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  1. A strange stallion is shipped to the barn where a girl that trains horses works. The place is actually much more like a ranch. Well this stallion is something different. He's wild as can be and refuses to let anyone onto his back and will buck and kick and snap at anyone and everyone. One day, when a thunderstorm rolls something very strange happens. The black stallion is peacefully grazing and every time lightning flashed harshly there was an outline of what looks like wings. What will happen when she tries a different approach with the Stallion? Though training is harder then anyone would imagine, with the help of the owner's son the duo may be able to succeed. After the stallion is entered into a race to see how he runs, everyone might be surprised when he shows speed and stamina that are out of the world! Now the duo have to find out what is up with this horse, between his wings and un-earthly abilities something is going on... but will things heat up between the two in the process?

    My characters

    Name : Black Mystery/ Mystery
    Age : looks around 4 years. In true form he is over 200 year old
    Family : Pegasus (grandfather) Aluero (mother, alive) Deskio (brother alive) Resugiko (sister dead) Hashi (mate dead) Deaso and Luna (foals dead)
    Race : he is a Pegasus , to humans eyes he is a massive frieshan stallion that is a 21 hands high. (Biggest horse around)
    Powers : he can fly, he has never ending speed and stamina but for the sake of humans never knowing about him he has to act normal.
    Personality : tight lipped and nasty stallion with a passion to hate people. Why you may asked pitchers killed his foal and mate In a raid and took him away from his herd.
    History : born of the Greek Pegasus herd that roamed the world he was in a herd well known as the black hoofed herd made up of only black Pegasus. No human could see their wings and he had a mate and two foals.....but hunters killed them and tranquilzed him and brought him in. The county ranch bought him despite many warnings of his aggressive and hateful personality to people.
    Likes : other horses, animals and little children. Carrots and apples as well as forest and running free.
    Hates : teenager or grown up humans and things threaten a horse.
    Picture :

    His true form : [​IMG]

    What humans see : [​IMG]

    Name : Azel
    Age 23
    Race : a human
    Family : Azro (father alive 83) Sasha (mother dead) flint (brother alive 9) Ashi (sister dead)
    Personality : strong willed and working boy that has taken over the ranch that for his mother role and looked after all the horses that where not owned. He always loves horses and never ashamed to admit if he doesn't know how to do something. He also has a passion with horses and all animals including his zoo of animals that he owns and cares for and two jobs he has during the day.
    Jobs : ranch care taker, at night he becomes a horse saddler maker.
    History : Azel was born on this ranch and lived there his entire life. Learning how to connect with horses and animals near the ranch. He was In a Car accident two months ago and his arm was broken as well he needed surgery on his back to snap his back shoulder blade back in place.

    Likes : all horses and animals. Likes girls who need help and don't think they are perfect.

    Dislikes : He hates when girls he already told he wasn't interested in start flirting with him. Often leaves them alone.

    Pets : he owns two border collies, a German Shepard two black barn cats and a barn owl he saved and it never wanted to leave so he now owns the owl. He also owns a horse named Dragon Slayer because the horse is always a fisty mare who kicks at anyone but him. He also owns a stallion named Razor cutter because of his hooves are very sharp.

    Razor [​IMG]

    Dragon slayer :

    Two border collies : [​IMG]

    German Shepard : [​IMG]

    The two cats [​IMG]

    The barn owl : [​IMG]

    Age :9
    Human being
    Brother of Azel
    Likes : everything
    Dislikes : mean people
    History : flints mother died long ago and he lived with his brother and father ever since then. He grew up loving horses and a rather good barrel racer.
    Picture : [​IMG]
    His horse is named : Shadows of Mountains. shadow is the young horses name
  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Quinn Jackson {Q}
    Age: 21
    Race: Human
    Family: Edward (Father 52), Laurie (Mother 50), Hanna (Little Sister, 9), Mary (Aunt), Harold (Uncle).
    Personality: Kind, Caring, Loving, Funny, Sarcastic, Hard-working, Loyal, Shy.
    History: Quinn was born to her parents in the harsh December winter. She grew up around horses and has a deep love for them. Her goal has been to break a horse since she was little and helped her dad with the horses on her families ranch. Quinn's parents sent her and her sister to live with their Aunt and Uncle for the summer to help prepare their aunt and uncle for their first child. Quinn brought her 2 horses and her dog Bennie with her and she got a job working for Azro on his ranch in return for keeping her horse with him.
    Likes: Her sister, animals, riding, horses, boys, and cowboy hats.
    Dislikes: Perverted boys, annoying people, rude people, lazy people.

