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  1. Link to the roleplay:

    The tale has been told for generations, in many different ways. Dark against light. Good versus evil. Right against wrong. This is exactly how the bitter relations between the two forest tribes can be explained. Their feud goes back many centuries, though neither side really knew how it began. But all they knew was that their enemy was to be feared and hated, that they were evil: but is that true? The search for the truth begins with some with the bravery to break the boundaries and risk all to find out whether the tales of darkness are nothing but lies, or if there is more to their conflict than meets the eye. And with the tribes on the brink of war, will that curiosity only bring more destruction?

    The storyline is that characters within the Shadow tribe and the Summer tribe often clash over territory and food: therefore leading to confrontation and conflict, perhaps even relationships, between characters of opposite tribes. Other than that, it is really an open book, it can go anywhere honestly, which gives everyone freedom to add in their own ideas. The setting is a large, vast forest, bordered by mountains and opening out into the sea on one side. The clans are separated only by a small stream, nothing more.

    The Shadow Tribe includes powers that are destructive, deadly, or otherwise dark (fire, shapeshifting, rock, ect.)

    The Summer Tribe includes those with positive powers (healing, water, air, ect.)

    A few character can also be neutral, and act as nomads: though it probably should be a small amount, so there are distinct sides and some conflict due to that.

    Some Rules before we begin (don't worry, I promise it will be short):

    1. Basic site rules: we should all know these by now
    2. Try to keep genders and tribes equal as much as possible
    3. A single power can only be used once (may be changed later, depends)
    4. Each character can only have one power (and it must be limited: ex. for fire, able to throw fireballs and melt things with their touch)
    5. There is no limit to how many character you can have, so long as you can keep them all somewhat active
    6. Just have fun with it!

    Character sheet:

    Rank in Tribe:
    Looks (description, link, or picture is fine):

    <input id="mac_address" value="undefined" type="hidden"><input id="triggerLogout" type="hidden"><input id="mac_address" value="undefined" type="hidden"><input id="triggerLogout" type="hidden">((any suggestions or changes to make this plot more interesting are very welcome... it's a rough sketch of an idea, I just came up with it... and if anything is unclear just ask))<input id="mac_address" value="undefined" type="hidden">

    <input id="triggerLogout" type="hidden"><input id="mac_address" value="undefined" type="hidden">Character list:


    Celia Roark/16/Summer/Eternalsinger
    Luxrinn Aluino/19/Shadow/Eternalsinger
    Sinnare Likae/22/Shadow/Desi_Ichi_Granz
    Baris Mace/14/Summer/NorwayFoo
    Silvia Bane/21/Summer/azure-night
    Alrand Baer/17/Shadow/Aiva
    Miccinna Omae/13/Summer/Desi_Ichi_Granz
    Rigel Kayine/21/Summer/Silver
    Taika Nikari/15/Shadow/Silver
    Somin Nikari/23/Shadow/Silver



    Heir(s): Celia (Eternalsinger)
    Hunters: Rigel (Silver)
    Warriors: Silvia (azure-night)
    Healer(s): Miccinna (Desi_Ichi_Granz)
    Other: Baris [Runt] (NorwayFoo)


    Heir(s):Taika and Somin (Silver)
    Hunters: Luxrinn (Eternalsinger)
    Warriors: Sinnare (Desi_Ichi_Granz), Alrand (Avia)
    Healer(s): Somin (Silver)
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  2. Character sheet:

    Name: Celia Roark

    Gender: Female

    Age: 16

    Tribe: Summer

    Rank in the Tribe: Daughter of the chief

    Power: Grass/plants- Able to manipulate grass/plants (but not trees) commonly uses this as a shield instead of a weapon

    Looks (description, link, or picture is fine):

    EM__yCKxHSw.jpg (Blue eyes and light blonde hair)
    Wants to find out the truth about the shadow tribe, but her father is protective and she is not allowed to wander off without an escort
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    Character sheet:

    Name: Luxrinn (Lux) Aluino

    Gender: Male

    Age: 19

    Tribe: Shadow

    Rank in the Tribe: Hunter

    Power: Manipulating shadows (able to blend in with darkness, as well as use them to move quietly from shadow to shadow)

    Looks (description, link, or picture is fine):

    anime-boy-tumblr__2817_29_large.jpg (Black hair and Brown eyes)
    Has a bow (with arrows of course) made of oak:
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  3. I need to join this. *__* XD

    Name: Sinnare Likae
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Tribe: Shadow
    Rank: Warrior
    Power: Fire; her skin is extremely hot to the touch. She can control just how hot it gets. At full power, she can melt a person's flesh right off of them.
    Looks: [​IMG]
    Extra: Wears gloves often so she doesn't accidentally burn someones face off. Also, the sticks in her hair? They're lit on fire. :P

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  4. Yay, first person ^^ I also forgot to put "Rank in the Tribe" in the form, so if you could add it, that would be great.
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  5. I will join =)

    Name: Baris Mace
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Tribe: Summer
    Rank in Tribe: Runt
    Light Distortion: Bends light around him to make him look invisible
    Quick Step: Can make himself 'Teloport' short distences by matching the speed of light. This dosn't let him go threw things and can kill him if he hits something.

    Looks (description, link, or picture is fine):

    Extra: He is easily frightened and likes to be around quiet people or in quiet areas.

