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    Fenian Ereuvyn


    "Goodbye, Alyndra. Mother. Tannyl." Fenian waved to his friends as he departed from his home. His mother and friends all waved goodbye as he left his home. They all knew there was a risk of him not returning, and they were sad to see him go away. Fenian stopped after hiking for a while, looking closely at the map he had been provided with the letter he was mailed.

    The map, after closer examination the night he received it, appeared to be enchanted, depicting colored moving dots that had names under them, which he assumed belonged to the other members of the party. Nobody else was marked on the map that he knew, not his mother or anyone else. Only 10 different colored dots, one being listed as "Gandalf", along with his own yellow dot, were depicted on the map. Fenian picked up the pace slightly, heading toward the closest dot on the map. It was dark blue, and labeled "Runila," and it appeared they lived in Mirkwood, but were separated from the other elves.

    Interesting, Fenian thought to himself. How interesting that two elves would be chosen from the same region. This member lives in Mirkwood along with me! And their residence isn't to far away either. Why doesn't she live with the other elves? Fenian shook his head at his wondering. It wasn't his place to judge, and if Gandalf chose them for this quest, there must be something special about them. He looked back down at the map, and it seemed the dot had stopped moving, almost as of it was waiting. "Come on, Fenian. Don't want to be an inconvenience." The elf told himself as he walked cautiously through the dark Mirkwood, his bow in his hand and at the ready. Despite the amount of times he had travelled through this very forest, he still never knew exactly what would happen.

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  2. Bernadette

    As the night rolled away, Clare and Bernadette hid away from the others. As her family rested, they made their getaway, moving through the small forest surrounding their castle until they reached the small spring that cuts through the meadow.

    “Now, regardless of what my brothers threaten you with, or Elric for that matter, don’t reveal my plans to them. As soon as any one of them realizes that I've left, they'll send an entire infantry to march right out, to march me right back home, without a care or concern for the grander picture.”

    “But, they will force me to tell,” Clare shook against the cool breath of night. “I won’t be able to hold against your parents’ questioning, N’dette. I’ll have to tell them eventually.”

    She sighed, realizing she’s placing a heavy burden upon such young shoulders. “Yes, you’re right, Clare. Just…tell them as the letter states, I have been chosen by Gandalf the White himself; not my father, not Douglan or Eigwin, but I,” she shook her head, “I can’t ignore that. Regardless if I gain anything out of this or not, this…this is obviously bigger than all of us; therefore, I’m doing everyone a disservice if I don’t comply.”

    Clare soaked in her words and nodded in agreement, “I’ll do my best, N’dette. Just…be safe and return. Don’t forget us.” She wrapped her friend in her arms, and Bernadette sighed and did the same.

    “How can I ever forget you, Cherub? You’re one of my best friends, my only little sister.” They released, she gave her last commands for Clare - to tell her family that this was not a goodbye, but a small retreat. Bernadette guided her horse, Margot, and her hunting hound, Koven, across the stream and continued forward without looking back.

    The night air was crisp and brushed the tips of the trees lightly as Bernadette rode through the village of Ossory. She was cloaked against the wind and light, keeping her familiar features obscured well enough to help her successfully bypass the small number of guards standing at the main gate. Soon, she was cleared of the village wall and followed the worn road towards Minas Tirith. Eventually, she removed herself from the main road to travel under the safe canopy of the woods surrounding it. She gave herself one last chance to glance over her shoulder at the small stone wall of Ossory, silently vigilant around it.

    “Well, last chance to turn back,” she told herself. Koven grumbled beside her, looking up from his four foot stance with an almost knowing smirk. Bernadette frowned, “Come on now, Koven! You’re starting to look like Elric. I am not doubting my choice…I want to do this! But, nervous…yes, I am. You know I’ve never done anything like this before… Well, at least, by myself. Besides,” her eyes lifted to Ossory once more. “There’s no guarantees that I’ll ever see my family again. Choices are never placed in their proper perspective, until you’re looking over your shoulder at them. Maybe, I’m making a terrible mistake…”

    Bernadette closed her eyes with a silent prayer before shaking her head, “No! I’m not a coward, nor a cry baby, and I am of my right mind. I am capable of walking down this path without someone holding my hand. I shall do this boldly; not looking back!” With that, she snapped her reigns and the small party sprinted north, to put as much distance between them and their home.

    When they’d reached the edge of the forest, an odd force stopped their tracks dead. Bernadette was confused, and dismounted her horse to check the area. “Koven, do you sense something strange going on? I don’t see anything that can stop us from moving…OOFH!” Bernadette’s head slammed into something hard before her. She stumbled backwards against it, rubbing her forehead and staring at the empty space before her. “What is this…magic?”

