The Lirian Revolution

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  1. Following the start of the war, the country of Liria had remained a neutral country in between the conquest of a rival empire. The king, who had once ruled with an iron fist, but also with compassion, enjoyed peace for many years following his predecessor. That prosperity didn't last, and soon the Eastern Empire marked a bloody path across Liria to the Capital City. There, the king and his heir were both slaughtered and the kingdom became a forced colony of the Eastern Empire. The remaining surviving royal family member fled Capital City and away to the country until they could regain their forces and regain control of the country.

    Meanwhile, life returns to normal-albeit with more military presence than they were used to. Perhaps by accident they find themselves stuck in the middle of a revolution in the makings, returning the country to its former glory. Desertion is punishable by death a worse, removal of your tongue at best. The reward is glory, and the retreat of the Eastern Empire and the final heir restored to the crown.

    After the displacement of the Royal Family, the final heir- the youngest child of the king who had escaped the night the Eastern Empire tore its way through the Capital City has returned to bring up an army to revolt and kick out their invaders. The Revolution is a highly secretive organization that doesn't allow mistakes, for those mistakes could be fatal for the whole country. The Lirian army is now under the control of the Eastern Empire's second child, who rules under harsher terms than the Lirian king did. With many harsh curfews and laws, the people have begun to hate their new leadership. Royal family or not, the country wants freedom. The revolution accepts anyone, so long as they are willing to sacrifice everything for the cause and remain loyal.

    The plot follows along the Revolutionists and the few Eastern Empire soldiers who are occupying the country of Liria. The Royal heir is at the highest chain of command, and their word is as good as law.

    General Rules
    1. The normal forum rules still apply here.
    2. Sexual content is allowed, only if it is faded to black or taken away to PM. Innuendos and hinted are perfectly fine.
    3. Characters may die, and if they do, you are allowed to make up new characters and jump in again.
    4. Please ask permission to kill another character before you do so and run it by me so we have no surprises.
    5. There will only be one person playing the heir to the throne, and it will be on first serve basis.
    6. I'd like to have at least two short paragraphs at the least, but by all means go crazy with your writing so long as there is plenty of room for interaction.
    7. Mages and other creatures are completely fine so long as they aren't overpowered and look reasonably human. (Elves, dwarves, ect)
    8. If you would like something that doesn't look human, I will allow it if you know you can put it into the story line well enough that it makes sense in the universe. So if you want to write a magical horse you have to know what you're going to do with them.


    The Heir:- Nadia Sphinx (Incandescent)
    Emera Goseck (AAB)

    New Recruits:
    1. -
    2. -
    3. -

    Already joined revolutionaries:
    1. - Nienn K'Valen (LeVen)
    2. -Joric Malinen (Psychedelic)
    3. -

