The Life of a Devil IC

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  1. The school day was fast approaching its end. Tsumiki was sitting in class calmly jotting down a note or two. Perhaps it was about the lesson, but more than likely it had nothing to do with it. The teachers generally did things by the book. Sometimes they went further than necessary, but most off the time Tsumiki could more of less handle the teachings himself. That took about a quarter of the class. He wrote his notes. Mostly in case somebody needed them or something and the rest of the time he went over other important things in his head. His peerage, the chance of participating in a rating game, his family and many other things crossed his mind. He wrote it down.

    "Mr. Grimmond. Please answer..."

    "653." Tsumiki said simply, interrupting the teacher before he could finish. The teacher sighed and turned back to the bored. His goal had likely been to see if Tsumiki was paying attention and possibly give a slight hint of embarrassment to the teenager. But of course, that plan never worked out in this teacher or any of the others. The class chuckled quietly. It wasn't pursued by anyone though. And soon Tsumiki stood as the bell rang.

    It was about time for a meeting with his peerage. Well more formally, it was time for a meeting of the Occult Research Club. Every school had one really. It was really just the easiest cover for the groups meetings. At least, that was what his Uncle Asmodeus told him. It was under his advisement that Tsumiki revitalized this school's Occult Research Club. It was simple really. Especially, when things were practically under his control. Well, his and the other devils residing in this school. It was as though it were a game to them all.

    Tsumiki wished to change this. But for now, things were as they were. He was heading to the club house. A rundown two story building near the back of the school. Tsumiki with the help of some magic had remodeled it. While the outside looked like nothing more than an old abandoned school building, the inside was much more lavish. Made to temporarily house if need be. There were multiple simply rooms. Furniture, beds, running water, electricity, heat. It had been a simple task really. The main room was really all that ever got used. The others were precautionary.

    Tsumiki entered the room. First, as always, he sat in an arm chair. As he looked out at the door, past the couches sitting on either side of him he smiled. His peerage would arrive soon enough. He was waiting for them, calm and level headed as always. "Always so late." He spoke to nobody with a small chuckle as he joked.
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  2. [​IMG]

    The bell rang causing the halls to fill with common ease as the chatter would start to infest the halls with gossip and rumors that would soon cause some drama, unknown to those who would be apart. Classes began to empty leaving the occasional student behind or teacher to finish packing their stuff before exiting in haste to try and avoid the crushing rush of students heading to their breaks. It was not a surprise that few students lingered within the confines of their class and so it was not even a shock to see a certain white haired female in a deep sleep against her desk, head propped up upon folded arms as occasionally her lids would shift as threatening to awake. Even the bell had not awoken her.

    Though it did not take long for the quiet Kasumi to awaken with a small whisper that remained unheard. Muscles shifted and flexed as she stretched with a deep yawn that left her with a small shudder. Wearily, dark pink orbs looked around the class before settling upon one of the other students who was looking furiously through the contents of the brown satchel, unaware of her sudden state of consciousness. Delicately, fingers ran against the surface of her desk as Kasumi slowly climbed to her feet, eyes dulled by exhaustion and her own mind, gaze turning to the girl as a smile softly graced her features. "Tasashi-san" She greeted, her voice as soft as ever as it parted from her lips, alerting the other who promptly flinched.

    The brunette tilted her head faintly before grinning in response as Kasumi bowed her head in greeting, a substitution for any further speech expected of her. There was few who she spoke more than a few words too and she was not one of them. "Sumi-chan!" She got a much happier response as the other pulled her bag in front of her as she turned to greet her fully. "How are you?" Kasumi cocked her head, furrowing her brows before she nodded softly, smiling again. "That is good. I need to go meet up with the others...but good luck on your performance next week!" Was the overly cheerful reply for Tasashi vanished behind the sliding doors.

    Kasumi blinked owlishly before looking back over at her desk where her equipment was scattered aimlessly around the surface before groaning softly. She had to stop sleeping in class because now she was unable to recall the topic and her teachers were beginning to grow annoyed with the failing marks in some of her subjects. Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry being her current burden. It only took a few minutes for her to bundle up her items and shove them into the satchel before sorting out her uniform with a small sigh. Now she would have to go an study...revise a subject that she detested. Shoving her note book against her chest, kept still by her arm, the white haired student promptly turned and left, abandoning the now silent classroom.

