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    “Crap, crap, crap, crap….”

    The peculiar chant of pure aggravation came from the young man--along with a few other ‘colorful’ words--as he literally spiraled through the sky, completely out of control; the left black wing fluttered helplessly about, currently futile. If he wasn’t falling to his doom from a height of at least 15,000 feet, he would’ve taken the time to appreciate the wonderful weather. Vexx found it a tad ironic that he was going to die like this though, considering that he possessed a 14-foot wingspan behind him. Unfortunately, he couldn’t use them to weightlessly swoop across the sky like he usually did, thanks to the gaping wound in his right, black wing. His enemies couldn’t follow after him when he had flown away to escape, due to being incredibly outnumbered, so they had decided to pull out a shot gun in attempts to shoot him down. One of those bullets had deeply grazed the ebony edge of his wings, disallowing him to fly. Vexx released a deep breath and closed his silver optics tightly, black hair wildly whipping around his head.

    “Damn…. I can’t believe this is how I’m going to--?” When he had reopened his eyes to examine how close he was to the ground, he took note of the fact that he was about to fall straight into the ocean instead. Ah, what luck. Quickly, he shielded his face with his arms, aware of the detail that it was probably going to hurt slightly to fall into the ocean from this high up, but when he finally did smack right into the ocean’s surface, relief automatically washed through his body. He wasn’t dead--at least, not thus far. Despite the hard life, he truly wasn’t ready to die just yet. Vexx swiftly surfaced and took in a deep breath of air, glancing around with alert while the somewhat translucent water around him slowly began to turn red from his own blood. He could still feel the warm liquid trickling down his right wing as it continued to, nonchalantly, throb away with persistent pain. He was quite used to ignoring pain, so the adolescent didn’t have a problem with doing it now. Upon realizing that this place was a beach, he folded his wings up against his back, forcing them to neatly slide back into the slits on the back of his olive windbreaker. It was probably best to keep his wings hidden in the windbreaker he had on for the time being, just in case this was a public beach. Aside from the wings, it wasn’t too hard to blend in with other people. He looked exactly like a human and didn’t have the typical pointed ears, despite that he was an elf. Well, he was a different kind of elf--a winged elf, to be exact. They were the kind of elves that’d look completely human, as many elves did, if you subtracted their wings. Vexx knew that he was the last living winged elf in the entire world though, thanks to those mad scientists. He had witnessed the vast majority of them dying right before his eyes, and there weren’t too many of them to begin with….

    As the 16 year-old male became closer to dry land, he perceived that the beach wasn’t completely empty after all. Somewhat close to the shore, he was able to catch sight of someone swimming about in the pristine waters. Hopefully, he would go unnoticed. Soundlessly, he swam by the young woman; his hand clutched at his shoulder to veil the newly-formed blood stain on the olive windbreaker. He only side-glanced at her to make sure that she wasn‘t some sort of threat, but he was probably just being overly alert again. As per usual. When his feet hit the sand, he immediately went down to his knees, feeling completely drained. He felt as if he hadn’t slept or eaten in days--oh, right, that was the case. He needed to rest, just for a few minutes. ’Just for a few minutes….’ he repeated through his swimming notions. Yes; then he would simply move on afterwards. Vexx sluggishly crawled a few more inches away from the range of the beach’s tide and fell onto the sand on his side, feeling rather light-headed from the loss of blood. Something about the luke-warm sand was soothingly refreshing against his drenched body. His optics shut rather quickly, and instead of just resting like he had intended to do so, he ‘accidentally’ went completely unconscious. Oops.

  2. Rhia was enjoying the sun and surf. She had been out all day. Just her. She had turned 18 the day before and this was her first weekend away from home. Sand, sea, a tan. Actually she had been thinking about renting a boat later on and taking her out around the cove. There was supposed to be a nice island about ten miles out.

    So far the day had been going really well. Rhia spent most of the day on the beach and was just heading into the water. Looking up into the sun she thought she saw a bird, a crow or raven maybe. 'Huh,' she thought, 'usually only see seagulls around here.' She shrugged and waded farther into the surf. The water was warm and relaxing, a nice change after the hot sand and beating down sun. She moved through the water effortlessly as if she were made for it. She had been in only a few minutes when she felt a splash. She turned around quickly with an irritated gaze, all she noticed at first was that it was a young man, not too much younger than her. She shook her head and turned back around in the water, paying him little attention. Rhia floated through the water for almost another hour before swimming back to the beach. The sun was going now, and the almost deserted beach was now completely empty, except for her, and..."Oh my..."

    She reached the beach and jogged up to where there was someone laying half out of the tide. He was unconscious and she flipped him over onto his back. There was blood on him and she took her towel and pressed it against his shoulder. She lightly smacked his cheek trying to wake him. She was strong and could probably half carry him, but she didnt want to risk it with him being dead weight and her not knowing how badly he was injured.
  3. ‘Where am I?’ The young male glanced around what appeared to be a space of severe darkness. Time had literally stopped within his grip. At least, time usually did feel ’frozen’ when one was knocked out cold and completely unaware of the element. His question was a good one--where was he….? Vexx felt like he was in a different world, as if all reality and other perplexing matters were slowly starting to slip away from him, which wasn‘t too odd because he was still unconscious. Was he fading? No, he couldn’t have been. After surviving such a fall from the open sky, he couldn’t just die like this….could he? Shallow breaths managed to keep his body satisfied of oxygen in the meantime; his pulse was quite feeble as well. Nothing of his current condition gave off any signs of hope whatsoever, but that regularly turned out be a contradiction when applied to Vexx. Then again, he hadn’t budged even slightly when Rhia shifted him onto his back and proceeded with lightly smacking his cheek in attempts to wake him up. Aside from the windbreaker, the only other garment that laid beneath it was a white tank top that would appear to be, perhaps, a bit less raggedy than his worn-out jeans and windbreaker. The tears in his windbreaker almost looked as if a lion had formed them with his monstrously sturdy claws, and…well, that wasn‘t completely inaccurate.

    Looks like the main wound on his wing wasn’t the only injury he received, according to his bloody shoulder. Surprisingly, the dark wings were still tucked in tightly against his back despite being unconscious. Vexx could have easily been mistaken for ‘dead’. He was motionless, cold, and the majority of his vital signs were rather weak. It seemed utterly hopeless to attempt to awaken him from the future eternal slumber...until Vexx felt a faint touch on his shoulder lesion, that is. He then he began to feel an extra source of body warmth beside him. Who...? Why he was he able to faintly feel her light smacks now, let alone ask all of these questions…? The young man’s mind was gradually climbing back into a conscious state. Once it had finally returned to him wholly, he eventually mustered the strength to lift his eyelids. Almost instantly, those fatigued optics snapped open and met with a pair of unfamiliar eyes. Once Vexx caught sight of the young woman in front of him, adrenaline started to pump through his veins. That certainly wasn’t a very normal reaction for a teenaged male setting silver eyes upon a young woman that looked to be within his age range, but it was simply a habitual reaction to become alert, especially when waking up to find a complete stranger staring back at him.