    Eastern Empire Solders (These may be defectors, spies, or Empire side only)
    1. - Lyra de Malyns (Dutchess of Adraelith)- Spy
    2. - Mehm (AddictedToSkooma)
    3. - Urza Blackhand (Deshwitat)
    4. - Hinzer Jurgaeo (Laddie)
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  2. Nienn pulled the helmet off of her head and walked into the tent that was holding the royal Heir to their country of Liria. "Your highness," She stated, stopping at the flap of the tent and awaited permission to enter. "Our troops have taken over the town of Meagan." By troops, Nienn was talking about the meager revolutionaries that they'd somehow managed to scrape up and get suited up for battle. They were lucky this time, only three people died as opposed to what could have happened.
    Since the fall of the Lirian throne, the army had all but vanished, leaving the Eastern Empire in charge of everything from trade to making laws. By all rights, Liria shouldn't exist. Only the fact that it had been in this same patch of land for more than two thousand years was it's only saving grace from total annexation. "We've captured the survivors of the Eastern army stationed there before they could run for help. How would you like to proceed?"
  3. Mhmm pounded his fist on the table with a slam, his punch enhanced by magical force, and splinters flew everywhere. He scowled down upon the report in front of him. Imperial troops, routed by some untrained backwoods idiots. Now Meagan was held by rebel troops. Not only would his superiors tear him a new one, but the enemy could use it as rallying cry and for propaganda. This had to be set right, immediately. He sat down in his chair, absentmindedly repairing the chip where he had vented his fury onto the desk. He grabbed a quill, and it scratched across the paper at an amazing speed. Finally finished drafting the order, he stood, retrieved a ribbon from a drawer, and tied the scroll up. He called out in a loud voice, "Rahl! Rahl!" The door swung open and a young man, a boy really, trotted in dutifully, a question in his eyes and he clicked his heels and saluted. "Here. Take this to Colonel Kazdirq. He is to send a detachment of 50 troops immediately. Tell him I said so." Mhmm's young aide nodded, and took the parchment offered to him. With another nod, he turned on his heel and was gone. Mhmm turned back to his desk and retrieved his turban from where it had been slung on the chair post. Wrapping it around his head with efficiency, he strode out of the room, shutting the door behind him. He stepped outside into the late afternoon sun, and commandeered a horse from the stables. A short while later, he arrived at the former Lirian Royal Palace, which now served as the provincial government's headquarters. Entering inside, Mhmm walked briskly down the extravagant halls, until he reached a large set of dark oaken doors. He rapped on it, and stepped back to allow the doors to open. When he came in to the room, he saw the Provincial Governor, Talik Vvarheed. As he approached, Mhmm bowed and then came forward. "Governor Vvarheed... The rebels have taken Meagan." Such a look of utter surprise took place on the governor's face that even some of his guards snickered quietly. Turning red from the embarrassment, as well as outrage at the audacity of the insurrectionists. "WHAT?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN, THEY TOOK MEAGAN?! WHAT IN THE GOD'S NAMES WHERE OUR SOLDIERS DOING?! THOSE WORTHLESS TRASH WHORES, I'LL HAVE ALL OF THE SURVIVORS FLOGGED!" The Governor fumed, and he began to quiver in rage. "Governor, i have already taken action. I have taken a detachment from Colonel Kazdirq, he's an infantry officer." With a nod and a sigh, the governor retreated to his seat. "As long as the rebs are driven out, I don't care." Mehmm just nodded his agreement, and left the room, being used to the Governor's mood swings. He returned to his headquarters, and awaited his troops.
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  4. Sitting on the sidelines had never been Joric's style, but on this occasion he had been forced to do so. Free for only a matter of weeks, he was still being fed up and treated by the medics that had joined the revolutionaries. He was fairly certain that most of them were quacks and housewives with their folk remedies, but whatever they were doing, he seemed to be on the mend. His wounds did not fester, and over the last couple of days he had been up and about in the camp, his large figure imposing among the smaller folk that he was sure would be crushed under the empires boot, and soon.

    The day the news came back from Meagan, the barbarian was playing at dice with a couple of men that were also recovering from the jail cells, enjoying their freedom with a spot of gambling - not that they haad anything worth playing for. Even so, the three of them enjoyed passing the time, talking about all the ways they would like to disembowel their former tormentors, and of the people they had left behind. On this, Joric preferred to hold his tongue, prudent enough to know that his like were hardly popular among the civilised men that lived below the mountain, and that although his physique was clearly that of a barbarian, he had no reason to reminisce about the raids he had undertaken, nor divulge the fact that he was rather highly placed in his own society.

    Once the game had ended, the blonde warrior went to find the armoury, determined that today he would finally be allowed to wield a weapon. Up until now the master of arms had forbidden him from practice, but hopefully the losses of the last battle would force him to allow him some small weapon to use.

    "Back again, Joric? You're like a dog with a bone." The man muttered, shaking his head as he offered the taller male a slim rapier that was hardly fitting, but what he needed, just to get started rebuilding his muscles.