    Just then, the hunter beside her sniffed the ground before huffing to her his answer – Koven noticed something alright. He immediately whimpered and turned back down the path they just left.

    “Koven, who’s there?” The girl unsheathed the two short swords that hang at her thighs, looking cautiously around the area Koven pointed at. He wasn’t acting threatened, so whoever was there - was family…

    “It’s only me, N’dette.” Elric stepped out from behind a tree and immediately Koven happily barked and rushed to his side for a loving scratch.

    Bernadette rolled her eyes and returned her short swords. “How did you…”

    “I’ve been around you for so long, it gives me plenty of time to learn your ways, M’Lady. Tracking you…not hard either; your steps create huge craters in the dirt.”

    She scoffed at her Half Elf friend as she replaced her swords. Then she turned with a grunt as she glanced towards the imaginary blockade. “So, you consider this funny, to toss an invisible blockade before me?”

    “Well, yes,” Elric moved closer, with Koven following loyally by his side. “You know you can’t do this alone; finding a wizard in a haystack.”

    “No, I don’t, cause no one allows me to try,” she frowned. “So now, I’ve taken it upon my hands to do just that, and you – of all people – will not stop me.” Bernadette pulled herself up onto her mount and began to move forward again, but this time the blockade was removed. Shocked that the squire was not being argumentative, as usual, she turned with a question on her face.

    “Be my guest, N’dette; go and seek out your destiny. But, at least, tell me where you’re heading. If your father asks, I’ll have to tell him something. Perhaps, I’ll lead him in a different direction.”

    She froze, almost insisting with her eyes that he didn't, “You’ll do that…for me? You'll get into trouble when he finds out you've lied to him!”

    With a shrug of his shoulders he nodded, “As long as you tell me where you’re headed and why, then I’ll do my best to keep him at bay. But, once he gains full knowledge of this, you’re on your own. I’m not going to stick my neck out for you twice – just enough to give you a head start.”

    “And you won’t attempt to follow me?”

    “No, I will not.” Elric's fingers crossed behind his back. Koven whimpered slightly at what he’d witnessed, but he didn’t go further when Elric grinned down at him.

    She could hardly believe it, but she nodded just the same. Revealing a small portion of what the letter stated, she then gained Elric’s pledge to keep her whereabouts a secret for, at least, the day. That gave her a day’s lead, if that much.

    Soon, she was back down the road heading towards Minas Tirith, pulling out the strange enchanted map that came with Gandalf's letter to make sure she was heading in the right direction. So far, she sees a dot moving from where she’s located – she can only assume that is her. The other dots on the map were not moving…but wait! There was one that had begun to trace it way to someplace…one coming from Mirkwood.

    “So, you’re going to tell me where to go, and apparently all the others who have been chosen to do the same? That’s nice to know; I won’t be alone in this after all,” she folded the map and returned it to the interior pocket of her leather jerkin. “Alright, now all I have to do is get to Minas Tirith without getting myself killed… simple, right Koven?”

    The huge hound howled beside her cheery, knowing he would never allow anything to happen to her. He’s been her dear friend ever since her birth. Bernadette grinned, “Margot, let’s make haste. Follow the trail cautiously, and if we find a friendly caravan, we’ll jump in; safety in numbers!”

    With that, the party headed on – unknowingly to her, Elric took to the trees, following his friend at a safe distance. He didn’t want to lose her from his sight, knowing her father would kill him for leaving her alone just to inform him sooner. He knew Clare held the knowledge of his daughter’s whereabouts; therefore, he’ll learn in due time what she’s up to. But his mission was completely different – keep her safe until that time.
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  3. ~Scarletta~

    Hoisting her pack onto her back the worn brown leather straps settled against her shoulders Scarletta pulls up the hood of her cloak to conceal most of her features before grabbing a sturdy walking stick she hand carved not too long ago. Taking a deep breath she looks around her empty home save Skylos 'Well time to start my adventure then' turning around she opens her door and beckons Skylos with a pat of her leg to follow. He obeys immediately following along her side loyally, closing the door she locks it before making her way through town. It was dawn the early morning rays just peeking out from the horizon to warm the lands, she had a little bit to travel before reaching Eldoras the map that came with the letter showed her the way plainly along with 10 other different colored dots with different names under each one.

