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    The tale has been told for generations, in many different ways. Dark against light. Good versus evil. Right against wrong. This is exactly how the bitter relations between the two forest tribes can be explained. Their feud goes back many centuries, though neither side really knew how it began. But all they knew was that their enemy was to be feared and hated, that they were evil: but is that true? The search for the truth begins with some with the bravery to break the boundaries and risk all to find out whether the tales of darkness are nothing but lies, or if there is more to their conflict than meets the eye. And with the tribes on the brink of war, will that curiosity only bring more destruction?

    Some Rules before we begin (don't worry, I promise it will be short):

    1. Basic site rules: we should all know these by now
    2. Try to keep your characters active
    3. Don't go more than a couple pages without including other characters (it's no fun being the person left behind)
    4. Please help with getting other rpers caught up if they have missed a chuck of roleplaying by giving summaries of what has happened if it is more than 3 pages
    5. Have fun!

    Character list:


    Silvia Bane/21/Summer/azure-night
    Rigel Kayine/21/Summer/Silver
    Celia Roark/16/Summer/Eternalsinger
    Baris Mace/14/Summer/NorwayFoo
    Miccinna Omae/13/Summer/Desi_Ichi_Granz

    Somin Nikari/23/Shadow/Silver
    Sinnare Likae/22/Shadow/Desi_Ichi_Granz
    Luxrinn Aluino/19/Shadow/Eternalsinger
    Alrand Baer/17/Shadow/Aiva
    Taika Nikari/15/Shadow/Silver



    Heir(s): Celia (Eternalsinger)
    Hunters: Rigel (Silver)
    Warriors: Silvia (azure-night)
    Healer(s): Miccinna (Desi_Ichi_Granz)
    Other: Baris [Runt] (NorwayFoo)


    Heir(s):Taika and Somin (Silver)
    Hunters: Luxrinn (Eternalsinger)
    Warriors: Sinnare (Desi_Ichi_Granz), Alrand (Avia)
    Healer(s): Somin (Silver)
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  2. A early morning, but Silvia was awake and alert scouting the forest and making her daily rounds. She held the scabbard of her sword tightly as she walked into a clear opening, while taking a deep breath in and closed her eyes. She smiled a bit to herself, feeling the warm breeze brush through her hair and the ambient sounds of nature. Being alone like this always made her happy, the serious matters that bounced around within the tribe was a bit too much for her, she didn't like how they spoke about the shadow tribe despite that she agreed with most of it. Opening her eyes and now frowning a bit, she was brought back to reality. This is my duty, I cannot fail the Summer tribe and have these type of feelings right now. Sighing heavily, she looked down at her sword hidden away in the scabbard.

    It was a beautiful one, strong though, and passed down from her father who was also a warrior. The feud between the two tribes have sparked many bloody battles and this sword has been used once too many times to strike their enemy down. Though, the two tribes were at a standstill now, and Silvia was worried she will have to use it herself. She has never killed anyone before, but she was granted the honorable position of being a warrior due to her father's request. She continued walking through the opening, looking around at the trees with the sun shimmering through the leaves. It's all right Silvia. After this, you can go home, unscathed, you'll be fine. Unfortunately, right now, she wished her father didn't request her at all. This was too much of a responsibility on someone who can't even draw their sword.
  3. Rigel stretched his arms up over his head, not stopping until after the satisfying pop in his shoulders. Strylin made a snickering sound.

    One of these days you’ll pop apart. The small drake flew forward, landing on his human’s head, leaning over so that two sets of orange eyes met. The pale haired human smirked at the serpentine face in his own.

    “Nah,” He spoke aloud, needing to break the silence around him. “I won’t pop apart without help.” Strylin wound down to Rigels shoulders, wrapping his tail around the man’s neck loosely.

    They wouldn’t dare, ‘less they were foolish enough to face my wrath! The declaration was followed by a breath of fire into the air. Blinking, Rigel burst into laughter, dislodging Strylin in the process.

    “Yes, they all fear the almighty half-pint!” Shaking his head Rigel swooped the disgruntled, and very much glaring, dragon from the ground where he’d fallen. “You realize that the Shadows are more than likely to eat you for dinner, right?” He teased. Strylin turned his head haughtily from the human, effectively conveying the intention of ignoring Rigel for the time being. Snorting, Rigel dropped the dragon back to the ground and set off at a jog, he’d just caught sights of a flash of white in between the trees. He slid the bow from his shoulder, nerves making his body tense and his gait change to a stalk. He calmed after catching sight of a familiar face moments later. He eased the bow back onto his back. Mischief lit his eyes seconds later. Strylin? Ready for some fun? He could feel the dragon perking up as he landed on Rigel's shoulder. An answering urge to of mischief going through his reptilian self.



