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    The sun rose high over the human castle on a warm afternoon, it's bright rays filtering through the various windows and openings to reveal the array of halls and rooms. Each room had it's touch of royalty from red carpet to elegant furniture, but most were vacated and desolate aside from the staff and guards that kept to their duties. It was another day that could be cause for celebration, for it marks another day the human king had survived the mysterious curse placed upon him. This day was different though, for it was the day that fate and the works of one individual will begin placing the pieces that could the fate of the human kingdom.

    In the keep where the throne room was erected, the king, surrounded by advisers and lords, sat in his rightful seat with his gaze peering over a man or... Rat that stood before them while he listened to the proposition given to him. A word didn't come from the king, but it was evident his circumstances weren't doing him any good and one could easily see it in his posture and expressions. There was no doubt that there was an inner conflict in the man, but all of that was brushed aside during this important session.

    "... You see your highness..." The rat explained, his focus shifting between each of the seven advisers that stood nearby. "... This darkness is like no other threat that you as a leader have faced, but years ago, the ancient civilizations encountered the same problem... And they faced extermination. W-"

    "So you are saying we are to accept the same fate? Do you think we'll succumb to this... Entity soo easily?" One of the lords interjected, his tone showing great skepticism. There were nods and a couple other comments, but nobody rejected or accepted the statement on record.

    "I am not saying that there is no hope. Before their destruction... The preservers or in your more common tongue the scribes recorded the answer in their archives, but by the time they discovered their solution the darkness was just outside their defenses, waiting to overrun them."

    "And you expect us to believe this? Where did you come across this information good sir?"

    "Well... As you know I was able to access the archives of my people, and I have come accross records that could point us in the right direction. All we have to do is find the answers... The only issue is that these records have no direct answer and I will have to venture beyond the walls in order to seek the truth."

    "So... This... Organization you are developing will accompany you on this travel? You do not even have a sense of direction from what it sounds like." Another one of the advisers finally spoke out, silence creeping in moments later before he stepped forward and continued. "This is just myth! A waste of time! Why are you soo keen to follow this if you know that our time is limited... As a matter of fact: Why does this crisis of ours interest you so? You are a beastman from your own lands and your reputation here is nothing compared to your reputation back home."

    Again there was silence, the rat like creature seeming to be serene instead of angered by the questioning of his knowledge. Deep inside though his heart skipped a beat for he could feel the eyes of his supporters and opposition glued to him, waiting for his response. "... Well, you strike a good question my friend. Perhaps I am here because of free housing?" The professor replied, a slight smirk surfacing on his face then fading after he observed the dissatisfied expressions on everyones face. Of course nobody would buy such a dull answer, so he simply gave into the demand and cleared his throat. "*Ahem* ... Well gentlemen. This is your king, the one who united the human nations under one banner with a strong heart and a clear concience. The moment he dies though, we all know what the outcome might be. With no heir to the throne, the families and clans will go into a struggle for power, and a civil war will rise. And what of my people to the north? Will they still be safe under a king's decree, or face bloodshed and war? It is no secret that many humans despise us creatures, and many creatures despite you humans make no mistake. That is why I took the general's offer to leave everything behind and come here. So when you ask about what's in it for me.. I think you can come to the conclusion that I am here because I believe I can try and find the answer you all speak... With or without the resources you have given me already." After his long explaination, he fell quiet again, his eyes trained on the king this time while the others started discussing with one another, and then the verdict came.


    Just outside the keep's doors, Ansen, the cianid in blue began pacing around, minutes slowly turning into hours while he waited for his companion to come out. Even for someone who has been through a lot of situations this was indeed a very stressful time for him but eventually the large wooden doors creaked as they were opened, and from the inside surfaced the rat from before. "So... Were you successful Lux?" The wolfman asked, his arms crossed and his ears twitching while he waited for the long waited answer.