    It took her a while to weave between the masses and slip to the back of the school where her favourite spot stood illuminated by an almost ethereal light as the water bathed in a mesmerizing glow. A fountain made of marble and carved to almost perfection as the intricate twists curved into its surface, hypnotic as it ran around its structure. She sighed happily, slumping down upon the edge of the marble structure, Kasumi sat. "...Another seventeen marks..." She had pulled out the last class tests for chemistry and looked at the large circle that highlighted the distressing score. "...Okaa-san will probably call to ask why I didn't study..." Not that she would respond very well. Kasumi had an excellent memory to a point it helped her pass subjects such as history and in learning languages...however, she simply could not find a way to learn the contents of some subjects without being bored to death.

    Opening her note book she pulled out her usual pencil, Kasumi began to scribble down a random words before shifting her attention to her most recent math homework. Luckily, it wasn't to bad. The gardens on the schools were silent as she was to far away to hear idle chatter of humans, leaving her to only the company of a few stray sounds, the occasional chirp of a bird to one another. The sounds itself called out to her, causing a soft twitch to overcome the corner of her lips till she smiled and peered up at the looming trees, noting the occasional shift of leaves from the wind or the movement of a creature.

    Her work long forgotten as she relaxed, drowning out the world for this moment of peace.

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  3. "I thought I'd find you here," A young voice said as Tsunoshi cam around the fountain, dropping herself into a seat at the edge next to Kasumi. She wore a normal school uniform, but with the right sleeve folded and pinned to her shoulder so it didn't flap uselessly. She carelessly reached her hand back into the water and drew out a long rope of water, using it to poke the back of her friend's neck. "What's the matter, Sumi? I haven't seen you look this down in a while."

    "My guess is that she's worried about her studies," A low, melodious voice said, seeming to come from nowhere. On Tsunoshi's wrist, a blue crystal bracelet tinkled, almost sounding like laughter.

    "Come on, Chris, at least let her answer for herself," Tsunoshi chided. Putting her arm around Kasumi's shoulder, she sighed and layed her head on her friend's. "Don't worry about that stuff, Sumi. You're wonderful, even without top grades, and if you want, I can help teach you."
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  4. [​IMG]

    She was brought to reality but a sudden voices roaming over the sounds that previously entrapped her, bird songs that kept her unaware of even the others foot steps. Pinkish orbs blinked to clear her vision as she turned her gaze to study Tsunoshi before allowing a small smile to brighten her features as she put her books to the opposite side of her, shifting slightly in her seat so she faced the other to some degree. "I am here most of the time...Though it only seems to be you and the others of your club come over here..." Her tone dropped as her gaze narrowed, brows furrowing in sudden thought before she shrugged. Kasumi was fine not understanding many things about them.

    Kasumi was beginning to answer her next question, unfortunately one about her current state, before she jumped when she was poked at her neck with the water, causing her to whip her head around to see why before turning to Tsunoshi, pouting minimally in response. Before she could even go on about the use of magic, Chris' voice popped up and Kasumi returned back to smiling, the previous matter dismissed from her mind. "Hello, Chris." She greeted before she turned back to Tsunoshi, seemingly happier now.

    An arm was wrapped around her shoulder and then she felt the other's head lean against her other, causing her to huff lightly but chuckled anyway as she visibly relaxed. It was a pain for Kasumi to constantly restrict herself in classes to avoid allowing any part of her abilities to activate...however, around Tsunoshi and her friends she allowed herself to relax, even if a little. With the knowledge that Tsunoshi could use magic, she was often tempted to reveal her own status so that it wouldn't be such a tiresome task to avoid anyone discovering...but she has never gained enough motivation too. Sighing, Kasumi reached over to the books next to her and brought the slightly crumpled test in front of her. "No, he is right. I just cannot stand certain subjects...They tend to put my to sleep, in all honesty..." She admitted before dropping it back to her side.