    Taika leaned against the back of the healers hut, looking out into the surrounding woods. She was waiting for Somin to finish up with someone. An orb floated near her head as if sensing her discomfort at waiting. Her eyes lifted to it. It was a tiny glowing thing. She’d never seen anything like it before and she wanted to borrow one of her brother’s scrolls to see if she could figure out what it was. The orb bounced to the other side of her head, a whispery sound, almost like a giggle emerged from it. The small girl narrowed her eyes at it, wondering what on earth it found so funny.

    The sound of the door opening from the front of the hut caught her attention and she turned her attention away from the floaty thing. Leaning to the side, she peeked into the window and sure enough one of the hunter’s sons was leaving, flexing his used to be broken hand in awe. Her eyes darted to her brother, seeing the blood stained bandages surrounding his wrist, the blood was still seeping out and the bandages would need to be changed soon. She fisted her hand as she tried to reign in her anger. Why did he have to be hurt to heal others? The orb started to twist around her in a mad frenzy, reacting to the waves of anger rolling off of her. It wasn't fair for the tribe to use him like this; she didn’t care if he said it was okay. It hurt him. She hated it. She stalked around the building and darted through the door. Not bothering to ask, she scooped up a roll of cloth and pulled her brothers arm towards her. Re wrapping it the way he’d shown her how.

    Sommin startled a little bit before he smiled down at his sister. His head was feeling a little fuzzy from the amount of blood he’d had to use for the healing.
    “How was your walk in the woods?” He asked softly, not fighting as she re wrapped his wrist. His eyes caught sight of the floating ball. “Ah, you met a new friend I see.” His offhand went up and pulled a random leaf from the smaller girl’s hair. The silence stretched for a few moments as she finished bandaging his wrist back up. “You’re angry, that must be why your new friend is all abuzz.” Taika refused to meet her brother’s eye, instead glaring at the ground to her left.

    “Why you?” Her voice came out, barely audible. A small smile flickered across Somin’s face.

    “I’m the only one who can.” He told her for the thousandth time. But as with each time before, it was spoken softly, nearly a croon. “I like being able to help.” Taika glanced up at him then away, already knowing she wouldn't ever win this conversation.

    “May I borrow a scroll?” She asked, gesturing towards the corner that seemed to be heaped in them. A smirk flickered across her lips. Her brother wasn't the most organized when it came to keeping his own things in order. He glanced over at the corner, noticing the smirk on his sisters face he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

    “If you can find what you’re looking for.”
  4. Celia strolled comfortably down a path just outside of the village, glancing over her shoulder every so often so make sure no one had seen her sneak out. It wouldn't be long before her father sent someone looking for her; but she hoped that that someone wouldn't find her quickly. This was one of the few times she had been able to get free of the burden of being an heir, the constant attention and endless responsibilities. What if she didn't want to lead the tribe? What if she wanted to become a healer, or a hunter? Her heart fell with the question, because she already knew the answer. She didn't have the choice.

    The young female sighed and continued on her way, admiring the beauty of the forest around her. The flowers were all in bloom, filling the air with a lovely aroma. Their colors brightened the green landscape with such ease and grace. Sometimes she saw small animals, mice and such, scurrying across the dirt in front of her. Large animals for hunting were becoming harder and harder to find, which was no surprise. The population had been small to start off with, and the tribe had only grown since. Sometimes she wondered why the hunters could not gather more berries than meat to make up for the dwindling prey. There seemed to be plenty of those around; then again, what did she know? They could be poisonous, and she wouldn't have been able to realize until her heart had stopped beating. Celia knew nothing of this world outside her cramped, ever-crowded village; and that is what she hated most. The lack of knowledge, and the forbidden freedom she had to learn such things.

    ((I'll add in Lucrinn where I can find time, maybe after school. Shouldn't stay too long tonight, just painting the set and things of that nature)
  5. Baris walked around a little deeper in the forest seemingly in a trance as he looked around at the flowers that seemed to be sprouting up everywhere. The trees gave a green tint to everything as the light shown threw the leafs making it feel a little warmer than it really was. He stopped by a river said and squatted down and swooshed his hand threw the light clear and crisp stream with a smile as he looked for a fish or frog. After a minute or two of searching he didn't find anything and felt a little saddened but he shrugged it off. His eyes turned down stream wishing he could go to the big river at the other end because it had plenty of fun animals but he knew better than to follow the stream to the river. It lead to the Shadows territory and everyone told him they were dangerous.