    With too much adrenaline currently coursing through his veins, he suddenly jerked up the wrong way, ultimately bringing him forward and a couple of inches away from the young female. Alas, the abrupt movements forced his wing wound to open up slightly more. His body tensed up, just as he released a nearly inaudible hiss of pain and placed his palms into the smooth sand for some sort of adequate support. Quickly, he glanced back over to Rhia almost uncertainly, temporarily remaining on all fours. He then proceeded to looking down at himself with mild befuddlement. The former question of his whereabouts quickly returned, but another matter of concern came up. Oh no…. Did she notice his wings? He usually resorted to hiding his 14-foot wingspan from modern society, but although he was a bit worried about the fact that she might have spotted them due to his natural paranoia, he had a nudging feeling that he would need some sort of medical attention for them anyway. He was mildly skeptical about whether a regular doctor would know how to treat wings though. Perhaps he should visit a veterinarian instead…? No; this was not a good predicament whatsoever. Visiting a doctor was the last action he wanted to perform at the moment, fearing that they’d freak out about his anatomy or call up those mad scientists for him. The boy’s silver orbs suddenly caught view of the towel that she had been pressing up against his shoulder, in order to stop the bleeding. The towel was now easily stained into a dark red hue on a decent portion of the cloth, but now…so was the back of his windbreaker. Of course, he didn’t notice it just yet.

    Instead, he decided to ease said paranoia. Perhaps if he knew who the young woman was, it’d settle down some of his natural caution. After all, it was her towel that was now deemed bloody, so it was assumable that she was attempting to aid him rather than do harm within his former insentient state. “Who…are you….?” Vexx finally asked as he eyed her with alert…and curiosity. Who wouldn’t be curious after years of no socialization and contact with a human being that seemed somewhat normal and not psychotic? Truthfully, it wasn’t exactly within his average behavior to ask who someone was because--well, he basically never stuck around long enough to become acquainted with anyone. If he did that, then they would surely find him. ’And where the hell am I?’ he thought to himself, taking a glimpse around the area. Apparently, it was a beach, with wondrous sun rays according to the point that his formerly drenched body was now somewhat dried, but where was this beach specifically located? He had not kept track of his location while he was allegedly plummeting to his death. Despite that Vexx was still quite light-headed, completely sore, and a tad disoriented, he had managed to sit back up. He placed his weight onto his knees, somewhat damp, black hair falling down untidily against his neck, with some of the thick strands falling over his face.

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    (hehe...picture achieved...although, probably less 'come hither')

    Rhia jerked back in surprise as the young man woke up, his startled awakening throwing her onto her back in the sand. Slowly she propped herself up on her hands and stared at him wide eyed for a moment before shaking her head. The first thing she noticed about him then were his startlingly silver eyes, then, she thought she saw a flash of raven black feathers on his shoulders. Yet, when she shook her head they were gone.

    "M-my name is Rhia," she said softly, "and you're in Long Beach."

    Her hands reached out for him again to apply pressure onto the bloody towel. "Please, let me help you." She leaned forward and placed a hand under his un-injured arm to help him stand. "If you dont mind, my hotel room is closer than the hospital. I've been studying medicine, well, just started this year, I could at least get that cleaned and stitched up if you want. Oh, and what is your name, since I've told you mine?"

    (sry so short, still getting used to RPing)
  5. (Nice picture. ^^ And no your reply is a fine length. = ] I simply write too much where it is probably unnecessary, lol... I hope you don't mind....)

    Dark eyebrows rose along with silvery dilated optics, a slightly quizzical expression possessing Vexx’s features as the young woman fell back into the sand due to his recent precarious actions. What did he do to make her--? Oh, right—he had nearly jumped out of his skin, thus reopening the wing wound and startling her back. It was surprising that such a deep wound had already begun to heal on its own in the first place though—well, at least attempting to do so without the use of any sort of medical treatment. Then again, that was all due to his abnormally quick healing rates. It was simply a trait of his race, but it had probably become enhanced through all of those unsanitary injections. Occasionally, he pondered on whether he’d suddenly grow an additional arm from all of those peculiar injections. The boy subconsciously scanned the surrounding area without moving his head, pupils momentarily sliding from right to left until they landed back on Rhia. His paranoid behavior probably seemed erratically inept, and maybe it was, but that atypical behavior was what usually saved his life. As a result, he never viewed his sturdy caution as a negative aspect. At least, not until now, since it was the cause of his wing injury reopening and the startling of the young woman. He appeared to be mildly surprised when she had fallen back into the sand, but realized that he had committed a mild wrongdoing by surprising her from just bolting out of her grasp quite abruptly.

    Leaping from one’s arms out of alertness appeared completely inappropriate nonetheless, right? It did, but when one was literally basing the majority of their actions mostly out of their pure caution and notion that even an eight year-old child could be an enemy in masquerade, it was hard to utterly blame them for being so jumpy from the mere sight of another young adult. “S... Sorry. I’m...a tad bit jumpy.” Vexx murmured with partial truth, apologizing for startling her like so. Now, his statement was only partially true because he was genuinely much more than a ‘tad bit’ jumpy. Even after reopening the wound, the over-reactive boy was still wide awake with alert. It had settled down slightly though, just as the adrenaline began to halt its flow. On the other hand, he was also starting to feel more of the pain now that his adrenaline-pumped state was gradually declining. ‘I think...I tore my wing back open. ...Me and my neurotic-ass…’ Vexx thought to himself with a displeased flatness attached. Though, the fact that he had wings wasn’t evident….yet. Well, at least Vexx had realized that aggression was not a proper decision at the moment. There was obviously no need for it, let alone his lesions did not even allow him to simply jump up abruptly, so he was aware that a further advanced action would definitely not be a suitable option for his state. When the male adolescent temporarily focused on the towel now drenched in his own blood, most likely due to the shoulder lesion reopening slightly more as well, he speculated on whether he should flinch at the familiar light pain he felt as she applied more pressure to the wound. The towel was a somewhat sufficient replacement for a bandage for the time being.

    After Rhia stated who she was and their location, the boy’s paranoia slightly eased itself as predicted. His body visibly lowered its tenseness as well. He partially figured that a mere vacationer couldn’t be much of threat…for the most part. Beyond all of that, Vexx should have been concerned over his condition rather than who she was or where he was, but….well, his mindset wasn’t always rational when it came to medical needs, especially when weighed down by prudence. Speaking of which, the very corner of his mind was still considering his appearance. He knew that the windbreaker he wore was probably mildly jutting out, even if his wings were tightly folded up against his back. With that thought juggling throughout his mind, the fact that there were only a couple of other individuals lingering around the beach began to unnerve him gradually. There was an obnoxious, itching feeling to suddenly bolt up and run away to conceal himself further, but he attempted to ignore that for now, placing the majority of his attention onto Rhia. Vexx was the type of person that disliked burdening others, so as Rhia had offered to give him proper care for his wounds in her own hotel room, having had some practice with the field of medicine, contemplation was immediately set forth. Burdening Rhia was already obvious of the situation, but…if he didn’t choose to go along with her, he would most likely still be placing a burden upon her shoulders. Aside from the point that he was beyond just a tad hesitant to trust someone, let alone accept medical attention that would definitely require some sort of physical examination—of which he would probably have to show her his harmed wing so she could tend to it and that thought alone nearly dropped his heart into his stomach—, declining her offer would probably merely intensify the apparent concerns of the young woman.