    Dreamcatcher's Lightning Bolt:: AKA Lightning:: 12 Year Old Gelding:: Black and White Gyspy Vanner
    Society's Fame Doll:: AKA Missy :: 11 Year Old Mare:: White Arabian
    Bennie:: 5 Year Old Male:: Bernese Mountain Dog

    Name: Hanna Jackson
    Age: 9
    Race: Human
    Family: Edward (Father 52), Laurie (Mother 50), Quinn (Big Sister, 21), Mary (Aunt), Harold (Uncle).
    Personality: Funny, Outgoing, Bubbly, and Stubborn
    History: Same as Quinn's
    Likes: Animals, sugar, ice cream, barbies, movies, horses.
    Dislikes: sleeping, cooties, and mean people.
  3. Alright I shall start soon.
  4. Azel : Ranch owners son: Crush : unknown

    Azel woke up that morning his phone ringing harshly in his ears as he got up and answered it slowly. HIS eyes shot wide hearing that the new horse would be there in an hour. Azel got up sharply hanging up and running out of he house and to the barn and made a new stall ready for this stallion. It was taller then other horse stalls and for a reason. He got hay in it and smiling gently he hears the car pull up. He smiles gently and went over and eyes wide as the whole back was dented and looked half destroyed, never seen that before. "Oh wow" he whispered to himself and as he saw some little kids walking closet he sharply warned "away now, this stallion could kill you" warns as he blinked as the horse inside sounded outraged.

    Black mystery : Mystery : Pegasus stallion (unknown to humans) : family dead

    Mystery screamed angrily snapping and kicking at the inside of where he was. The whole trailer rocked around as the stallion bashed everywhere, he hated humans HATED them. He kicked and thrashed harshly causing the whole trailer was trashed and door was about to come off its hinges . He reared up sharply smashing his head against the ceiling as it dented as well. He kept bashing around angrily . His stunning pure blue eyes seemed to glow sharply in the dim light of the trailer that was getting destroyed.

    Flint: brother of Azel: age 9 crush : none

    Azel blinked as he stood behind his big brother looking at the trailer that was rocking and getting damaged rapidly "the horse is going to harm itself it it keep that's up" he wailed sadly not wanting the horse to get harmed. He didn't care if it was wild or tamed horse was a horse no matter what. He tugged at his brother sleeve but was told to stay away and blinked sadly "stop the horse from bashing around" he complained.
  5. Quinn:: 21:: Ranch Help::
    Quinn had woken up at the crack of dawn, her summer had just begun and yet she still didn't get to sleep in. She had brushed her blonde hair and gotten dress in a white tank top and ripped jeans and headed next door. The ranch owner was an older man who seemed quite humble and kind. His name was Azro and he had hired Quinn to help out around the ranch and in return her horses could stay at his farm while she was here. True Quinn hated getting up before the sun even got the chance to shine, but she loved horses and any chance to help was welcomed. So she dragged herself next door and fed the horses. As the day got rolling she saw the ranch owner's son and made her way out to the newly arrived trailer. She stood next to the boy and nodded. "He doesn't seem happy.. You should get him into a stall.." She commented softly.

    Hanna:: 9::
    Hanna had awoken to her aunt making her breakfast. After a meal of chocolate chip pancakes she decided to go over to the ranch and visit her older sister, Q. As she approached the ranch she saw the trailer pull up and saw a horse kicking his way out. She stood a ways away from the trailer for safety reasons as she watched with eager eyes.
  6. Azel

    The male looked at her slowly "you always wanted to tame a horse well here is your chance" he said looking at the trailer that couldn't ever be used again thanks to this massive horse terro like aggressiveness. The male eyes widened as the door flew off the trailer and backed away as the stallion came out. He whisled for his dogs to come back into the house.


    The massive black horse kicked the door right off the hi dyes and it flew across the had landed about sixty feet away. The massive black stallion broke free and reared up and roared a angry whinny. It lashed out angrily with its hooves, the black horse was quite amazing and massive taller then any horse a human would ever see. It trotted away from the humans through the barn and galloped around the back yard angrily snapping his jaws at anything that wasn't, a horse. It back and bite at the border collies aggressively and tore up the yard.
  7. Quinn::21::Ranch Help::
    As the boy slowly looked her over and made his comment Quinn looked over at him. "Are you crazy?" She asked him, watching the massive black stallion back out of the trailer. She saw her little sister and commanded the girl to stay back when the stallion went crazy. "Woah boy! Woooah Easy Easy now" She said calmly when the horse reared up. His loud neighing could be herd echoing though the courtyard. Moving out of the way of the angry stallion she watched in horror as he tore up the yard. When it looked as though he was through she looked over at Azel. "Eh.. perhaps putting him in a pasture would be better.." She commented before she looked back to the stallion and saw her little sister walking towards it. "Hanna! Stop!" Quinn said.