    "What is it? A toothpick?" Joric scowled, clearly not impressed, although he had to admit, his left shoulder in particular still pained him, having been dislocated several times during the interrogations. It hadn't been a pleasant three years. "I'll be back for that axe later." It was a crude weapon, but he'd had his eye on it from day one. For now, he would just work on hitting the dummies and getting used to moving about again.
  5. Emera stood as Nienn entered. "Your highness, our troops have taken over the town of Meagan," the officer said, "we've captured the survivors of the Eastern army stationed there before they could run for help. How would you like to proceed?"

    Emera looked down at her cousin, who was still seated, then back to Nienn. "How many are there?" she asked. Emera would have liked to deal with them on an individual basis, but she knew that would be impossible if there were many. Yet, she hoped Nadia might not sweep a blanket of doom over the whole lot of them. " could have one of them make a case before you," Emera suggested to Nadia. A bit of representation seemed fair to her, and the queen might even enjoy having one of the enemy stand humbly before her.

    Emera heard men moving about outside the tent, including the clanking of metal. It was very different from the near-quiet of earlier, when the army had been away. The lady gave Neinn another look. Nienn's hair was colored like her own; Emera had seen that from the first. But fighting women were a rarity. Nienn was strong; she had to be to go into such physical struggles against full-grown men. Emera knew there were some women among the archers, but knew of no others amongst the officers.
  6. Urza, The Butcher. The peope of Liria only had terrible nightmares of this man, for it was Urza who had led the charge through the capital and it wa Urza who had murdered the King and Queen, but not before he had brutaly tortered the Queen infront of a maimed King. But after the conquest of the country was done the cruel warrior had been sent to other warfronts to use his skills of battle, but it seems like some noble back in the Empire thought that the culling of the rebels took to long time and thus had sent the Butcher back to this country. Urza and his own detatchement of warriors named the hounds reached the Headquarters of the anti-rebel forces. Telling his warriors to stay outside Urza walked in, each step he took made a loud thunk sound as metal and steel clinked with every move. He reached the door to Mhmm's office and slammed it open. "Urza is reporting for duty, Master." He said as he walked up to the table and slammed down his fist, on the table he left a chain which was a symbolic proof of Mhmm having Urza's leash and thus was his commander untill the higher ups from the Empire decided something else.
  7. Mehmm glanced up annoyedly at Urza. "You could at least knock." Then Mhmm relaxed a bit, peering up at the large warrior. "The hounds are here?" When Urza nodded, a satisfactory smile grew over Mehm's face. "Good, good. I hope you don't mind that I also got some troops from Colonel Kazdirq's regiment. Those and the Hounds should be sufficient." Even as he finished his sentence, Rahl bursted back into the room, panting heavily as sweat dripped from his brow. "Major Mehm, Colonel Kaazdirq has dispatched a company worth of men, and they are en route to Leevan, the town just down the road from Meagan." "Splendid! Kazdirq is stationed not too far away from there, so they should arrive within an hour or two." With that, Mehm stood, and cleaned his desk of the paperwork he had been doing. He turned to Urza, "Shall we?" after Urza nodded his agreement, the two departed the room, Rahl falling in to step behind them. Waiting in the courtyard were Urza's troops, the Hounds. After everyone was ready and equipped, the party left for Leevan.
    ~~~~~~~Later, at nightfall~~~~~~~
    Mehmm surveyed the troops as they sharpened their weapons and rubbed their armor with dirt. The attack was to commence in only a couple of hours, and as it was a night attack, it wouldn't do to have their armor reflecting light from torches and such. He nodded to himself, confident that the attack would go as planned. He intended to capture a few rebels as well, for interrogation and execution. The rebels were getting too uppity, thinking they could just take towns. He'd have the execution publicly, to serve as a lesson of what would happen to all the rebels as well as collaborators. With the executions in mind, he went off to have the devices prepared.
  8. The sound of people chattering and armor clanking against each other filled the camp. Nadia sat in her tent staring at a map. Small figurines were placed in specific areas. Gold to represent the Liria and the silver to represent Eastern Empire, they stood at their designated spots. A few gold figurines were placed in the Eastern Empire border line. She rested her elbow against the table and her fist being used as a head rest. Her gold eyes stared at the map. Her thoughts were clouded with negative outcomes and a horrendous future. She tapped the table by using her long nails. The sound of a loud tapping helped her think a bit. Beside the thinking Queen another girl stood next to her, Emera. Nadia's gold eyes glanced at Emera and she groaned loudly burying her face into her hands. It has become stressful to lead an army. Her father has never taught her how to become a strategist.