    Her concerns were surprisingly perceptible to him because—well, if she wasn’t worried, she would not have remained with him in the first place, and offer medical care to him afterwards. This had to be done. He fully knew that he desperately needed the medical attention on top of all of that. If he simply ignored such injuries as he occasionally did, he might be dead by tomorrow. It had been awhile since he had received such serious lesions, thus explaining why he usually proceeded with ignoring his injuries while letting his body’s healing rates take heed of the aftermath. Alas, these particular wounds were too deep to mend properly without any medical assistance. In this case, medical terminology applied to him. Alternatively, there was not a nudging feeling telling him to jet at the sight of Rhia—in fact, his intuition was urging him to go along with her. He did not sense any negative vibes coming from her either. His nerves had been the cause of his unnecessary reaction upon stirring, but now that his mindset had relaxed slightly, he managed to notice all of that about Rhia…. Vexx set his silver orbs upon the hand that she had placed beneath his uninjured arm in order to help him up, hesitating provisionally. ….Should he go along with her? Yes, because declining the offer would be kind of stupid. Okay, it was settled. He would just have to leave as soon as his lesions healed up some. He could not linger around with her for too long, or else he’d be putting her in potential danger. Of course, that was not something he longed for. To the side of being on the run, possibly placing others in danger was another reason why he could never exactly loiter around long enough to simply catch one’s name, let alone get to know anyone at a mere acquaintance level.

    For a second, his thoughts reflected back to events that led to the current lesions across his body, but the short flash of recall was halted as quickly as it came. Although his voice was a bit low, it was still clear and comprehensible. “….Alright.” Slowly, the adolescent male allowed his hand to reach for her own one. He gently took Rhia’s slender hand into his fairly larger one, managing to stand with her support through a light wince of strain. Vexx’s stature reached up to a height of 5’9”; it wasn’t incredulously tall, but it was still basically tall nonetheless. And being at a mere age of 17--a few days to 18--meant that he was still in the process of growing. The young man glanced down at his windbreaker to ensure that nothing ‘strange’ was poking out of it. He was obviously quite attached to the damned garment, even if it was faded, torn, and practically imploring to be thrown out and replaced. He did not ordinarily have the time to appreciate fashion as he’d favor to do so however….or change his garments, as a matter of fact. However, nothing ‘strange’ was poking out from beneath his windbreaker as his overly cautious nature had recently implied. He glanced back over to the young lady, waiting for her to lead the way. In the meantime, he secondarily pondered about what variety of medical attention he would need. Would he need stitches? Perhaps, but he wasn’t worried about that because he was used to pain. He was much more concerned about having to reveal to her the other debilitated region of his body. How would Rhia react to the wings? He was completely at a loss with such a question, for he had never shown anyone his wings before, and he just didn’t know how a normal individual would react to them. Looks like he was going to find out sooner or later.

    “Erm…thank you.” Beyond all of the caution and over-alertness was…gratefulness. Vexx was indeed thankful for her aid, seeing as how the beach was close to desertion and his condition would have just grown much worse without said aid. Plus, he lacked money for a visit with a doctor. On the other hand, opening her hotel room to him wasn’t a necessarily needed action, but she chose to offer it to him, a mere stranger, anyway. For someone who had not been raised long enough by his parents to actually have been taught some sort of etiquette by them, he certainly did have more than one would believe. Of course, there were proper mannerisms that he lacked, and some that he didn’t. Even a runaway teen such as himself was capable of feelings of appreciation and a few other manners. It’d make one wonder why everyone couldn’t have some sort of politeness if he could possess some here and there. Vexx’s eyes dilated slightly as Rhia asked for his name. ‘Oh, right—people usually introduce themselves... Should I...? ....I guess it’s alright to...’ he mused with a tad of surprise, momentarily watching the young woman with a bit of inquisitiveness sparking in his steely optics. He had sincerely forgotten to state his name, although he asked for her own identity earlier. “I’m...Vecione—well, Vexx for short…” he responded lowly. ‘Or you can call me Subject 11, but…nah, I’d much prefer Vexx.’ he thought to himself sarcastically, as if to secretly spite the scientists that came up with such an atrocious forename in the first place. Who would want a name that categorized one as an ‘it’ rather than a living being with a gender? An ‘it’ did not have a gender.

  6. Rhia pulled him up off the sand gently. "Vexx, hmmm, that's definately not a name that I have heard before. Its kinda cool." She smiled at him warmly, the smile traveling from her mouth up into her eyes, a genuine smile. "So, why did you say I could call you 'subject 11'?" Her lips twitched from her smile into a mildly curious grin as she led Vexx slowly up the beach and toward her car. It was a beat up old Volkswagon baja bug, but it ran like a beauty. Also, it had leather seats, which, Rhia mused, would be ideal to get blood out of.

    She opened the car door and held the top of his head as she motioned for him to get in and sit down. "Please put on your seatbelt." Rhia told him as she walked around to the other side of the car and climbed in. "So, Vexx, I know I ask alot of questions, but where are you from anyway?" Her eyes barely glanced at him as she started the car and made her way down the busy streets into downtown where her hotel was.
  7. Rhia’s voice once again found its way to his hearing length, beyond all of the other variously vague noises his keen ears captured. After she had pulled him up from the sand--of which Vexx’s fairly lankly and moderately tall stature became apparent as he stood--, he stared in her direction as she spoke of his name, slightly unsure of how to respond. In all honesty, he had never given it a second thought, but upon being on the subject, he did feel fond of her own name as well. Rhia... There was a moderate amount of vacationers trailing around the beach, but despite the very modest sum of individuals, Vexx still precariously glanced at every one of them—well, nearly, while Rhia led him towards her car. He was not particularly fond of crowds, aware that anyone could be lurking in between thick bushels of people. After all, a couple of strangers were easier to swerve through than a copious total. Then again, a crowd would be easier to hide in if such a perilous event were to occur as they always did, right on cue, but that one insignificant detail was not going to change his opinion on crowds. One could not hide forever. He certainly wasn’t wet behind the ears, but society was…a field of slight inexperience and untrue accustoming for him. In one manner or another, he was ‘indirectly’ sheltered from social interactions, civilization, and so on and so forth. The male adolescent quietly longed to remove himself from the beach before the actual commotion began. There was still time though. There was an abundance of time left to move from the beautiful beach and its pristine sand dunes, although he much preferred bright sun rays and warm weather over glacial climates any day. It would have been nice to be one of the normal beach-goers, spending their vacation, pest-free days soaking up the balmy sun rays….

