The lifting of the veil: Grenadauln



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Every other generation bares witness to an event that rocks the foundations of society to its core. Sometimes it can be isolated to a small town. Sometimes a country. And often, in the event of a war, the event can effect nations across the globe. It is well known that human beings tend to be resistant to change, fear it, and even prevent it.

There is indeed, great change imminent, as creatures thought to be myths and legends rise from mist and shadow to walk upon the earth. The time has com for them to hide no more. They can no longer afford it.

Leading this monumental movement is Grenadauln, son to the deceased Oberon and Titania, former king and queen of the Seelie courts. He is one king of seven within the Seelie courts, yet the most powerful and feared.

He has broken the sacred law laid down by his father's father centuries ago to seek that aide of mortals, whose growth as a species has far exceeded expectations.

The queen of the Felleth, Jereldine, ruler of the unseelie courts, has been murdered. A war that threatens to obliterate every living thing not only within the fae kingdom, but the mortal realm as well.

Billions of lives, both fae and mortal, will depend upon reactions of the mundane governments and nations of the twenty first cetury.

Of course, there are the few innocent by standers will be caught up within the fray. These are their stories of their lives as they witness the event that will change the very foundations of the Earth.