The Lion King: Scar's Reign

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Who is your favorite Lion King character?

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  1. [​IMG]

    It has been a while since Scar had given the news about Mufasa's death. Simba had run off. And will never return. The lands are terrible. No food for miles, little water. And Scar rules over the lions and hyenas with an iron paw. How will the lions learn to survive? Can they continue enduring life in these conditions during Scars reign..?

    Kovu woke up early in the morning. The sun had hardly even risen, painting the sky a yellow-red color. Yawning, the little cub snuck away from the warmth of his mother's stomach and towards the platform that held Scar's sleeping figure. His tail twitched happily. He had grown close over the past few moons. Scar was even treating him as if he were his son, showing him the lands. Kovu hadn't figured it out yet, but Scar was going to have him be the next ruler.

    Amira stirred in her sleep a little when she felt the sleeping figure of her son, Kovu, leave her. She opened an eye and watched the young cub tip toe around the bodies and to scar. She smirked a little, watching how eager he was with the smile on his face. She wad proud of her boy, and she would do all she can to ensure he has a great future ahead of him. Amira stirred a little, turning to lay on her other side so her good ear was in the air and alert. Amira closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep again.

    Sharlila had woken up a little earlier than Kovu that day. She walked out on Pride Rock and looked at the lands with sadness in her eyes. The land was dead. She had hoped it would get better with time, but it hadn't. In fact, she often thought it was getting worse. She let out a sigh before she started down the steps and onto the dirt ground. She wanted to get a head start on hunting. Hopefully she could find something so the hyenas wouldn't pester her about not bringing back any food. The shy female began jogging off towards what use to be hunting grounds.

    Azra was laying next to her mother's sleeping figure when she had Felt a tiny paw step on her tail. It didn't hurt her but that didn't stop her from growling dangerously at Kovu. Having ben rudely awoken from her sleep, Azra pushed herself into a sitting position and let out a long yawn. She glanced over to her sisters, who also slept near Zira. She twitched her ear slightly, then stood and padded out the cave. She had no real plans for the day other than hunting, but she wanted to do that later. She walked towards the edge of Pride Rock and sat down, looking out over the dark land.
  2. Adena surprisingly enough slept near Scar. Usually she just slept in a corner or something by herself but since Scar is technically her father and often denies it but she figured it wasn't worth hiding it anymore and her appearance made it a dead giveaway.
    She felt Kovu jump on her stomach which caused her to very abruptly wake up. She raised her head up, giving the young cub a annoyed glare before pushing herself up into a sitting position. "Maybe it would be a good idea to not abruptly wake up your fellow pride members Kovu" she commented tiredly, before letting out a yawn before heading outside of the den, to see whatever this day might hold. She saw Azra at the edge of pride rock and decided to approach her.

    Tama woke up slightly earlier than Kovu, she still felt a bit tired but she knew she has to get up anyway to do the annoying task of hunting in a mostly if not all dead wasteland. She made her way out on Priderock and looked across the used to be beautiful and lush green landscape now as a grey, dead wasteland infested with hyenas. She said her childhood friend Sharlila jogging off and decided to follow after her.

    Ramona spent the night alone in a little make shift burrow under a dead uprooted tree near priderock. She now knows that she can possibly never see her aunt Sauda anymore and now she's on her own in this place that's potentially deadlier than the lands she was born in. She peeked her head out, looking around for any danger which were none at the moment and slowly emerged from her little shelter and shook some of the dirt that got onto her fur off.
  3. Azra turned her ear at the sound of footsteps approaching. She didn't turn her head to see which lion it as. She could tell by the scent in the air that it was Adena. Azra's harsh gaze followed Sharlila and Tama as the two went off to hunt and she let out a smirk. "Hopefully those two have enough brains to either come back with food or don't come back at all. I'm starving." She said in a bitter voice. Other than being pretty cold most of the days, Azra wasn't exactly a morning lion either.

    Sharlila had glanced around. She knew most of the animals stayed near the watering hole since it was the only one for miles. So she decided to try there first and test out her luck on finding a breakfast for everyone. As Sharlila kept a steady pace so she wouldn't tire her malnourished body before she got there, she happened to look back and spot Tama. She smiled and slowed her pace down a little more so the lioness could catch up. "Good morning Tama."