    Hanna::9::Quinn's sister::
    Hanna had watched the big stallion break loose from the trailer and tear his way though the barn and then the yard. How they even got him on a trailer was a wonder to her. Still, he didn't seem scary, although he probably should have. No, to Hanna the horse just seemed scared himself. So she took one of the apples she had brought for Lightening and Missy and slowly walked towards the stallion. Whispering softly so she didn't scare him any more. "Shhh it's okay boy.. are you scared? I would be, nobody's gonna hurt you.." She offered the apple with her outstretched hand as she was merely feet away from the angry black horse. Her sister yelled at her but Hanna ignored her, she'd prove the horse was nice. All it had to do was learn how to trust.
  8. The stallion shreiked angrily rearing up sharply...till he heard a voice. A little voice and slammed his hooves back on the ground and snorted sharply. He looked around and looked down to see a small girl there with an apple. Even this stallion had a heart for little children. Slowly the stallion walked over to her and sniffed the apple slightly before taking it lights from the girl.


    The son of the owner smiles gently "hey it was your wish besides you could learna thing or two from wild horses" he smiles as he watched the stallion take up and he smiles somewhat when he saw the stallion anger seemed to vanish and act like a horse that was tamed already "maybe learn a thing or two from your sister" he smiles as he saw flint go over and smiled gently sitting on the hay stack near the yard.

    Flint walked over peacefully hands out so his pocket and smiles "wow look at this horse. He's so friendly to younger people I guess. Maybe he had a bad experience with adults?" He asked as he looked over the stallion to see if it was hurt shocked to find it was fine and healthy.
  9. Quinn::21::Ranch Help
    Quinn shook her head in disbelief as the stallion's mood lightened as he took the apple from Hanna's hand. "So he can be civil.." She said amazed. A slow smile spreading across her face. "Well," She said tipping her hat to the boy. "Guess I better get started then" She said and kicked her boot up as she walked over to her sister. "Hanna go grab one of our spare halters for Lightening. We'll use that for now" She instructed the little girl, as she stood a ways away from the stallion. Her hands behind her back as not to scare him again. She talked softly to the stallion "Hi boy.. Welcome to the farm.. We are very nice.. I promise we won't hurt you.."

    Hanna::9::Quinn's Sister::
    Hanna smiled as the stallion took he apple and looked at her sister. "ok!" She said as she slowly walked to the barn and once there hurried to grab the halter and bring it back to her sister. Noticing Flint she looked at him and waved happily as she kept walking back to her sister.
  10. The stallion ears flattened at Quinn sharply and pawed the ground angrily as if warning to stay away from him. He trotted away slightly and eats some grass snorting sharply hooves sharply made the ground crack slightly. His in real blue eyes glow slightly as he snorted sharply.

    Flint blinked gently and saw two large gases on his hip and blinked "he has some nasty gases on his hips probably from bashing around so much. Quinn I think he doesn't like older people no of fence. He might have had a very bad time with adults and doesn't want to be around any" he said slowly as he went and got a bucket of water and some stuff.

    Azel watches smiling to himself, the girl was going to have a nice time learning from this horse as well as he would. He would have to shoe the horse as well as give it a proper saddle. He would have to make one big enough for the horse.
  11. Quinn::21::Ranch Help
    Quinn nodded at Flint. "Yeah I can tell, I'm not going to get any closer yet. But he does need a vet to come out and look at him. Hanna go try and put the lead rope around his neck. Be very careful, talk softly, reassure him" she instructed as the little girl walked back over to the horse again.

    Hanna::9::Quinn's sister
    Hanna nodded and walked over to the horse, producing another apple in her palm and offering it too him. As she whispered to him and he got near she tried to wrap the lead rope around his neck and clip it together. She walked away slowly and looked at her sister. "Now what?"
  12. The stallion saw rope and wigged out and reared up and galloped away from them . He stood near the fence gate and snorted in earning. He looked out at the forest and whinys out to it as if he was calling for his family.

    Flint blinked and nodded slowly "we could always just tranquize him" he suggested softly looking at the stallion as it galloped off and blinked sadly. Seeing it seem to call out for family winced "I do think this horse has gone through a lot"
  13. Quinn::21::Ranch Help
    Nodding slowly as she watched the stallion she sighed. "Yeah.. I do too.. But the only way to get him safely into a stall is going to be to knock him out.. If he doesn't calm down we might have to put him down.. He's a danger to himself and everyone on the farm right now.. But let's pray he clams down in the next week.." Quinn said with a sigh.

