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  1. Events so Far (open)

    In a world unlike our own, man and spirit co-exist. Being able to connect with a spirit grants a person great power over their peers. In ancient times they've been revered as gods, as their ability to do so was very rare. At least, until the Library came into existence.

    In the middle of the central nation, called the Hub, there exists the Library, a multi-faceted organisation that is the heart and brains of this world, more influential than the government herself. They offer various services to those that can afford the fees. They develop magitechnology (magitech for short) fund scientific research and own most knowledge, and outsource specialists as well as mercenaries and administrative workers.

    Using their (almost) monopoly, the Library has recruited a sizable, if not majority of all the persons who can connect with a spirit (called holders) in their ranks. These holders fulfill tasks many humans cannot, and is reason humankind can live in relative peace and comfort, for this world is filled with gargantuan creatures and supernatural occurrences...

    For many years, the Library has held onto it's position, however this all began to change one year ago. Following a streak of mysterious happenings, ranging from secretive research, radiana leaks, cracks began to show in the organisation. Different factions divided the members of the Library to the point of betrayal. The once mighty giant split in two when the previous head of the mercenary branch stepped down and a man, code-named Liaison, was promoted to the new chairman.


    During a ball in Liaison's promotion's celebration, a rebelling faction of the Library revealed itself in full. It attacked the festivities, leaving death and chaos in it's wake. The rebels were defeated, but not before they permanently changed the Library...

    The Library gave change to the rebels, only to learn their corruption had been much greater and devoted than they'd ever expected. The rebels feared the Library so much, they hid in faraway caves in icy tundras, or sewers they blocked and poisoned with radiana; just to discourage pursuit. They had connections with individual companies not usurped by the Library. Even Aegis Corp, a household name, supported the resistance. It was clear there existed much more distaste for the monopoly than previously assumed...

    The Library, in revenge for the events at the ball, struck down with an iron fist, obliterating the remainders of the known resistance, but who knows what other factions would still plan it's demise...


    To prevent outbreaks like the rebellion from happening ever again, Liaison has taken it upon him to reform the Library. The buildings have been refurnished, and even new gardens are planted to make the grounds more homely. Liaison expresses a wish to make his branch, even though it counts hundreds of people, more like a family. One of brothers and sisters in arms. He has made it easier to gain promotions, and has attempted to befriend a number of individuals to form a 'core family' in so that they may spread trust once again throughout the organisation. Even though that trust can only be earned by sniffing out some of the... Spies and rebel symphatisers.

    Calacany's Mafia

    Although long delegated as Calacany's problem, it's mafia has been rising. Their grasp over their country has become increasingly strong, even to the point of manipulating politics. There are even parts in the country where the Library is no longer welcome.

    Starting from when a plea of help from a politician was intercepted, the mafia has been at odds with the Library. They even had a spy and seem to have holders in their ranks, but perhaps even more fearsome than their holders are their monster trainers. It is unknown how they have mastered this ability, but they have been known to command winged hounds and flesh-devouring insects.

    These are not enough, as it's become apparent the mafia has taken an interest in the knowledge of the ancients. They blackmailed experts to only answer to them, and force civilians to act out hostilities to the Library. They have obtained old relics, and although the Library has been able to stall their advancements, the mafia is ever growing stronger. Perhaps even more shocking is, though, that a few Librarians have discovered that the mafia used to have connections with their leader; Liaison, in intelligence that once belonged to the rebellion...

    Monster Studies

    The research faction of the Library has gone on as usual, but found new vigor in biology. There have been numerous missions to capture previously unknown monsters, including drakes, harpies and werecats. However, not all wildlife would lay down and take this. On a mission to find sand drakes, a party of librarians was lost. Three others were sent to find them, but learned their lost collegues had allied them selves with the sand drakes; forced into the services of a real life dragon; a race long thought to have been extinct. The dragon's display of superior power forced the search party to return to the Library, announcing the first cease-fire between man and nature ever.

    Not only nature has defended itself, the population of the Hub has started to see their actions as poaching and there is civil unrest in response. Protests are held, and the trust of the people in the Library has started to decline...


    In conjunction with the company Midsummer & co. The Library has began developing a new energy source called radiana. While set out to be a more powerful type of mana that can fuel artificial tools and dolls, it is far from completion. Attempting to cease the revolutionary research for itself, many have leaked the radiana from Midsummer & co. Vials have been dumped into sewers and large portions that were on their way to the Library have been hijacked (although recovered.) Even though the rebellion itself is no more, the crimes regarding radiana continue. It is difficult to foresee what will happen... Especially with the experimental chemistry itself, as it's been known to corrupt life itself.

    It's become known that radiana not only affects life, but also spirits. Many holders infected with radiana have been shown to be unable to control their powers. The Library has made modifications to their holders and they are capable to control their radiana levels (to an extent) and this is quickly growing to become one of the new tools of the Library in a way to redefine their power in the face of their enemies (be they invisible or not.)


    Although the Library's medical advancements were already far and beyond, to the point of curing most natural diseases and regrowing limbs, the new influx of radiana has scientists on the search for exotic ingredients to help manage the radiana corruption. Even though under control, librarians have been sent on missions where they've encountered district-sized turtles and amphibians at the size of horses. ​
    Last time in the Library (open)
    Hive of Minds

    Following the events of postmortem dogma, Ramza and Daniel (later backed up by Deneaerys and Aderyn) were sent to subdue the giant wasphive that was causing massive collateral damage after the person responsible for it was taken into custody. They were forced to deal with the parasitic insects before that, but in the process were found by a mutated wasp. The wasp proved to be a dangerous opponent, as it managed to take out Deneaerys. The rest of the librarians are still entangled in combat...

    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

    Taking on a diplomat's task, Emily, Vignar and Diana were sent back into the desert to escort a PR member named Fran, who would speak with the mother dragon in the Library's stead. However, upon arriving they found the very scenery of the desert had been manipulated and a pack of werecats had joined the mother dragon and her children. Sean, the last remaining captive of the mother dragon, was prepared to lay down his life to prevent the librarians from meeting with the dragon. Aided by his spirit Steve and Valor, Sean put up a fight before he finally fell. The fight has taken it's toll on the librarians and temporarily put Fran out of commission. Now instead, one of the werecats has offered herself to be a translator between the dragon and librarians... But diplomacy with those who consider your species corrupt is a difficult task...

    Rendezvous Crash

    After bluffing their way through the of Midenze, Vologhn, Andre and Bishop found the man they were looking for. Giovani Celino, or the don. Giovani reveals cooperating with Alexander Bishop in order to gain the power to resolve the power struggle between the families of the Calacany mafia, and he asks for Bishop's cooperation as well. The librarians seem to fool him, up until the point where the Don leaves the room, when Andre speaks up but Vologhn reveals they were being eavesdropped. The librarians barricade the door to buy the time to search the Don's office for intel, before they make their escape...

    Free Billy

    Events at Alwin Bay quickly take a turn for the worst when a stolen research sample (in the form of a kid monster fish) appeared on the beach where the protesters attempted to set it free. The librarians were obstructed in their attempt to stop them by an unknown third party, which commanded drogans to spread chaos, before vanishing soon after. Meanwhile, the fish's mother beached itself to try and take back her child... Algae-like creatures possessing a siren's song who lived on the fish's thick blubbery skin began to hypnotise the protesters with their voices, affecting all non-holders instantly. While Quartz and Eowyn find their selves occupied with the two fish, Remia leads the evacuation and shouts pople out of their trance, while Mime does his best to save his holder...