    More of the young male’s untamed, jet-black strands of hair fell over his features as he shook his head vigorously in Rhia’s direction, answering her question as to why he had said that she could call him ‘Subject 11’. ‘Did I just say that out loud without realizing...?’ he thought within his mind, optics dilated with mild surprise. “Er... It’s nothing... I was just talking to myself about Sorry.” He quickly made something up, hoping that she wouldn’t press the matter any further. How could he be so careless as to allow that name, ‘Subject 11’, to slip out in front of her...? Perhaps he was more delirious than he thought he was. He was more than ready to remove himself from the open vicinity. Enclosed spaces such as the car or the hotel room weren’t any superior, but at least being indoors might potentially decrease the possibilities of being ‘spotted’. He highly doubted that anyone of high concern was nearby though, but he knew that he could never be so sure. Fortunately, in reality, they had lost his trail…for now. Vexx quietly began to trudge alongside Rhia, until they had finally reached the car. Curiosity instantly flickered about in his eyes. He had never seen such a car before, though he honestly hadn’t seen many cars in his days. He felt almost uncertain again as she opened the car door for him to enter. As mentioned before, he didn’t really care for enclosed spaces, but he didn’t mind sucking it up for the time being. He entered rather swiftly for an injured individual, glancing around for the seatbelt when asked to put it on.

    Somehow, he had managed to snap the seatbelt into place around himself without harming himself any further. Though, despite this, he continued to feel the ongoing excruciation. Temporary annoyance with himself for reopening the wing lesion ceased as the pain-filled relaxation occurred. How could he relax with the growing realization that he was in a constant twinge, in credit to the decreasing adrenaline? At the second, there did not seem to be anything dangerous lurking about, aside from the gushing wounds, and worrying needlessly when someone was literally offering medical help to him appeared nonsensical, let alone it would only stress his body further and delay the healing rates. If only he’d completely understand this… Although greater worry stopped, the petty concern was subconsciously unrelenting. It was merely inconspicuous now. Miniature details were gradually becoming nonexistent, though, as the disorientation faintly increased. Perhaps the eventual calmness and ceasing of most concern was due to his weak status…? It was simply too exhausting to be as paranoid as he usually was in such a feeble state.

    Vexx’s eyelids began to weigh themselves down as the car cranked up and began to cruise down the various busy streets. An unexpected reaction from someone who had never ridden in a car before. Despite that it was becoming further difficult to keep awake, he managed to catch Rhia’s question. A current aspect that he didn’t truly understand was his current physical state. He was aware that he was still bleeding and the blood loss was probably one of the main causes for his feebleness, but there had to be another underlying cause. After all, blood loss didn’t usually devour away at his energy like so. Perhaps he was thirsty or hungry, or—oh right, he was. Approximately three days into starvation and dehydration did tend to use up the body’s energy levels much more vigorously. That certainly was not his main concern right now though, but it’d most likely creep up on him later. Typically, it was never extremely rigid to find food and water, but lately he had been unable to access such resources. Striving for three days without substantial nourishment wasn’t necessarily a big deal, even with the abnormally quick metabolism, but with all of his fresh and bloody lesions, he was feeling the toll at a much deeper intensity than usual. No big deal, right? He could easily walk from the car and to her hotel in this condition—okay, so maybe it wouldn’t be that easy, but he’d manage.

    Conceivably, her question about where he had come from sidetracked him so easily because it was…almost amusing. He was absolutely thankful that he wasn’t sensitive to questions that no longer seemed applicable to him. “Um, I’m from…nowhere in particular...” he began weakly, initially responding to Rhia’s query. Then, he adjusted the recent statement. “...Around here, that is. I’m from a faraway town called ‘Lennonsville’.” he added, thinking of a town name at the top of his head. Of course, he wasn’t ‘really’ from the town, but he couldn’t just tell her that he had been living in a lab years back. Personally, he sometimes thought that having no present connections to a specific hometown, no blood relatives, or friends was an easier predicament. For instance, if he just so happened to die, he would not make anyone mourn over his death…or if he became forever wedged in a different dimension, no one would miss him; he simply preferred that. It was a somewhat pessimistic way of thinking, but as mentioned before, Vexx wasn’t fond of burdening others in general--thus why he had been hesitant to go along with Rhia at first, before becoming aware that not going along with her would’ve probably burdened her even more so--, especially with emotions correlated to concern and so on and so forth.

  8. Rhia nodded at his responses as she drove through the heavy evening traffic. "Ugh, I hate rush hour." She muttered. The little beat up car wove in and out of the steadily growing flow. "Lennonsville, hmm, not a town I've heard of, but then again, I havent heard of alot of towns." She could sense silence descending on the car and reached over to turn on the radio, it came on to a popular music station, but she kept the volume turned down.
    The ride itself was mostly uneventful, quiet with the exception of Rhia's cursing at the other drivers. This seemed to be a pretty normal occurence for this area, if Vexx looked out his window, he would see other drivers doing the same thing, swerving in and out of traffic and cursing at others through closed windows. The ride took about fourty five minutes, before they reached the front of the hotel.

    "Alright, Vexx, lets get you out of the car. Just wrap up in the other towel in the back seat and follow me." she pointed behind her at the towel and gave him a soft smile. A young man came up to the car as she pulled the other towel forward making it easier for Vexx. Rhia stepped out of the car and spoke to the young man in the red hotel uniform before handing him the keys and some cash out of her wallet. she turned back to Vexx and motioned for him to follow her.
  9. Steely optics glanced out of the window as they swerved through traffic. So...this was ‘rush hour’...? A large portion of relief dropped onto his stature when she seemed satisfied with his response. Perhaps, at the moment, he could have been deemed ‘lucky’ since Rhia did not know of many towns. If she were far more experienced in said field of knowledge, he might have been in a bit of trouble for making up a ridiculous town name like so. He glanced out of the transparent window once more, before recoiling to rest his neck. After all, the occasional swerving of the car was already throwing his equilibrium off slightly; he didn’t need to look out the window to increase the effects any further. The fact that he was quite lightheaded from the current reduction of blood forced his naturally firm equilibrium to become far more sensitive than it usually was. Aside from that, the car’s unfamiliar movements did not appear to irritate his body’s senses in any other particular way. However, he did feel alerted notions gradually slipping away from him, along with his consciousness.

    The struggle to keep his eyelids open continued to seize him mercilessly....until Rhia turned on the radio, instantaneously perking his sense back up a notch. He listened to the popular music station in utter silence. It...had been awhile since he’d listen to the radio without having the enemy at least a mile away from him. The tunes were actually coming from the radio clearly and distinctly, and he could actually solely focus on the lyrics. The older radio that he used to listen to, before he had accidentally dropped it, would constantly break up the harmony of the music with unattractive static clamor that genuinely irked the boy to a great extent. Even so, it had been the only object that had calmed his nerves... A faint smile smeared into the young man’s lips all of a sudden. How peculiar. Hearing Rhia curse occasionally at the other drivers diverted him enough to make him crack a smile. The action reminded him of someone he used to be on-the-run with, but notwithstanding, he had glanced around only to realize that the other drivers were performing similar behaviors.