    A bright light entered the room catching her attention. She looked up to see the woman warrior. A tall, bulky woman who was taller than most woman. Her helmet was quickly removed in the presence of Nadia; she enjoyed the respect. A grin appeared on her face as she heard the wonderful news of catching militants from the army. She rose from her chair and walked in the front of her desk where the map was laid out. "Kill them. Bring one here." She said. The queen had no mercy to her enemies, let alone compassion for her own people. It is possible that Nadia was a tyrant.

    She tapped her lip lightly with her pointer finger. She thought about her decision once more. "I take it back." She said. "Bring them here and make sure they don't escape. If you must kill one to show the others not to run away." Her tone was cruel and cold. Nadia waved her hand dismissively. Nadia returned back to her seat looking at the map. "Erma, do me a favor dear and don't speak unless I allow it." She commanded as she moved a gold piece.
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  9. "There are five, over half of them died from their wounds or committed suicide before we could capture them." Nienn replied, pulling a face. Battles were grisly, and often brutal. They'd been fighting the Eastern Empire for several years now, and it only got bloodier. "It's very likely that we can expect to see more of the Empire coming to try and push us back."
    The woman opened her mouth to speak again, but promptly shut it. "Of course, your majesty." And she turned on her heel to deal with the prisoners. She didn't have to like what Nadia did sometimes, but she did as she was told to do. Nadia was as cruel as she was beautiful, and Nienn found it disconcerting.
    She stopped when she spotted Joric, a prisoner they liberated a while back. A smile played on her lips. "Has the weaponsmaster finally allowed you a weapon?" Which was good, since that meant he was finally getting strong enough again.
  10. Despite the flimsiness of the weapon, it felt good to have the thing in his hand, sweeping through the air in an unbridled release of power that would make any knight cringe. Joric did not have any form to speak of, he did not know of or think about balance and different techniques, he was a creature designed to kill in whatever way was most apt, learning on the job or dying. It was the way his people worked, and it bred a swathe of instinctive warriors that could fall on their enemies like a pack of wolves, often with one or two of the beasts in tow, as a matter of fact.

    Caught up in his practice, the blonde didn't immediately notice the senior female, turning to face her only when he heard her voice. A generally laid back fellow, his smile was not to be unexpected, as he spoke plainly, "If you could call it that." He shrugged his broad shoulders, continuing on, "You had best tell him to give me a real weapon, if I am to be of any use to you." He intended to charge along whichever course was desired of him, no matter his thoughts on the current war. It was none of his business, until he had repaid the debt he owed the people of the rebellion.
  11. Lyra sat in her tent, a quill in her hand. The ink had bled through the paper hours ago, but still only two words were on the paper.

    Dear Mother

    She couldn't think of what to write the woman who brought her into the world. Nothing came to mind. What could she say? She had left them years ago and the most they had spoken was a few petty letters. The young spy knew that her parents probably had long forgotten about her anyway. She threw down the quill as she heard that the town of Meagan had been taken by the rebels. How could that even be possible? The empire was so much stronger. These rebels were ill prepared at best. They hadn't had training like her men had, or she herself had. Lyra stood up walking out of her tent as she saw prisoners being paraded towards the heir's tent. Even though she would never admit it out loud, Lyra's heart shattered as she recognized many of her people. Why had she have to be stuck in this camp? There was far too much hurt and she didn't know how much more she could handle.

    Lyra took a step towards the tent before she began coughing. She brought her small handkerchief to her lips, but only pulled it away to see the dark red liquid that stained it. The young woman closed her eyes, letting out a shaky breath. She repeated the mantra that she had instated into herself since her brother's death. No one could know she was dying. No one could know she was a liability.