    A Clayman's Finale

    After regrouping, the situation in Bihar has become quite bizarre. The ruins their selves are awakening, and the only one standing between the rampage of an ancient weapon and the town of Bihar is the white queen herself, assisted by a bishop from her royal guard. A team of four has been sent in to stop whatever is going on from the inside. They brave new traps, venture deep into the hidden parts of the ruins and for the first time, the group manages to best golems, but also faces off against a fmiliar man and woman they met at dr. Valenci's museum. After emerging victorious, it is up to the librarians to now deactivate the massive structure somehow and find doctor Valenci...

    Will 'o the Piper

    Having been sent to discover who was the mysterious kidnapper, Charles, Eidren and Sigmund found kappa playing a strange melody to be the criminals. After a disagreement between the two librarians on whether to stage a rescue action or to follow the kidnappers, Charles, Eidren and Sigmund were exposed and only barely managed to catch up with the stragglers who tried to flee into the spirit world... Where the holders found they could co-exist with their spirits. This was not without repercussions, as Sigmund's spirit Medusa went rogue and killed Eidren. Charles and Sigmund managed to escape the spirit world before Medusa caught up with them, but found their selves up on a mountain top fighting two formidable opponents; a red and blue oni. These monsters used fear to control the kappa and instantly engaged a fight with the two holders.

    Will 'o the Piper

    Both Charles' and Sigmund's actions were rewarded. As the red oni approached Sigmund, the surrounding kappa scattered out of his way. Even so, the red oni itself was no small threat; leading a charge that could blow Sigmund clean off of the mountain!

    The blue oni acted with surprise, as Charles' sneak attack hit target. It tried to grab the spear, but Charles had pulled it out too quickly for the monster to get a hold of it. Like it's red brethren, the blue oni wielded a massive tree, but it swung it more precisely, allowing kappa to get closer as well... Not that they'd follow in the red oni's range... The blue oni too, however, avoided the reach of the red oni. He wouldn't be lured closer to Charles this easily...

    Free Billy

    The death of the monster was imminent. In the face of Eowyn's persistence and fury, it could not survive. The knight cut her way through the blubbery, fat skin of the mother-fish and emerged in it's enthralls. The beast would no longer move...

    As Mime dragged Arlette off the beach, they would notice the hypnosis was still in the air (despite the bearer of the singers being slain.) They would also notice a disturbing lack of... Mari, and the disappearance of drogan... At least from the sky. From the corner of his eye, Mime would be able to spot it's bat-like features atop of a roof. Remia too, although from a longer distance, might have seen one of the drogan land earlier.

    Lastly, the little fish seemed to have instinctively panicked at it's parent's death. Although Quartz would be able to overpower and control it, the smaller monster would quickly kill itself should it remain on dry land... Yet a choice had to be made, as the entranced still approached the sea. There was little time for both the fish, and the protesters; all heading for a certain suicide if not stopped...

    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

    The werecat translated Emily's words, even in it's foreign language it was clear the elderly therianthrope was disgusted. The dragon hissed, smoldering liquids spilling from it's beak, but it's wings rested and it's sac didn't bulge. It spoke it's words black as the abyss, with an anger that could be felt in the air. The spirits would take note of a mixture of grief and rage within the beast's eyes... A feeling picked up with a sense surpassing the human five.

    “We think the dragon makes things worse.” Eight and Octal commented in choir, even though obeying Vignar's command and sitting down at his feet. “Maybe she's sad Sean died,” Octal mentioned, swallowing a few tears. “I think Eight is sad too.”

    “Am not!” Octal's spirit replied, but her voice was hoarse. Even though they were long gone, it seemed Octal and Eight still had some bonds to the world of the living...

    After a brief, ominous discussion between the dragon and her translator, the werecat spoke grimly. “Long have I waited for my eggs to hatch... Yet you see before you the results. My young are feral, they lack wings, as they lack souls. What vile children they are... But they are my children.” Even the translator could not seem to control her emotions perfectly, as her words were accompanied by snarls and eyes that housed sadness.

    “Century after century, I have had to take the lives of my nestlings... But I could no more. My mate has left me, in search of a more fertile mate... But there are no more. You humans took the future of my kind... And so... I have given up. I cannot raise healthy children... But I can raise these. They may lack minds, but their hearts still beat. You humans think yourself rulers of the world... But you are a species whose only answer is destruction... Even when it is your own kind that poses the question...”

    The dragon's beak pointed at the corpse of the ex-librarian, as did the translator's hand. The dragon's voice grew more violent again as she spoke, swept in her own story. The werecats who had once preyed on the weakened holders now backed away... Even the sand drakes did. The dragon herself flapped her wings, raising whirlwinds of sand around them.

    “Your intelligence has not waned. It was us, who took back the lands that once belonged to us. My children shall not suffer like I have. We have warned your kind, but you would not listen to your kin. We sought out the werecats, whose species remembers both our languages... Yet again you have failed to heed our warning. Your kind knows only greed, as wicked as your ancestors... But there is a difference, between now and then. No longer do you corrupt the powers of the spirits you wield... A blessing to your dead... But a curse to your living. The time has come where I can take back what was once ours... I can recreate a home for my poor children.”

    By now, the field had cleared of all but the holders, the old woman and the dragon itself. The sands had whipped up around them, being swept through the air much akin the cage the librarian translator had created before.

    “I have reclaimed these lands. All between the borders you have erected shall be mine again. The lands you call Gyptalria will be under my rule; a paradise for those you call monsters. If you truly wish to avoid bloodshed... You shall leave these stolen lands and take your kin with you. Consider this warning an act of kindness... And a test of your intentions...”
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  2. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon


    It was exhausting just waiting there. Each moment felt like another weight, another shred of either guilt or pain, had settled within her bones. Needles stabbed all over the crusted legs which itched from the oozing wounds. Her eyes could barely stay open after her little explanation though she bit through the sleep threatening to make her pass out cold, her figure shifted in place to chase it away. It wasn’t hard for her to notice the tension in the discussion between the translator and the dragon, the latter’s fury intensified when Emily guessed her message was received.

    Emily knew it didn’t matter how depressed she was over the result of their actions. In the mother’s eyes, forgiveness was beyond them and she had a deep, dark feeling this wouldn’t end well. Her thoughts were distracted when she heard Eight’s and Octal’s foolish and likely damning comment about the mother dragon. She shot them a look as they walked past, their figures settled at Vignar’s feet after he ordered them to him. Her jawline gritted tightly to seal her budding words, enough damage had sprung from her as it was, until the pair started to show signs of compassion. Her eyes flickered with surprise slightly to see it within two dead spirits, namely from what she gathered from the mother dragon and the fact she herself watched the pair die. It was slightly strange for her then again this whole situation had crumbled into a odd mess as it was.

    Guilt, it swelled and expanded, while she swallowed the bitterness down. Finally she let the words drip out, both to the pair and herself. It seemed to lift only a slight bit of the weight, enough to keep her from just sinking into a depression, she carried. “I’m sorry. I wished there had been another way, one that could’ve saved him.”