  4. Adena let out a annoyed sigh as she sat down next to Azra "Yea they better bring back a decent size catch, i don't want those little furballs to keep nagging me for food despite stating multiple times that this land is dead and there is no food. On the otherhand, this place is becoming more dead than the elephant graveyard and rain doesn't seem to be coming anytime soon" Adena said, watching the two lionesses walk off in the distance.

    "Good morning Sharlila " Tama responded sounding a little tired, while she was still a strong looking prideland lioness it's slowly becoming apparent that the lack of food is slowly taking it's toll on the lioness, her ribs we're a little more visible and it didn't help the fact she's seems to be rather depressed lately. "Ugh i hope we'll be able to catch something, we do have cubs to feed" she sighed "And it seems like food is becoming less and less as the days go by at some point one of us is gonna confront Scar about moving".
  5. Sharlila lowered her head a little. She was skinnier than most the lionesses. She was muscular, yes, but her bones still shown under her coat. This was because she was shy, she didn't have confidence, and the outlanders and hyenas knew that. So they pushed her around and took her food, and she was too timid of object. And that was enough for her to know she could never build up the courage to confront Scar. Not unless she was angry and fed up enough to meet the king head on. She glances back to the direction the watering hole would be in. "Well.. maybe he will figure it out on his own."

    Azra let out a low growl at the two in the distance. Her tail wrapped and wrested neatly on her paws. She thought of what she could do today. Other than hunting, she could take Nuka out and practice fighting it hunting with him. Hopefully she can get him to impress Scar so he won't think her brother is useless. "It has to rain. It's close to the rainy season."
  6. Adena snorted "Yea it better rain " she said looking up at the sky with a annoyed look. She remained silent for a few moments thinking of what to say, since she didn't really know what to do other than go hunting or babysit. "You know Azra i always hated the fact Kovu is the heir, i mean like he and his mother came from no where and now suddenly he's the heir and his mother is sucking up to Scar too often for my taste, ugh why can't Nuka or you for that matter be the heir rather than that cocky laid back furball" she said, briefly rolling her eyes. She squinted her eyes a bit and lowered her head, seeing a unfamiliar small gold-yellowish figure down below.

    Tama always felt bad for Sharlila, she was almsot always the one getting pushed around and have food stolen from her. Maybe even more so than Nuka surprisingly enough whom despite being quite an unstable lion he can still seemingly hold his own. But Tama wasn't gonna let them do that to her friend, Tama was much more of a 'no-nonesense' kind of lion who always out her pride, family and friends before herself. "Hopefully he can figure it out before most of the pride and or his prized heir starve to dead".

    Ramona was now busy exploring the bottom of priderock, she can smell lions, very unfamiliar lions who maybe can help here? though she did feel paranoid and unsure about the place and decided to not climb up and that was probably a good decision though she can see two lionesses on top and one of them was looking at her.
  7. Azra's claws flexed at the mention of Kovu's name. But the tension relaxed slightly at the thought of either herself or Nuka being the future leader. She grinned and glanced over to Adena, then followed her gaze down to the ground and spotted a tiny cub. Her ear twitched slightly before she stood and made her way down Pride Rock to meet the small cub. She knew the little lion wasn't a threat, but she was curious about it. Soon, she came to a stop near the cub, lowering her head slightly and sniffing the air around it. "Hello little one. You aren't part of our Pride. Where are your parents?"

    Sharlila flinched slightly at the thought. She actually enjoyed Kovu's company. He was playful and carefree, like she use to be. She knew many of the outlanders didn't like him because he was so eagerly accepted by Scar, but she didn't see what there wasn't to like. He was a cub, and he acted like a cub. When he grew up, though, she knew he would be more respect and calm. But for now, he should enjoy his childhood as much as he can. She knew it won't last long for him. Not as long as Scar was still king. As she walked, she perked her ears and caught the sound of a nearby animal. She inhaled deeply and caught the scent of a zebra. It was weak from lack of food, but it would have to do for now. Sharlila instantly dropped to a crouch, hiding in the tall, dead grass.
  8. Adena followed Azra down to investigate the seemingly unknown cub. Though considering the cub seemingly lacked a parental figure there's probably a good chance that she was getting adopted much to her dismay as she's going to babysit one more cub now.