    Fingers tapped against her skirt before she flitted her gaze back to Tsunoshi, smiling faintly before she nodded. "Thank you, Tsunoshi-chan." was the soft mumbled that followed before she closed her eyes, yawning softly as she tried to brush off the effects of her nap from the previous lesson. "I feel better now." Hands dropped down to her sides, settling there to hold her up. Kasumi's voice grew quieter as a familiar feeling wrapped around her throat before she consciously began to dismiss it. "Eh?..." She paused, chewing her lip lightly before looking back over to the trees. "Would you be able to help me with chemistry then, before my next class test?"
  5. Eita Yumizitzu

    Looking down at the card he was given, Eita walked out of his basics of law class and headed for the club's building. Not three weeks ago, you were making fun of the Occult Research Club, and now you're part of them. What a sad twist of events. He carried on like this for a while, but not until all of this was interrupted by the thought of how he would eat tonight. I don't have a true name, I don't have my parent's money, for crying out loud, I even went to my own funeral. He leaned against the building for a while before he decided he needed to go in. "I'm here, Lord Grimmond. How was your day?" Taking a quick sweep of the room as he walked in, he noticed he was one of the first today, I guess this will help, no one notices the first person if they don't want to be noticed. He pulled one bud out of his ear and sat in his usual seat, next to the door, facing the middle of the room.
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  6. Tsunoshi
    "Sure, I'd love to help!" Tsunoshi said, pushing herself upright and leaning on her hand. "What are you having trouble with specifically?"

    Before Kasumi could respond, however, Chris interjected. "Lady Tsunoshi, I'm afraid you don't have time to be tutoring at the moment, unless you wish to be scolded by Lord Grimmond."

    Tsunoshi sprang to her feet, suddenly panicking. "Oh crap, there is a meeting today! I'm so sorry Sumi. If you're still around after, I'd be happy to help you out, but I really have to run now!" She took off at a full sprint toward the clubhouse, leaving behind a small cloud of dust.

    Half a minute later, the doors to the Occult Research Club burst open and Tsunoshi slid to a stop, skillfully transferring from a full slide to a graceful bow. "Forgive me, my King, for my tardiness. I was caught up in personal matters."​
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  7. Tsumiki had been waiting for a bit. He'd expected Tsunoshi to show up quickly. Anybody really. But apparently not. His eyes were closed when he heard the door open. So Eita is here first today. That's interesting. Tsumiki thought as he opened his eyes and sat up. "Please Eita. Call me Tsumiki, Prez, president. Anything would be better than being addressed so formally while still on school grounds." He said calmly as he sighed. There was a time and a place for such formalities. He felt it wasn't here. He didn't care much for them after all anyway. Though the request rarely stopped the hierarchal addressment he received from his servants. Speaking of which, where was everyone. It wasn't like them.

    "They probably got caught up with things." He said before Tsunoshi burst in. "Well, quite the entrance. Trying to show off?" He asked Tsunoshi with a slight chuckle. He stood up, though a little more serious. "So why didn't you send a message or something? It was somewhat worrying." He said as he approached her and Eita.

    "Oh well. I suppose an explanation can wait. We do have other matters to attend to." He said as he placed a hand on Eita's shoulder. "Eita will be needing a new life." He said simply. "Sure he can use the clubhouse as living quarters until other arrangements are made, but a person of his standing, who is thought to be dead, showing up to class and the like would be somewhat... Disturbing to the masses."
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  8. Kai Silas would be running late as his physical education instructor had him put up the miscellany of equipment the class used today. The young man would be in the Hanadate Academy physical education uniform, the seventeen-year-old rather resenting the fact he would be late for another meeting of the Occult Research Club. He was tempted to use his heightened physical abilities to make this pass a lot faster and possibly get back on time, but he could not risk the chance of exposing the fact devils existed to ordinary people. In the meanwhile the ring permanently affixed to his right ring finger, which had a grey-silver band with a citrine gemstone in an ovaloid cut, shimmered in the sunlight that pierced through the windows in the shed as Tharanuil, the dragon inside the disguised Sacred Gear, began to speak.

    Hmmm... That human teacher does not seem to be too fond of you. Perhaps that is why you are constantly asked to do this menial task? Tharanuil's deep bass voice remained trapped in Silas' mind, the pair exchanging pieces of conversation that way. Tharanuil did, however, speak aloud occasionally. Such an event, however, was rare and usually only occurred when the Occult Research Club was discussing something vital upon which he could impart wisdom. I do not believe such is the case, Tharanuil. After all, he is rather lethargic for a P.E. teacher. I merely wonder why he doesn't choose those in the student council. You know the ones I refer to, the peppy ones who volunteer for everything. Besides, I am a Pawn. I have grown used to this. Ah, yes, I believe I do. Remember, we need to continue refining your conjuration once we are home. You must continue to improve if you wish to summon dragons one day. I'm aware. After all, I haven't been an adept in it for long and I have to practice healing, too. I still have a while to go before I reach a level of mastery in either.