    Any farther conversation was shortened when she fell into silence, an attempt to save her remaining energy and to keep her from landing face down into the desert sand. It seemed the conversation between dragon and translator was never going to end before the werecat broke off, her face turned to the librarians and spoke in a tone of anguish and sorrow about the dragon’s history. It was a terrible tale. If it wasn’t for the fact Emily was already shattered on the inside, her heart might’ve collapsed within her chest. It was possible to feel so guilt ridden that it was impossible to hold anymore? It was question Emily wondered if she had found the answer to yet.

    Thankfully her mind was distracted from doing so when dragon’s beak and the translator’s hand pointed to Sean’s defiled corpse while it seemed judgment was placed. When the dragon’s snarls followed alongside the werecat’s words, her wings snapped open at the drawing climax of her rage. Emily felt herself instantly crouch lowered at the impressiveness of their wingspan. The retelling seemed to have fueled her wrath because she started to beat them, each motion created a gust of wind which swept around and around them, encasing their figures within a small area much like Fran’s cage earlier. Wisely the other creatures within the area had fled to safety leaving only the librarians, the werecat translator and the mother alone.

    The dragon’s last words held the most dread for Emily. Her body was already slammed down upon the ground, her hair whipped back while her eyes narrowed upon the dragon’s towering form. Tears blurred her vision and fighting past the stinging sand inside them, trying to clear them away only to be fruitless. Part of her expected to see the blaze of fire lick upon the sands. Seeing it burn her, finishing the job it failed to before. The grieving mother’s words roar though her ears and seemed to taunt her all around, unable to purge her guilt and regret. Emily’s heart drop out of her chest when she knew what this meant. It was about reclaiming all of Gyptalria and that all of them were going to be banished. This declaration of war in a way included Soule, her home village, and the fact it would be destroyed alongside its inhabitants. Emily was terrified as she struggled not to react in panic; her body trembled uncontrollably during the fearsome display again.

    She forced herself upright, her legs screamed and arms hung limp. How she managed, even Emily thought was a miracle, though she didn’t dwell too long upon it. Instead her face was filled with horror and realization to the consequences, her voice raised against the wind but likely was silenced against the deafening winds. “That is not true! You believe all humans are the same because you’ve not seen one shred of evidence we can change, but it doesn’t mean it’s not there. If you do this it’s not kindness, but genocide.”


    For the most part, Cerberus had ignored the surroundings and focused on the dragon. He was rather nervous about the truth his holder had uttered, carelessly in his mind, noting the dragon hadn’t denied or confirmed what the reports had said. Not that it was important. Merely part of their given task though he had a feeling the reports were likely wrong and it was an ill excuse to send to toy with the damn dragon. It wasn’t until the werecat stirred to her given task did Cerberus narrow his attention.

    The story was painfully familiar up until the very end. Memories, fragments in his long life then, stirred unwilling into Cerberus’s mind. It mingled with the sounds of tiny paws, his main head’s teeth playfully toying with a serpent’s tail while a warm, cooing voice amusingly called his name over and over. Enough… he nearly barked out loud, his mind slammed down on the emotions and held his ground. It was bitter truth he had hardened his heart to the fact life always repeated their mistakes. This mother’s choice wouldn’t end any differently than his. Her children would die just the same. The war would be bloody but the mother would be so lost in grief and hatred, she wouldn’t notice the torment her own children would feel just to see her spiral out of control. When it was all over, it would be her offspring to suffer the end results. In some case it was fortunate they were too feral to understand the pain she displayed. Unlike him. Inside, he felt the stirring of hate course through his veins while his mouth flared with intense flames.

    The winds which hindered his holder whipped through his ghostly body and scattered into the background unnoticed as the dragon’s rage increased with her retelling of her past. His heart clinched at the sight to see her so filled with hatred that even her own children had scattered at the sight of it and left her alone.

    It was ironic, namely cause he had been just as bitter and spiteful of Emily when he first realized he was bounded to a young human. It was fortunate she couldn’t hear or see him back then, or their interaction would’ve much different. Her demand was purely impossible for humans to accept willingly. Especially those within Soule, their existence strictly intertwined with the native species of Dyrah and Shif that any change now would kill all the lesser two. So it was little surprise to see Emily react in the way she did. Her village and she might’ve been on ill terms, but it was still her past and a part of her.

    His head snapped to absorb her image, weakened and rather terribly torn up, to face the storm. To try her diplomatic way possibly couldn't make this situation any worse, could it? The mother dragon was so wrapped up in her pain it was impossible to reason with her, he knew because his mother was the same way. Only blood would one day curb her angry and even then, it would never be enough. For a moment longer, Cerberus watched his holder as if inwardly debating on his next action then pulled himself away. His body shifted into motion toward the dragon, though distance in reality didn’t make any difference, to stand before the dragon’s furious form. Maybe he had forgotten he was no longer of the world of flesh and bone in his temper, his form hauled within speaking range and his eyes lifted upward to glaze into the dragon’s furious gaze, unflinching. However his anger might’ve been rather palatable when he fought to steady his voice though he couldn’t keep his words from spilling into Latin.

    “An bello saeviens mactatis homines pluris existimo ergo anima parvulorum tuorum? Sicut mater liberos derelinquetis pati silentio in furore tuo, et peregrinus apud vos in furore contrario, et tincidunt odio sunt?”

    * Do you truly believe killing humans and raging a war is worth more than the lives of your children? Like my own mother, will you leave your children to silently suffer while your rage, fury and hatred twist you into a stranger within their eyes?

    Free Billy


    Quarts watched in frustration as the bigger beastie was killed, Ewoyn finally busted through the layers of fat, muscle and skin into something vital from the looks of it. The snake couldn’t help but smirk at her enthusiasm though he felt she could’ve done it in a much less messy way. By the time she cut her way out, her figure covered in the sickening gore and waded within the redden sea colored by the beast’s blood. The creature gave one final shudder then fell into death. Its last breath faded on the sea it once roamed and gone from this world.

    At the still corpse, Quartz felt a slight pity to watch such a grand monster fall. Namely since its only goal was to protect its young.

    Of course his sorrow was short lived. In moments of its parent’s death, he fishy became more rambunctious then before. A fresh bit of blood leaked upon the sand as Quartz gave a slight protesting hiss and bared his fangs at the uncooperative thing ripping out another chunk of his scales. Again, it seemed to ignore him. It continued its thrashing though he noticed the smaller creature had started to soften its resistance which meant it was drawing closer to death with each movement. It took only moments for the spirit to realize something.

    The beast was dead yet the protesters’ path didn’t cease, in fact the song itself seemed untouched. If it wasn’t the beast causing the noise then what was it? That was the true question Quartz would’ve loved the answer to yet he was too busy to dwell on that now.

    “Someone better find the source of that song and fast!” Quartz shouted to Remia and Mime, his body started to haul the small fish to the water’s edge.

