The Lirian Revolution

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    Following the start of the war, the country of Liria had remained a neutral country in between the conquest of a rival empire. The king, who had once ruled with an iron fist, but also with compassion, enjoyed peace for many years following his predecessor. That prosperity didn't last, and soon the Eastern Empire marked a bloody path across Liria to the Capital City. There, the king and his heir were both slaughtered and the kingdom became a forced colony of the Eastern Empire. The remaining surviving royal family member fled Capital City and away to the country until they could regain their forces and regain control of the country.

    Meanwhile, life returns to normal-albeit with more military presence than they were used to. Perhaps by accident they find themselves stuck in the middle of a revolution in the makings, returning the country to it's former glory. Desertion is punishable by death a worse, removal of your tongue at best. The reward is glory, and the retreat of the Eastern Empire and the final heir restored to the crown.

    After the displacement of the Royal Family, the final heir- the youngest child of the king who had escaped the night the Eastern Empire tore it's way through the Capital City has returned to bring up an army to revolt and kick out their invaders. The Revolution is a highly secretive organization that doesn't allow mistakes, for those mistakes could be fatal for the whole country. The Lirian army is now under the control of the Eastern Empire's second child, who rules under harsher terms than the Lirian king did. With many harsh curfews and laws, the people have begun to hate their new leadership. Royal family or not, the country wants freedom. The revolution accepts anyone, so long as they are willing to sacrifice everything for the cause and remain loyal.

    The plot follows along the Revolutionists and the few Eastern Empire soldiers who are occupying the country of Liria. The Royal heir is at the highest chain of command, and their word is as good as law.