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    (Just post basic info about the character, I enjoy learning about them through role play)​

    Name: Alexander Marshell
    Height: 6 ft 1 in
    Age: 19
    Short Bio: Raised by a rival nation Alex grew up believing that the man who raised him was his father, little does he know that when he was but a baby he was stolen away from his real parents. Raised to hate his birth kingdom Alex is trained in the art of tactical strategy and war to one day take over the rival kingdom. He is the only living heir of his fathers throne. War is looming on the horizon for both kingdoms the power struggle finally breaking out into fighting. Alex is expected to fight for his kingdom, take over the rival kingdom and make his father proud.
  2. Name: Charlotte (Assuming the brother has taken the name of the rival nation) Gottan
    Appearance: *Will post the drawn picture when I get a chance*
    Age: 16
    Short bio: Born and raised believing she is an only child, Charlotte lived the life of pampering and luxury just like any other princess. She is sweet, kind, and a considerate role model for the children population of her father's Kingdom. Her mother fell ill to a disease that ended her life only two weeks after being diagnosed when Charlotte was 13 years old. Her father obtained the same disease three years later. He is undergoing major treatment, but it is undetermined how much time he has left.

    *Will most likely edit the bio when I get a chance*
  3. Metal clashed against metal as the two young men sparred in the courtyard below. Alex grunted as his partner delivered a blow that made his arm go numb from parring it. “Dammit Jon not all of us are as strong as giants” Alex stepped back his arm hanging lifeless, fingers still wrapped tight around his sword handle. Jon grinned and stepped back it was clear who had won this bout. Jon was Alex's best friend and a big man. He towered over Alex by a head, he was a big beefy man who could lift an impressive weight. While Jon had Alex licked in size, Alex was much faster. He relied on this when they sparred, sometimes he won, although today he had lost. “Not my fault your such a weakling” Jon teased.

    Alex opened his mouth to retort when a voice cut through the courtyard “I'm sorry to interrupt you boys, but I need to steal the prince for a little father son chat.” The imposing voice belonged to his father, meekly the prince went to his fathers side and the two swept out of the courtyard, or the king swept and Alex followed. They paced along silently for a few moments until they reached the kings personal chambers. The king settled himself at his desk and surveyed his son with a critical eye. Alex stared back blue eyes meeting brown. Alex had always striven to meet his fathers approval, but no matter how hard he worked he always fell short. Sometimes he felt so isolated from his parents, as if they weren't his own.

    The king finally sat back and released a long sigh “the king of Ero's is dying” Alex scoffed, everyone knew that the king of the neighboring kingdom Ero's hand been sick for three or so years now. “It's the perfect time to strike and I want you to lead the main siege” the king continued ignoring the rude noise his son had made. Alex sat back stunned, him lead a siege? He hadn't been in a battle before, but his father wasn't going to send his sole heir into a battle he might not return from. Did this mean Alex had finally earned his respect? “You will be put in charge, but if your smart you'll listen to your second in command, he has more years of experience on the field of battle then you've been alive”

    It was only a few months after that talk that Alex found himself at a table surrounded by war hero's he had only heard about in stories, Alex's mouth was dry unable to summon up the courage to voice his opinion not when his opinion would seem inexperienced in comparison. “We will move in from the North Gate, together we will overrun them with power” Garrison the second said eying the quiet prince, he wanted to urge the young man to take charge or he would never earn the respect of his men. Alex opened his mouth and closed it before finally girding himself “why not split up our forces and attack them in a pincer move trapping them, our army is certainly large enough to do so” Garrison nodded hiding a smile. It was what he would do but he wanted to force the prince to think and give voice to his own thoughts.

    The day of the battle was looming in only three days Termia kingdom would launch their attack on Ero's.
  4. Charlotte sat upright on the small stool the maid, Grace, had her seated upon within her room. The maid towered over her as she placed each individual strand of dirty blonde hair accordingly. The princess's head was tugged back every now and then, silently watching the maid in the mirror as she pulled and twirled each section into the elegant hairstyle she adored so much.

    The maid was a tall, frail woman. She was much too skinny in Charlotte's opinion, but it seemed the middle aged woman would not gain weight. The maid possessed a peachy skin tone and medium lengthed hair wrapped into a messy bun. Hidden within her Sienna brown hair were silver sections that stood out like a sore thumb. She possessed wrinkles that surrounded her forest green eyes, but that did not remove her cheerfulness or her childish actions every so often. Age and maturity was something Grace paid absolutely no attention to. She wore the usual maid outfit, a short sleeved beige dress and a white apron; Something comfortable that does not make her or the other maids and servants stand out.

    The Sienna haired maid was seen as a second mom by the princess. After the death of the Queen, Charlotte no longer had a female companion within the palace. No one to talk to, to be friends with, no one. She has never actually spoken to the residents of the Ero Kingdom, she had only answered questions or rejected marriage proposals by men much too old for her liking. They were not people she could be herself with, so she did not consider them her friends. Coping with the premature death of her mother had been hard enough on the young girl. The moment her mother had stopped breathing, her world had crumpled down for quite a while. It was the first time she had actually witness someone die right in front of her icy blue eyes. It burned within her brain. It traumatized the dirty blonde haired girl; but with the help of the kind maid, she blossomed back to her old self in no time.

    With one final tug and twirl, the maid placed the tiara of the princess on top of her head. The dazzling tiara sparkled with the small amount of sunlight that beamed within the room. Charlotte smiled, the crown befitting her head almost naturally.

    A gentle knock on the door echoed within her room, Charlotte turned to the door, speaking in her usual soft voice.

    "You may enter."

    A young servant appearing to be around his mid twenties opened the door, just enough to poke his head in.

    "Forgive me for my intrusion, but the King wishes to speak with the princess."


    Charlotte's head was bowed, her eyes looking to the floor as she fought back the tears. Her father was worse than ever before, it was obvious he was already half way deep into his grave. The dreaded time was coming. The King knew this, the servants and maids knew this, even Charlotte knew this. There was nothing she could do to prevent this, only medicine and time could bring the King back or put him to permanent rest. Her mind suddenly flashed back to the words of her father as he lied within his glamorous, throne like bed.

    "For you to be my successor..You must wed to a noble man... He will be the one who will take charge...and you will rule by his side..."

    The young princess almost began to argue at the words, but the King had silenced her and demanded she find a husband before his passing. Her father wanted her to fall into a loveless marriage with some foolish man who only wished for the King's crown instead of her hand. Charlotte ran two slender hands through her hair, the stress of the situation causing her fingers to sink within her hair in a tight grip. How could she possible find a man to rule the Kingdom of Ero in what could be, a short amount of time?
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