    Taking hasty steps toward Nadia's tent, she rushed inside, "Your highness, I wish to be allowed to heal these prisoners or at least examine them. I believe they will be less likely to fight us, if we show them some compassion." Lyra figured she would be killed before being allowed to help her people, which Nadia didn't know that these men were her own. She only hoped that being a part of medical would earn some mercy from the future ruler of Liria. Lyra closed her eyes as she listened to the clanking of the metal outside. These men shouldn't have been captured. Turning away to cough once more, she only prayed that Mehmm didn't already know.
  12. Urza walked up to Mehmm, his armour had not been smothered in the same amount of dirt as the others as his armour was already made out of a dark metal. The same could be said of the Hounds as they as well didn't wear shining armour, their armours were covered in ragged cloths and fur that they had foud while pillaging, looking down at the man who served as his current master he leaned slightly against his impressive battle-axe and said. "Me and my Hounds could take the vanguard and draw enemy attention while you and these recruits could flank the enemy forces, we wish to introduce ourselves and make sure that the rebels know who they are dealing with." He said, a lare grin was underneath his helmet. No matter who the opponent was the call of battle was always sweet to Urza.
  13. ‘This is what you get when you side with the loser.’ Thought Narrim Firthrand as he attempted to get comfortable in the small wooden cage where the prisoners of war were kept. There were only five prisoners and the hard dirt floor was crowded with prostrate inmates. ‘Lucky those other chumps killed themselves or we’d be sleeping on top of each other.’ A few of the more loyal/stupid Imperial warriors killed themselves to escape capture but Narrim saw little point of ending his ride short because of one failure. Besides there was still plenty of gold out there ripe for the taking and he planned on being the one to take it.

    “DAMMIT!” A guard called out and a few of his comrades laughed. Narrim smiled knowingly and tiptoed over his cellmates to get a better look. Just as he thought, the guardsmen were playing dice and someone was losing. “Alright, one more roll.”

    “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Narrim called from the cage.

    “I don’t listen to rebel scum.” The guard taunted and threw the dice. “Shit.”

    “I warned you.”

    “Shut your dirty mouth.”

    “I guess it is dirty.” Narrim said after wiping his face with the back of his hand. “But you don’t need a clean mouth to know how to roll dice.”

    “Think you can do better, rebel?” The guard stood and approached the cage.

    “Mercenary and I know I can do better.”

    “What have you got to bet?” The guard chuckled. Narrim thought hard while the guards continued their game.
    “My arm.” Play stopped and the other prisoners sat up in the cell.

    “For what?” The guard asked cautiously. “Your freedom?”

    “I know you can’t give me that but you can get these horrible chains off me.” The guards shared skeptical looks. “Just the wrists, you can leave the leg irons.” The guards consulted each other and after much deliberation they agreed.

    They handed Narrim the dice and everyone watched, even the other four prisoners were intrigued. He shook his hand next to his ear and smiled at the clicking within. He looked the unlucky guard in the eyes and let the dice roll.

    ‘Seven’ Narrim thought a moment before the shocked guard could call out the same. He stuck his arms through the bars and the manacles were reluctantly removed.

    “Shall we go again?” Narrim asked innocently.
  14. Total bombs thrown is two, leaving me with six for the coming fight. Note to self, brew more bombs once my deliveries are made and my report is given to the commander. The mind of Hadrian Marks would be odd to hear if one could read minds. In fact, most would say Hadrian had the mind of a lunatic as he ignored most others in favor of making notes of his stocks. The man walked through the rebel camp that had been hastily pitched as if he was walking through a Sunday market, seemingly oblivious to the surrounding sounds of pain and worry that flooded the camp. Occasionally, he stopped at a tent and dropped off a set of potions for the occupants inside, not bothering to give them instructions on how to use them. They'll figure it out for themselves if they truly need them.