    He stood up and looked around feeling like he was forgetting something... something important... He started his stroll up stream as he tried to remember what he was forgetting. Baris went over the rules, he didn't go near the river... he didn't talk to anyone he wasn't supposed to, he didn't wake anyone up this early in the morning... Miccinna! She would be waking up soon! He ran through the forest as fast as he could and started to quick step in hopes of getting to her faster. He didn't want her to know he went out alone, she would be so angry with him! All he was thinking about was Miccinna, he didn't even remember how dangerous it was to quick step in the forest. He never remembered that the slightest mistake could mean his life, Miccinna was the only one on his mind.

    Unfortunately he slipped on a stick and bumped into a tree at the end of one of his quicksteps. A thud could be heard in the neck of the woods around him though no one would hear it back at camp. He laid limp on the ground unconscious and seemingly unscathed. He was just lucky he hit the tree at the end when he was slowing down otherwise he would be dead, flattened against the tree. He should have remembered Miccinna told him no quick stepping in the forest...

    He woke up five minutes later with a horrible head ache and a sore body, it took a while for him to open his easy, everything was blurry and his ears rang... no more quick stepping in the forest... He managed to pull himself to a sitting position but still couldn't hear anything and he could hardly make out the tree in front of him... he felt a little nauseous now... but he had to get to Miccinna, she would be awake soon... He fell back out of consciousness...
  6. "Morning has come far too early...." was the thought that went through Alrand's head as he awoke. He hadn't gone to sleep all that early the night before and now he was facing the consequences for it now. He was tempted to return to sleep but he decided against it, he still wanted to live after all. It was his turn to make the forest rounds to make sure no Summers were on their territory. He quickly got on his clothes and rushed to the gate, not taking much time to look a little cleaner then he currently did. As he made his way there he tried his best to hide his embarrassment as best he could from his onlookers, although not succeeding all too well. Once getting to his freedom eyes of the others he was met with four more.

    "Such a nice morning isnt it Alrand?" Noel, one of the gates guards said teasingly. "Just tell me if i made it in time or not." The words being Alrand's only acknowledgement of the man. "You just barely made it in time, we were about to get Sinnare to do it." replied Bradick the other. After hearing the good news Alrand gave a smirk to the first guard. Annoyed by this Nole gave up and proceeded to open the gate, Bradick following soon after. "You know you should probably get some sleep earlier then usual when you're on patrol." Bradick said as the two finally got the gate open. I know, I know, I just cant help that i'm a night owl though." Alrand used as an excuse while also resisting the urge to turn into an owl for the sake of a joke. After that he made his way quickly out of the village to begin his job. "Try not to get shot at this time!" One of the two yelled behind him as they close the gate. Alrand ignored the comment as the whole subject left a bad taste in his mouth.

    It had all happened the last time he went out on patrol. Apparently being able to transform into animals isn't the best of powers when there are hunters from the tribe out in the forest. For the sake of curiosity at the time Alrand had turned into a deer to see what it was like. He thought he was close enough to the village for people to realize it was him but that wasn't the case. A hunter came upon him a while after and thought he had gotten lucky with finding some prey nearby. Before Alrand knew that anybody at all was nearby an arrow flew past his face, just barely missing. The situation was resolved quickly after turning back but now he had to identify if it was him or an animal by having a large black stripe down the back of whatever his animal form was at the time. Once done remembering the event, even though he hated to, he took the form of a wolf with the all so annoying stripe. "Today seems like it will be fun."​ he thought to himself sarcastically as he made his way through the forest.
  7. Miccinna had a very rare frown on her face. When she frowned, it wasn't good. She couldn't find Baris. Oh, where is he!! She was becoming genuinely worried. After asking one person, who was very shocked to hear her voice, she found out he was seen going into the woods. The woods. Oh dear. She started walking into the woods, following what looked like a smaller than normal path of footprints. As she got closer to the stream, she groaned, and leaned against a tree. These woods are so big, he could be anywhere!! Suddenly, something at the base of another tree caught her eye. Wait... is that... Baris...?!? Don't tell me he ran into a tree!! Sighing, she knelt down, and placed her hand against his head to heal him as it began to glow faintly. "Baris...? Can you hear me...? Oh, please be okay..."