    With that the devil went on his way to the locker rooms, changing into the most formal of the school's uniform given winter was fast approaching as he looked out of the open-air hallway on the base floor of the school. He slung his backpack, which was rather heavy due to the textbooks for all of his advanced called, and carried it by a single strap on his right shoulder, his corresponding hand holding it. The Gardening Club could be seen to his left as they tended to the blooming sakura trees and the garden they kept as a whole before they went into dormancy for the fast-approaching winter. To his right he could see some of the sports clubs making their way to the practice fields in their gear as he walked into Hanadate Academy's Occult Research Club Building. He stopped for a moment in the front, seeing the notifications from the student council as well as a few other letters still in the building's mailbox. He took them out, figuring he should give them to Tsumiki. He then knocked on the open door to the main room, letting him in.

    "Tsumiki, I'm here. You know why I'm late. That and I have the mail addressed to the club for you to read. To give you a fair warning it looks like student council's calling another club meeting from what I've overheard." His voice was a deeper baritone, handing the King the mail in question as he then bid welcome to the other devils. "Eita, Tsunoshi. It's good to see you both." "Good afternoon." Tharanuil had chosen to be polite this time, giving his greeting to the devils. It was then that Silas took his usual seat, a recliner that was diagonal to where Tsumiki sat and next to where Eita sat, though the two were separated by a small fireplace that wasn't used too often. He placed his black backpack next to it, choosing not to extend the footrest. Silas twisted his Sacred Gear about his finger for a moment, awaiting the next bit of conversation.
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  9. Eita Yumizitzu
    "Very well, President." As everyone started to file into the room and it grew louder, he couldn't hear the whispers and screams, just the lot of them making noise. Hearing the need for a new life, he remembered how he was just in class, and people's weird stares. "Dammit, I seriously messed up this time.... I may have walked into my law class...." His mind began racing at what the students would think, since this is the first time it happened. At that point, Silas walked in, "Hello there Silas, Tharanuli." He wanted to do a little test, so he removed both earbuds and active the sacred gear, allowing himself to see the dead souls. "There are so many of them......"
  10. Silas would be thinking on the matter of Eita's death for a moment and sighed. None among them had a Sacred Gear that could rewrite memories, add that to fact people remembered him dying (unlike Silas whose death was not seen by any human) a solution was needed. He would sigh, having a brief mental conversation with his dragon. We will attempt to summon a wyvern during the next training session. If you can subdue it then all wyverns you summon will be loyal to you. It is not the same with dragons. I am the only grey dragon, and when I had my original body all of my followers were of different types. When the time comes to summon them you will need to convince them, or if that fails defeat them, and form a pact with them. Every pact you make will affect how this Sacred Gear evolves. I remember that, Tharanuil. But now is not the time... I think I know of a way we can help Eita. How? ...Oh, I think I have an idea of why you intend. At least it's you trying to be more social. I suppose that is true.

    It was then that he looked to Eita and Tsukimi, speaking aloud. "Tsukimi, I may have a solution. There are a few choice military personnel near here that owe me favors from my father saving their lives when he was alive. That and the fact my apartment has a bedroom that's never used. I can use my contacts to make him a new identity, perhaps as my cousin, and he can move in with me. If that won't work, maybe there's some kind of devil magic we could use." He was being genuine, offering his help. That bedroom hadn't been used at all since he moved in, save a few visits from relatives in the early days of his life alone. Eita wasn't exactly Silas' friend, but he was apart of Tsumiki's Peerage as he was and thus warranted his assistance.
  11. Artimess

    At first there had been almost perfect silence and darkness, only the faint sunlight that escaped through the windows had given light to most places of the room. Yet there was still spots that was completely shrouded in the shade, one of them being atop of the bookcase where both the height and the small walls at the top made it a perfect secluded spot. Then there was that creek again, the noise that told that someone actually entered the room and by thus disturbing the perfect silence. Of course Artimess didn't really mind, but it awake hen from hen's slumber. Yawning deeply Artimess opened hen's eyes and a moment uncurled and stretched out as a cat would do. Then Artimess padded over to the front of it to peer down upon the master of the house, Master Grimmond who spoke to either himself or to those actually listening in on the conversation. After all Artimess belonged to the curious types, and in complete silence The Chibi Panther would peer down from atop of the bookcase down upon the gathering of people belong.