    It seemed she would be crossing paths with a woman, at least she hoped it was a woman, by the name of Isabelle. Well hopefully they got along well or else this would be a truly testing journey. After scanning the map again she tucks it into her boot so it wouldnt be lost if she somehow got her pack stolen. Looking down to the happily trotting Skylos she smiles slightly "Ready to meet some interesting people boy? Lets just hope their more accepting than our humble town"
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  4. In the early morning sunlight, a small figure hobbled along the North-South road. Brorn Ironvein, using his hammer as a walking stick, had kept at a steady trudge since he left the Glittering Caves. West folds rolling slopes and vacant fields were in sight, although, he had not seen a single person since he left for his journey; which he found strange, but didn't bother himself too much. After all, the harvest had already been reaped, the sunlight had just began to shine on the White Mountains behind him and most would still be tucked away in the cots and cozies that homes would provide. While he marched on, alone, for an adventure that he hoped would be passed on through generations of Dwarves, no matter if they were Durin's folk, Broadbeam or other.
    Taking a break he thought was well deserved, Brorn removed the pack from his back, and sat down with an audible harrumf. He remained on his backside while he dug through his belongings and removed the map, nestled between his extra coat and trousers. He unrolled it by unfastening the thread he had wrapped it in, and took a look.
    "Ah, it seems as I'm not the only one tha' has begun, although it looks like I am closer." He stated to none but himself, he decided to celebrate by himself with a small puff of his pipe he had chosen to take out along with the map, the fact that he was not the only one who would make this journey alone made his nerves calm and the small ring of smoke he was able to produce helped solidify the feeling. It seemed like someone from mirkwood, an elf no doubt, a Gondorian and a Rohirrim had already began their trek as well. From what Brorn could tell, they were all women, which raised his bushy eyebrows. Out of all the people who had started, I am the only male. Bless me! He inwardly exclaimed, pulling another lungful of pipe smoke and exhaling it through his nose.
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  5. Ledoc, #80ff00
    Ledoc sat in his quiet home, placed in Dol Amroth. His eyes gazing over the map that was entailed with the letter, some magic at work obviously as he stared at the colored dots moving across the map. Even with a name above it. He supposed it was time to move really, his gear resting beside his chair. Yet, he didn't want to leave the peaceful city of Dol Amroth at the same time. He was glad to be chosen by Gandalf the White, but at the same time he felt like he would be leaving everyone and everything behind just to find this ring. It was important though if Gandalf chose him, and that is what he kept telling himself as he grabbed his pack, bow, sword and everything else he would bring for the journey.

    His cloak already adorned on him, the green hood pulled up and covering his face as he left his home. His feet carrying him to the entrance of Dol Amroth and then he was out. Out on the trail to Minas Tirith.

    He has been to Minas Tirith once or twice, with his ranger brothers on a journey to hunt down some bounties and what not. He wanted to meet the real Dunedain rangers, the ones farther North.


    He traveled for a few hours along the trail, his mind referring back to the map to see who else was moving. Once he pulled the map out, his eyes caught attention of his own dot with his own name above it. Then his eyes saw the orange dot, the one that he would cross paths with eventually on their way to Minas Tirith. Bernadette was above the dot.

    "This journey entails many people. I wonder if all of them are warriors from across the land." He noticed that two dots were from Dwarvern lands, probably dwarves. Then he noticed the dots from Elven lands. Even though he has not met up with the party itself, he let out a sigh. Dwarves and Elves don't get along, and this journey entailed both of them. He could only hope that the two races could get along.

    Shoving the map back into his pack, he continued his journey to Minas Tirith. TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!
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  6. Eldos Anlitar

    The White City stood in full magnificence bathed in the morning sunlight. Eldos ran his hand down the muzzle of his horse. A gift given to him on his acceptance into the tower guard. Rivorn... He thought, hoisting himself into the saddle of the great warhorse. Rivorn, meaning ''black crown'' in Sindarin, representing the unusually dark mane of the otherwise Chestnut coloured horse. They had rarely ridden together, but the animal offered no resistance as it's master sat upon him. Eldos turned, pulling open the sack tied over the rear of the horse, checking it's contents. A small knife he had used for gutting and skinning wild animals, a leather satchel of 100 gold coins, all of his savings, some food he had purchased on his way to the stables; bread, cheese and some fruit, and finally the helmet which completed his set of armour. He couldn't wear it, it limited his vision too much as he rode.

    He pushed Rivorn into a steady trot as they left the stables, heading eastward to the main gate of the city. The Great Gate was already wide open, letting a surge of travellers both in and out of the city. The gate itself was built into Othram, the wall which surrounded the bottom tier of the city. He whipped the envelope out of his pocket, where it had stayed untouched since he had received it, pulling Rivorn to a stop where the various roads to Minas Tirith met. He noticed the envelope seemed thicker, peering into it he saw another folded piece of parchment behind the letter which he hadn't noticed before. Pulling it out he carefully unfolded it to reveal a map of middle-earth, peering at it closer he noticed a handful of multi-coloured dots spread throughout the map. ''Some creation of Gandalf's, no doubt.'' He muttered under his breath, noticing the dot directly on his location with the name ''Eldos'' above it.

