The life in a bug apocalypse!

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  1. That's right, the title gives it away. A long time ago, like close to my start as an RPer I was involved in a RP that I absolutely loved. It was an apocalyptic style RP, but instead of the normal zombies it was something far, far more interesting, giant insects.

    How it started: Well how this whole thing starts is actually a mistake. In an effort to help with food storage and fight world hunger a group of scientists work on a growth serum. To test this serum to ensure that it is working properly they test it out on insects. Only small little portions of the serum actually make contact with the insects. They actually make a lot of headway with the serum and actually perfect it.

    But something always goes wrong....

    The serum is accidently spilled, and gets onto the subjects, which are turned into giant living breathing, horrifying monsters. These monsters then get out and spread the serum all over the world with their blood, which is now infused with the serum. This serum has a side effect where it enlarges the abdulaablengada, the source of all anger in the brain, basically they are infuriated with everything and seek to kill.

    Where we would pick up: We would pick up about two years after the initial start of the apocalypse, which is when the bugs are on all seven continents. Your character, along with a mass of five hundred people would be held up in a shopping mall in a well known city near the water. Your job is to protect the other people in the "Colony" (Name of the mall) and everything that they have.

    What's allowed:
    1.I will allow romance, hell I am pushing it. It makes an RP so much better, plus there's nothing better than seeing a love crazed women start killing bugs after she loses the man, or women she loves, same thing with men.
    2.Violence. This is based about the group of people protecting the mass of people in the colony so go ahead and get gruesome,get detailed as possible. If that love crazed person wants to cut out the intestines of a bug and begin to chew on them then by all means eat away... Just remember there might be kids reading this.
    3. Comedy. I love a laugh, and I find it quite humorous what kind of things could happen in this type of world... I have often wondered what a first date would be like? Would they sit by a fire and cuddle for security, or would they eat something?
    4. PG-13. I loved this when I was a Liberteen, and I want everyone to enjoy this. Plus it's all in fun, and that's why we RP, right to have fun!
  2. Can the bugs be other arthropods, say barnacles and mantis shrimps?
  3. If it's a bug then I see no problem using it!
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