    Ramona panicked when she saw the lionesses climb down priderock and almost ran away but completely relaxed when she soon learned they aren't there to hurt her although she did flinch at the mention of her parents. "Umm... well m-my names Ramona, a-and have you seen my aunt Sauda?" she said nervously shuttering as she spoke.

    Tama spotted the zebra and quickly crouched down a few feet away from Sharlila, the zebra was weak from the lack of food and shouldn't be too hard to catch but the hyenas probably have their eyes on it too but Tama wasn't going to let them take this prey easily.
  9. Ashur awoken from his sleep when he felt his daughter move off his chest, he smiled as she walked away to the rock, Ashur knew that if Ashanti was awake before him, then it was early, since she was always one step ahead of him. Ashur walked over to Ashanti and smiled. "Looks like your once again once step ahead of me little one.

    Ashanti awoke from her sleep when she heard Kovu moving around to Scar, he knew that he could be a little arrogent at times, but he was a good friend and knew that he would be a good king when he grows up, she had only been there for a month but she already felt like one of the other lions. She walked stood up and walked over to pride walk, watching the dead land and dreaming of what it was before, hoping it was better before then what it was now.
    "If i wasn't laying with you, you would probably sleep way later." Ashanti joked. "I miss mom."

    Bakari hadn't slept for long, he had been tormented from all of his nightmares that happened in the past, so there was no chance of him sleeping for long. Bakari decided to stay guard for any other attacking lions or if any animals came by, he wanted to help out Scar as much as he could, to help gain his loyalty. He watched as some lions and lioness awoke, meaning that he could now get off guard.

    Kamari had been with the pride for almost his full life besides his first month alive, he was not happy with the pride lands, but it was his home and he would do what Scar says. Kamari stood up from adia and stretched up, his mother didn't move from her sleep, so Kamari walked over to Kovu who was now awake. "Hey Kovu do you want to play or is Scar teaching you something right now?"
  10. Kovu had stopped in from of Scar's sleeping body when he heard his friend Kamari speak to him. The cub turned, glancing from Scar and over to Kamari. Scar had told him he was going to show him around the Pridelands for another lesson, but since the male lion wasn't awake yet, Kovu assumed it wouldnt be too bad if he played, but stayed close enough to go to Scar if he called. Kovu smiled and twitches his tail, walking over to Kamari. "Scar said he would show me around later today, but I can play until he wakes up."

    Azra glanced back at Adena, then over at Ramona. "I have not." She looked down at the Cub. Azra may be mean, but she wasn't heartless. She did feel some sort of sympathy for the cub. Some. Not much. Azra's cold expression changed to a crooked smile as a paw extended out and to the cub, pulling her closer. This was her attempt at being friendly. Though, she did look more wicked than nice. Azra opened her mouth to speak, but was cut off by a lioness clearing her throat.

    Amira had left the comfort of the cave shortly after Ashanti did. She stretched out, letting out a deep yawn when a tiny voice caught her ears. It was a cub, but not familiar enough to be one from the pride. She glanced down at the ground and spotted a small cub being confronted by Azra and Adena. She observed the Little Lioness. For a cub, she was well built. The cub could be useful to her. That's always how Amira thought, in ways that would best benefit her abd her son. She padded down and before Azra could speak again she cleared her throat and walked up to the cub. Amira smiled, but her smile was more gentle and kinder than Azra's. "Hello there. Azra, don't scare the cub. Besides, shouldn't you be hunting? You and Adena are a lot younger than Zira and I. You two could help the others with hunting and I'll assist the cub." She glanced over to see Azra pull her lips back in a nasty sneer before turning and walking back to Adena. Amira looks at the cub and crouched down so she is eye level with the cub and smiles. "Your so dirty. Have you been out here long?"