    They spoke of first arrivals, how it seemed to be a race for them or how they expected some to arrive before others. It confused Artimess, Because hen had been here all along and found it difficult to think that Artimess henself had been neither first nor last. Artimess had never left this room today, and thus could never been the first one to arrive, nor could Aritmess possibly be the last one as Artimess already was here. Taking a long moment to ponder about it The Chibi Panther would lick its front right paw and use it to brush its cheek. Taking breath, and then putting its front paws over the little wall to perfectly peer from above the Chibi panther made ready to speak. "Master... Do I, or do I not count into this game of yours?... "Artimess said simply as The Chibi panther who probably had been impossible to detect unless someone knew where to look or had extremely keen senses. However Artimess speaking would of course blow the cover that the Chibi Panther had, and even if where Artimess's voice came from would probably first cause some wonder, it wouldn't be too hard to see Artimess now atop of the Bookcase.​
  12. Eita looked around, nearly being overwhelmed from the sounds of screaming. "That may work, we would need a good story why I look similar to who I really am, but we could pull it off." Just by looking at Silas he could tell that by helping Eita, it was going a bit beyond their relationship beside the peerage. Just then, the souls got even louder, making it almost impossible for him to tune them out. "I wish they would just stop yelling already!" Noting that he just yelled, he looked around the room the quietly slid back into a corner. He thought about other ways, beside constantly draining his energy, to handle the souls.

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  13. Sophia
    Sophia stared blankly into space from underneath the shade of a nearby tree. She had decided to take a bit of a rest before meeting up with the others. She gazed up at the clouds and let her mind wander off for a bit, trying to imagine things that the cloud currently looked like before snapping back into reality...or as close at it as possible. After all, living in somewhat of a fantasy world with majority of things existing having the potential to kill you isn't something one gets used least...not in a moments notice.

    She heaved herself up and grabbed her stuff from the ground. That was enough resting, it was time to go to the clubroom and meet with the others. Sullenly she eyed a spot on her arm hidden in her sleeve before she started jogging to the clubroom. She arrived shortly and gently opened the doors. "Good day Eita, Kai, and Lord Tsumiki..." She greeted seriously as she entered and bowed. "I apologize for being late if I am." She added before straightening herself up and walking towards the corner and leaning on it. She knew there were chairs but she really preferred leaning against the corner for several reasons, but that'll come at a later time.​
  14. "Yes Silas, I understand." Tsumiki said calmly. He was going to need to have a talk with Silas's teacher. Or at least ask the student council to do so. Akutsuki wouldn't mind would she? He certainly hoped not. "Oh, and hold onto that letter. I'll check it in a bit. I'm sure it can wait until some of our personal business can be settled." He spoke calmly as he glanced back around. The fact was, right now, the more important factor was surveying who was there and who wasn't. One... Two... He began to mentally count before he heard Eita begin to speak.

    "Ah, that is quite the problem." He said calmly in response to Eita's news about walking into his class. It was his own fault really. Tsumiki should have come to him sooner and stopped him from going to class. Still, the king couldn't help but chuckle a bit. "Worry not Eita. I can handle that problem easily." He said calmly. "Now..." He was going to begin making plans on what to do with Eita, but Silas had the situation covered. "Well that would work very well. However, something would need to be done about his appearance." He thought for a moment. He didn't want to resort to some for of surgery or teaching him some sort of illusion magic. The surgery was excessive and the magic would be a bit taxing. Not to mention it may be unreliable unless Tsumiki himself kept up the illusion.

    He was thinking about it for a moment before he heard a familiar voice. Artimess. How could he forget about Artimess? He chuckled a bit. "Relax Artimess. There was no such game." He didn't try to find the panther. He simply awaited their appearance. "It was merely a bit of fun between students. Moreso a choice of words." He explained as best as he could. He looked like he would go on, but quickly got an idea.

