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  1. Luc Bayton
    Age: 128

    Race: Vampire

    Personality: A little stuck-up in the eyes of many other vampires, Luc hides his compassion for people. He still holds onto his humanity, afraid that if he lets loose, he would not be able to reign himself back in.

    Bio: Luc was born and raised in England among nobles. He didn't choose to become a vampire, but he begged for life on his deathbed, bleeding from a mortal injury. Fortunately, or unfortunately, the person that was around to hear his pleas was a vampire, who then turned him and taught him how to feed without killing. He was the good kind of vampire that had morals and didn't mind being a mentor to take responsibility for turning a human.

    After a few decades together as student and teacher, they parted ways and Luc went overseas after the second world war. He has kept to himself so as to not raise suspicion. In this day and age, people that found out what he was could easily kill him.

    He currently lives in an old, decrepit mansion on the outskirts of town. He only went out to resupply his stock of blood from a clinic that had a vampire employee. He would drink from human if the need arose.
  2. Name: Ashley Renora Yang
    Race: Human
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Ashley is an overall nice and caring person. She is mature for her young age, but also has a fun side. When in a relationship, she is fully committed, dedicated and focused. A mother-to-be, Ashley has been having a lot of mood swings, so its hard to tell what mood she is in, because she is sad one minute, angry the next.
    History: Not much is known about her, no known relatives or anything. Ashley is just your average nurse who is living outside the city. Nope, not really, she is about to be a Single Mom because her husband was killed in a fatal animal attack while she was three months pregnant. Still reeling over her husband's death, which, combined with the symptoms of pregnancy, makes Ashley very moody and depressed.

    Sylvania Blackheart
    Race: Elf
    Age: 104
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Very Reserved, Loner, Protective
    Bio: Not much is known about Sylvania, other then the fact that she is Ashley's Guardian. Because of her delicate condition, Sylvania is extremely protective of her.
  3. Luc went to the basement of his mansion to check his food storage. He only slightly thirsty so he would hold off on that until he found out how much blood he needed to get from his friend at the clinic. Turns out that he needs quite a bit. He must have been feeding without realizing again. He does that when he gets bored, sometimes. He had been thinking he should probably find something to do with the life he was given, but he just didn't know what to do.

    He already became a novelist to keep himself sane. The books he has written cover a variety of genres. Since he's lived for over a century, he published some Historical novels. At least he knew then that he would get details correct. He locked up his storage area and climbed the stairs to the main floor.

    In the evening, he exited the mansion towards the clinic. His friend told him to always come by when people were scarce, so he chose late in the day to begin his trek over there. On his way, he began to get thirstier than he thought he would before arriving. He was in a residential area of town and he decided that maybe a quick "snack" would benefit him. Just a bit, to lessen the thirst so he could get to the clinic.
  4. That night, young expecting mother Ashley Yang and her Guardian Sylvania were out for a walk. Sylvania was very protective of Ashley because of her delicate condition. She even kept her Bow in hand to ensure Ashley's Safety. The previous week, she killed a Coyote to keep it from harming Ashley. They lived in a Small, Three Bedroom House, which was left behind for Ashley by her late Husband, who was killed in a fatal Animal attack, namely by a wolf. The bulge in her belly had shifted the center of gravity for her, so sometimes it was difficult to stand. During the walk, Ashley started feeling a sharp pain in her stomach. "Ashley, are you alright?" Sylvania asked, feeling around Ashley's swollen belly.

    "Yes, Sylvania...I'm fine...The Baby is just anxious to meet her Mother..." Ashley replied, holding her stomach.

    Ashley took a deep breath as Sylvania tried to comfort her. Childbearing was obviously no easy task and even Sylvania knew that. "If you'd like, Sylvania, go ahead and listen to the baby."

    Sylvania kneeled down and leaned her right ear into Ashley's belly. She smiled upon hearing the baby's heartbeats. The wind then blew against her hair and the dress that Ashley wore. Afterwards, Sylvania gave it a quick kiss before standing up and continuing to walk with her best friend.
  5. Luc continued to walk through the neighborhood in search of his prey. Soon enough, he came across two women walking together. One was carrying a bow and the other was... fat? Her stomach was rounded under the pretty red dress she had on. He saw the women with the bow kneel down in front of the fat woman and then kiss her belly. He found it very odd, it baffled him. But who was he to question what human women did.

    That's when he noticed it. The women that was now standing straight up was an elf, the pointed ears gave it away. Luc did not know much about elves except what they look like and they lived long lives. He was unsure of what elf blood tasted like, so he chose to feed off of the fat woman.

    He crept closer to the two of them and thought about stealing away the fat one. He didn't know if the elf was there as protection for the woman, but if that was the case, he wondered why.