    Sharlila had slowly began sneaking up on the Zibra slowly. As she approached closer she had reached the perfect distance and darted out at the Zibra. The Zibra had caught the sound of her paws and darted off with Sharlila close on it's heels, growling. But she didn't know how long she could run for. As the days went on she found herself weaker and weaker with less energy. She had to be careful and not overwork herself.
  11. Ramona, needless to say felt rather uncomfortable when Azra pulled her closer but was eased by the fact that these lionesses wont hurt her, at least she thinks they wont hurt her, at least she thinks they wont. She jumped a bit when she suddenly she heard another, older looking lioness clear her throat and approached she and the two lionesses. She liked Amira better, simply because she looked friendlier and in a way seem more motherly. "Umm yea ive been searching for my aunt Sauda since yesterday, she's a big grey scary looking lioness but she's really nice and she has pretty blue eyes too just like mine! she went hunting for food when we got here after running away from our pride but she never came back so i went looking for her".

    Adena was quite annoyed with Amira's sudden arrival to say the least, "Ugh Tama and Sharlila are already hunting for us, we'll hunt later if they don't catch anything" Adena said sounding irritated, she briefly looked down at Ramona and can't help but feel bad for the young cub whoever this Aunt Sauda is was probably attacked by hyenas and possibly killed or tried to hunt a buffalo and killed, but she didn't dwell on it too much, the last thing she needs is to feel emotional attachment to a orphan that might not be here tomorrow.

    Tama slowly prowled around the zebra, not leaving the dead blade of grass of course she just moved into a position that would make the zebra run into her general direction once Sharlila gives chase. Once Sharlila was in persue she began to make chase, the zebra didn't quite expect another lioness to appear which startled the weak thing causing it to take a step back which was a fatal mistake as the two lionesses caught up to it. Tama was quick to jump on it and pin it to the ground.
  12. Scar had awoken before most of the pride, but he hadn't alerted them of his awareness. He wanted to sit for awhile and just...Listen. Naturally the conversations that he caught little snippets of were a lot nicer and of a different nature when he was awake, which is why he didn't let them know he was awake. The tidbits and juicy bits that he heard were say the least. But they were also worrying. Confrontation? He doubted anyone would actually approach him, but the mere fact that someone though it, was irritating. Irritating because of the fact that the lioness who had dared to utter those words was well liked. Tama...He would find a way to put her in her place and banish all thoughts of 'confrontation' out of her mind one way or another. But for now....

    Scar rolled onto his back, grinning widely at Kovu who had been approaching him from behind. "Well good morning, my dear boy!" Scar exclaimed, drawing the dark cub forward with a sweep of his paw. "And how did you sleep?" He practically purred at the cub. Kovu was everything that Scar wanted in a son. Strength, perseverance, striking potential. He would groom the cub to be the best king this pride had ever seen.


    Nuka woke up very late. He had no reason to rise any earlier, after all. It wasn't as if he had duties. And he didn't have to cub sit today. Nuka yawned and stretched widely, his left hind leg accidentally kicking into someone's face. Nuka cringed, waiting for the scolding or roar of outrage, but instead all he got was a tired sigh, and a tail smacking him upside the head.

    "From now on, I'm going to sit on you so you can't kick me every morning." Barika murmured sleepily.

    "Hehe, oops." Nuka replied, sheepishly and Barika laughed, getting to her paws slowly. "Nearly everyone's up, except for your mom. Let's get the heck outta here before she makes you run laps around priderock." The lioness snorted, padding out of the cave as quietly as she could. Nuka scrambled to his feet and followed her, giving his mother a passing lick on his way out. Even though she was vicious and hard on him, he still cared for her, especially now with Amira slowly moving in on her territory. Literally.

    As soon as they left the den, Barika began running and Nuka followed her, quickly catching up due to the lioness's bulky size. "Meet you at our place!" He yelled over his shoulder as he headed to their hangout place. It was a pile of dead trees in one of the areas where the hyenas slept. Unlike the pride, the hyena's tended to be a lot nicer to Nuka, most likely because a lion was just a lion to them so his appearance didn't matter to them.
  13. Kivuli had woken up late, tired from playing with the hyenas and Vitani for most of the day before. She had been having some trouble getting to sleep, mostly because her father was doting on Kovu, who was not even his son. If anything, he should be training one of his daughters to take over the pride, or better yet, his actual son. I have no clue what my father sees in Kovu, but I'm not sure how good a king Nuka would be. It was obvious to anyone that if one of Zira's children did end up as Scar's next heir, then she would act as if she was the top lioness, which would be awful for Kivuli, cause she would be out of the pride in no time, whether by exile or death, Zira would probably choose the latter.