    "The lords and advisers were convinced. We will be able to continue our efforts and finally step outside the walls without an escort." The one identified as Lux replied, a bright smile showing as he walked past the wolf in blue. "We can finally search for the cure that will forever terminate this problem... No longer am I having to cling onto the remedies that stalled the darkness' progress, but we must act quickly Grayson. Without me being able to keep an eye on his condition I fear the darkness will consume him if we take too long... How about those rangers near the border you spoke of?"

    "Unfortunately they have their hands tied and will not be able to accompany us. Sounds like things back home are getting more defensive. I fear it wont be long before the borders become more difficult to cross." Ansen replied, a quiet sigh escaping him as he stepped forward to walk beside the rattian. "Perhaps someone will have interest in the rumor that was stirred up last month... If my assumptions are correct we'll be seeing volunteers at the gate very soon. Would you like to accompany me to greet them?"

    "Unfortunately I must get my things... You go Ansen. I will see them in due time just... Make sure you don't shake anyone down. They're volunteers, not footmen or rangers." With that the two exchanged nods and separated, the wolf proceeding to the front gates while the rat returned to his quarters to gather all of the necessities for his journey.
    At the gate, there were two guards at each side of the road, each wearing full armor and a halberd at hand with the kingdom's flag tied at the ends. They seemed to be observant of their surroundings, but they would not speak unless spoken to, the honor guard discipline being strong with them. The bridge however gave an amazing view of the country that the mountain looked over, the cities and villages being nothing but patches of a dark color while the roads looked to be no smaller than a pencil line. Such a view stretched as far as the horizon, but it was one few had taken the time to see. It was about an hour past the sun's peak, and rumor had it the Cianid general will step out beyond the safety of the walls to look for volunteers that would aid him in a mysterious, epic quest. Still, there wasn't a cianid to spot just yet. Was it only a rumor like many had claimed?
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    A caravan of carriages, horses, and guards all clad in maroon and holding their weapons in high regard, in the middle of the escort, a larger carriage stood, with an elegant, golden spire atop it. Inside the carriage sat an impatient Felenid ambassador, twiddling his thumbs and thinking to himself during these long and lonely trips. He thought about the many things that he was doing, both the good and bad things, for which, he was in full control of realizing.
    He twiddled a card with the symbol of his own little army, the REZAI STAR. He likes to think it might mean something to the world, heck, it may already be doing it right now, although he isn't really seeing it at the current moment. As the carriage stopped he stashed the card inside his elegant coat, right next to where he keeps one of his pistols. The Felenid ambassador Tykar then prompted himself off of the seat and to the door, which was conveniently opened for him at just the right moment of wait time. He stepped down and planted his boots on the dry, dirty ground. In fact, everything was dry, from the wind that tapped itself against his fur to the jokes some peasants made. He placed his hands behind his back before walking towards the castle gates, not bothering to utter a single word, much less bat an eye to anyone, no. He acted as if he was sizing up the human castle itself, with its every fault and break in defense, to act as either against it, or to just look elegant and snobby as he strode himself up to the castle walls.
    He was met by two guards upon reaching the gate, he focused his attention toward the right one, and carefully thinking and choosing his words before speaking. He brought his hands toward his sides, red energy batting about in those twitching fingers of his. He took a deep breath, and gestured as he spoke, "Excuse me sir, I believe I am here for a discussion with both the general and king of this castle, they have been well expecting me, I believe, as that we are both gentlemen and intelligent people, that you allow me within the castle walls." He didn't care for an answer from the guard, as either way he saw it, he would have access through the gate, either by the guard's own polite behavior or by forcefully making him polite through the power of a magically-enhanced gentleman's slap, right across the face, where manipulation is most effective.
    Either way it was taken, Tykar now had access to be in the gate, which he took in for a brief moment the scenery of bustling castle life before moving directly to the location of the Canid General Grayson, whilst think of all the ways he can get ahead of the game and use leverage against all those who may oppose Tykar's outspoken psychological prowess.
    Upon laying eyes on the Canid General, and that of his trusty Rat friend, he smiled, and extended a hand toward them, eager for them to shake it.
    "Ahh, General Grayson! Just the person I wanted to see! *extends hand* How have you been? I'm sure the human-beastmen relationship is going as good as ever! Especially with my help!"
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    At the gate, the guard opened his mouth to protest and speak about their prior arrangements. Before he could waste the noble's time with such talk, the mind control kicked in, giving Tykar the entry he desired without any further hesitation.

