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  1. Following the start of the war, the country of Liria had remained a neutral country in between the conquest of a rival empire. The king, who had once ruled with an iron fist, but also with compassion, enjoyed peace for many years following his predecessor. That prosperity didn't last, and soon the Eastern Empire marked a bloody path across Liria to the Capital City. There, the king and his heir were both slaughtered and the kingdom became a forced colony of the Eastern Empire. The remaining surviving royal family member fled Capital City and away to the country until they could regain their forces and regain control of the country.

    Meanwhile, life returns to normal-albeit with more military presence than they were used to. Perhaps by accident they find themselves stuck in the middle of a revolution in the makings, returning the country to it's former glory. Desertion is punishable by death a worse, removal of your tongue at best. The reward is glory, and the retreat of the Eastern Empire and the final heir restored to the crown.

    After the displacement of the Royal Family, the final heir- the youngest child of the king who had escaped the night the Eastern Empire tore its way through the Capital City has returned to bring up an army to revolt and kick out their invaders. The Revolution is a highly secretive organization that doesn't allow mistakes, for those mistakes could be fatal for the whole country. The Lirian army is now under the control of the Eastern Empire's second child, who rules under harsher terms than the Lirian king did. With many harsh curfews and laws, the people have begun to hate their new leadership. Royal family or not, the country wants freedom. The revolution accepts anyone, so long as they are willing to sacrifice everything for the cause and remain loyal.

    The plot follows along the Revolutionists and the few Eastern Empire soldiers who are occupying the country of Liria. The Royal heir is at the highest chain of command, and their word is as good as law.

    General Rules
    1. The normal forum rules still apply here.
    2. Sexual content is allowed, only if it is faded to black or taken away to PM. Innuendos and hinted are perfectly fine.
    3. Characters may die, and if they do, you are allowed to make up new characters and jump in again.
    4. Please ask permission to kill another character before you do so and run it by me so we have no surprises.
    5. There will only be one person playing the heir to the throne, and it will be on first serve basis.
    6. I'd like to have at least two short paragraphs at the least, but by all means go crazy with your writing so long as there is plenty of room for interaction.
    7. Mages and other creatures are completely fine so long as they aren't overpowered and look reasonably human. (Elves, dwarves, ect)
    8. If you would like something that doesn't look human, I will allow it if you know you can put it into the story line well enough that it makes sense in the universe. So if you want to write a magical horse you have to know what you're going to do with them.


    The Heir:- Nadia Sphinx (Incandescent)
    Emera Goseck (AAB)

    New Recruits:
    1. -
    2. -
    3. -

    Already joined revolutionaries:
    1. - Nienn K'Valen (LeVen)
    2. -Joric Malinen (Psychedelic)
    3. -

    Eastern Empire Solders (These may be defectors, spies, or Empire side only)
    1. - Lyra de Malyns (Dutchess of Adraelith)- Spy
    2. - Mehm (AddictedToSkooma)
    3. - Hinzer Jurgaeo (Laddie)

    Character Sheet (open)

    Appearance (fantasy art, anime is okay but not preferred):
    Magic Ability:
    Side of the war:
    Additional Details

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  2. I'd like to join! Are spots reserved or is it a first come, first serve deal?
  3. Only the spot of the heir is first come first serve since there is only one spot. Everyone can pick and choose as they'd like.
  4. Great! Then I won't have to worry!
  5. I'd like to join. Now, to think of a character...
  6. I'll go ahead and get a character for myself created while you guys get yours done.
    I'm so glad you guys are interested
  7. Heh, no problem! Though, my character will most likely not be posted up until a few days later from today. I have a party to go to tonight and school projects, etc.
  8. Ew good luck with all that.
  9. Name: Nienn K'Valen
    Age: 32
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Sexuality: Straight
    Appearance (fantasy art, anime is okay but not preferred): Here
    Personality: Nienn is a softhearted woman who just so happens to prefer swords to taking care of and creating a home. Despite her kindly appearence, Nienn doesn't tolerate slacking off and works people as hard as their limits will take them. She's an excellent leader who is good at commanding her troops and keeping them in line.
    Magic Ability: None
    History: Nienn was married at the start of the invasion with two small children in Capital City. Her husband was a member of the Royal Guard-which has since been disbanded in favor of the Eastern Empire military, and was often away from home. She was okay with this until they were invaded. The death of her husband prompted her to join the revolutionaries while they were just starting out a couple months after the official fall of the country to the hands of the empire. Somehow Nienn ends up as as sort of mother figure to the younger and newer recruits, she doesn't really understand how.
    Side of the war: Revolutionaries (already a member)
    Additional Details: She's actually only been physically fighting for five years, and is still trying to figure out how she got a leadership position of training new recruits.
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  10. Haha, what? How is any of this ew? I love parties! xD
  11. I meant to ask, what are the rules regarding species, magic and the like?
  12. Oh I'd completely forgotten about those. I came up with the whole plot in ten minutes and didn't really think of those.
    Magic is totally accepted, I think it'd be interesting along side having different species. More or less, I'd like most of the characters to be human, but if you really want to be a different species of something then it doesn't really matter so long as it kinda fits the universe. Same goes for magic, as long as your character isn't overpowered.

    I'll need to edit those things into the character bio sheets, thanks for bringing that up.
  13. What are the species allowed? How would the species "kinda fit in" the universe? There are so many different species within fantasy genre, so what are you expecting besides the characters mostly being human?
  14. I'm being the vaguest person on the planet right now omg
    I guess we could have the usual things such as Elves and Dwarfs. I think the limit would be as long as they look mostly human, so no magical horses unless you know how to put it into the story reasonably well.
  15. Okay, thanks!
  16. Okie dokie :D That helps.
  17. I've no idea if you'll accept this guy, but if not I'll go back to the drawing board.

    Name: Joric Malinen
    Age: 34
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Mostly heterosexual...
    Personality: Joric is a man of few words. He speaks little, preferring action to conversation in almost all circumstances. When he does speak, he often comes across as rather cold and at times disconnected from reality, even simply dim at times. Joric is not stupid, but he prefers to forge a path through a problem, rather than think his way around it, if at all possible.
    History: A barbarian from the north, Joric was not a part of the initial coup, and his people never picked a side in the war. They instead enjoyed many skirmishes against both sides, in which the then teenage young man played a major part. He is the second son of the head of his clan, what passes as a nobleman among his people. Unfortunately, this did not prevent his capture three years ago, when a raid against one of the 'civilised' towns at the bottom of his home mountains went terribly wrong.
    For the past three years, Joric has been incarcerated by the rulers of Liria, kept alive only thanks to his knowledge of the mountainous regions he calls home. Having an insider to help them root out the last of the barbarians is invaluable, and would ingratiate the Eastern Empire in the hearts of those that live in fear of them. Unfortunately, Joric is far more loyal than one would give him credit for.
    Just a month ago, the prison in which Joric was housed was raided by rebels, and as he was freed in the chaos, he has temporarily aligned himself with these people. He feels no loyalty towards them, but is happy to pay his blood debt.
    Side of the war: Revolution - for now.
    Additional Details: Joric is heavily scarred and weak at the moment, thanks to his stay in prison. He does not feel comfortable on anything larger than a pony, despite his height, and his favoured weapon is a double-handed axe.
  18. I think he's pretty cool. He's already joined by the time the thread starts correct?
  19. Yeah. Methinks there are revolutionists that get rescued, and he just kind of tags along to whatever destination they've got in mind.
  20. I like the idea, and it gives him a sense of neutrality to which he could just ditch either sides at any time.
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