    If it were up to her, she would prefer that Nuka had been raised to become king, mostly because she felt bad for him. When she got up, she found Kovu and Scar talking, she flattened her ears and growled quietly as she glared at Kovu's back. As far as Kivuli was concerned, this cub that her father had chosen was an outsider, and should be treated as such. No matter what her feelings were though, she would never go against her father or his wishes. She padded up to her father, "Is there anything I could help with today." No matter what she thought of the cub, he was her father's choice, and she would do whatever she could to help him realize any dream he had.


    Pretty much most of the pride had woken up just as Vitani finally woke and she turned over on her side, seeing her mother still asleep. Vitani started to feel restless, so she stood and stretched while giving a big yawn. She noticed Kivuli over by Scar and the prodigal cub, Kovu, it made her cringe at what her mother would think if she saw that. Now that would be really bad if Kovu and Kivuli were to end up together, my mother would go on a rampage. Either way, it was not really Vitani's concern and Kivuli would more than likely never agree to that. It was irritating that her normal playmate was busy with the king, because there was no one else that she really got along so well with.

    With a sigh, she headed out of the den, rolling her eyes and smirking as she passed Kivuli. It was not uncommon for Vitani to have to try and find something to do. She had lucked out for once, because Aminifu, one of the teen lionesses sitting by herself. Quietly, Vitani crouched down and focused on her target, without warning she leaped on Aminifu, knocking the expecting lioness to the ground. Vitani did not weigh much, but if you get caught off guard, of course you would fall down. It was weird that Scar had let any lion that was related to Mufasa live in the pride, but then again, Aminifu was a little bit too scared to say anything about her father, even claiming that she has no relation to him at all, saying her father was some lion that she had never met nor learned about. "Man, your face when I jumped on you was priceless!" Vitani found a certain appeal in mocking this specific lioness, though it was not as fun without Kivuli.


    Aminifu had been unable to sleep well, so she had gotten up a lot earlier than the rest of the pride and found a spot where she could just relax just at the bottom of Pride Rock. It was peaceful without anyone harassing her bothering her about her father. It did not matter who it really was, but she did miss the pride as it was when Mufasa was king, but she could never say that, she would more than likely be killed. She had no intention to admit it to anyone, and her mother Kongwe was the only other one that knew, that Mufasa was her father without a doubt. If that knowledge were to get to Scar, she would no longer have to worry about what anyone says, because she would not be around to know about it. Aminifu found it hard to keep this secret, and it was tearing her up from the inside, but there was no one that she could talk about it with, not even her mother.

    As the pride had finally woken up, it was clear that no one actually cared to even pay attention to her. Perhaps I should just leave. But what could I do on my own. She sat up and hung her head in defeat, it was clear that no matter what, she was better off staying with the pride and dealing with the emotions she had locked up inside. Just then, she was caught off guard by Vitani and fell on her side as the young cub pounced on her. Vitani was laughing at her, "Just leave me alone please," she padded off, leaving the laughing cub alone. She had decided that it would be better to go see if there was anything she could find to bring back for food.
  14. Sharlila snarled at the Zibra just to give it a scare before Tama had pounced. The minute the Zibra hit the ground Sharlila lunged straight for the throat with a growl. She sank her teeth into it's neck and kept a firm grip till the Zibras struggles had died down. Even then, she didn't let go right away because it tasted so good to her. She wanted to eat, she did, but she knew if she ate before Zira and her kids they would get mad. So, she forced herself to release the pray and smiles at Tama. "We did pretty good for this morning."

    As Amira listened she began licking the fur on top of Ramona's head to clean off the dirt. She figured the cub longed for a mother figure right now since she appeared to have lost hers. But she assumed the same as Adena. She figured the hyenas must have gotten to the cubs mother since they tend to guard the land now so no one else sneaks into the territory to hunt. "I'm sorry to hear that. We can watch over you until she shows up."

