then DO IT YOURSELF.

    10) When people blame me or use me as an excuse for something. For example, someone I know ditches someone I know, so when I tell person who is ditched that they were ditched the person who did the ditching doesn't apologize to the person they ditched because I'm some how the person at fault. Or when my parents dont want to help their own kid, so the kid asks me. I go out in the freezing cold in my pjs to help while my parents sit on their ass. Then when I get sick of trying to help the kid, I get called lazy by the parents who did nothing in the first place. Here's one, my parents bought a baby gate to keep our puppy in the room, but they are always rough with it so they always knock it over. One time it gets knocked over by my dog lucy, and I put it back up. Parents come home and are slamming it shut, and being rough with it. Next day it get knocked over and my mother looks at me and says "Well you were the one who put it up last and it was loose." when I know for a fact it wasn't fucking loose after I put it up. Stop blaming me for your shit! Fucking hell, UGH! that pisses me off!

    11) Getting judged and looked down by your entire family, then when you stop wanting to be around them they bitch and complain about you not wanting to be part of the family. YEAH NO FUCKING SHIT! I DONT WANT TO HANG AROUND PEOPLE WHO TREAT ME LIKE THAT.

    12) When your family doesn't support you, thus leading to troubles making decisions about what you want to do with your own life. Then they get mad when you don't have a life plan. Well maybe if I had gotten some fucking support then I would have a life plan.

    13) When parents think its okay to judge you, and insult what makes you happy because they're "Concerned about your maturity". I guess my happiness means nothing to you then. Good to know.

    14) All the fucking insecurity issues.....

    15) THAT I HAVE TO PAY IN ORDER TO DO MY HOMEWORK FOR COLLEGE. Yeah, in order to do math or science homework you have to buy this thing called an "Access Pass" in order to get onto a site that has all your homework assignments. Each Access Pass is over one hundred dollars. Basically you have to pay even more money just to get a good grade. I think that's retarded.

    16) WHY THE FUCK IS RENT SO HIGH!? NO FULL TIME COLLEGE STUDENT CAN AFFORD 400-500 DOLLAR RENT! What is that? That is cray. (I'm blessed my new land lords are so lax on rent. I love these guys. ;-;)

    17) WHEN I LOOSE SOMETHING REALLY IMPORTANT. I lost the promise ring my boyfriend bought me for christmas.

    18) OH, when half the friends in high school stab you in the back after you graduate. In other words, because they stabbed you in the back, everything you did with them since you've known them meant nothing. That is a huge ordeal for someone who is still breathing this very moment simply because those people made it possible. Now they toss you aside like you meant nothing to them.......why am I still even breathing?

    19) Why the hell do parents try to tell you what to do when you are an adult? I mean things like, when to go to bed, when to get up, what you can and cant eat. Last I checked these things don't affect them physically, it affects me and me alone. I will sleep when I want, I will eat what I want, I will feel what I want, and I will SAY what I want. Stop trying to tell me I cant because I'm my own person and I do what I want.

    20) Watching people take their temperature every fucking day as if they WISHED they were ill so they don't have to do anything. ITS NOT GOING TO BE ANY DIFFERENT FROM YESTERDAY SO STOP IT!

    that's all I have for a list but here's more stories.

    SO my grandmother has taken my siblings to the movies when I have school and always asks if I can go. I'm like, well after class. SHE ALWAYS PICKS THE MOVIE THAT STARTS FIFTEEN MINUTES AFTER MY CLASS ENDS. Why!? If you want me to be there and in a good mood why the hell would you force me to rush and stress me out like that!?

    Then there are those days where NOTHING seems to go right for you. You forget things all day, drop things, nearly trip more than once, people get in your way, or some other shit just doesn't go right. Then those days keeps happening through our the entire week and by the time the week ends you're borderline homicidal?

    OMG, lets not even forget my parents lack of concern for my health! I got into an accident in highschool one year, had pain for weeks, and ended up with intense back pain for three years. Then after listening to me bitch for three years they take me to the doctor who says I have muscle damage and need to see someone for it. Then turn to me and say "Oh well."