    Sinnare lounged lazily in the branches of a tree just over wolf-y Alrand. She was entertaining herself by burning randoms sticks to ashes with her hands, despite what happened last time she brought fire and trees together. Not fun. The punishment she got wasn't very fun either. It's not her fault dead leaves are so flammable... She sprinkled the ashes down onto the wolf that was Alrand. "Tch... It looks like he has severe dandruff now." she muttered to herself. Putting her gloves back on, she dropped down out of the tree, landing directly behind him. She cursed as a few twigs and leaves fell near her hair, almost being set on fire by the burning sticks she had in her hair.
  8. Baris felt something annoying buzzing on his forehead and he slowly opened his eyes to find Miccinna, at first he was excited to see her, then a bit frightened she would be mad at him... Still the head ache went away and so did the soreness. He sat up a little as she removed her hand "Sorry." He mumbled a little as he looked at the girl who was barely shorter than he was. He stood up a little shakily, unable to really get his balance right. "Hay, wanna go down to the river?" He asked with a smile, "I want to catch something, like a fish or frog or something else that might be fun." Before she said anything he started to walk to the river before he stumbled.

    When he regained his balance he frowned, maybe he should rest a little before going to the river... it also probably wasn't a good idea to go to the river at all. He turned around and let her help him walk back. That was embarrassing for him... then again he was the runt of the tribe, no one really saw any use for him and this was what they were used to by now... oh well, he would prove himself some day. When that day came he would be the champion of the tribe, the great warrior that was rumored to come around every so often. The on to bring the tribes back together unlike the ones that split them apart... then again that was most likely a made up story that they told him just to tell him a story that he hadn't heard yet... but he still believed every word.

    As they walked he heard something... something not to far from him... he stopped walking and was almost pulled over by Miccinna, He laughed a little bit but his smile quickly faded as he looked past some trees. Unfortunately he didn't lean his lesson... not yet anyways, and he quick stepped in the direction of the sound leaving Minnicca behind. He looked around quickly before going again, then again, until he appeared in front of Celia. He was started and gave a short shout as he fell backwards. "Oh, sorry..." He said rubbing his head. The fall gave him another head ache... Baris doesn't know how to take thing easy...
  9. Celia continued admiring the serene beauty of the forest, stopping every so often to make sure she didn't get herself lost. She didn't pay too much attention to noises around her, but whenever anything sounded like footsteps she instantly froze and hid in the shadows until the noise faded. Being caught this far from the village, even if it was barely a mile or so, was troublesome enough. Being seen would force her to return to her captivity. And that was the last thing she wanted to do at that time: or ever. Anyone would think that she is lucky to be the heir, and ungrateful for disobeying her father's protection. But would they be happy with what she had to put up with? The curiosity that was unable to be satisfied, the longing for freedom when you always know you can't have any unless you are being followed around like a criminal? Her life was far from a fairy tale.

    She nudged a rock out of her way, staring at the ground for a little while. Her arms folded in front of her. It was quite lonely, wandering around without a friend. But the guards that were sent to protect her on walks such as these were not her friends. They were warriors who thought of little more than their duties, and hunters that dislike having to follow her around as much as she disliked their company.

    Celia glanced up when she heard movement nearby, slowing slightly to look around. When Baris nearly ran into her, stopping barely an inch away and scrambling back, she too cried out in surprise. "Oh, sorry..." She looked down at him with spooked, but gentle eyes. "It's Dangerous to be running around like that. Be more careful, Baris." There was no hint of scolding in her tone, just concern. What if she had been a hunter, with a spear, and Baris had run into her? He could have been killed then. Besides, no one ever seemed to give him any thought. A runt was a runt to everyone else. But he was still as human as anyone else, and deserved to be treated as such. "Are you alright? You aren't hurt, are you?" She offered out her hand to help the younger boy to his feet. "I should have been watching out as well."

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  10. Before taking one more step, Silvia abruptly stopped and listened, her fingers slightly brushing the hilt of the sword. Tch. She grimaced, feeling uneasy as her anxiety was getting the best of her. She tried hard not to shake from it, controlling her strained muscles in her hands and arms and stood as still as she could. Her countless years of hard training from her father have taught her well, but no matter how much you train or how hard, if you never had confrontation with another dangerous being; it wasn't enough for the real thing. Taking in a calm steady breath, she reassured herself. Just like training. Just like training. She bent her knees slightly, using her fingers to untie the belt wrapped around her waist which was holding the sword, and without hesitation she dashed into the forest to her right straight into the bushes, disappearing from sight.