    Kovu looked at Scar and smiled. He thought if Scar like his father. Kovu hadn't been near his father enough before the lion was killed, but Kovu imagined a father would be much like Scar. Kovu crouched down low, his tail swaying in the air as he grinned at Scar. "I'm ready for another lesson, Scar!"
  15. Azra glared at Amira, her eyes shooting daggers into the lionesses back. Her claws flexed, scrapping into the ground. She wanted nothing more than to brawl with the lioness. In fact, Azra even crouched down as if ready to pulse, but she had caught sight of her brother Nuka. Azra smiled at the sight. The only person Azra was truely nice to was Nuka, yet she never really knew why. Maybe because he was different, or part of her wanted to be like him. To not have responsibilities or things expected of her. Oh well.
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  16. Ramona smiled "Yea yea! i want to stay! " she said her grin widening. She noticed a few other lions walk pass which Nuka specifically kind of scared her a bit but it seems like he wasn't that scary. Though he did heard laughing of what sounds like another cub on pride rock "Hey are there other cubs too? can i play with them pretty please? my pride didn't have any cubs the same age as i am" she asked.

    Adena chuckled at the not really that little cub, always eager to do something it seems. She briefly glanced at Aminifu she always wondered why a daughter of Mufasa was still her but never questioned it since the lioness has no plans to do anything against Scar and that was enough for Adena to ignore the lioness completely. "Hey Vitani come down here for a moment" she called out to the cub whom was laughing, she figured that Vitani wont mind a new playmate though she was not sure how Ramona would deal with another cub who constantly wants to brawl.

    "Yep it's a good morning and we wont go through the day with empty stomachs, now lets take this back to the pride before any hyenas get any ideas" Tama said beginning to drag the zebra carcass back towards Priderock, though she did hoped it would be enough for the pride as there is a lot of mouths to feed.
  17. Barely hearing her name over her own laughter, Vitani looked over in the direction of Adena, who was standing with a few other lionesses and noticed a rather large cub that she had never seen before. Somewhat intrigued, she got up and padded over to the group and glanced at the cub, then up to the , "What do you want Adena?" The complete lack of respect towards Adena was common for Vitani, she did not really show anyone but her mother and Scar respect. Looking back at the cub, she gave her a playful grin, it seemed like there might be a new addition to the pride, but Vitani was unsure.
  18. Adena was slightly annoyed by Vitani's disrespectful behavior but then again she is the daughter of Zira and still a cub unlike Azra and Nuka who are older and more mature though if Vitani's father was actually Scar maybe she'd show more respect towards a older half sibling but that was unlikely. She lowered her head next to Vitani's ear "Before you ask, yes that cub is orphaned from what i heard she came into the pridelands with her hunt whom didn't came back from hunting and probably got killed by hyenas and shes pretty much a part of the pride now unless Zira and or Scar say otherwise so go ahead and enjoy your new playmate" Adena said whispering into Vitani's ear.

    Ramona wasn't quite sure what Adena said to Vitani but what's shes happy about is she has a playmate now. She looked at Vitani and grinned, crouching down. Ramona liked to playf fight quite a bit too, her parents always told her than playfighting hones your skills which makes you into a better, stronger lion when it comes to defending yourself and plus it's fun.
  19. Vitani glared at Adena, but wildly grinned when she noticed the cub crouch, clearly it would be a little fun. It was obvious that this cub was from somewhere else, but that did not really matter in a pride that accepted hyenas. Crouching down herself, she jumped at the cub, not wanting to hesitate. Maybe Kivuli would like to play with us when she is done talking to Scar. The thought of the three of them sparring was pretty great, but maybe they could ask Kovu, he needed the training. When she tackled the other cub she asked, "So, what's your name anyways?"
  20. "My names Ramona and i'm guessing your name is Vitani?" Ramona said, it kind of looked weird being pinned down by Vitani since she is significant bigger. "So are you the only the cub here Vitani?" she asked before pushing Vitani off her with a paw and pinned her down "Hmm guess i win now" she said proudly looking down at Vitani, her voice had a playful and slightly sarcastic tone to it.