    Also I will try to post in our 1v1, sorry for the delay.
  6. Added it. Also, would it be alright for me to have 2 characterss? Thought I better check with you first :P
  7. Name: Silvia Bane
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Tribe: Summer
    Rank in Tribe: Warrior
    Power: Can gather spirit essence from nature and uses it strengthen herself.
    Looks: [​IMG]

    Extra: She almost always never uses her powers, being a pacifist, she doesn't believe in fighting. She only draws her sword when necessary.

    By the way, I have an idea. Maybe there should be a tournament of some sort that the summer and shadow tribes get together every decade to do to prove one is stronger than the other?
  8. Accepted to all who have posted their forms ^^

    And it's fine, Norway, I understand life can be busy

    As for you, Desi: of course you can have two characters. That helps to keep the genders even after all.

    We'll probably start the roleplay when we get four or five for each tribe ((currently the count is 3 for Summer, 2 for Shadow; 2 boys, 3 girls)
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  9. Name: Alrand Baer

    Age: 17

    Tribe: Shadow

    Rank in Tribe: Warrior

    Power: Shapeshift (animals)

    Looks: anime-guy-jpg.jpg

    Extra: Can only barely do partial transformations, full transformations are fine.

    Alright that's mine, if there's any problems let me know. As for the tournament idea I think it might work but maybe for a prize of food or owning some hunting land temporarily. I'm not sure myself im just trying to give ideas. I did have one question however, in the rules it says " A single power can only be used once" in the rules, I would just like some more specifics if you actually did decide on that.
  10. Accepted... and I too like the idea of the tournament (I just got distracted while typing my last post and forgot to mention my response XP)
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    As for the rule: what I meant was no two characters should have the same exact power. Tto make characters unique, I had thought it would better to be creative with their powers, and be different from the rest (I've been in a rp like this, and almost everyone in the summer tribe had water and grass/plant type powers... I kept forgetting who was who)
  11. Yay, can't wait! :) I agree with Ai, prize of food or temporary hunting ground sounds like a neat idea. Though, I think this is more based on pride than anything else.
  12. The reasoning behind my idea is that if they just wanted to prove who was stronger they would just have an all out conflict. Unless they really hated each other for some reason they would try to limit deaths, which is where your idea came in. Since they are fighting over territory and food you would think that would be the prize. As you said also it is also a pride thing. Another focus the rp might take is figuring out what exactly happened to start this and if one of them will finish the other off. Finding out the truth about the shadow tribe you said in your skelly for the summer char, Etna (eternal for short) might lead into that. I'm not great on coming up with ideas on my own but i can work well off others, so if anybody else has an idea for the rp and with Etna's permission we could work on it.
  13. Say we add this idea,

    Where would they be fighting?
    I think it would be cool for them to have a natural arena, say along the river their is a large area that was bashed in by a meteor and the river still flows threw it. That would give constant boundries, a good place for others to watch, as much or little space as needed, and some dynamics to it. Such as, the area is made of rock, has water flowing threw it, maybe have a couple of vines growing down the sides, and fire... well fire you can create with energy so it would technically have everything we need.

    Would they fight to the death?
    If not then they could have players face off in them, pre decided who is the strongest of the two and have a nice descriptive fight with thought patterns and what ever. We just have to make sure the majority agree on who would win, possibly by putting a strong and a weak in the same fight instead of a strong and a strong.

    How many would be in this tournament?
    The arena I thought would be cool could fit any number of people depending on the metiorite. Maybe we could have all/most of our characters in the fight area and have it a big arena where you start off not seeing the other person.

    How would they pick the people in it?
    I don't know, maybe a draw?
  14. Ah, I understand now. :) It would be nice to have a back story about the feud. How about this? What if it was caused by the disappearance of some powerful object or something that used to provide both tribes with more than sufficient enough necessities (i.e. food, water). Now that it's missing, resources have depleted, both tribes are starving and suspect one another for stealing it.
  15. :D The idea of a tournament sounds pretty cool. I agree with the idea of having a natural like arena. Hmm... What object could have gone missing? Maybe... Like... Hmm... Maybe a crown... Or a staff... Or... something... XD Also, sooner or later, Imma post my second characterr :P Most likely sooner than later.
  16. I say we have it be an orb of some type! A really shiny and glowing orb that's all pretty and stuff ^.^
  17. This is probably better to discuss when etna is actually online so we can get a yes or a no on ideas lol
  18. but I'm sooo board! and she is a fast reader, she will have no problem catching up with all our random and necessary ideas (not really necessary)
  19. XD Yay, someone had the orb idea too. Yes. It should be an orb. Now, hopefully, she gets on soon and can approve/reject our ideas.
  20. Alright, alright, I like the natural arena idea. The meteor seems a tad bit too convenient though. As for if its a death match it would probably depend on level of hatred the two have against the other. Group fighhts seem like a good idea since then you dont have to be bored thinking of something to say while watching the others fight (unless you actually want to do that). As for how they are picked I generally imagine the stronger fighters of the tribe fighting against each other, or dependent on rank. The rank idea i dislike since if nobody has ranks matching theirs they will be left out or only the warriors will fight. More back story on the feud would be nice but i think we might want to leave some of that up to Etna since her summer char is looking for the supposed "truth" of shadow. That said discussing it wouldn't hurt either. The general thoughts i would think that would cause a fued would be one tribe killing a member of the other tribe that is of significant importance or stealing an important item, land, or other things i can not think of currently.