    When the conversation between the two beastmen was coming to a closure they began to separate, but not before a figure caught the Cianid's attention and triggered him to turn and face the approaching noble. Upon recognizing the man before them to be one of prestiege, the general nodded with a slight smirk and took the handshake, shaking it firmly.

    "Ah hello there sir. Yes, yes you can say conditions are liveable here despite the issues beyond the walls. Lux was able to talk the court into giving us free travel throughout the lands." Ansen said, his hand parting from Tykar's while he continued speaking. On the side though, it seemed that Lux had a more reserved stance compared to the Cianid, the rattian's eyes seeming to search the noble for something beyond just a simple image. "We are planning to head out before the sun goes down. It's rather unfortunate that we couldn't get aid from our homelands, but it seems our differences are more important than the suvival of our species."

    When it was Lux's turn to shake Tykar's hand he did so in a manner that tried to conceal his earlier inspection with a nod and a smile on his face, his ears even doing a couple twitches. "The humans are willing to do whats necessary in order to preserve their king. I would go into detail with what we will be doing but..." The rattian trailed off, his eyes seeming to peer into Tykar's as a reinforcement to hide whatever yarn he was about to spin. "... It would be a great complication and burden on your shoulders. I'm... Quite confident that you can say we are making progress."
  4. Tykar was happy, he was able to catch them just in time before they left.
    First it was the Cainid General who spoke, shaking his hand rather firmly before giving a response, the Cainid rather distraught about how his talk went. The Rattian, however, seemed to greet Tykar with an open hand and twitching ears, which actually came as a surprise to him by how cheerful the Rattian was acting, but he retained the same stance and unnerving stare at the rattian as he did the Cainid as he spoke, bringing up some secret plans he had for no reason, which struck the Kittarian as quite odd. He tilted his head and though about what he said real quickly before turning to re-address the Cainid General, and used hand-gestures and a passionate voice for reassurance;

    "Oh General please! I wouldn't worry about the problems with species differences. If it's any consolation, since I am one of the mediators of our species, I could see to it personally that our species will support you in any way you see fit, and since I am going to the king now...would you prefer if I brought something up?"

    He then turned to the Rattian, placing his hands gracefully behind his back before giving a shrug and responding to him; "As for you, if you insist that I don't pry, than I will not, after all, I do have MUCH business to attend too! Well, it was nice meeting the both of you, if you do not have any further comments, it seems as if all three of us have something to do, no?"
  5. It was just a day like any other, the same scenery, the same weather and the exact same people walking around. Nothing interesting about the today. Well, except for that assembly, ’Is that how you call it?’ that was supposedly happening today. Whispers were constantly shared with one another about going on a heroic journey to save the king. The rumors have been widespread and nearly everyone knows of it. The only wonder is whether it was accurate or not. To the young man walking through the streets, he thought it was worth checking out. A little something to spice up his day or week, or well, depends on how long the trip will take. If asked why he would do this, his answer would simply be that it was what anyone would do. Not because he was a patriotic young man who cared about the wellbeing of the king, ’The day that happens would be the end of the world. ‘ Rather, it was because of the pay for saving the king’s life, which he assumed would be quite high. ’They offer quite a lot. Though I wonder why. The king doesn’t really seem worth saving. Someone’ll just replace him.’ That’s his opinion on anyone of higher class. He doubted that there would be a day when his opinion of the wealthy would be anything but negative. ’It’s not like they ever failed to flaunt their status. Their personality is the worst and -’

    With a sigh, he remembered his original agenda before his thoughts distracted him, ’Focus Vincent. Look for the…er, meeting?’ As of the moment, he still had no idea what to call the gathering but right now, it was the least of his problems. His main problem right now was finding the place. Yes, it was mentioned that the meeting place was gate. However, he never heard anything about a time. He went to the gate an hour ago and found it deserted so he decided to look around town. Perhaps the rumor wasn’t completely accurate. ’Rumors rarely are.’ He thought with a sigh as he ran a hand through his fluffy orange hair in frustration. ’Ugh, why couldn’t they just write the details on a piece of paper and post it somewhere.’