    He then noticed two other dots fairly close together, it seemed they were both headed for Minas Tirith, one named Bernadette and the other, further one named Ledoc. He guessed these were the others Gandald had summoned, he took into a gallop in the direction of Bernadette.
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  7. Isabelle Irandelle

    Isabelle turned, clutching the map and letter tightly to her bosom. This was her chance to thrive, her chance to finally live her life. She was glad her father had understood. Her mother's words rang through her head again. "If you walk out that door, don't think about coming back!" Isa closed her eyes, a tear slipping through her closed lids. She quickly wiped her face and headed to the stable. After tacking up her favorite horse, Killian, Isa took a look at the map. Several glowing dots were heading to the dot that had the name "Gandalf" above it. She noticed a dot close to what had to be hers with the name Scarletta above it. Deciding it would be better to travel in company, she turned Killian towards the dot and set off at a quick canter.

    As she rode on, she thought of her parents. Of all they had done for her, of what they kept her from. They went a little overboard, not letting her socialize at all for fear of her getting hurt. A sudden thought ran through her head. What if they don't like me? What if I'm too....introverted or awkward? she shook her head. Sure, she was very awkward talking to people other than her parents, but with practice that would get better. Her father had taught her how to use a sword, as well as a bow. Her mother had taught her slight healing spells, but she wasn't powerful in magic, as she was only half-elf.

    As she rode through town, she caught people giving her disapproving stares. She frowned. She was always told of both the elves and humans dislike for the half elves. But she had never experienced it in person, as she was so sheltered. She hurried through town, and exited as quickly as she could to escape the disapproval of her fellow townsmen.

    When she entered the forest, she slowed Killian to a walk, giving him a pat on the shoulder. She looked around her, breathing in deeply, inhaling the scent of outdoors. She grinned ear to ear as she dismounted to feel the earth beneath her feet. It was all she had ever dreamed of, the smell, the sight, and the feel of earth. She led Killian onward, staring at the map, guiding towards the moving dot Scarletta. She followed a cliffs edge as it wound through trees, and rivers.

    She looked back at the map, she was practically on top of the dot named Scarletta. Tying Killian to a nearby tree, she crept to the edge of the cliff and looked down to see a young woman traveling as well. Assuming this was said Scarletta, she waved frantically trying to get her attention. "Hey there! Are you Scarletta? The dot on my map says you are, so....I'm Isabelle." she yelled down at the person she had yet to meet. It probably sounded a bit awkward, but hey, if she was to learn how to talk to people, it's better to start sooner rather than later, right?
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  8. Runíla Silverwood, #0080ff

    I have accepted your proposal. May the Valar grace you with good tidings on your quest, Runíla of Mirkwood.


    Runíla inspected her latest letter from her superior. He accepted her absence, granting her permission of departure. Due to her position, Runíla couldn't leave willingly. Her responsibilities as Captain came first. However, she couldn't deny the importance of this quest. She hasn't participated in a quest for over a century. After she carefully folded her letter, Runíla retrieved her map from her satchel. Fortunately, it was included in her mysterious letter. She unrolled the parchment and inspected the enchanted illustration. She noticed a golden dot heading towards her direction. An eyebrow raised in response. Gandalf requested two Sindarin elves from Mirkwood? A small frown marred her lips. She didn't recognize the name, "Fenian". On the other hand, Runíla rarely interacted with Elvish kin that didn't belong to Thranduil's Guard. Her gaze shifted towards another series of dots. They were scattered across the map. A few minutes later, Runíla rolled up the map and stored it inside her satchel. She chose to walk on foot instead of horseback.

    She continued her journey, navigating through the dark forest. She carried her bow in hand, keeping her arm close to her quiver. Her instincts urged her to stay alert. She didn't want to stumble across a band of Orcs unprepared. This forest garnered several mysteries. Despite years of peace, it remained tainted by darkness. Runíla was uncertain it would be restored to it's natural beauty, Greenwood. She heard stories of the beautiful forest before Sauron's reign. She wondered if Mirkwood would ever change. Runíla scanned her surroundings, searching for an Elf marked, "Fenian". Was he part of the Guards? Or a noble? She contemplated on the possibilities. A long journey was ahead of them. A part of her hoped he was skilled in combat. The last thing she wanted was an incompetent Elf.
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  9. Fenian Ereuvyn


    Fenian walked for a while more through the dark forest, the sunlight waning the more he traveled into the heavy shrubbery and plant life of the great woods. Though lately he had noticed the forest looked a little more brown than usual, he was grateful the protection and concealment it provided still stood as strongly as it once had, despite the obvious thinning of trees. Keeping his bow at the ready and the other hand ready to grab an arrow, he continued trudging through the forest, hoping he would meet up with this "Runíla" soon. Walking through the forest by himself, even though he was experienced and armed, was always dangerous. You could get caught off guard at any moment, and having a companion with him wold help him in terms of defense.