    Her heartbeat was racing, but she knew she was quick enough to get out of line of sight. Only a few paces away as she lightly ran, trying not to make too much noise. She rounded around a tree, skidded to halt and pushed her back towards it, and looked over her shoulder. Found you! She saw a figure in the shadows, her roundabout luckily got her behind whoever that was stalking her. Now's not the time to hesitate, like father said, attack when you have an advantage! She gripped her sword hard, and made a bolt toward the figure. She was making quite the noise so she was sure her stalker would soon turn around. She leaped on top of him slamming her scabbard against his throat hard enough to knock the wind out of him. She pushed the scabbard down onto him and demanded, "Who are you-" but she stopped mid-sentence and her face flushed in red.

    Rigel?! What is he doing out here? She stared down at him, the scabbard still at his throat. "Ah," She quickly removed it, letting the pressure go away. She was embarrassed by this, she thought she came across someone from the shadow tribe. Idiot. She couldn't bring it to herself to say sorry to him, she hardly could speak to anyone else in the tribe let alone an outsider like Rigel. Though, looking at him now and have heard the rumors, he wasn't intimidating to her at all. She mused about why anyone would think he would be a threat.

    Silvia heard a flutter of wings, her eyes flicked to the sound. Gasping in awe, she gaped at the small creature and immediately jumped off Rigel to rush straight to it. Before it could even have a chance to fly away, she grabbed it and started observing the texture of it's wings and scales with her fingers and palms. "Amazing!" She breathed out quietly, a small smile stretching across her face as she continued her inspection.
  11. As he made his way through the forest Alrand noticed an odd scent. He recognized the smell but with a stronger nose then usual he could barely keep himself coughing let alone figuring out what it was. Soon enough something hit his back, "Rain? he wondered to himself. upon looking up to check he was met with the blue sky he had seen on his way out. Twigs cracked behind him and he turned around, ready to leap at sight of an enemy when he was met with the sight of Sinnare. "Perfect." was the only thought that passed through his head.

    Alrand nearly growled at the woman upon his sight finding her but stopped himself from doing so. He held no reason to dislike her but he simply did not like his first impressions of her. The two did not talk much unless having to do with some form of work. After his brain finally stopped processing the fact that she was there he realized the smell was that of burning, which was caused by Sinnare's sun hot. Figuring that whatever he had felt earlier was caused by her he began to shake, hoping that whatever it was would be launched in her direction while also cleaning his fur a bit. His wish was granted when he saw black dust, which he assumed was ash considering the woman involved, was flung at her and hit a bit of her upper torso.

    Had he not been a wolf at the time Alrand would have been smiling quite hard at the moment. After giving himself a moment to make sure he would have a more serious face then he would have had he transformed at the time, he did so. Upon returning to his original form he began to speak. "What are you doing out here Sinnare?" He inquired not quite sure of her reasons. "Hopefully it's not about sleeping in until the last minute. He thought to himself, not exactly liking the thought of being scolded.
  12. Rigel sat up with a light grimace as his hand went to rub at the sore spot on his neck.

    “ow.” He had been expecting to get hurt a little bit, but that was supposed to be after he had his fun. He had noticed the rather adorable blush adorning the usually stand offish warrior. A grin flitted across his features as he began to feel better at seeing something he was sure not many other people from the tribe got to see.

    Rigel! Stylins call of distress came out as verbal sound, like a growly yelp. Do I hurt the crazy one or? - HEY! Strylin pulled his wing back out of SIlivias hand and gave her a light glare. Before he bolted for Rigels shoulder, his ‘safe point’. A laugh escaped Rigels throat as he watched the scenario. Rigel crossed his legs and grinned at the pale haired girl.

    “So, do you attack everyone you see?” He teased a bit. She didn’t need to know that he would have probably deserved it if she hadn’t caught onto him so fast. Strylin sulked as he half hid behind Rigels head. He wasn’t used to being received in such a manor; usually the older villagers treated him like he was a monster.

    She’s crazy, is it safe to talk to her? Another chuckle escaped Rigel as his hand came up to stroke under the little dragons chin.

    I’m sure it’s fine, don’t worry almighty one, I’ll protect you.