    Forty-five minutes were swift to bypass; before he knew it, they were heading through the driveway of the vast and elaborate hotel partially covered by palm fronds. He noted the fancy welcoming fountain as well, and although it was a pleasant decor, it seemed a tad wasteful and extravagant. It was nice nonetheless, but gaping at it began to remind him of his strong desire to quench his parched throat. Quickly, he dismissed the absurd thought of leaping into the fountain only to drink the water from it, before the notion had become actual reality. Once the vehicle had come a halt, Rhia told him to wrap up in the towel she had pointed to and then follow her. He nodded softly, and as directed, he took the towel and began to cloak himself with it. He shifted mildly to open the car door, but paused and jerked moderately at the abrupt sight of the man in the bright hotel uniform. He frowned, closed his optics, and sighed heavily within the car. ‘Such a bundle of nerves...’ he thought to himself with mild aggravation, attempting to regain his former, but very temporary, calmness from before. He truly was a bundle of nerves, flinching at the sight of a mere hotel worker.

    Could one blame him for tensing up at the presence of an adult, though? Grown ups had not been a part of his own lifestyle for so long….unless he counted the nutty scientists, which he apparently didn’t. This was kind of where the mild inexperience with society reared its hideous head the most. Responsible adults that weren’t megalomaniacs were not in his life anymore. Thus, the mere thought of the majority of society being run by such adults threw him off to some extent. And so, the mere perception of one told him prepare himself for the supposedly unexpected peril. Obviously, not every adult was power-hungry, but the freedom to do as he pleased without any adult supervision was an element that he truly didn’t want to give up. Most teens did go through the ‘independent’ stage after all, but that stage was actually literal for him. He knew that relaxation was the key to getting to the hotel room in one piece, so as difficult as it was deemed for him, he forced his nerves to loosen up while exiting the car. After shutting the door behind him, Rhia had just finished speaking with the hotel worker and was now gesturing for him to follow her. He did so, accompanying her from behind as he glanced around the new surrounding area. It was simply within his cautious nature to study a new area upon entering it. His swimming notions steadily began to return to his bustling mind, in spite of his weakening body. He gripped onto the edges of the towel that enclosed around him rather tightly, and entered the hotel with her.
  10. Rhia crossed the lush lobby as quickly as possible to not draw attention to the bleeding young man with her. But this was the south-west, noone really cared. Occassionally she would glance back to see if he was still keeping up with her, and she stopped just as she reached the elevator and turned around to wait for him to catch up the last few steps. She saw him looking around and gave him an encouraging smile as she waited for him. she didnt know why, but he seemed overly cautious for someone not much younger than her. Other than being injured, he should have been more enthusiastic. But he was quiet in the car, and he looked as if he was checking everything out as if the air itself would bite him.
    Still, her smile was calm and it went all the way to her eyes. "So, my room is all the way at the top, and the best part is, it faces North, so it's easier to sleep late and recover." She said as she pressed the up button on the elevator and waited for the tell tale ding.
  11. As abnormal as it may have been perceived, Vexx was fond of the detail that no one in the surrounding region appeared to take notice of the wounded young male. After all, the less attention he drew towards himself--well, the better, seeing as how he did have numerous elements to conceal. Undesired attention had always been a negative aspect for him. At first, it had unnerved him mildly that they were crossing through a populated lobby of the Marriott hotel chain, but he became slightly more at ease as he realized that there was a great lack of attention on them. Very good, because his heavy lesions were already beginning to leak a dark red hue again, gradually blemishing the new towel. The adolescent’s caution, as per the norm, always outweighed other potential feelings, such as excitement and enthusiasm. In fact, he should have felt said emotion right now. On the contrary, he was indeed astonished by the embellished hotel--after all, it had extensive amount of time since he had last been inside of a structure that wasn’t abandoned, worn-down, or threatening to smash him with its feeble, but weighty rooftop. Due to the fact that just about any building that wasn’t too feeble satisfied his shelter needs, this emblazoned hotel was so much more than he could ever ask for. If paranoia didn’t completely bury his other emotions, then at the very least, it would cloak the alternate sentiments from his facial features entirely.

    Even so, despite his reserved expressions and reactions, one could probably tell with moderate ease that he was quite content and amazed at the grand hotel by merely glancing at the inquisitive twinkles within his silver irises. In the intervening time, he attempted to keep up with her pace. He did not long to straggle behind and slow her down, even if he possessed a suitable source of downtempo. Upon reaching the elevator, he noted her encouraging beam. In all honesty, it had been quite some time since he’d viewed such a genuine and sincere smile....especially on a face with such utter beauty too. It encouraged him to smile back, in spite of his smile being incredibly more faint. He stepped into the elevator, stealing a few glimpses before mentally sighing. Another constricted space....? Wasn’t anyone even a tad claustrophobic in today’s society? Well, most likely not. Most individuals had not lived a portion of their lives in a cage, thus resulting in little to claustrophobia in modern society. The young male inhaled deeply, forcing his keen senses to disregard the enclosed space of the closing elevator. He lightly leaned off to the side, pressing his lesion-free shoulder against the elevator wall to rest temporarily.

    Standing utterly erect was proving to be increasingly tedious due to blood loss and other factors. Vexx was a naturally silent person, or ‘subject’. Though, he didn’t particularly care for awkward silences, so at times, he yearned to be a bit more experienced in social activities so that he could prevent those awkward silences with apparent mastery. He was appreciative that she appeared to be far more credentialed in the field of sociality than he was. Vexx shifted his head to face her, blinking softly at the statement she made regarding her room. Although he was a bit out-of-touch with the community, he was aware that, on the majority of hotel occasions, the most expensive rooms were positioned at the very top of the building. He could be incorrect, though. At the mentioning of sleeping late, he thought that...that sounded rather inviting. The word ‘sleep’ sounded like pure bliss in general to him. He was usually incredulously deprived of it from constantly migrating to and fro, but as tempting as may have been, he knew that staying here for a night was risky, let alone sleeping past the hours. But still....

    “I see...” he responded lowly, in a thoughtful tone as he mildly trailed off in his compact statement. Despite that he did not have much to say in response, he did find that fact interesting, that a room facing north would allow the person occupying the room to sleep late and recover without any fuss. He honestly didn’t know anything about that, so it was a refreshing piece of information. The elevator eventually came to an abrupt halt after releasing a ‘dinging’ noise, unsteadying his footing slightly. He was just glad that he had been utilizing the wall for substantial support at the time, or else he might have stumbled from the unexpected and sudden stop. Swallowing hard, he succeeded with standing straight again, simultaneously with the opening elevator entrance. Vexx hesitantly glanced in Rhia’s direction a couple of times, before finally speaking. “....Thank you...for this. I really do appreciate what you’re doing...” he stated after walking out of the elevator. His towel was still securely wrapped around him, but it was now deemed drenched with blood. And as observant as Vexx was, he actually didn’t seem to notice. His awareness must have been growing more fatigued.