    In Hadrian's view, the battle had been a simple affair. The bombs he had thrown had not been to kill anyone in the fighting, but instead to frighten the enemy into surrendering to his allies. Better we gain more intelligence and be prepared for an enemy attack, though I wouldn't mind seeing how human flesh reacted to my newer brews. As a rather dark smirk grew on the alchemist's face, Hadrian finally found the woman he was looking for and approached her, "Commander K'Valen, the troops have received their needed potion supplies to recover from their injuries. The least wounded should be ready to rebuff any counterattacks by the end of the hour, ma'am."
  15. Nienn chuckled, resting her palms on her hips. "I'll see what I can do about that Joric, just don't overdo it and hurt yourself again." At least his humor was returning, which was pleasing in some aspects. She was about to leave when she noticed Hadrian, and grinned.
    "That's excellent. Her majesty will need as many troops as soon as possible." They always had to be prepared for any possible attack, especially after they captured their first village. The rebellion couldn't afford to loose any more troops than necessary, not when the stakes were so high.
    "Now, if you boys will excuse me, I need to bring the captured to Nadia."
    Nienn slipped away from the two and started walking to where she last left the prisoners.
  16. Mehmm looked up from his paperwork to see Urza standing there. After hearing him out, Mhmm nodded his agreement. "Go ahead. This'll be good cause then we can snag any rebels who try to run. We'll catch 'em and they'll be sorry. These damn Westerners need to learn that they're under Imperial rule now. They need to lose their barbaric ways." With that, Urza left to prepare his men and Mhmm finished his work. Mhmm gathered himself together, retrieving his staff and pulling on some light leather armor to go under his robes. When he stepped out of his tent, the attack force was ready and waiting. After a short prep talk, the officers led the men away, and into the darkness. Mhmm followed along, with his aide and some of the officers who had stayed behind.
    ~~~~During the Attack~~~~
    Mehmm and his accompanying men stood on a hillock watching the attack. Though they couldn't see much in the dark, fires were burning in the town and the shrieks of the wounded and the din of battle were loud. The Hounds had charged in headfirst, slaughtering the rebels manning the defenses. The encircling force had worked, and rebels who had fled were being captured and/or killed. All in all, the battle was going well.

    As the sun crested the horizon, fires across the town were being doused, prisoners were being glumly working, and townspeople were coming up from their hiding spots. Mehmm's horse slowly clopped down the street, avoiding rubble and bodies. As Mehmm passed, one of the prisoners clearing the rubble spit at him. "Stupid Imperial!" The prisoner shouted. Almost immediately two soldiers dragged him to a nearby alley and stomps and pounding on flesh could be heard. A moment later, they reemerged, blood on their fists and boots. In the town square there was a gallows, a chopping block, and whipping posts. Crows cawed and pecked at the eyes of the men swinging from the gallows. Though the chopping block was vacant, there was dried blood on it. Even as Mhmm entered the square new prisoners were dragged up to the whipping posts, and tied to them. A meager crowd stood around the square, watching in silence.
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  17. Hinzer recorded the newest events by request of his direct superior. He was in the grounds controlled by Vvarheed making a report. As chief adviser to central governor Merrick Courhan, this was hardly his responsibility, but Merrick was enforcing a new law restricting religious practices with violent opposition to squash in the fields. Because of this Hinzer could handle duties that sloppy, inexperienced men would have handled. Rahl ran into his room and quickly informed Hinzer of Mhmm's order, and the Colonel's new activities. "Thank you Rahl, now my record shall be complete." "Don't you think Mhmm will notice how tired I am from running to you?" "He won't think anything of it, you are excused Rahl." "Yes sir, but you may like to know, Urza is here. He's going to be in the fight." "Yes, I am glad you told me. Now hurry back to your master." So Urza was taking command. His record almost made Hinzer regret saving him those many years ago. Still, Urza had benefited Hinzer's cause very much. Killing the king and queen had moved the world closer to democracy. Assuming things went perfectly, the rebellion should grow steadily stronger until one point when their leader will have to die. From then the empire could demand unconditional surrender, and the leaderless rebellion overthrows the capital. For this to work there would have to be factions within the capital without loyalty. Hinzer would need to convince Merrick to pass another law that could make the people in the central province feel subjugated even more. There is a more pressing matter though, the leader of the rebellion is most likely at Meagan. With Urza leading the charge, the probability of the rebellion getting stronger is weak. He had to give the rebellion time to get out, or even push back Mhmm. Hinzer walked to the desk of Vvarheed, and was pleased to see the provincial governor out for a moment. Hinzer wrote an anonymous letter describing a threat to the north of them. With Meagan being northwest of them, it would be advantageous to send Mhmm and Urza to solve the problem. He wrote another anonymous letter describing a disease outbreak at Meagan. That would leave the governor with the conclusion he should leave the rebels to weaken for a few days, or weeks. After the governor sends his messenger, the pieces should start fitting into place.
  18. "Yes, ma'am," Hadrian spoke as he stepped out of his commander's way. For a moment, the alchemist thought of returning to his tent to work on his bombs as his duties were had now been taken care of. However, the form of the barbarian who had been speaking to Nienn grabbed his attention.