    Suddenly, Fenian saw a small flash of brown a small distance away in the trees, then heard the small pattering of footsteps. Fenian raised his bow and drew an arrow in a split second, walking slowly over to the figure with his finger on the string, tensed and ready to be pulled if needed. He hopped nimbly over a root sticking out of the ground and tensed, hoping his small sound wasn't heard by whom he now recognized to be a she-elf, holding a bow with a sword holster attached to her hip. Although, if it was heard, there was no movement to show it. Fenian stopped, then spoke. "What is your name, and what is your business in these woods?" he spoke slowly, staying back with his bow drawn. Was this the Runíla the map told him was traveling this way? He hoped so. He didn't want to be aiming arrows at innocent elves just taking a walk through the woods.

  10. Snoring, snoring is all that echoed throughout the hills of Westfold. Brorn had fallen asleep on the soft grass, pipe in mouth, and sputtered awake after a wagon had rolled by, alerting him of his own napping. he looked up at the sky, at the sun that had once barely crested the hills, now had risen high among the clouds. He quickly packed his items together, stopping to rip off a chunk of bread and pork, before continuing on his trek. His hammer like a staff, he leaned on it for support as he walked along the North-South road. He soon passed though a small farming village, peddling one of his cheaper toys he had made with the scraps of metal in his satchel in order to by a small canteen of ale, and was on his way again. Hours passed before he was finally within sight of Edoras, the Rohirrim flag flying high, as high as Brorns hopes. He was still ages away although, he had another long road ahead as he still had to cross the river snowbourne.
    "Well bless my beard.." He astonished, not having traveled this far in his entire life. He slowly made his way up a tall hill, where he perched himself once more and relieved himself of his pack. He unraveled the map once again, and this time sat on his bedroll while examining it. It seems a few have met together already, and others were beginning their journey.
    "Seems as if I will get there first." He smiled, by the blessings of the Valar it seemed. He uncapped the ale canteen and took a hearty swig, the still cold beverage washing its way down his gut, it was a good ale, and it must have been a bountiful barley harvest.
  11. ~Scarletta~
    tattooed_elf_girl_coloured_by_dashinvaine-d5vypyq 2.jpg

    Letta had been traveling for the better part of a day now, dusk was starting to settle the sun starting to set on the horizon casting purple'sh orange rays across the sky. She was just about to make camp when Skylos started sniffing the air running ahead of her signaling he caught the scent of something or someone near by. 'Hmm...friend or foe?' before she could pull out her map to check if it was friend a voice called out to her from above. "Hey there! Are you Scarletta? The dot on my map says you are, so....I'm Isabelle." A bit surprised Letta looks up at the cliff where she saw a fair skinned woman with long brown hair looking down at her. 'Isabelle huh? She must be the one on the map that was close by' Giving her a small wave she quickly pulls out the map to double check it was her. 'Yup says shes basically right on me, must be her' As she did this Skylos ran up the side of the cliff with surprising speed stopping just a few feet from Isabelle to hunker down and growl at her with intense eyes.

    Hearing Skylos growl she quickly whistles a unique tune, his ears perk up before he comes out of his defensive stance dashing back to her. Looking back to the girl she pulls back her hood letting her silky golden hair fall down her back, giving Isa a friendly smile.
    "Hello! Sorry about that, Skylos is very protective. Ya thats me, though you can call me Letta for short if you like. Its nice to meet you Isabelle. Let me climb up there hold on." Her tone is friendly and melodic, she swiftly jogs up to Isabelle Sky following beside her the walking stick in her right hand not really being used right now.
  12. Runíla Silverwood, #0080ff "What is your name, and what is your business in these woods?"

    Runíla instinctively retrieved an arrow from her quiver, nocked it, and pulled back her string. She whirled around, aiming her arrow at the voice. She heard his movements, but his voice garnered a reaction. Her ocean blue eyes flashed dangerously. A frown marred her lips. Runíla didn't lower her weapon. "Runíla Silverwood, Captain of Thranduil's North Division. What business do you have in these woods, elfling?" she countered bluntly. Her eyes narrowed into slits. She inspected him intently. His prominent feature was his short hair. It was tradition for Elves to grow their hair long. She never seen an Elf with short hair. He lacked the air of a warrior. Guards have a certain look in their eyes, even new recruits. Runíla could tell he was young. His eyes weren't full of wisdom gathered from years of experience. She waited patiently for his response. She wouldn't lower her weapon unless he yield. "This area isn't safe for a common elfling, especially alone," she pointed out. She ignored the fact she was alone. Her case was different. She proved her worth.