    “I found it!” Taika’s head popped up from behind a large pile of scrolls, clutching at a large one with both hands. Her red eyes sparkled in victory, a smile curving over her lips. The floating orb zoomed around the hut, spurred on by her excitement. “Somin, I found it!” She called as she darted between scroll piles over to where her brother was seemingly buried in his own pile of scrolls. He had the biggest collection of them in the village.

    Somin smiled over at his sister.

    “Indeed you have.” He replied with an easy grin. “Now, are you going to spirit away to read it while you make me go see our uncle by myself? Or will you accompany me?” He asked before casually, but firmly looping his arm through hers, not giving her much of a choice. Taika blinked at him, smirked, playfulness entering her eyes.

    “If you catch me.” She slipped away from her soft hearted brother and bolted out of the hut into the woods, and towards the river, not really expecting him to follow.

    Somin frowned then cursed quietly before taking off after his sister. Heading towards the river and knowing if either of them managed to get caught there would be trouble. I believe his uncle had something along the lines of: “The healer has no place outside the village” and “That’s all she needs, to be in contact with more monsters from the forest.” Shaking his head, the young man continued following his sisters footprints. She’s too easy to track He frowned in concern and put on an extra dose of speed. A few minutes later, he heard the roaring of the river. By now he’d worked himself into full panic mode worrying over his little sister and he darted out of the brush and into the clear space next to the river.

  13. Silvia frowned when she saw the creature fly away from her. I only wanted to touch it.. She glanced at Rigel for a few seconds before she noticed he was talking to her. She was silent as she stared at him ignoring his question and took this time to memorize his face features and stature. That way, if he ever planned on stalking her again she can recognize him before attacking.

    After a few moments, Silvia broke the awkward stare, feeling that she was intruding a bit too much, and walked over to grab her sword that she lay down without a thought when she rushed to Rigel's companion. She picked it up, sighing a bit, realizing that she left a family heirloom for a flying dragon. She smiled a bit, trying her best to hold a girlish squeal that wanted to come out from her. It's so damn adorable though!

    Gasping, she looked back at Rigel, and saw that he was still in her presence. He's still here? Normally people leave me by now. "Ah," She started to say as she wrapped the belt around her waist, "Sorry." She cleared her throat and straightened up her back while giving him a stern look. "Hunters shouldn't be stalking warriors while they are out on scouting. I had you fooled for a shadow tribe so.. uhm." She quickly turned around and briskly started walking away from Rigel. "I must get going. They're expecting me!" Her cheeks red, Silvia gritted her teeth as she stormed off back to the town. Was that suppose to be intimidating? Sighs, I need to work on that.
  14. "Oh dear..." Muttered Miccinna as she took off after him, albeit slower than him as she didn't wanna end up headbutting a tree. Why doesn't he learn? Hm. When she reached him, she sighed, looking worriedly down at him. "Baris... Please don't quickstep in the woods... You might get really hurt someday... Are you okay?" She was really worried that someday he'd go off on his own, and she wouldn't get to him in time... That scared her a lot. Pushing those fears away, she then took notice of Celia, and smiled at her. "Hello..." She said quietly.


    Sinnare scowled, looking down at her ash covered torso. Not being prepared for him to do that, she had gotten rather dirty. When she got dirty, it was hard for her to get clean. Water mostly just steamed off her, unless she could manage to get down to a really low (Low for her, anyways.) temperature. She brushed it off, which mostly just smeared the ash rather than getting rid of it. Arse. "Hmph... I dunno. I was bored. Not really much to do, is there? So I figured I'd come out here and see if anything exciting would happen... Also, since I noticed you weren't awake yet, I came down here just in case you didn't show up. But, you showed up, obviously." She smirked, leaning against the tree.
  15. He looked down at his feet as she started to talk. 'It's Dangerous to be running around like that. Be more careful, Baris.' "I know." He said miserably thinking she was going to be mad at him... then again he was always afraid someone would be mad at him... 'Are you alright? You aren't hurt, are you?' He nodded and looked up at her a bit confused at why the heir of all people would be concerned about the well being of the lowest rank in the tribe. 'I should have been watching out as well.' He looked up at her surprised that she was willing to take part of the blame but... that was not right. She had nothing to do with him nearly running into her. "No, I was quick stepping and Miccinna said I shouldn't do that in the forest and-"

    'Baris... Please don't quickstep in the woods... You might get really hurt someday... Are you okay?' He nodded at her. "I'm sorry..." His mood had quickly changed and instead of talking fast like a second ago be was talking slow again. She greeted Celia and he looked back up at her "you wouldn't have seen me while moving at light speed... so its my fault..."
  16. Rigel burst out in laughter as the girl stormed away, blushing.