    There were too many protesters to save, that much he was sure of, even in his largest form. At least without hurting them and that was the last thing he wanted to do. Uncertain what to do now he decided to deal with his current problem: the fish within his coils. Quickly he started to edge to the water allowing the sea to brush against the creature’s body and soak it, it’s life length gained with the slight caution he took to ensure it remain within the shallows but deep enough most of its body was submerged. However if tried to escape then it would find his coils tightened more and more, his eyes watched the protesters close into the water’s edge. If only Ewony wasn’t in the water, he might’ve considered creating a small tide wave with his active and wash most the protesters back onto the beach and preferably out cold. For now he could only handle one sizeable problem at one time. A rather annoying thing for Quartz.
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  3. Hive of Minds​

    Daniel watched the oversized wasp move around the area quickly, and with hostile intent. He watches it move, carefully, retaining his position behind his compatriot... The one that earlier ate his fire stick. He made for good cover, at least. Even if he did lack all social graces. Still, his initial plan didn't succeed. The wasp wasn't moving in. If it was, he would have struck it with his warhammer, as he had been prepared this whole time to do so.

    Julian snickers as he pulls out Whiskers, moving the jaw up and down for fun, to emulate speech. "Maybe you should use your crossbow mister monster hunter!" Julian then stares at the skull with a feigned look of surprise. "Oh, maybe he should, mister Whiskers!" Daniel crosses his eyebrows in irritation as he summons his crossbow in place of his warhammer. "I was about to do that, uncle." He mumbles aloud, seemingly to himself.

    Daniel continues to use his ally as cover as he turns around him and aims with his crossbow. He keeps it locked on the wasp, but doesn't immediately fire. Wasps, like many airborn creatures, were most vulnerable in the dive, when they cannot course correct. So, be simply waits for the wasp to attack. If it went for him or any of his allies, he would fire for its torso, and if he could, either cut it in half or stick it to a tree. "Your move." He whispers to the wasp.

    Rendezvous Crash​

    McKenzi grabs as many files as she can related to her father and others, looking to Vologhn her eyes show concern. He wasn't as strong as she was, he wouldn't stand up to whatever was about to burst through that door. Looking to Andre, she speaks with her same, cold, analytical tone. "Vologhn, grab what you can and get moving. Now. Andre, find a way out or make a new way out." She rolls the smoke grenade in her hand which Andre had tossed her. "I will be right behind you. If you can, find the Don. If you can't, regroup outside. If we can't find each other, we will meet back at the Library... Good luck everyone."
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  4. Rendezvous Crash
    Time was running out as the Don's men outside realized that the door was blocked. His web would take at least four to five men to break, so they had a few more minutes in the least. Vologhn briefly scanned through the documents and stacked some of them onto a pile on the table. When the drawers of the table was empty, he bound them up with his threads for easy carrying.

    "You don't need to worry about me, Bishop. I can handle myself." He said without looking up. Vologhn didn't understand why she would want to guarantee his escape if it didn't aid the whole team. Out of the three of them, he was also the most mobile and least likely to be captured.

    There was a good amount of information of the mafia in this room. However, the amount he had garnered from his quick but accurate scans through them told him that it might not be enough. They had used Bishop's identity as Mr. Alexander to infiltrate this place. It wasn't going to be easy getting in a second time. There were fewer men outside the door right now. The rest might have gone off to find reinforcements. There was a chance the Don had not been alerted yet.

    "Bishop. I've changed my mind. If you can turn me invisible, I'll get through when Andre blasts open the door. I'll track down the Don as fast as I can before we escape."

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  5. Will 'o the Piper

    “Good...” Sigmund murmured when the red oni headed for him, as he readied his step and planted his feet into the ground. Now he simply had to hope his aim wouldn't fail him. The rook pulled back his spear, closed one eye and threw it straight at the charging monster's leg... And the spear managed to plant itself into it's thigh.

    Almost instantly, barbed wires sprung from the wound and wrapped itself and into the oni's flesh. With every move it would make, the oni would tear off it's own skin, and the pain quickly overwhelmed the giant... But it wasn't enough. It fell, it's face planting itself right on top of Sigmund's position! Sigmund knew he had no time to dodge, and quickly summoned his shield and activated his remaining two skills. The oni fell straight on top of him!

    Sigmund almost tumbled under the weight, as his arms burned to prevent it from crushing him. Thanks to his quick actions, his limbs managed to endure the giant's body slam. Brought to his knees, Sigmund barely managed to roll away from the death trap before it completely landed; flailing around in rage like a child. Sigmund brushed the sweat of his brow and sighed in relief. “We're not done yet...” The rook said more to himself than anyone else, as he tried to step back... But was caught in one of the red oni's wild swings and sent flying much like Charles before him!

    “That's gonna leave a mark...” Sigmund complained, shortly after the rock floor. He had no idea how much damage that had done, as his painkiller ability was still active (a frightening side effect of the skill,) but his skin wasn't going to be any prettier, judging but the rock floor he'd landed on. Sigmund, feeling somewhat dazed, stared at Charles bringing back the blue oni in his direction... But noticed it wouldn't get close to it's flailing brother...

    “You've got to be kidding me... Hell.” Sigmund cursed, as he struggled to get back on his feet. Small puddles of blood had formed where he had laid, and Sigmund cursed harder inwardly knowing the stakes of this battle had just gotten a lot higher... Hopefully their opponents realised this too.

    “Hey Charles!” The rook barked, “Unless you can kill that fat, blue bastard here and now, use that telepathy of yours to get it to stand down. Tell it it's brother will die a dog's death if he doesn't!” Granted, his paramour active wouldn't actually kill the oni, or even come close to. It couldn't, but the red one didn't seem to be clever enough to figure out to pull it off instead of struggling and hurting itself. “And that it's too late to try anything funny!”

    A Clayman's Finale

    “Well, that takes care of that.” Lux let out in some relief. “Let's not split up again. Bad things happen when we split up.” He said, returning to Salia's side and gave her back his shoulder. The shaking was making it difficult for even Lux to keep his balance, and he couldn't imagine how that would be for someone with an injured leg.

    “I don't know what you guys want to do with our new lady-friend here,” Lux nodded towards the woman who had just surrendered herself, “But what I do know is that the clock is ticking for our mission, and my gut-feeling tells me that if they were guarding this corridor, our answers can't be much further.”

    Free Billy

    Finally, Eowyn's rage subsided. Steam escaped from her centaur form as she felt her body cool down... She was left exhausted. Eowyn felt the strength of her spirit wasn't as prevalent as before... Or even normal. She was in fact, weaker.

    With great struggles, Eowyn got on four hooves on top of the corpse of a trophy... But the singing coral-people were still there! Eowyn knew she had killed the fish... So it couldn't be... She drew her sword, which weighed heavier than before, and raised it to cut them down... But she couldn't. Her ears filled with their music and Eowyn's will to fight ebbed away... Instead, she dropped the blade and slowly approached the creatures. Tears welled up in Eowyn's eyes, as she walked into the embrace of one of the coral-people...

    “It's... Been so hard.” She weakly muttered, as she hugged the creature... While the creature and it's fiendish friends tried their jaws on Eowyn's stone body... But still burning their selves and and breaking their own teeth... The creatures quickly gave up, and instead tossed a very confused Eowyn off their host onto the beach, and continued their song.