  12. Rhia stood next to the elevator and was surprised to see him smile back at her. For someone so injured, he had such an amazing smile. She looked into his grey eyes as the doors on the elevator opened up and stepped in. There was some worry in her eyes as she spied that the towel was completely soaked, he had to be feeling this. hopefully she could get him fixed up well enough and help to replace all the blood he had lost so far. In fact, she had noticed that he had lost so much that he should have been unconscious already. He had to have some amazing stamina for such a young man to be able to deal with that much pain and blood loss. She shook her head lightly to clear the thoughts as they boarded the elevator and she pressed the top button, 20, the top floor where her room was.
    She had a bag on her shoulder and began to dig through it for her room key, she wanted to get into the room immediately and start working on him, not have to wait any longer than she had to. The ride on the elevator was short, yet it felt like forever to Rhia, and she was sure it had to feel like that to Vexx as well. When it came to a slightly jerking halt and the doors opened, Rhia let out a sigh of relief. The home stretch, everything would be fine soon. She heard his thank you and turned to look at him as she stepped out of the elevator's doors. "You're welcome Vexx, I promise that it's no problem at all. I enjoy helping others, no matter how I can." That encouraging smile flashed quickly as she finished speaking. She took a right out of the elevator and headed down a long hallway to her room. It was silent up here. There were muffled voices in the rooms and the sound of quiet televisions could be heard. at the end of the hallway Rhia stopped in front of a door, the number on the room said 818. The room key was in her hand and it slid smoothly into the electric lock. The green light blinked cheerfully at her and she opened the door and stepped into the room.
    There were two bedrooms, a bathroom, a dining/living area and a den/gathering area in the room.

    luxury-hotel-palihouse-suite.jpg 88.jpg
  13. ‘Enjoy helping others...?’ Vexx thought to himself mentally. Huh. He...hadn’t encountered a being like so before--that is, until recently. His notions recurred, but only subtly. It was more than enough staggering to Room 818. He didn’t need to resume his intense contemplations on anything in particular and set his body into a far more stressful disturbance both mentally and physically. Hopefully, in actuality, this all wasn’t a trouble for her as she had mentioned. The adolescent male came to a halt, familiar silence looming over them. With keen ears, he overheard the faint clamor of muffled televisions and incoherent conversations throughout the various rooms of the hotel. Even so, none of the light commotion seemed threatening....or perhaps he was simply too lightheaded and feeble to care anymore. By now, he should have been unconscious. That is, if he were human. Although, visually, he appeared to be human, his physical attributes certainly exceeded that of one. Including endurance. Thus, he was capable of standing erect for an extended interval in spite of the considerable blood deprivation.

    He surveyed Rhia momentarily, just as she flawlessly slid the room key into the electric lock. Such a foreign item to him. And then, in addition to the time he had stepped into the hotel, he stood at the entrance with an awe-inspiring, speechless expression. With his mouth agape and his optics dilated to a massive size, he hesitantly advanced forward into the room. “.........” Almost energetically, he shifted his head from left to right--doing his best to take in the wondrous sights all at once--, completely taken aback by the suite’s magnificent display. For once, he was not frantically glimpsing around out of paranoia or caution. ....Was it rendered possible...? Was it feasible for the rooms of an extensively fancy hotel to be far more ‘upperclass’ to a greater extent?? No, with the company of his run-down garments, he didn’t deserve to be in such an embellished and spacey hotel room, right? This wasn’t even considered a room solely, for it was also incorporated with a living room, a dining room, and an additional room of decent capacity. No, this was definitely one of those legendary suites he had always heard of through drifting rumors.

    Alas, he did not get to seize the opportunity to dash through the suite and explore like an excited youngster, nor did the overwhelming sensation that the suite had gifted him last for much longer. Subsequent to goggling at the living space for a small while, he plopped his frame into a nearby chair, aspiring to avert the soiling of any of the spectacular furniture with his bodily fluids. Instantaneous relief washed down his shoulders as he felt gravitational forces ease up around him. Even with wounds and all, several minutes of walking had never drained him this much before. Ever. Was he truly in that horrendous of a condition due to mere lesions? Speaking of which, the recalling of his current state made him become aware of what was still left undone. Abruptly, he felt like his heart was gradually sinking into his stomach again, though this would probably show through perceptible nervousness. He did not have a problem with removing upper garments, if only he had nothing to hide… The mere notion of revealing his wings to her was what threw him into a nervous state of mind, but doing so was inevitable. If he ever desired to soar again, he was going to have to get that lesion treated.

    Swallowing harshly through a parched esophagus and mouth, Vexx gently grasped onto the zipper of his fatigued windbreaker and zipped downwards, painfully slowly. Quickly, he mentally mapped out the layout of the hotel in the intervening time—the path in which they used to enter. It wouldn’t take long to exit the hotel if need be. Worrisome thoughts trampled his mindset because he just didn’t know what to expect. Never had he shown anyone his wings, aside from the individuals that had viewed him in the lab, so he truly didn’t know how in the world Rhia would react. In his standpoint, her potential reaction veered off much closer to the negative plane rather than the positive. He intricately removed his windbreaker, unveiling the garment he wore beneath. The white male tank top would allow her to see the shoulder wound, which had been formerly concealed by the olive windbreaker. Still, though, his wings were hidden. Whenever he recoiled his wings, they would always slide into the slits of his windbreaker...and then into the slits of his tank top. Despite the flimsy top, the large wingspan was well-hidden, merely formerly a small hump beneath the tank top.

    “Just so you know....I....did get hurt somewhere else, aside from the larger wound on my shoulder.” Pausing, he glanced down at himself. Apart from the two main lesions causing most of the blood loss, tinier scratches were evident on the various regions of his lightly olive-skinned body. They were apparently new, but would most likely heal up completely within a few days. “....In fact, I have another wound on my…um…wing…” he finally whispered to Rhia in attempts to inform her ahead of time about what he was about to reveal, heart pounding profusely as the word, ‘wing’, was voiced. Carefully so as not to tear open his injuries anymore than they already were, he seized hold of the bottom of his tank top and turned until his back was to her. Then, tentatively, he lifted the tank top over his head. Beyond his slim, but well-toned upper body, two obsidian wings stared right back at her. The 14-foot wingspan had been securely folded up against his back the entire time, but now that they were no longer a secret to her and were not constricted by the tank top to any further extent, he loosened them slightly—though they still remained neatly folded against him, and were not stretched to their full length. Breaths were becoming harder to obtain as silence loomed over, which was already making him regret revealing them.

    There was nothing to regret though. His right wing was desperate to receive medical attention, and as much as he despised the sore fact, this was something he could not do on his own. He was completely shocked with himself nonetheless—he honestly didn’t believe that he would be able to tell her, let alone temporarily trust her enough to reveal the feathery embellishments. It would be perfectly comprehensible if Rhia could not grasp onto the reality of a human-looking boy with wings, but…he sometimes wished he were a bit experienced with situations such as the current one. He knew that the method in which he had thrown the ‘wing’ component at her was not at his very charming, but…well, he could not alter his words now. Silvery orbs remained large with mental panic and concern whilst they burned to glance back at her. The escalating disorientation did not halt his growing panic, which simply aided the bodily stress. “Erm…d-do you see the wound?” It was a fairy stupid question to ask—he knew that, but he was merely trying to divert some of the wing revelation’s tension with such an obvious query, seeing as how the lesion would be staring right back at her as well. His wings were fairly thick, so the former bullet had not formed a gaping hole fortunately, but due to the point that it was close to the edge of the feathery attachment, it could have possibly nicked a small fraction of the bone.