    "Oh!" He exclaimed just as Eita brought up the problem with his looks. "Another problem that we can handle. I can easily pick something up in the underworld." He said calmly as he stood up, for the first time since the other's had begun to arrive. "Now really, all that would be left is having the transer paperwork be sent in. Akutsuki and the Student Council could do that." He place a hand on Silas's shoulder he passed him. "Thank you Silas." He said before approaching Eita. "I recommend you holding off on the use of your sacred gear until we can properly analyze it further and work with in a controlled environment." This was a bit of advice given after he'd noted Eita's shout followed by his retreat into the corner. "Understood?" It wasn't really a question as he turned around and strolled away more towards the center of the room.

    "GOOD!" Tsumiki took a breath and clapped his hands together. There wasn't much school business to attend too. Aside from anything that may involve the Student council. "Now..." He stopped when Sophia entered. "Good of you to join us. Try to avoid being late in the future. Even if you weren't the only one a bit late today." He said simply before deciding to get down to some more serious devil business.

    "Today everybody will focus on forming contracts." He was calm. He was sure this wouldn't be much of a problem. "You all understand the how and why. The leaflet distribution has been covered by two of my familiars and will continue to be. Normally I'd have the newer members of the peerage handle this, but really, everyone so far gets what we're doing and I don't want to risk this night time distributions with the added activity of the fallen angels lately." With that he was finished. "Any questions?"
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  15. Beyond the shouts, Eita pulled a pair of normal earbuds from his pocket and turned on some music. Leaving one ear able to hear, he followed Tsumiki's words, and nodded. "Until that point in which we understand it more, I'll just be sure to use normal music to tune them out." When he heard about the contracts, he got a bit worried. It's only been maybe a week or two that I've been a devil, and I am going to make contracts? This is a very...... odd thing.... but the King knows best. He smiled at the thought of being able to slowly pick some things up after getting a contract or two completed. Maybe after that, he could get Tsumiki to teach him some actual magic afterwards. "I do have a question, but it can wait..... Oh, and I think I should remind you that I can only borrow circles... not actually make them." As he said this, he went from a normal volume, to very quiet. Even with him being on the newer side, he was still embarrassed at his lack of ability.
  16. [​IMG]

    Despite the minor flickers of emotions burning in her red orbs and the small twitch to the corner of her lips, Kasumi honestly seemed excited about the prospect of Tsunoshi helping her had a chance of improving her grades in the damned subject. Of course, after years of trying to deplete her emotional reaction to things as to not aggravate the chances she would once again consume a small mass by her voice, Sumi showed little response other than her physical manifestations of it. "Thank you so much, Tsunoshi-sa..."

    Blinking when the other had promptly gotten up and left, Sumi cocked her head in confusion at the sudden abruptness of her departure. Eventually, after watching the far building in slight confusion, Sumi just chalked it up to the seemingly weird occult club. She was friends with most of them but...she never understood why humans would want an club that studied occult. Did they practice it? That made her brow furrow and lips before before she forced herself to shrug it off.

    For a few more moments she had stared over her notes before closing them with a snap of the pages, the closing of two hardback edges of her notebook. Promptly shoving it into the depths of her satchel, her bag, Sumi had pulled at the long strap as she yanked it quickly over her arm to settle upon her shoulder, the leather rest to provide comfort having settled firmly there. "I guess...I to sensei..." That was a terrifying idea but necessary. To be honest, she often pondered if she could just mesmerize the man and have him change her grades. Though she had a feeling her mother would just find out through the freaky instinct of hers.

    The siren female just rolled her eyes at the prevailing thought as a small smile traced her lips. Entertaining as it was, she still had to go face her classes sensei. A smile was quickly becoming a groan as she stumbled through the doors to the main school building, eyes roaming momentarily before she headed down the halls to the steps where she would quickly approach a familiar classroom.


  17. Artimess

    Xe felt quite a bit of satisfaction and pride as master gave xir attention. Xe purred and smirked wide with satisfaction as xir heard his words. A moment later Artimess rose to xirs feet and spread xirs demonic wings before soaring down gracefully landing perfectly in his laP.

    Artimess purres as xe rubbes towards Masters belly. "Im just happy master didn't forget about me. " Artiness
    said happily before settling in his lap completely. Hearing about the contract making the panther chuckled silently. "My contract is with master~ and if you need me I do annnyything you like" Artimess said purring.