    Eowyn didn't understand... The song told her they wanted her, that they loved her... But then why was she laying so far away? “Why..?” Eowyn muttered weakly... “Why?”
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  6. Free Billy


    His eyes caught Eowyn come into view. The steam seemed to roll off her body in thick, white waves while she struggled to stand erect on top the now decaying buoy, bobbing in the sea of red and gore. It looked like some nightmare warrior had risen from death itself. A sight which left Quartz impressed for a moment until he realized how much the effort had taken on the knight. She seemed to realize the source of the song, the sirens, and raised her sword to cut them down. However it couldn’t even rise half way. Her arms gave out before she had begun which caused the feathered snake to stiffen, his eyes widened in fear and concern when he watched her release the handle. The hard, heavy sword slipped from her grasp into the creature’s surface where it might’ve vanished below the sea at some point.

    No…no! Quartz screamed inside, his words formed from his mind into the air itself. “No! Eowyn, stop! What are you doing?”

    She seemed unable to hear him. Her hooves continued to move farther and farther, the siren’s many needy and greedy hands reached for her. Tried to rip her into pieces. For a heart stopping moment, Quartz thought they had thought they would lost the knight to a frenzy of seaweed abominations. He expected blood. Limbs, screams of pain, and more were flooding his panicked mind like a plague. Quartz wasn’t about to sit around and let it happen. His coils loosened around the monster’s offspring slightly while his Aztecs Winds swirled inside his mouth, his Gale Burst readying within the small confines. It rattled his fangs harder and fast, the wind furious at being contained against its will that seemed to roar within his head. His feathers were stiffened and a small prayer had hoped Eowyn would forgive him later, preferring her wrath to her death; he readied his aim to create a wave to knock her off the beast.

    However it wasn’t needed. The moment the sirens touched, Quartz watched them slowly dawn that Eowyn’s skin was too tough for them. They burned their skin and gashed their teeth, each attempt foiled though the knight was blissfully unaware they were more interested in killing her then soothing her. It wasn’t long before they threw Eowyn into the beach and the centaur crashed into the sand, creating a slight crater were her body made its impression in the wet grains. Seeing his ally was safe, Quartz was thankful he didn’t need to adjust his aim. Namely cause it was hard enough holding the wind within his mouth let alone shifting the angle to another target while it built. A little longer and his Gale Burst would rip through not just the beast’s corpse, but create a rush of water which would soak and send the entranced back to the beach.
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  7. Hive of Minds​

    Ramza's talons found the abdomen. The exoskeleton and his weapons clashed, sending a vibration through his entire body. If he looked up, Ramza would most definitely realised he his claws had done damage to the wasp's natural armour, as evidenced by the cuts, but he failed to pierce it. These monstrous insects were tough! At least... As far as there reinforced parts were concerned. He had grazed the wasp's wings as well...

    Daniel who had been unable to see events play out well when hiding behind Rugratz, did not notice that the wasp was struggling to stay airborne. By the time he looked around the minion's back, it was already crashing... Even if it tried to stabilise it's own flight, it simply became erratic. Rather than pick on any of the small targets, or use it's stinger, it was going to smash into Rugratz... Or at least the chance was there...

    Aderyn failed to follow Daniel's instructions, as she was taken off guard by the fleeing parasites. She tried to strike them from the air, but to no avail. Although most of the swarm moved past her, few found their way into her mouth and nostrils. Gagging, the woman fell to the ground, covering her mouth and nose with her hands... But there was little she could do to stop the insects their invasion of her body...
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  8. Hive of Minds
    Ramza Losstarot

    s soon as Ramza landed, he glanced over a shoulder and looked up, ignoring the passing cast of shadow across his face from the gigantic insect as it struggled itself airborne. For a moment, the Rook thought he'd just rendered some sort of a steam-powered-flying-machine flightless and is now witnessing its plummets to earth. What's it missing were a trail of smoke, the sputtering of mana-fluids perhaps and probably the choke and protests of damaged gears. Maybe even the cussing of a panicked pilot. Briefly, he wondered if such a contraption even existed. He'd never seen one and wasn't sure if he'd ever heard of it before, but the vision seemed so real that he thought such a machine does indeed exist, at least probably not in the exact fashion to the overgrown wasp though.

    Ramza finally noticed the slight damage he'd done and took mental note of the creature's defensive nature. They'll have to aim for the more vulnerable parts on the insect if they wanted more than to just scratch it. And in that moment, he dared not dwell on the notion of how the armors on the Queen would be. Quickly, he then followed its crash-path, only to find his own minion at the end of it and a Holder-comrade peering from behind. Rugratz, in his soundless roar, had his arms opened as if to welcome an embrace.

    "Slam it down!" Ramza barked in which the minion immediately raised his long arms high above his head to do as commanded.

    Don't you ever grow weary for always choosing a mission such as this, boy? The guttural growl from the Rook's Spirit suddenly bellowed. Have you not vent all your anger yet? Have you not destroyed enough mindless pests to take on a real job? A real mission? Something that is more challenging than those you've already partake? Bahamut paused but when his Holder refused to reply, he continued. I guessed my choice for choosing one such as yourself was a mistake on my part! So the blame should be on me! I should have known that you couldn't live up to the fullest extend of your own capability! That you're merely a brute without any ambition!

    "Hold your tongue, Dragon King!" said Ramza before he turned to stare at his Spirit in the eye, his voice calm, unwavering."Our job is far from over and the challenge have yet to come! You best remember your place and keep your opinion to yourself lest I call for it!" Bahamut simply sneered and then faded from sight, revealing an agonizing throes on the ground from the newcomer -Aderyn- not too far from the group.

    His gaze then returned to his minion, Rugratz. By this time, the giant have already slammed both his fists down on the monstrous pest, hammering repeatedly especially on the creature's head. "That's enough!" Ramza exclaimed. "We've to make haste for lost time! Keep moving!" said the Rook as he beckoned all his minions towards the initial path.

    Upon seeing what Daniel possessed in his hands, the Rook contemplated for a bit. Part of him wanted the man to end the fellow-Librarian's suffering, but another part of him rather see them out of the little pests way than having to deal with them yet again. Something tells him that they'll have to deal with her instead then. That perhaps, she'll rise with a mind not her own and attack them.

    "Daniel, cover us in the rear with your eyes fixed on her!" said Ramza almost expressionless as he pointed to the female Holder whose name he have yet to learn. "Shoot her in the head should she come around!" and with that, Ramza nodded then turned on his heels to make his way towards the nest, half hoping no more trouble would come before they get to their destination. While the other half, he'd kind of expected it.

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  9. Will O' The Piper

    Charles didn't really want to connect his mind to the monster chasing him, but he saw the wisdom of Sigmund's plan. Putting on a burst of speed to get distance, he turned and reached out to the blue beast, transmitting a simple message. "Stop, or the red one dies." He pointed his spear at the trapped demon for emphasis. "Call off your creatures too."

    Clayman's Finale

    "We could break her legs?" Maria suggested matter-of-factly. "I mean, to be fair, she was trying to kill us all. A couple of broken bones should be a small price to pay, plus it would probably keep her out of our hair for a while." She dismissed her armor, standing once again in just her uniform. "I'd like not to be attacked from behind."​
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  10. Will 'o the Piper

    The blue oni understood Charles well, and with little hesitation it roared; causing all the kappa to disperse and run... It's call was like a savage beast's, commanding more fear than respect, and it had come with the necessary saliva that formed puddles on the scene. Looming over Charles was the shadow of the monster's weapon; the uprooted tree. It eyed the librarian viciously, as even out of the monster's range it was a menacing beast. It was clear that if they did kill the red monster, it would not hesitate to try and take it's revenge...