  14. She smiled at his obvious awe as they stepped into the room. She set her bag down and went into the bathroom looking for all of her medical supplies as Vexx sat down in a chair. She could feel something was up with him she just wasnt sure what. Shrugging to herself in the bathroom she gathered up her supplies. Scissors, needles, suture thread, gauze, antibiotics, alcohol, you name it, she had it. And if she didnt, she could get it easily enough from any one of the clinics at the school.

    Slowly she walked out of the room and back toward Vexx carrying all the supplies, as she set them down on the table she heard him tell her that he was injured somewhere else. In reply she turned to him and gave him a curious look, blinking in surprise at the initial shoulder wound. Rhia leaned back agains the table as he said 'wing'. Her eyes held confusion and shock as he said that, then her whole face contorted into a look of curious surprisse as the wings unfolded in front of her. Rhia swallowed thickly, walking slowly toward Vexx, one hand outstretched. Gently she reached up and stroked the wing where it wasn't injured. She saw the bullet wound and knew that it would be easy to fix, but she stood there lightly touching the black feathers and staring between them and Vexx, transfixed to the spot. "Vexx, h-how is this possible. They're have r-real wings." She was just honestly curious. The look on her face was one of awe, Vexx would be able to tell that she thought they were beautiful.
  15. Vexx sincerely swore that his heart would, within due course, pound directly through his bare chest, due to its harsh hammering of apprehensiveness correlated into fear and sheer concern. Momentarily, Vexx glanced over to the supplies within her grasp and attempted to slow his profusely thumping center. Subsequent to finally unearthing the immense secret to her, he instantaneously scanned her facial expression, her body language--everything. Anything for an answer to the prolonged silence that only seemed to escalate his inner fret. Confusion. Shock. Surprise. Were those good signals...or bad ones? He honestly couldn’t tell for certain. Tentatively, he observed as she flashed the stunned reaction while reaching out to make contact with the unharmed ebony wing. Vexx flinched; she didn’t hurt him, but her gentleness in the way she had touched his lesion-free feathery appendage...was thoroughly new to him. Such gentleness felt vastly unfamiliar to the male teen, which was what ultimately forced him to flinch. In this scenario, the flinching wasn’t a negative response but a positive one.

    He was ordinarily manhandled for several reasons, but one would probably never suspect that with how tenderly he had reached out and touched Rhia’s hand--the one that was meeting with his wing. However, knowing what it was like to be roughly thrashed around made him much more attentive to how he physically handled others. His silvery optics gradually began to dilate as he perceived that her former expression was converting into a more curious one. What..? She wasn’t frightened, nor was she ‘freaked out’ or repulsed? Upon becoming aware of this, Vexx initiated calming his bundled nerves. Why had he reached out to touch her hand, though...? Well, perhaps he was simply just as taken aback as she was to discover someone that wasn’t weirded out by this whole situation altogether. “Wait... So, you’re not....freaked out by my wings...?” Vexx hesitantly queried. His tone was mixed with genuine relief and a bit of befuddlement, solely because he had been convinced that she would indeed be weirded out. However, instead, she appeared to be curious rather than afraid or alarmed. The look she was giving his wings were one of admirable qualities rather than disgust or fear.

    Conceivably, when he had extended an arm to gently touch her hand, he hadn’t realized he had done so. However, when he did notice this, he swiftly ceased his actions and withdrew his larger fingers from her own willowy digits. Even though he had done this, he couldn’t help but reflect back on how soft her hands felt... Vexx blinked softly, still in a state of mild disbelief. She truly wasn’t freaked out or hysterical. So far, this was much better than he had anticipated it to go, and he was just delighted that his pessimistic train of notions had been incorrect for once in his young and perilous lifespan. He paused and looked away prior to responding to her query. “Uh... Well, it’s possible because....I’m not....exactly...human....” Although he had gotten past the largest obstacle, he was still slightly afraid of unveiling information of a more sensitive and secretive nature to her, but...he had gone this far, so why shouldn’t he tell her?? For now, he’d probably leave out the detail that he had been captive in a lab for years, but if he lodged around long enough, he may just confess that to her eventually as well. Vexx inhaled deeply before continuing.

    “...I’m actually....apart of a race called the ‘winged elf’....and even though we don’t look like elves, we are regarded as such because we can live for a little longer than humans on average.... And we’re called ‘winged’ because--well, you can see why....” Vexx explained as briefly as he could, a faint smile coming to his face. He honestly wasn’t used to verbalizing this much within such a short time frame. After all, he was usually by himself and he preferred not to talk to himself and further drive himself into insanity at a quicker pace. People that talked to themselves obviously weren’t insane, but for him--if he started to speak to himself now, he would no longer have the constant urge for some sort of socialization with another living being. And he would probably drive himself mad attempting to make comebacks to himself in response to all of the smart-aleck remarks he would most likely make to himself. Although he was perceived to be rather quiet, Vexx was actually exceedingly....snarky at times, but he was generally only like that to the scientists. That lied among one of the reasons that forced them to ‘manhandle’ him to a greater extent than the other ‘experiments’.

  16. Rhi slowly walked behind him, running her hands over the uninjured wing. "The feathers, are so soft, and...warm.Wow, they must be real." She still couldnt hide her almost utter delight in seeing this. She listened to him very carefully. "No, I'm not freaked out. Sure this is different, but...I dont think different is a bad thing." She made her way around him and saw the damage done to the other wing and almost flinched herself. She knew that it would require alot of work and some intense healing, but he would have the use of it again. Well, she didnt know if he could fly or not, and she wondered about asking him.

    "So, you're an elf..? Okay, so, is there anything other than the wings that I should know about that makes you different than humans? I'm only asking because I dont want to hurt you more than you already are." She moved back to the table that she had set the supplies on and slipped on a pair of gloves and got gauze and cleaning materials ready, and set the stitches to soak in some peroxide to help keep out infections. "And, Vexx, I promise I wont hurt you more than this is already going to." SHe looked genuinely worried and sorry. She didnt know how to tell him that cleaning and repairing the wounds would hurt alot. ", this is gonna hurt some, so I need you to trust me just a little more, and please hold as still as possible." She pulled up another chair and gently pushed his uninjured shoulder so that he would know to sit, and she sat in front of him, gauze poised and waiting until he was ready.
  17. With the rather dingy windbreaker resting within his lap, he persevered staring up at her with disbelief. Her reaction was surprisingly positive, which diminished his nervous heart rate tremendously. She was taking the revelation quite well, and had even stated that she wasn’t ‘freaked out’ at all. His uninjured wing quivered mildly to her warm hand coming in contact with it. They were seldomly touched for various reasons--well, unless someone was intending to impair him by doing so. He didn’t touch them all that much either, so he pondered as he perceived her comment on how soft and tepid they were. Were they really...? He felt himself nearly chuckle when Rhia confirmed that they were real. He genuinely didn’t know what to utter to her when she mentioned that being different wasn’t a bad attribute. He was speechless. What could he say? Such a statement had truly put his restless soul at ease for the initial time that day. Alright, so perhaps he wouldn’t have to dash out of the hotel in a hastening pace. Maybe...he could actually calm down...? Ah, but for someone as paranoid as he, that would be rendered a difficult chore. Though, Rhia’s presence, peculiarly made the task significantly facile to accomplish.