    "Lower your weapon elfling. If there is no harm to come upon me, that arrow isn't necessary," Runíla informed calmly. She stepped forward, keeping her bow drawn. She wouldn't shoot, but she wasn't foolish enough to let her guard down. She couldn't trust him until he complied. After he yielded, Runíla would follow. She wouldn't harm an Elf unless they were hostile.
  13. A typical two day trip and it takes me a total of three - THREE DAYS OF HELL!

    Bernadette growls to herself as she drags herself out of the Gypsy wagon where she rested last night. Her first night alone ended well - no issues to be managed, a rabbit for her belly, and plenty of rest. The new morning began the storms that slowed her pace; caused her to deal with the deadly mudslides that Lossarnach's known for. She lost a few items, almost lost Koven, and gained a large gash on the back of her left arm for her gallant efforts to save Margot. Not the sort of day she was hoping throughout her adventure, but at least she survived. But what lucky, she ran across a small caravan of nice Gypsies on their way to market in Minas Tirith. Traveling with them helped in so many ways. They allowed her to rest in their wagon and attending to her scratches, and even allowed Koven a chance to rest his legs as well. Plus, the couple that allowed her to stay was good company. She was able to learn more about the city and other gossip racing through the lands. They had gained her trust; which one would think was a good thing, right?

    "We're not far; the city is just over those hills." Paloma pointed before them. Bernadette could barely see the standard of the White City from their advantage point. The foot of the White Mountain sat to her left, and the distant echo of the Great River of Wilderland rolled far, far away to their right. She’s gone a mighty long way alone, but traveling via a group seemed to speed things up more.

    "So, how many more days till we reach it?" Bernadette dropped from Margot's back to walk her towards the small river they stood beside, allowing her to drink."I'm already late as is, but I don't believe there's such a thing as a deadline either. Nevertheless, I hope to reach Minas Tirith before the day's end." N’dette seem to speak more to herself than the others.

    "By the day’s end is very possible," Egumon, the older gentleman who headed the caravan worked to reset the wagon's wheel that decided to depart right in the middle of a roll. "As long as we can fix this wheel; we'll be good. Archet, grab the hammer for me."

    Another gentleman several years older than her fetched the tool for their leader, and they worked quietly while Paloma continued to pick the items that were thrown from the wagon. Bernadette continued to unharnessed their pack horses and bring them to the small river nearby to drink. Margot kept watch over them so they wouldn't wander away. Koven, on the other hand, had his eyes upon the mountain’s foothills and the small patch of woods nearby. Something held his attention, but he didn't huff in warning. Bernadette stepped away from the chores and step to Koven's side, giving him a good scratch down his back.

    "What's got you on high alert?" She wondered if a certain Half Elf broke his promise to her, but knew that was ridiculous. Nevertheless, something was causing the hairs on her arm to react. There was something... Looking around her to see if she was alone, Bernadette pulled out her enchanted map and checked her location. As she thought, Koven was sensing another presence nearby. The colored down marked with the name, Ledoc, was only a stone's throw away. But, even that reassurance wasn’t enough to end her nervousness.

    “Whatcha got there with ya, Miss?” Bernadette jumped and flipped around faster than she intended. Archet’s eyes immediately fell on her map.

    “Oh, nothing but my map, that’s all.” She quickly refolded it and returned to her vest. Maps of the world were normal, but one enchanted was worth a lot. Archet’s eyes followed her hand, but he didn’t say anything. He turned away and walked back to the wagon, whispering to Egumon about what he’s seen. Bernadette didn’t notice anything. She searched the horizon seeking where Ledoc might step out, but she was either too far away or not looking in the right place, but she wasn’t going to pull her map again to solve the puzzle. So, for now, she tended to the horses and soon harnessed them back to the repaired wagon. As she was checking Margot over again, she didn’t realize that Paloma had taken one of the wagons forwards, leaving her alone with Archet and Egumon.

    Koven’s warning told her enough. N’dette turned, finding the two men watching her, weapons in hand. “We don’t want to hurt you. Just hand over the map and anything else you carry that’s valuable. We’ll go our way, and you’ll go another.”

    She was a bit hurt, “And I’d thought we all connected. A night of storytelling and chat about the world and it’s makers, then you see a simple little map and now you want to turn against me for it? That’s so not nice.”

    Archet growled, “It’s not like you really need it. Where you’re going is already mapped within the earth – just follow the road. But that’s not why we want it. I know it holds secrets – and secrets are worth money.”

    “We need to feed our families,” Egumon seem to plead. “If you have something more valuable than the enchanted map, then we might settle for that. But, I know how much that map can grant us. So please, just give us the map with no problems and we won’t hurt you.”

    Bernadette shook her head as she backed up towards Margot. “I can’t believe things have come to such, where kind people have to resort to becoming something they’re not.” Koven kept his stance before her, flashing his sharp muzzle at the two. She knew he would not allow harm to come to her, but she wished the same for the two men who were so kind to her.


