The Lion King 3: The Elephant War

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  1. Rules
    No Godmodding
    No perfect characters
    All post have to be, third person, past tense and at least five sentences, not counting dialogue.
    The elephants are npcs and played by me.
    If you read the rules put a lyric from a TLK song at the bottom of your CS post.
    Other than the adviser and the majordomo, all pride members are lions.
    If you want to play a pre-made character (Ex: Kiara, Vitani etc) keep to their canon personalities.
    Two characters max. [But if you're playing a pre-made character that one doesn't count. Ex: If I played Kovu, I can play two more characters.]
    Swahili names only.
    Only four male pride member spots available.
    OOC talk should be in this thread not in the IC thread. If you even insert one word of OOC chat into the IC, I will report your post.

    Royal Family
    Kovu & Kiara
    Offspring & Offspring & Offspring
    Vitani & Mate
    Offspring & Offspring

    Adviser and Majordomo
    Daughter of Rafiki
    Offspring of Zazu

    Pride Members
    [Seven spots]

    Character Sheet

    Name: [Swahili names only]
    Age: [Cub/Young Adult/Adult/Elder]
    Appearance: [Picture preferred but description accepted. No crazy colors or patterns. No real pictures used tlk based pictures.]
    Personality: [Six words]
    Brief Bio:
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  2. May I be Kiara? I'll also be a female and male lion from the pride. Oh yeah, and, the most lovable song ever, HAKUNA MATATA! (I belive that's how you spell it..... I HAVEN'T SEEN THE MOVIE IN FOREVER, YET I STILL REMEMBER MOSTLY EVERYTHING)
  3. Are you making the form or do I use my own, though?
  4. @Madeline

    Nah, I'll put it up in a sec. Thanks for reminding me, I knew I forgot something. xD
  5. Name: Kiara
    Age: In this point of the movie, adult.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: Bold, caring, ignorant, believing, tomboy, determined.
    Brief Bio: Oh, please. If anyone is going to join, they have probably watched the movie. Either way...
    Kiara lived a royal life, being princess and all. When she was young, she met Kovu, her soon to be husband. They didn't know it then, neither did they that they'd see each other again. Time passed, and they met again, this time, it was more serious. Kiara found out that Kovu was an outsider, and she soon tried to stop herself from seeing him. But, it never worked. Soon enough, Kovu proved himself worthy of being a Pridelander, and married Kiara. That's practically it.

    Name: Wasioamanika (Swahili for untrustworthy) Or, you could call her Nika, for short.
    Age: Cub
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: Untrustworthy, nosy, snobby, spy, liar, and a show off.
    Brief Bio: Wasioamanika was born a couple days after Kiara began to reign, and her parents are trying to shield her from the fact that the sunrise she is watching might be her last. She is a little stuck-up and spoiled girl, and wishes to overtake Kiara's throne because she wants to be a wealthy little snob.

    Name: Mmfalme (Swahili for king) Or, Alme, for short.
    Age: Cub
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: Charming, cute, persuasive, spoiled, lost, and greedy.
    Brief Bio: Mmfalme always lived life spoiled, and was born a week before Kiara became queen. He doesn't approve their ruling, and one day hopes to become Kovu's successor, so he tries to get on his good side. He knows that Wasioanmanika is also fighting for the throne, and so he puts her on his enemy list. He also is in love with Kiara, and does romantic things for her all the time.
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  6. @Madeline
    Sorry I didn't highlight this in the cs, but I assumed people would also assume, but I'd prefer lion king type photos not real pictures. You can search tlk cub base on deviantart and color it in paint.
  7. Oh, sorry. I'll like for TLK pictures.
  8. Okay, I changed it.
  9. @Madeline
    Kiara is accepted but the cubs are not.
  10. Why are the cubs not accepted?
  11. @Madeline
    Well for one thing the appearance of the first club is unrealistic. And the back stories of both cubs have little detail explaining why they feel this way even though they are both cubs and not adults.

    Either way, I've decided to not even do this rp.
  12. Okay, see you at Grey Key!
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