    OH WELL!? You dont tell your child who is in pain Oh fucking well and then not fucking do anything for them!

    Oh and then all those times I was ill and they forced me to babysit, or clean the house, or go to school. I DONT FEEL WELL, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? Everytime they get sick or dont feel well they sit on their ass and dont do anything, but me, nooooooo I cant curl up and watch tv like a normal sick kid does.

    Oh and then, okay, so I'm not allowed to take naps (yes I get yelled at by my parents for taking naps). However, they can take naps whenever they fucking want. Then when I DO take naps, and I only take naps when I really need it, like if I'm not feeling well, they'll barge into my room and start yelling at me and start talking about "That's why you fucking stay up until three am." and im like. NO IT FUCKING ISNT! I DONT FUCKING TAKE NAPS EVERYDAY BECAUSE YOU YELL AT ME FOR IT. Just because you walked in on me once or twice in the past year does NOT mean I fucking take naps everyday and that's why I don't fall asleep until 3 am!

    Oh yeah and I get migraines too! Every time my parents bitch about me being on the computer they say "That's the reason you have fucking migraines everyday." and I'm like NOT IT ISN'T. It's because the rest of you are so fucking loud and obnoxious that I get migraines. I've even tested this theory to. I visited my boyfriend for three weeks and decided to see how badly my headaches where when I was away from my family. When I was visiting Sean, my boyfriend, I only got two head aches those three weeks. They weren't even severe headaches like my migraines. I return home, and only three days after being home I started getting horrible migraines again. I've also noticed that they occur more often with my family, almost every day. So yes, they are the root of my pain and they don't even have a care in the world about it.

    Oh here's another story. Okay so we're playing a game this group made for one of my classes, and my team is in the lead. The instant I tell the game makers that I don't know anything from the book all they give my time are questions from the book! Then they wouldn't speak the question cleanly so we had to keep asking what the question was. Every time he would get pissed at us because we didn't understand. Then he wouldn't even let us think and kept asking if we were done. So obviously my team looses (no fucking surprise fucking assholes), but I'm not mad we lost. I just think that it could have been handled better. Just because I lost and I'm criticizing certain aspects of the game and how it was handled doesn't mean I'm pissed. Me and my group mates return to our table and of course we're talking about the game and how it could have been handled better and one of the girls from the winning team has the audacity to say to my face "It's just a game" and that it wouldn't mean anything if they had lost as if I'm mad about the game or shit. Half the time I was even JOKING about the game, the only time I took it seriously was when I was giving feedback. Me and my group mates were even telling jokes and I'm just all like "Yeah I'm TOTALLY salty right now." sarcastically and my team mate tells a joke and we're all laughing. So at what point did this girl think I was mad when I'm over here laughing my ass off? Then this guy from the winning team walks past me, reaches over as he was walking past, and toss aside my pencil case THAT I GOT FROM MY BOYFRIEND. WHO THE FUCK DOES THAT SHIT!? I don't know you! Don't fucking touch my shit then expect me to fucking be okay with it! So I flipped him the bird and one of the other girls from the winning team is just like "Oooh she don't like you man." while he is just standing there wide eyed.

    Then he says "Are you even old enough to do that!?" obviously a crack at my appearance (cuz I look twelve apparently).
    and I said "If I wasn't I wouldn't be here." with a smirk.

    Just...people...people piss me off. -___-

    That's about it.
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  4. I understand the need to rant about people who drive under the speed limit. I do though, so I guess I'm just wondering how low you'd be referring to. I drive at my comfort level, which is sometimes (at the minimum) five below the speed limit. Any lower than that, I'd probably go apeshit, especially because there are people out there who actually do drive lower than five- practically ten. That's what drives me crazy.
  5. Five under, however that's only when I'm in a hurry to get some where. Normally, I've been stuck behind people going ten to fifteen under. It's an annoyance.
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