    This Sigmund knew... And he also knew that he couldn't take a frontal assault by himself. The red one was blinded by rage, but there was no guarantee the same fate would fall upon his brother... And although the kappa had left the scene, Sigmund was certain they would be back...

    “Can you take it if there's just one?” Sigmund asked Charles through his telepathy. If the knight stabbed the bound monster, Sigmund could easily use his hookshot to pull his teammate from immediate danger, but he himself couldn't take an immediate hit... And the longer the stare down took, the more likely the red oni was to accidentally free itself and they would lose their leverage. “We can either try to kill them or bargain the red bastard's life in exchange for the children.” He channeled to Charles, though it was no secret that he'd rather have the two dead, Sigmund hoped Charles understood the situation as well as the rook did.

    “But we don't have much time to bargain, it could break free any second. I'm leaving this in your hands...” Sigmund said... But he had one more trick up his sleeve if it didn't work out, though it was one he'd rather not be forced to use...

  11. Free Billy
    Mime kept her hands on keeping her holder's hands on the latter's ears as she glanced towards the rooftop while still dragging Arlette away. She mentally shrugged at why the Drogans stopped before remembering their fourth member.

    The spirit tried to contact the last member, Hey, hey, Miss...uh, Shrine Lady! Where are you?

    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
    Vignar remained quiet even through the Mother Dragon's declaration. He could feel his heart beating louder however and his wound also seemed to beat along with it. He welcomed the pain, as the heatless heat meant that he was alive and also, it took his mind off trying to figure what his spirit's cackling meant.

    Rendezvous Crash
    "I don't think it's a good idea to try to chase the Don for anything but hostage in this situation with how fat he is," Andre said as he tested the threads barricading the door with a finger. "Ling En, if you want to use the door, you'd better get rid of this threads, I'll be using the windows since I don't want to use too much energy on testing whether I'm stronger than your threads or not."

    The Rook waited for Vologhn's reply before opening either the windows or the door. If he used the window, he'd look down before jumping out of it and climbed up to the roof. If he used the door, he would attempt bust the door out of its hinge and use them as a makeshift ram against the mobs' goons.​
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  12. A Clayman's Finale
    A stroke of luck had brought the team back together. Hopefully, this meant that the goal was right before them. Now that the two assailants had been subdued, Adeline rejoined the group. The woman held her hands in the air, obviously having surrendered to the library's superior numbers. With the adrenaline of the battle fading away, Adeline remembered that they were fighting against the clock to reach Dr. Valenci.

    "Break her legs? How- cruel. Can't we just tie her up..." Adeline began to complain, but Sonneillon lumbered into sight then. A large chunk of unidentifiable gore shook loose from its spikes and landed on the floor with a sickening splat. Adeline's face turned pale and she nearly threw up on the spot. After a few moments she composed herself.

    "Just... come on, we don't have time to lose. S-sonneillon... go ahead. Please." The girl gave her spirit a good head start before following it.​
  13. A Clayman's Finale

    Lux couldn't help but frown at Maria's suggestion. “I just think she needs to cool down.” The bishop made a pun (at which the woman cringed) as ice started to encase the wrists of their assailant, but disapprovingly so shook his head at the rook. “She's coming with us. Dead women don't talk, and she'll be dead if we leave her here and this place comes down.”

    Lux finished freezing the woman's arms together, and nudged her to move in front of them. “You know, I always imagined having the saying one girl on each arm a little differently.” He joked, as he walked forward, also supporting Salia. He had rested his injured arm on her shoulder, making sure he had his healthy one ready in case the woman tried anything.

    Soneillon and Maria would remain in front of Lux, as he wasn't able to move very fast in his condition. Especially with all the shaking. It was difficult to keep his footing, and on occasion the rumbles were so heavy Lux was simply slammed into a wall. The ruins were fighting the barrier that had been put around it, and the construct itself began to crack. Debris started falling from the ceiling, and blue sparks jumped from the glowing stones that ran in strange patterns across the wall. The corridor eventually lead to a large open space... Which moved like a ship in a storm.

    Heavy stone constructions had been mounted inside of it, but not all of them had withstood the test of time. Broken pieces slid and rolled across the floor; as did parts of what had once been the ceiling. The glowing blue stones were running rampant; coming in from every direction and leading to the middle... Where a man hung in chains, and the woman the librarians held captive smirked at the sight. He was difficult to recognise, but this man was doctor Valenci. The strange patterns on the walls and floors extended onto his arms and legs, and seemed to have burned skin and cloth. The doctor's eyes lit up blue, and he was desperately trying to jerk the chains somehow; but it seemed an invisible force was pulling the other way. He hadn't managed to see the holders entering; it was as if he was in a trance...

    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

    If Cerberus' words could have reached the mother dragon, perhaps she would have listened a little more... But he'd needed Emily to speak for him. As neither Vignar nor Diane muttered a word, the dragon eyed only Emily.

    “Is that not a language you humans understand?” The werecat translator growled, although these were her own words, and not the dragon's. The mother dragon's eyes seemed to have caught onto something at the last minute... And it sneered the word; “Soule,” as a blaze escaped from her nostrils. It seemed there was one last thing the mother dragon would have to say...

    “Then... A test. See if you can make the decision you ask of me.” The werecat translated, though shivers ran down it's spine... There was a hint of pity in the therianthrope's eyes, as she spoke to Emily. “Show me the true nature of humankind.”

    And with that, the mother dragon beat her wings once more; lifting not only the holders but also the surrounding werecats up in their air in a blizzard of sand. The dust clouded the vision of all librarians, as they were swept away far into directions they wouldn't even be able to tell... The sheer force of wind separated Emily, Vignar, Diane and even Fran... Each blown to a different corner of the desert...

    ::End of mission::

    It was the roughest awakening Fran had yet. Skin, scratched by sand and bitten by the sun... And a throat that felt as dry as the environment itself... It was evening, she could tell by the sky... As she searched for her flask to take a quick sip of water...

    The last thing Fran remembered was meeting with Sean... But whatever had happened, everything around her pointed at it that the mission had not gone as intended. She had been careless with the rogue holder, the woman thought... But that was the least of her worries... She was alone in the middle of nowhere... And had no idea where to go...

    Fran strapped back her flash to her hip, and looked up at the sky. It was clear, and soon the stars would be visible. She had little hope of surviving by herself, Fran knew this much, and so she cast a spell; causing a bright green beam to flicker from her eyes as she looked up. From the distance, if anyone could see it, it would be akin a beacon... Or at least, it would most definitely be later that night...
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  14. Rendezvous Crash
    Andre's suggestion was sound. So much that it Vologhn wondered what he was thinking. He strode over to the door, and worked his magic on the threads. It was much harder unraveling the threads once they had been materialized, but it was probably less effort than what Andre would have to do. He stopped when he got through the bulk of the webbing.