    “How do you know I was stalking you?” He called out to her as he burst to his feet and jogged to draw even with her side. His orange eyes dancing in amusement as Strylin clung to his perch on the humans shoulder. He spun and began to walk backwards, slightly ahead of her so he could keep watching her. Besides, Strylin wouldn’t let him trip, sometimes it paid to have two sets of eyes instead of one. “I’ll back with you.” He informed her, still grinning.

    Step up a little higher than normal, or you’ll trip. Strylins voice echoed into his head. He did as the dragon suggested, so as not to stumble.

    “So did you actually see any of the shadow tribe?” He paused and tilted his head. “They seem more scarce than the deer are.” Strylin glanced over at the girl from atop Rigel’s shoulder; he was still a little off guard about her reaction. But his curiosity was starting to get the better of him.


    Taika grinned as she weaved in between brush and trees on the shadow side of the river. She didn’t venture out into the empty space just before the river, she didnt want to be spotted by either tribe. The little light zoomed around her, ahead of her and behind her in a continuous loop as she ran. She loved being out of the village, no stares, no whispers about the demon child and she didn’t feel quite as lonely out here.

    As she rounded a corner, she skidded to a stop and scrambled to turn back the way she came. There were two shadow warriors and she hoped they hadn’t spotted her as she backtracked quickly. The little light zoomed out to the two warriors, circled them before racing back to her. She cringed then spun around and bolted.



    Somin walked right along the edge of the brush at the river. He still hadn’t found his sister, losing her tracks somewhere in the forest. She probably ran along one of the fallen logs for a while. He stopped and put his hands on his hips as a surge of dizziness hit him. He cringed and found a tree to lean against. He should have known better than to race off after doing a healing. He slid down the trunk of the tree and put his head between his knees to make the spinning ease up.
  17. " I suppose that does make sense." Alrand agreed with Sinnare's logic, "But the only thing exciting that would happen out here is being attacked by a monster or animal." he pointed out to her. He didn't like speaking of his inability to wake up earlier then he currently did, but he knew he had to acknowledged her comment or she would just keep pestering him about it. "Sorry about that." he muttered, not actually wanting Sinnare to hear him. After his "apology", if one could call it that, he turned the other way to hide his embarrassed face. His eyes were soon blinded by something for a moment and he had to close them. After rubbing them, he reopened his eyes and saw a ball of light floating off toward a girl.

    "What the hell was that?"
    Alrand had wondered before registering the fact that his body was already moving towards the odd duo. Everything was moving as if it was in slow motion and he could already feel adrenaline running through his body." A Summer?" was the only question that went through the boys mind when he had started running. Alrand didn't recognize the girl at all, she didnt seem resemblance to anyone who he knew in the shadow tribe, although he didn't really pay much attention to the people around him anyways. "Sinnare cover me! Warn me if there's any backup for her!" he yelled at the woman behind him before transforming into a wolf. His plan was to cut her off, with the speed of this form he could do it, given enough time that is.

    "Who are you and what were you planning?"
    Alrand questioned the girl in his mind. Everything went black around him, all his senses becoming dull. The only thought on his mind was to figure out who that person was and what they were doing. For some reason whenever he looked at her he got an odd feeling. This feeling however only encouraged him to run even faster. He was finally starting to catch up to the girl when his powerful ears caught the sound of water."Water...?" he wondered why he heard that. After given a moment to process what was going on he realized that it was the river he heard.

    (OOC: There that should start the party quite nicely. Hopefully you don't mind this Silvi-chan.)
  18. "No, I was quick stepping and Miccinna said I shouldn't do that in the forest and-" Celia was about to answer when Miccinna caught up. She stayed silent, watching over the scene from where she stood. The two seemed very close and friendly to each other,which really was no surprise. Healers were often not considered too important, and runts t it was sweet that they had each other for company. "Hello..." Celia returned the small smile as she answered. "Good morning." She wondered why everyone seemed so put off by her, as if she was too important to be calm around. It was not as if she was a princess or royalty, and everyone had to bow at her feet. That would only make things worse for her. "Were you two going anywhere? I'm trying to find someplace to go, before I have to return to the village again."
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  19. She looked straight ahead ignoring Rigel as best as she could. Trying to get away from the talking she changed her stride into a different direction. Unfortunately, it seemed like Rigel was going to keep her company. Huffing, her brows furrowing, she continued walking. "No, I haven't seen any of them. Yet." She finally answered him as her hand immediately went to her sword. And I don't want to.. Considering how aggressive they can be. She stole a glance at Rigel and his dragon. So friendly, yet everyone's afraid of them. I was expecting him to be more, dangerous? And that dragon? Elders were frightened by it? Looking off into the distance back again, she smirked. So much for being high and mighty.