    Just as he was muttering a few complaints, he stopped in his tracks when his navy blue eyes fell on three beings speaking to one another. ’Is it them? He wondered and looking around, he found that he was by the gate, which was the meeting place. ’ That one might be the general.’ He’s seen the Ciandid a few times before and heard people talk about the male so he was almost certain. Vincent smiled as he raised his hood up to hide his face, he didn’t want to be underestimated just because he looked young. Nineteen wasn’t young, in his opinion but he’s been told he looked younger. Walking to the trio, his steps were silent and nearly impossible to be heard. He didn’t stop until he was in between the three, ”So sorry to interrupt, “He said with a cheerful note indicating that he was barely apologetic for interrupting them, ”But is this the supposed gathering of volunteers?” He asked knowing that if the answer was correct then his assumption of the Ciandid’s identity would be correct.
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    The Rattian held his ground despite recieving the stare that would make most spineless folks back down. The Cianid on the other hand was more open and friendly towards Tykar, seeming to invest a lot of trust into the noble despite the dangers associated with disclosing some details about his plan. When Tykar spoke once more the Cianid nodded then shook his head."There will be no need to talk to the king, but your offer is greately appreciated."

    "Indeed..." The Rattian added with little relief in his tone. He evidently wasn't very open to accept Tykar's services, and his troubled expression said it all, the raised brow he gave giving off the silent message 'What's in it for you?'

    After the Kittarian's closing remarks Ansen inhaled as if to speak, but another unexpected voice interrupted him. Soon the culprit would have both the Rattian and the Cianid peering down at him before the Cianid gave a nod then spoke. "Well aren't you a sneaky one?" He said, pausing for a second so to peer over the younger volunteer. "May I ask how you found out about us?" Of course it was obvious how the stranger knew of this arrangement Ansen had set up, but still it helped to ask so to help determine a state of mind.

    Lux on the other hand simply kept quiet, but even he had a bit of curiosity buried beneath that difficult to read reserved image that he was putting on. If they had choices they would have probably questioned the rogue more, but fate wasn't on their side, and they couldn't afford to turn anyone down.

  7. "Thanks." Vincent told him with a grin, he thought of the words as a compliment. He prided himself on being stealthy and agile. They've seen the former, the latter would be a bit later on. Now that he has a moment, he took it in order to more closely observe the other two present besides the general. The two didn't appear to be threats in battle. However, he found that appearances could often be deceiving. After all, he only knew of the general and the other that he was talking with. The arrogant looking male. Then again, most of the rich seemed arrogant for him, 'Because they usually are.'

    Hearing the other's question, Vincent's full attention returned to the general, "Sure, but let me just try something." Within the blink of an eye, Vincent had already done two actions. First would be grabbing one of his the daggers on his belt with his right hand, and the second would be making a slashing movement towards one who spoke to him, aiming for the neck, as he often does. It was the best spot to place a move to kill in close combat. Some would aim for the heart but he found that many still survive after being stabbed. The heart isn't always easy to find. It's rare to actually puncture the heart. Usually it was a lung or something that sort. Low chance of survival but still a chance. One that he rarely took. People wouldn't hire him if he left any possibility of his target living. Hence why the neck was his usual target. A cut deep enough would quickly leave his target lifeless as blood rapidly spills.

    However, he wasn't aiming to kill. There was neither malice or killing intent in his attack. In the case that the general didn't block his attack or counter, he planned to stop his hand a few inches before the blade touches the older male's neck. It was only natural considering that he highly doubted that they would allow him to join if he were to take away the leader's life. Not that he thought the general wouldn't prove to be a challenge. Or at least he hoped the ciandid would be. Not only because he enjoyed challenging difficult opponents but also, there isn't much of a point in joining a group that would quickly die, right? At least that was his reasoning he would tell if asked.
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