    (Hahaha. I made him sound stupid. I figured he'd be too old to remember what pregnant was.)
  6. (Well, he is an anti-social recluse, so I wouldn't expect him to. Even though Vampires are supposed to be very intelligent and superb memory)

    Sensing danger, Sylvania stopped walking, even though the two were close to home. Another reason why she was so protective of Ashley was because she did take note of there being Vampires out and about at this time of night, which does make it much more dangerous to go out for walks. Most curfews were at around Sunset, but Ashley liked going out for walks at this time of night, because she enjoyed the cool breeze. "What's wrong?" Ashley asked, also starting feel a strange vibe, as if a Vampire was nearby. As a result, she felt the baby kick and began holding her stomach in a protective matter when she saw Sylvania draw her bow, even more so when she saw a Silver Arrow, which Sylvania always has on her after dark. "There's a Vampire nearby, isn't there?" Ashley asked.

    "Yeah, I can feel it..." she said, taking aim, ready to kill if a Vampire dared to attack Ashley. To make it more deadly, the Silver Tip of her Arrow was also coated in Garlic.
  7. He saw the elf take out an arrow. They must have figured out that he was near. He would have to be very cautious and quick. If he got hurt, his loss of blood would only increase his thirst. He used his vampire speed to run towards them from behind, snatching up the woman in the dress.

    He cradled her in his arms, not wanting to hurt the young woman. He just wanted to nibble on her. Luc ran in the opposite direction as fast as he could, hoping the elf wouldn't catch him. Or shoot him with that arrow.

    (um. He's not the type of vampire that would be effected by garlic, except his nose.)
  8. (Then I guess its a good thing that the Arrows are Silver)

    Ashley shrieked as soon as the Vampire snatched her. "ASHLEY!" Sylvania was shocked that the Vampire was able to sneak up on them. When he used his vampire speed to get away, Sylvania decided to chase him down, tracking him by his scent. Although she was no Vampire Hunter, she was an Expert Tracker. "You will not have the chance to feed on her, you scum..." she muttered as she continued to track him by his scent.

    When they came to a stop, Ashley was scared for her life. When she saw his fangs, she started crying. "Please don't hurt me...I'm pregnant..." Tears were rolling down her cheeks as she begged for her life, knowing what'll happen if she is bitten. Either she will be turned or she will die depending on how much blood he takes from her.
  9. He looked down at the woman he captured. Pregnant? He breathed in her scent. He did smell two people on her. His pace got slower as his mind raced with what to do next. He didn't want to risk the life of the child growing within her. "I'm not going to hurt you. I apologize for scaring you. I just needed to drink a little from you to keep my thirst at bay, but I see now that is going to be impossible. But I am also afraid that if I don't, I will lose control over my blood lust."
  10. "Bite her and I will turn you into ashes faster then a Desert melts Ice!" Sylvania yelled as she got up close to him, ready to release the Silver Arrow at his head. "Its alright Ashley, you'll be okay." Ashley was still scared to death, especially for the baby. So she was still shaking in fear as tears continued to roll down her cheeks. "Please, the venom might kill my baby. If you bite me, the baby will die..." She cried.
  11. (Here we go again. He doesn't have venom. I've always used my version of vampires. Do you want me to look up the traditional vampire lore?)

    Luc stopped dead n his tracks and turned very slowly. "I'm not going to hurt her." He put her down gently and let her run back to the elf. He put his hands in the air in surrender. "Guess I'll just have to make sure I reach the clinic in time," he thought. He started backing away very slowly. "Again, I apologize for scaring you."
  12. (Well, I wouldn't know how else she would be turned into a Vampire if she is bitten...So...Hehe... But yeah, you probably should to have a better understand of the Vampire Lore)

    As Ashley was back in her arms, she put her bow and arrow away. Sylvania simply glared at Luc as she helped Ashley stand. Ashley cried into Sylvania's Shoulder as she cradled her belly. To comfort her, Sylvania rubbed circles around her stomach before attempting to hush her.
  13. Luc rushed to the clinic, thinking about what had just happened. He would just have to risk it. He got his supply of blood from his friend and hurried home. He couldn't help but think of the two women he crossed paths with today. He heard the elf call the pregnant one "Ashley." He wondered what the elf's name was.

    He arrived home and put his food in storage and sat down at his computer to log all that had happened that evening. Maybe he could use it in a novel some way.
  14. Upon arriving home, Ashley relaxed herself, having calmed down on the walk home. That was her first actual experience with a Vampire. If it were not for Sylvania, her best friend and protector, she would have been vampire chow. As she sat down on the couch in the Living Room, Ashley took a deep breath before resting her feet on the Coffee Table, stretching out her legs, as they did tend to start aching if she stood for too long. In which case, she did. Sylvania gave her a back rub. "I'm sorry you had a horrifying experience tonight."

    "Its okay, Sylvania. Its not your fault." Ashley said calmly, looking down at her belly, gently patting it.

    "How's the baby?"

    "She'll be fine. As long as I don't fall on my stomach or anything, everything will be okay. So far, this pregnancy has been going overall well. Especailly with you around."

    Sylvania smiled, glad that Ashley was okay. After she was done giving her a backrub, Sylvania carried Ashley to bed. As Ashley slept, Sylvania stayed up, watching her, paranoid that she may be attacked. She then placed her hand on Ashley's belly, smiling as she felt the baby kick.
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