    She stopped in her tracks, a sudden realization hitting her. A small blush came across her face as she looked around her. I've been going the wrong way this entire time.. Dammit, I was so unfocused I didn't get a chance to check where I was going. Sighing, Siliva reached to the back of her neck, rubbing it nervously almost trying to relieve tension. She shyly looked at Rigel when she brought her arm back down, and with a stern look she murmured, "I, went the.. wrong way." In fact, they went deeper into the woods it seemed like, closer to the other territory nearing the river. Silvia was very well aware it was time to turn back immediately before any enemies spot them.

    Her ears perked up, she heard footsteps not too far off. Well, that's our cue then. Silvia quickly hid behind a tree watching the direction where the footsteps were coming from. Her eyes widened and soon narrowed when she saw it was a face she has never seen. Giving the man a once over,she frowned, slowly getting irritated. She silently watched him as he leaned against the tree and burrowed himself into his knees. Someone from the shadow tribe eh? She glanced behind her, probably to see if Rigel had noticed it as well. Without hesitation, and quietly as she can, she grabbed Rigel's wrist and rushed off with him forcefully, heading back through the direction they both came from. This isn't our part of our territory. Father would understand why I left. She reassured herself as she continued.
  20. Blinking, Rigel let the silver haired girl pull him from where she’d hidden them. He craned his neck to observe the foreign man. Strylin, jumped off of his humans shoulder, reading the orange eyed man’s curiosity and going to appease it sneakily like. He’d be able to find Rigel, it didn’t matter where he was.

    Be careful… Rigels concern drifted into the drakes mind as he weaved between tree branches, careful to stick the heavily leaved areas as a precaution.

    Be more concerned for yourself, you’re the one with the crazy lady… With that the two let the connection between them go silent so as not to distract the dragon. Rigel refocused on Silvia, a grin coming back to his face in an instant.

    “How does a warrior lose her way back to the village she protects?” He teased her in a whisper, just loud enough for to hear. He lt his hunter training set in place as he began to walk without sound, he drew even with her again and gently slipped his wrist from her hand, his eyes twinkling with laughter. He leaned a little bit closer. “If we head North East we’ll get back faster…” He continued to whisper at her. He tried not to cringe how loud the whispering was. When he was hunting with Strylin they could be completely silent. For an outsider, he was one of the best hunters in the village, if he did say so himself. He observed the girl a little longer, paying back the staring she had done at him earlier. His eyes traced over the way she moved. This was probably the only time he’d get to be so close to someone from the village. His eyes lost a little bit of their shine, but his grin didn’t fade as he finally broke the staring to look around the area.

    Taika slapped a hand over her mouth and muffled a shriek as she saw a large furry blur in the woods near her. She didn’t feel any of the tale tell signs of a demon around and she had no sway and no way to protect herself from an animal really. She could, in theory, summon a demon, but she didn’t have anything she’d need for an attempt. The blur of light hissed before it shot itself towards the creature while Taika kept running towards the sound of the river, hoping to get to a tree she could climb into easily. She hated being short. Maybe I should run back towards the warriors… Shaking her head, she quickly dismissed the idea. She didn’t think it would matter if the warriors where shadow or summer, she didn’t think either of them would help her.

    She finally spotted a low hanging branch she jumped, stretching her hands out to catch it….


    Somin finally got back up to his feet as the dizziness cleared from his head. He looked out at the woods and closed his eyes. Damnit, Taika… He turned back towards the village. She had that little ball of light with her; she would be okay, right? He couldn’t get himself to walk back to the village, worry kept eating at his insides. With a sigh, he turned his back on the village and the meeting with its leader. We’re going to be in so much trouble. With that, he continued his search for his sister, calling out her name and walking close to the river. Not once did he ever spot the two summer tribe darting away from the area or the little dragon shadowing him as he began to move.