    "It should be weak enough now." Vologhn announced. There was only enough left to jam the door knob. He backed away to stay clear of whatever explosives Andre cared to employ. To Bishop, he warned, "Stand back. Are you ready?"
  15. The Clayman's Finale

    Adeline breathed a sigh of relief when Lux took her captive instead. Nightmares of killing one man was enough- she wasn't sure she could survive the guilt of two. Library business just wasn't her cup of tea. Why couldn't they be discovering new species of daisies instead. That would be infinitely more preferable, she thought.

    Sonneillon lumbered forward, ignoring the crumbling ruins. The shaking must have been made worsened by the creatures footsteps. Despite its low agility it managed to reach the chamber before Lux did. Sonneillon reared its head at the chained man. A deep rumble rattled from Sonneillon's core, and only with some difficulty would one realize that it was laughing.

    "So, this is how you end up. Chained. Not mine, but chained all the same," Sonneillon mocked. However, the doctor appeared to be in a condition that prevented him from retorting. The spirit would have frowned if it had eyebrows.

    The rest of the group soon emerged at the entrance to the chamber. Adeline carefully stepped into the rocking chamber, and fought to keep her balance. She resorted to a strange crouching pose so that she wouldn't fall over. There was something brightly glowing in the middle- the shaking made it difficult to see.

    "Is that... is that Dr. Valenci?" she raised her voiced when she recognized the man. Chained up and covered in brightly glowing runes, it was clear something was afoot. The last she checked, he was the one they were after. "God damn this. What is going on here?"

    She could easily command Sonneillon to destroy the whole contraption, but there was too many unanswered questions. Who were the ones really behind this? What would happen if they stopped him now? Time was running out- there was no telling how much destruction the golem had already caused while they were running around in the ruins. A decision had to be made now.

    "I'm going to cut him down. O-okay?" she glanced at the rest, unsure.
  16. Free Billy

    Quartz' winds shred through the algae creatures; slaying and cutting through the dead fish's hitchhikers. Their songs muted in favour of a wild panic and choir of screeches. Even so, to the hypnotised, such as Eowyn, it was a heart-wrenching happening. “No... Come back...” She muttered, trying to climb the whale in her centaur-form... But utterly failing to do so. While in their trance, the victims were naught but the emotion desire... But with every attack Quartz would launch, the threat would subside further, and few beach-goers had already snapped out of it. Although dazed and confused to what was going on; their lives had been spared.

    Speaking of which, the baby monster's was as well. It's struggles continued, but it's near death experience had left the beast weakened. Still, it's hard was beating loud, enough for Quartz to sense through his scales.

    Unfortunately, Mime's attempts to contact Mari's spirit fell onto deaf ears. When he and Arlette moved nearer to the furnished edge of the beach, however, he could well see drogans take flight from the top of a building where Mari had once stood. Besides these pets flying away, he would also be able to see shadows slipping into the passageways between the beach stores, into the nearby town. What had happened to Mari, and who were these people running from the scene?
  17. Rendezvous Crash

    "I don't think that's a good idea..." Bishop murmurs, almost to herself, uncertain for once as to how to proceed as something conflicted with her typically sharp logic. Still, Andre seemed to be on board with the plan. Hastily grabbing the documents woven together by Vologhn and nodding quickly. "Proceed Vologhn, but remember, I can't keep you invisible if you break away from my sight." Still, she moved closer to her teammates, being ready for however the situation might play itself out now that she was, for once, not forced into a position of command.
    Hive of Minds

    As things seemingly come to a close with Ramza giving him an order, Daniel stares blankly at what just happened. Somehow, as though by the ordained word of some higher power, he was incapable of lining up a straightforward shot into the air due to taking cover like any natural, sane person would do. Seeing Daniel's confusion, Julian shrugs and motions towards the woman being infested by the parasites. "Sometimes life doesn't work out the way we want it to! After all, some God found it amusing to impale me in the chest and leave my unmoving cadaver in a hole for two hundred years. At least cherish being alive!" Daniel snorts and glances at Ramza with suspicion, before looking to his downed comrade in arms. There was no saving her, he had neither alchemical potions or skilled physicians to assist the poor lass. So without hesitation, he meagerly raised his crossbow and fired straight at her head.

    Turning and leaving the likely cadaver behind, he starts reloading his crossbow and stays close to Ramza. Though he didn't trust Ramza, he was the only other mission combatant left that was potentially useful, though Daniel kept looking around the area, looking for anything that could be moving, ready to react to even false alarms. "You're an idiot if you think splitting up will increase our odds of survival. It's just you, your cadre, and me now." Julian chuckles and scratches his chin in thought, watching Daniel's paranoid gaze wander around the area. "Remember fire." Julian remarks as Daniel momentarily glances at Ramza. "If it comes down to it, half of this forest for all of the wasps is better than the both of us dead with this entire forest overrun by them. Remember that."​
  18. A Hive of Minds

    When smacked to the ground by Rugratz, the monster wasp was at it's mercy. Courtesy of it's tough armour, the wasp hadn't been splatted, but taking repeated punishment from the larger minion, it finally collapsed.

    Aderyn's death was sealed with the single bolt. Even though she laid motionless on the ground, but the parasites had not left her. She did not seem a threat... For now, at least. The lives these woods had claimed only seemed to climb by the hour... Three librarians had been taken from this plane... And only two had been reported to return. If that wouldn't trigger the realisation Daniel was right to stick together; the hive would.

    Long before they would reach it, the hive was clear in view. It rose far above the forest (which without it's green provided a clear view of the monstrous construct to scrape the skies) and hundreds of wasps, much like the one Ramza and Daniel had fought. When they finally reached it, the librarians would see it was located over and near a large lake. The liquid they'd kept in bottles crept between the hive's walls and dumped into the lake (after which it was transported down the river.) The hive was easily larger than the tallest building either of them had ever seen. The entrance points were mostly up high and guarded, but there were a few on ground level as well. Additionally, it had taken some damage in the form of man-sized holes near the bottom of the hive... Although the holders would have to swim to reach these points, through the water with the strange, thick liquid floating on top of it...

    Rendezvous Crash

    The charge of the rook held more power to it than all the men in the Don's employment. Andre and his makeshift ram overpowered the mobs, and Vologhn and Bishop were able to make their way out as well. The Don, realising his opposition, ran, but more than a few of his crooks actually attempted to get inside of the room. Others yelled in their native tongue, words which meaning would become clear if the librarians would make it out of the building, where shadows familiar to Andre and Bishop hovered over the streets; drogans... And they were accompanied by beasts that were best described as the bastard child of an orangutan and a lynx. They were apes, with slick fur, a short tail, potent claws sticking from their knuckles and the head of a malformed cat... Complete with a sharp-toothed maw. They screeched as loudly as they seemed to amass from jumping the buildings. So far their numbers were manageable, but who could tell how many monsters the Don had a leash on...
  19. Free Billy


    The air swirled about a condensed ball of pure, raw power that had ripped into the song’s source. Green blood squirted from their bodies while algae creatures felt their flora like flesh ripped away and what served as bones shattered on impact, killing them quickly. The song, once pleasant, twisted into a macabre tune so different of its original intentions. It didn’t take the reaction of the entranced or the sound to make Quartz realize they were dying. In addition, that meant the spell as well.