    Eventually, the lad retrieved his tongue once again, nodding faintly as Rhia questioned about his race. “Actually...aside from the wings, elves and humans are pretty much identical in anatomy and all. So my body works the same way as a human’s.” he replied to her, smiling lightly in her direction. It was admirable. She had queried because she didn’t want to harm him. Yet another statement he certainly wasn’t accustomed to hearing very often when applied to his person. "And, Vexx, I promise I won’t hurt you more than this is already going to." He nodded once more. “I trust that you won’t Rhia. ...I will...put all of my trust in you from this point on...” Did he just murmur that? Was he truly, for the first time in an extensive while, going to trust someone wholly? Well, he had already revealed his wings to her and she hadn’t freaked out, so...why not? Above all, she had helped him a great deal thus far. He owed her his trust. And she was also very genuine about not delivering anymore harm to him. It was strange that he trusted her words so easily... At the mentioning of how painful the upcoming process would be, he gave her a momentary smile.

    “Don’t worry--pain is something that I can handle, so please do what you see fit and I will hold myself as still as I can.” he responded to her, forcing his body to relax further as she prepared. He closed his optics for an instance and released a soft breath. Who would have thought that he would come to put his trust in someone? Namely, someone that he had just met today...? He was honestly astonished at the feat himself. After glancing at the stitches that were currently soaking in peroxide, he swallowed hard and turned away from the sight. Yes, he knew this wasn’t going to be pleasant, but for a moment, the medical supplied brought forth flashbacks of time he was back in the lab. He quickly shook the notions away. He couldn’t become uneasy now. No, not after calming down so well... “I’m ready whenever you are, Rhia.” Although he could endure bountiful amounts of pain before breaking, he still wasn’t exactly fond of pain. Though, he was perfectly capable of ‘dealing’ with it. Keeping his body still during the process would prove to be quite a challenge as well, seeing as he was naturally restless, but at this point, he was going to focus on keeping his figure as motionless as possible in order to make the task a little easier for her complete.

  18. She listened to him and nodded, her eyes the only part of her betraying her uneasiness about all of this. At least I can treat this as if he was completely human, she thought to herself. Rhia gave him a gentle smile as she retrieved the stitches from the peroxide and gently laid her left hand on his injured shoulder, pushing slightly to move the flesh back together so it would be easier to suture. "I'm sorry about this, Vexx, and thank you for trusting me." She said as she grimaced slightly. She had put some numbing ointment on the skin around the wound to dull some of the pain, but Vexx would surely feel it as the needle went through, pulling the thread along with it. It would only hurt slightly and be more of an uncomfortable pulling sensation as the thread moved the torn skin back together.

    Rhia spent almost an hour on just Vexx's shoulder. She couldnt speak to him during this time or it would mess with her concentration. At the end of the hour the table was littered with bloody gause and needles, left over thread from the stitches and mounds of tape left over from the bandage she wrapped around it. "Alright, that part is done. Now, please try not to move it too much or you could pull out the stitches, and then it will damage the area more and I will have to redo them." She spoke softly to him, her voice full of care and pain for causing him discomfort. "Now, how should I go about working on your wing? It's not too bad of a wound, and if we do it right, you wont have any trouble flying after its all healed."
  19. The young lad met eyes with her prior to the process of stitching up his lesions. He could faintly detect the uneasiness lingering in her optics, but he was still assured that she would stitch his abrasios up just fine. He smiled in recurrence when she apologized for what was to occur, and then conveyed gratitude to him for being trustful of her. He wouldn’t have minded, even if he were to perceive the full extent of the stitches coursing through his tissue without the reinforcement of numbing ointment. Still, though, he considerably valued the gesture and her apparent perturbation for the pain he’d endure. If it was to ensure that he wouldn’t bleed to death, then he was ready to partake in it in spite of potential pain. He was merely delighted that he would sustain himself for just a tad longer. And, peculiarly, he didn’t feel as vacantly content for surviving now that he was receiving help with the task of remaining alive. From Rhia. Why was that...? In the intervening time, he kept his lean body as immobile as feasible, to verify that it’d be, at the minimum, a little easier for her to stitch up the laceration. He could feel the uncomfortable tugging of the stitches mending his flesh back together, but he simply retained his body’s motionless state nonetheless. Despite that it had been approximately an hour, he had managed to keep still for the majority of the period. He didn’t aspire to interrupt her concentration either, acknowledging how strenuous it must have been to actually seam flesh back into conjunction, so he grasped onto his prolonged silence as well. With closed optics, he patiently waited for her to finish, still mildly overcome with stoic joy at the fact that he was not going to hemorrhage until death.

    He was taken aback by himself for genuinely being capable of keeping immobile for an extensive period of time, with his jittery and restless syndrome, but he was alleviated upon hearing her voice. After all, it was the indication that informed him of her completion. He released a breath and swiveled his head tenderly in order to curiously examine his stitched shoulder. “Wow... Your precision is outstanding. I can see why you’re going into a medical field.” he said in a low voice, relatively awed by her skills and deft fingers. He nodded softly at the instructions given to him, and subsequent to listening to her query, he glanced down at his lap in thought before answering her. “Well...I guess it should be fine with a little bit of cleaning and disinfecting. The wing should heal on its own since it’s not too badly off as you say. They only just clipped my wing after all.” Vexx responded with a faint smile in her direction. He was glad that the major stitching labor had been concluded, but he was still, of course, extensively grateful for her help. “Thank you for doing this. I’m lucky to have run into someone as good-natured and skillful as you.” He bowed in her direction, though he was still seated. And he recalled not to bow too lowly, wishing to be cautious with the stitches. “I won’t be here for long, but while I am here, I am in your debt Rhia.” he told her sincerely, eventually looking back up to her with his smoky irises. He appeared to have calmed down quite a lot within the past hour. Perhaps it was because he was no longer in too much danger...?

  20. She had been examining his wing further as he spoke and nodded as he said it would only need cleaning. "Alright, I'll clean it and then I will just wrap it as best as I can. That should help keep everything out for a day or two until it isnt prone to infection anymore and then the air will help speed up the healing after that." She leaned down and gave him a genuine smile this time and set about cleaning and wrapping the wing. "And youre very welcome, I enjoy helping people, I find the work enjoyable and rewarding. And, Vexx, you can be here for as long and you need, or want to be. You arent causing me any trouble, and you dont owe me anything." She finished with the binding and stepped in front of him, taking off her gloves and cleaning up the work area. She would take the garbage out herself later so the housekeepers didnt see all the needles and such. But for some reason, Vexx seemed like an interesting person, and would be even without the wings, and the thought of him leaving saddened her. She sort of saw him as a friend, and she really didnt have many of those. "So, if and when you do feel like you have to leave, where do you think you will be going?" She only asked because she felt that she may be able to help him and she didnt want to never see him again.
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