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    • Hey everyone. This shop is something easy, fun, and laid-back to share art for an easy and affordable price. Nothing higher then ten dollars here, I know not everyone in rolling in money. I am not a professional artist, although I hope to be one day, so I will not charge you an arm and a leg. I am largely self-taught but art is my passion. To see what I offer, examples of my work, and the prices for each, please check out the thread!

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    • You can call me Sil. I'm twenty years of age, twenty-one in September! I've been drawing since the fifth grade, mostly for fun. I have always loved art, a lot of my inspiration coming from anime. I've been drawing on and off for several years, drawing original characters, completely self-taught (thank you Mark Crilley on YouTube and many others).

      My main medium is traditional. I love sketching with mechanical pencils and doing line art. I've recently delved in to the world of watercolors, a wily temptress really. Even more recently I have started toying with digital art as well.

      Even so, traditional art remains my favorite medium of choice. I excel at drawing humans, women being where I have the most experience. However, I draw all genders. Being self-taught, I am always learning and developing, trying out new media and techniques

      Art is my passion and I'm here to share it with you.

      • Question: How long does it usually take for you to do art?
        Answer: Depends on the day/week, but it can be anywhere from 12 hours up to 2 weeks
        If you attempt to rush me, I am allowed to bump your commission to the bottom of the list OR drop your commission all together.
        What goes around, comes around. So be polite and I'll get to you as soon as possible

      • Starting at $10 digital art is something that I am relatively new at, still learning and completely loving. If you would like to request a digital piece PM me or email me. Costs may vary depending on which design choice you'd like to have. For more information, check out the examples of digital work thus far!

        Basic Background - $10

        This is a digital piece with a basic background, either one flat color or a gradient. Either one will not add any addition cost since it does not require additional design work.
        Designed Background

        Terrance OC.jpg
        This is just a small design I placed in the background of the image to add a little more to the composition. If you would like the clouds, there will be no additional cost since it's already been made. However, if you would like a custom background the cost will vary. For a pattern, that will add an addition $2-$4 depending on the intricacy of the pattern which can be discussed via PM or email.

      • Traditional Art would consist of a pencil sketch, lined with color. The basic would be line work with a color for a background. For a small bump in price you can buy a full colored image.

        Line work with one color (No background. No shading) - $3

        Mesiath x Ansel.jpg
        With a lined sketch and a single color, there is no additional cost. For $1 per color you can add more unless you would like a full colored image.
        Colored sketch(No background) - $5

        Full colored image, traditional art for just $5.

      • A water color piece will be done on a 9" x 6" piece of paper
        Plain Background - $8

        Blue hair girl.jpg
        Flat rate for all watercolor pieces.
        Other examples


      • To contact me you can reach me in three ways:

        Instagram: @sil_330_Art
    • I use paypal and would prefer to send you an invoice. Please provide an email that I can send this to. You do not have to have a paypal account to pay through this method, as payal will accept cards for a payment option.
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  2. To see more of my art check out my DA account: Black-Sheep-Art
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