    "Silly dog, you're going to tell on me anyways?" Elric sat in the trees, watching as Bernadette scanned the foot of the mountains, searching for whoever Koven was looking at. Elric knew might assume he's followed her, and she will be correct, but she didn't have to know that. Nevertheless, Elric didn't want to be found, even as he watched the two men corner her, he didn't want to be found now.

    "See, you're always running into trouble, N'dette." His bow cocked with two arrows; Elric stretched it and waited, watching and listening. they were, at least, being civil about robbing her, so he would be civil in stopping them - if needed.
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  14. Isabelle Irandelle

    Isa smiled as the young woman looked up at her in mild astonishment. Receiving a small wave, the woman turned and dug something out of her bag. To her relief, she had pulled out a similar looking map that she had. It was then that a fierce snarl made her whirl around, drawing her sword in the process. Arucane's blade rang out clearly as it left it's sheath. Upon finishing her turn, she found a rather large dog growling at her. Killian snorted and stamped his foot, unsettled by the large beastie.

    Before Isa had the chance to react to this creature, a haunting whistle sounded from below and the hound relaxed, perking up. Chuckling slightly, she sheathed Arucane.

    "Hello! Sorry about that, Skylos is very protective. Ya thats me, though you can call me Letta for short if you like. Its nice to meet you Isabelle. Let me climb up there hold on."

    Isabelle stood back from the edge, giving her a hand up at the last part. "You can call me Isa, if you prefer. That's Killian, I'm sure he could carry two, if you want to ride as well." she said, noticing Letta's slightly pointed ears, but not enough to be full elf. She smiled slightly, glad to not be the only half-elf to be on this journey. "This all seems pretty....surreal, doesn't it?"
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  15. Bernadette

    “We need to feed our families,” Egumon seem to plead. “If you have something more valuable than the enchanted map, then we might settle for that. But, I know how much that map can grant us. So please, just give us the map with no problems and we won’t hurt you.”

    Bernadette shook her head as she backed up towards Margot. “I can’t believe things have come to such, where kind people have to resort to becoming something they’re not.” Koven kept his stance before her, flashing his sharp muzzle at the two. She knew he would not allow harm to come to her, but she wished the same for the two men who were so kind to her. "Koven, stand down," she ordered, and Koven relaxed his stance but didn't move from his place. N'Dette sighed, "Look, I have plenty of money here." She lifted one of her hidden coin pouch from the inside of her special cloak. It was as large as Koven's head. "This will ease your troubles far easier than my map. To pawn such an item is utterly ridiculous. Convincing will take forever, then you have to worry about those who wish to scam you for more when it's worthless. No reason to waste all that time, when this pouch hold far more than that map's worth. Here, take it and leave me be!"

    She tossed the pouch towards Archet and it landed at his feet. jingling like a hundred snowbells. Both men were stunned to see such a large amount of anything for them to take. "Well, that's far more tempting than that map. We'll take it!" Archet reached out to retrieve the goods and an arrow suddenly tagged it, causing the man to fall back from it in haste. "What's the gist here? You offered - we accept! No need for an attack; we'll leave you be!"

    Bernadette turned and scanned the treeline behind her. She recognized the arrow, but for the life of her she could not find the owner. Ah, I knew it! You are following me! the thought to herself as she turned back. "And you shall heed to it; take and leave, or else!" This time, with a little more caution, Archet took the bag and both him and Egumon rushed back to their wagons, collecting their horses and resetting them in place. They dropped off what little she left in the wagon she rode in and left off without another word. As she watched the small caravan rush off, N'Dette sighed, "Looks like I'm alone again...somewhat." Her eyes cut towards the trees. "I know you're out there, Elric! Go Home!"

    Haha, not on your life, Elric thought to himself, watching as his friend attempted to find him from such a distance.

    There was no response whatsoever. She shook her head and walked back to Margot, gathering her things and replacing them in her saddle pouches. A few things she tossed into the special pouches of her cloak. After giving Koven a belly rub and both partaking in a little treat, they set back down the road to Minas Tirith. "Hope the next person I come across don't have other intentions in mind..."
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  16. Ledoc, green
    The trip was absolutely boring and many times Ledoc wanted to return back to Dol Amroth and grab a Horse, though the trip might take longer to do that than to just walk. He wasn't lazy, but he rather just arrive at Minas Tirith and move on from there than be one of the last ones to arrive and seem like he wasn't truly interested in the quest that they were tasked with. "It seems that I'm coming close to someone..." He let out a yawn as he glanced over the enchanted map. He was a few minutes behind someone with the name Bernadette.

    He soon came upon the scene of the woman being robbed, but the robbers were already leaving and the woman was yelling for some man named Elric to go home. Who was Elric? He waited a moment as he was unsure of what he should do. Maybe he should make his way around Bernadette as she seemed to be yelling into the open air? Though if she looked at her map, then she would notice that he was skirting around her.