    Hanna::9::Quinn's sister
    Hanna sighed as she watched the stallion break free and run. He was so majestic.. Like a black unicorn! But she knew he didn't stand a chance unless he could be tamed. That was how the world worked it seemed.
  14. The stallion rolled its eyes it's blue eyes flashed as it jumped over the fence and galloped into the forest swiftly. It's speed was quite a stunning faze to it as it galloped into the forest where wolves and coyotes lived. He galloped through the landed and stopped by a stream. He noticed the sky getting darker meaning a storm was going to roll in pretty soon.

    Flint glares "don't have such quintet views on such a creature. You on
    Y seen him for less then an hour and your already jumping to conclusions . I thought you liked horses" flint said sharply and seeing the clouds whistled and shadow from the feild trotted over and he got the young horse inside.

    Durning the storm

    Durning the nasty storm they had Quinn would notice the stallion was back and grazing in the field without care or worry. It's ears pulled forward and happy as it was content on being alone. Lightning flashed around serval times and anyone watching the stallion would notice what looked like the outline of massive black wings on the horses. A Pegasus....impossible .....well so they would think.

    Azel had made some tea and got some lights to dim as the storm kept going "alright tea is done and ready you guys" he called over slowly. He walked over to see flint and his father face glued to the glass "what is wrong?" He asked.
    Flint grinned "nothing I just think we have a stunning horse here. I think we need to try a different approach with this horse tommrow" he said happily.
  15. Quinn::21
    Quinn rolled her eyes. "I do like horses Flint. The thing is, people don't like horses that are a danger to children and itself." Quinn said looking down at the two kids. She watched the stallion clear the fence and gallop off into the Forrest. The storm clouds rolling in above their head told Quinn that she should probably head inside. "Hanna you should probably go home. I'm going to finish up my work for the day."

    Hanna looked over to Flint but stayed quiet. She opened her mouth to plead with her sister but saw her sister wasn't in the mood to be arguing with. She sighed and with a soft "fine.." She started walking towards her aunt and uncles house next door.
  16. Durning the storm

    Durning the nasty storm they had Quinn would notice the stallion was back and grazing in the field without care or worry. It's ears pulled forward and happy as it was content on being alone. Lightning flashed around serval times and anyone watching the stallion would notice what looked like the outline of massive black wings on the horses. A Pegasus....impossible .....well so they would think.

    Azel had made some tea and got some lights to dim as the storm kept going "alright tea is done and ready you guys" he called over slowly. He walked over to see flint and his father face glued to the glass "what is wrong?" He asked.
    Flint grinned "nothing I just think we have a stunning horse here. I think we need to try a different approach with this horse tommrow" he said happily.
  17. Quinn::21
    Quinn had just finished feeding the rest of the livestock and cleaning up the stalls. She looked out at the pouring rain and saw in the distance that the black stallion was back. Lightening was flashing all around him, yet he wasn't phased. He simply continued to graze. But as Quinn kept watching she noticed the lightening that struck all around the horse showed the outline of wings. Did she really just see that right? No it must be a dream, she was working to hard or stressed. But as the lightening kept flashing the wings kept appearing. Was the stallion a Pegasus?
  18. As the storm finally passed by and the rain was stopping the stallion now just lay in the feild tired from its ranting. It's head on the ground that WANs muddy and gross but didn't care. The stallion laid there and eyes closed gently getting some rest. It lifted its head finally and got up shaking out its body free of mud. Pegasus where said to be mythical creatures only the true lovers of animals could take and understand. All they needed was to be respectful even to a horse. As the stallion got up it looked right at the girl snorting before rearing up and whinnying sharply into the air one last strike of lightning and she would see his wings unfurled massive wings that covered the ground of the feild. Then it was gone as the lightning only was for few seconds. The stallion then went off to a stream and drank from it peacefully.
  19. Quinn::21
    Quinn shook her head as she saw the massive wings unfurl from the mythical creatures back and then disappear within seconds. She gasped at the stallion and felt herself get light headed and within a second she watched the horse trot away. Maybe she did need a different approach. But how do you get a horse that threatens you to trust you. Quinn had an idea.. And she was going to use her horse to help her. Taking her own horse, lightening and putting him out In the pasture near the stallion. She watched him gallop up to the stallion and whinny.
  20. Mystery eyes flicked to the stallion his voice came out haunted many voices seemed to echo through his vocal cords what is it that you want lightning the horse of the human girl Quinn.he asked the horse telepathically. Yes this horse could understands humans perfect fully and knew them by name. He was not a bad souled creature just went through some awful things he wouldn't share.
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