    Looking Joric over, Hadrian came to the conclusion he had recently been a prisoner of the Empire. The man certainly isn't starving, but it appears he's lost some of his muscle mass. Such a thing does not bode well in the coming battle. With his initial observations out of the way, Hadrian tried to draw the taller man's attention to him, "I take it you're one of the former prisoners our group liberated?"
  19. ~ One week before the Battle of Meagan ~
    Darreth sat down on a bench within the town of Megan, his head resting on one arm, the other slumped across his legs. His eyes were focused on a door to the right of the town square, which led to a store of some sort. He was waiting for a female human, named Sariah Myiand. She was his target. The Empire wants her dead for some particular reason, he never really cared for the back-stories that much. He pulled out a small bottle with a glowing, red liquid in it, and took a long sip of it, conveniently, at that same moment, Sariah along with two bodyguards walked out of the building how did he know? She matched the description: A female human, in her mid-twenties, with long, blonde hair and green eyes. She also had an aristocratic look to her, for she wore a golden, sleek, and fancy outfit, and she also had her own personal guards. It was also stated she had the ability to use elemental magic to further protect herself, which made things a little bit more interesting. The Blood Wolf himself psychotically giggled a bit as he got up and started trailing them. Oh, this'll be ought to be fun! he thought to himself as she turned the corner into an alleyway. And there to greet her were four more guards, she turned around quickly and shouted down the alleyway. "Do you want me now Blood Wolf? Look! I'm all alone, you can KILL me now!" apparently, she was expecting him, she must have had eyes all around, concluding that her death would be pretty important if it ever happened. Either that, or she's got precognitive abilities. Both ways would suck just as equally, but alas, he too, had eyes all around, and if both were to clash, well, the Battle of Megan would happen early no? Before he walked in to greet her, he signaled his men to check and clear the roofs around the area, just in case. then he strolled in...


    *press play*

    Darreth walked into the alleyway, and as soon as he took his first foot in she screamed; "Fire at will!" and ducked to reveal the four crossbowmen that she just met, who then fired their first barrage of arrows at him, quickly, he followed suit of the ducking procedure just as soon as they did, and took out four a small, red block, he shook it a bit and threw it it them, and used that distraction to climb on the right side of the alley and jump off it, his red block heated up and turned orange, and it kept heating up until 'POP'. A small burst of fire and tiny, hot scrap emerged off of it, the Blood Wolf flew over the fire and his now surprised enemies. and landed behind them, now with the advantage, he pulled out his two swords and went in a frenzy with the four of them, resulting in a beautiful display of red swirls and wisps that emanated off of each enemy he slays, ending in a 'Sssnap' and a brief, red glow in his eyes, sating his unrelenting hunt for killing. Sariah and her two bodyguards turned back too see this, and they were amazed at the sight, clearly they've been outsmarted. He then drops his swords and pulls out two metal shards, and waves his hands as they flew threw the air, next thing you know, the two bodyguards started grabbing their necks, blood pouring from them, and they drop down dead, almost instantaneously. All that remained was Sariah, she shrouded herself in a white, electric shield, and sent electricity sprouting out from her arms, and to dodge, the Blood Wolf leaped into the nearest window he found, which, thankfully led into an empty house, or a furnished house with no people in it. She peeked into the window, still shrouded in electricity, and he reacted by throwing two more of his shards at her. No good, they just heated up and disintegrated at the touch. Sariah seemed at that point, invincible, and, with being stuck in a small, two roomed house with no way out, death seemed inevitable.