    Letting out a sigh, he adjusted the bow string that rested across his chest as he pushed forward on his feet. Walking down the gravelly road, making as much noise with his feet as possible so he didn't sneak up on her. He had a bad habit of sneaking up on people. "Greetings! You must be Bernadette, unless you killed the real Bernadette and stole her map...unless I was the only one given a map which is highly unlikely-" He began to ramble but he caught himself and cleared his throat as he continued to approach her.

    "I am Ledoc of the Dúnedains. Pleasure to meet you." He gave his head a slight bow before standing straight up. His green cloak hiding most of his features as the hood was drawn up and covering his face. His left hand instinctively rested on the pommel of his blade. "I do have to ask one question. Do you know why you were chosen?" It was a question he wanted to ask everyone as he doesn't particularly know why he was chosen himself.
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  17. Bernadette

    Koven began to growl behind her; Bernadette turned with a huff. I just started moving again, and now this! Who could it be this time? She didn't remove her weapon, only turned to glare down the gentleman moving her way with his own pack strapped to his back. A traveler, one cloaked and instantly, Bernadette backed herself towards Margot's flank and allowed Koven to take lead. After what she'd just gone through dealing with people she's openly accepted, she wasn't going to take any changes with a total stranger.

    "Greetings! You must be Bernadette, unless you killed the real Bernadette and stole her map...unless I was the only one given a map which is highly unlikely-"

    "Map?" N'Dette gasped and dragged her enchanted map from her cloaked as the man continued to talk. Sure enough, there was a dot standing right beside hers tagged with a name...

    "I am Ledoc of the Dúnedains. Pleasure to meet you." He gave his head a slight bow before standing straight up.

    "Oh, so you are, unless you've killed the real Ledoc and stolen his map." Bernadette tossed his comment back at him playfully before refocused herself and shushed Koven. Nodding her head respectfully, she smiled. "Do forgive my antics, but I need a smile right now after what just happened. I'm Bernadette Osraige of Ossory. It is a pleasure to meet another chosen traveler."

    She could tell by the man's cloak that he might be a Ranger of some sort, but she wasn't for sure. She did recall his dot coming from the region of Dol Amroth, but she's never been there to recall the making of his attire or weapon. Such teachings and lessons she's received from her tutors only takes her imagination so far. To travel and see with her own eyes puts such one on one lessons to shame. One thing she did notice, however, was how Ledoc's hand laid lazily upon the pommel of his housed weapon. Her brothers' teachings expressed that such actions were natural to seasoned fighters - and upon meeting someone would do such 'at ease' if they are not threatened by a presence before them. Yet, it is a hoax, for such a lazy position for a fighter is a bluff. They are still prepared to strike. N'Dette didn't feel as if she was a threat to him; more or less, the shoes were switched. But, she kept her distance because, regardless of the map that bind them as associates, they were still strangers to each other.

    "I do have to ask one question. Do you know why you were chosen?"

    N'Dette was baffled, "Well, that's an interesting question to ask someone at first meet, but truly honest and understandable in our unique situation." She began to casually loosen the reigns from Margot's neck, planning to walk rather than ride since Ledoc didn't have a horse. Koven had settled down at the ease of his owner's manners, and began to head down the road as scout point to see if their path was safe. "To answer your question, no... I do not know why Gandalf the White chosen me." Unconsciously, she began to stroke Margot's mane as she spoke.

    "My father is Duke Osraige of Ossory - Lossarnach, we're a small duchy but it has grown for Lossarnach and in turn for Gondor. I've done little to show the world who I am, unlike my brothers who have gained prestige and fame throughout our Lordland. I'm just a simple maiden with simple skills." The more she thought about it, N'Dette was becoming doubtful about Gandalf's reasoning for including her in his list of chosen. It was clear to her that, compared to a seasoned Ranger like Ledoc, she was lacking.
  18. Scarletta, red
    Letta took the girls hand her grip was gentle but strong, using the leverage to make it up onto the cliff she gives Isabelle a grateful smile. Patting her thigh lightly Skylos immedietly comes to her side his tongue lolling out to the side as she pets his head gently. "Thank you, are you sure? I dont want to burden your horse. He looks like quite the magnificent beast I must say." She says in appreciation her emerald eyes looking over the horse, she'd always loved horses but never had one of her own. At Isa's comment she looks to the other half-elf and nods "It is, I wonder why Gandalf chose us out of everyone in Middle Earth." She says softly looking over at the horizon, the sun casting its last rays across the darkening sky. "Looks like nightfall is upon us, would you like to keep moving or make camp for the night Isa?" She asks letting the brunette make the decision since she could go either way
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