    But everyone has a weakness, even this chick.

    He successfully dodged her attacks, and ran behind a cabinet, out of her sight, that made her get into the house to zap him. She turned the corner and saw him, pushing the cabinet on top of her and scrambling out of the window. She zapped the cabinet, sending chunks of burning wood everywhere. He managed to get out in time before she zapped the window. He shook another one of those 'fire-poppers' and it popped right as she was hopping out the window, sending her backwards back into the house, and her shield flickered briefly, her weakness. Her electricity can only take so much force against it before it gets overpowered and shuts off. Genius! He'Sssnap'.

    *press stop*
    ~Present Day~
    Darreth placed the necklace upon his buyers desk, and the buyer waved a guard to hand over Darreth a chest full of coin. He smiled, this is how it usually was with these imperial buyers, they like to not use their voice, just hand symbols, since they don't care for mercs that much. As Darreth opened the chest, he found a letter, stashed into his chest, upon opening it, it turned out to be a note sent to him, apparently, the empire had more contracts for him.


    Please report to another Imperial,Major Mehmm. He higher up than me, and he has stated he has something to tell you, so I suggest you answer to him.

    A personal Request? For me? That's a first! I am flattered!

    And thus, off he went, to meet this 'Major Mehmm' and see that personal request.
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  20. “What do you want next?” Narrid asked his fellow inmates. “Blankets!” “More food!” “His hat!” They cried out together. Narrid juggled the dice as he considered the options. His cellmates have lost the wrist irons as well and they had big bowls of food and fresh clothes piled around the tiny cell. “I think his hat would make a fantastic addition to my wardrobe.”

    “You can’t have my helmet!” The guard shouted but all his friends were fully on Narrid side, ready to see if he can keep his lucky streak going.

    “Go on, Harris. Bet the helm. Not like you’ll ever use it.” They jeered at him.

    “Yes I will! You guys are supposed to be on my side!” Harris set the steel helmet down with a sour look. “I saved for weeks to get that.”

    “Better start saving.” Narrid tossed the dice and they came up a winner. The guard stormed off into the camp defeated and everyone laughed at him. Feeling a pang of guilt Narrid filled the helmet with the few gold pieces he won off of him and promised to get it back to him. If he could ever get out of this place, they were all treating him well enough now and he’d won plenty of food but he didn’t want his last meal to consist of stale bread and moldy cheese. “Do you think I could speak to someone in charge?”

    “Why?” The guard asked wiping tears from his smiling face.

    “As nice as Mr. Harris has made it for me here I think I could be of more service outside of these bars.” Narrid put on his best salesman smile.

    “I doubt Nienn would let you free because you won a few games of dice.” The guard replied and Narrid felt his stomach drop. “But I don’t see why I couldn’t ask.”

    “Thank you, sir. You’re a true gentleman.” Narrid called after him as the guard walked off still chuckling to himself.

    The guard named Wilson wandered about camp looking for the warrior woman. He asked around fellow soldiers and learned she was last seen near the training yard. He picked up the pace and passed a huge bandaged man holding a rapier that looked like a toothpick in his hands chatting with the potion master. “What an odd pair?” he said to himself as he caught up to Nienn, who was on her way to the prisoners. “Sorry to bother you ma’am but one of the prisoners would like to speak with you.” He said saluting his senior officer.
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