    He couldn’t help the flinch that sent shivers through his scales on hearing the siren’s song twist into something of suffering and pain. Despite everything, it broke his cold-blooded (literally not figuratively) to see those still caught in the grips react the way they did when he couldn’t just leave his attack at just one blow. Without easing up, he focused his tail with his Aztec Winds again then struck out as far as he could to slam into any still living sirens upon the creature’s back. Bit by bit, the song grew silent. Not willing to chance it, Quartz continued until his last assault stalled after he spotted movement in the corner of his vision. It was Eoywn, he noted, when she appeared on the carcass’s back, her six-hooved legs trotted their way uphill in mourning.

    By this time, Quartz felt many things. Hurt, exhaustion, and annoyance leaving him less than helpful now that he had managed to save the offspring at least. Sadly a part of him, deep down, wished he were fortunate enough to say the same about the mother. His mood improved when he felt the heart of the little one thumping rapidly against his scales causing Quartz to smile and lower his head on top of the fish’s starfish collar, its struggles lessened and lessened compared to earlier. He couldn’t help but sooth it slightly. “Shhhh, little one. Once we get back to the Hub, I’ll personally make sure you get a new, large tank, fresh food, and plenty of water.”

    For his words, Quartz received a sound slam on his snout from one of the suckered arms. “I hate babysitting…”

    Nathair watched after Mime had founded Arlette, relieved the girl was safe while he tried pointlessly to stop any more victims. It wasn’t until he’d looked up and spotted Quartz letting his Gale Burst rip across the watering and into the sirens that the human noticed an abrupt change in the victims. Many toppled to their knees, their hands out held in toward the large beast while horrified expressions had filled their faces. Some had already started to race toward the water, still locked in the song’s dying grip, while others were released from their spell immediately. Those lucky few darted away, hands over ears and panic written over their features before they vanished.

    Slowly, Nathair stripped off his shirt made headgear then tossed it down in his wake the moment his feet hit the water. His breeches and skin were shortly soaked while he waded into his spirit’s side.

    “Nathair!! You get your ass back up there, right this minute!” Quartz snapped when his eyes shifted to the sound of swooshing seawater, his body forced into motion while he added more chiding. “You’re going to get soaked and if you expect me to face the wrath of that woman, you are dead wrong! Now, back on shore!”

    Nathair ignored Quartz, naturally, finally stopped about over waist deep at his spirit’s side. Gently his arm reached out to grip the scaly tail and balance himself while he examined his guardian’s surface, noting the gashes and slight flaking skin from where he was burned. Nathair found it slightly amusing that he felt his spirit fighting the urge to toss him back on the shore, his voice edged into soft chuckles followed by his hand patting the reptile’s tail.

    “I’m fine. I’m more worried about you,” Nathair admitted, his eyes still roamed over his spirit’s state, “Where’s Arlette and Mime?”

    “No idea, but give me a second and I’ll try to ring his head, see if I get a message.” Quartz answered then mentally tried to contact Mime, if the doppleganger hadn’t cut the connection, with a tone that gave way how tired he was.

    Mime… come in Mime, pick up the line, you little cross dresser! The song’s been stopped and seems everyone’s alright, but where are you and Arlette? And can you two, if you’re still together, get back without help?

    Quartz, unlike Nathair, didn’t have the energy for galloping around the beach chasing the pair down. So the spirit really hoped the two were on their way back soon.
  20. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon


    If a mouse had ever dared to stand before the cat that threatened to kill it, then Emily would be certain she would’ve known that mouse’s fear as she stood before the dragon herself. Her heart seemed to cripple her, its beat unsteady and rapid, while she forced herself to remain standing. Her body froze by the dragon’s eyes, which had flickered downward and eyed her, studying with prejudice and hate, until finally the mother dragon seemed to click something into place. Emily’s fear roared through her spine making it grow tense and taunt, her head filled by her heart’s beating that she was unable to hear the werecat’s words. Words spurred by disgust and likely stemmed from the same pain the dragon knew.
    No one else seemed to help her.

    Emily couldn’t help but notice neither Vignar nor Diane had spoken a single word. Their silence was making Emily feel like an abandoned piece of paper about to be thrown away, their hands completely clean while hers was stained blood red with the downward spiraling of the negotiations. She hated it. Blame at the pair burned in her chest, namely since in her eyes they didn’t even seem like they were trying. That their actions forced her into this position and it seemed to shatter her inside, creating spider thread thin cracks that spin beyond her control across her core.

    A deep part of her wished Ramza, or even Lux, was here. At least one of them would help to anchor her crumbling confidence back into place and not watch it fall apart in utter silence, not like Vignar and Diane. At least Fran had an excuse, she was out cold still, and just sitting there.
    Emily’s thoughts were interrupted when her village’s name escaped her words. Despite the wounds that oozed and burned or the heat overhead beating down on her, Emily felt an ice chill run through her veins making her shiver. Her mind tried to recall any mention only to discover none. How did the hell did the Dragon know? Emily questioned while her body refused to move when a slight blaze flickered dangerously close to her surface, threatening to scorch her into ashes. The action would’ve been a mercy compared to the look she saw from the werecat, the dragon’s words started again while her head turned to the older woman. Her feline like eyes held no longer the vile disgust toward her but pity, a faint trace that increased Emily’s fear and confusion. The last words echoed within her head, its meaning lost like an unsolved encryption.

    Before Emily could ask for an explanation, the dragon reacted.

    Wind, filled by sand and dirt, kicked into her face causing her to raise her arms to shield her face. Her robes whipped about, flung back, while inch-by-inch Emily felt herself lift then thrown back. Ground disappeared underneath her making her heart leap up into her throat and choke her for her stupidity. At first she felt the pain of being skipped along the ground, the wind knocked from her previously injured and bruised body until the pain swallowed everything into complete darkness.

    Memories of Soule


    …Several years ago.

    “Yo… Em, wake up you idiot!” It was a voice young, and familiar, trying to stir her and sounding rather irritated at failing.

    Emily groaned but didn’t open her eyes, a weigh slightly curled into a tighter ball about her middle where it made soft hissing noises. Around her, the sounds of the wind howling outside were heard and seemed nothing more than a comforting lullaby as she let herself slumber deeper. Too bad the voice’s owner wasn’t willing to let her. Emily had only enough time to feel the hot breath skim her ear before it was assaulted with sudden and deafening yell.


    Her eyes shot open. The woman’s body stumbled off her perch, a bed, and away from the source. While she moved to catch herself with her arms before she hit the floor the Dyrah felt itself moved. Its claws dug into her clothes and one of its heads had jerked upright and flared back, the frill extended in a protesting hiss. The other was ignorant still. Its head nuzzled deeper into the warmth like some scaly cat and didn’t move, the first still agitated by the teenager who smirked back. Too bad Emily’s luck didn’t extend to the other Dyrah surrounding her sleeping form. There were about five others resting in and among the bed that also followed the first one’s example. The only difference, while only one head on the first was startled, both heads were alert on the other five when they finally scrambled off to the holes. Like cats.

    Glaring at her cousin, Andrea, Emily frowned. The dark haired woman merely continued to smile then held out a hand for Emily. Grudgingly, Emily’s one arm scooped under the Dyrah still nestled against her middle, holding it there and reached out her free hand to hoist herself upright. “Do rude awaking much? I could’ve gotten bite you know.”

    “It’s not like it will kill you, you know. No one living in Soule has died from a Dyrah bite in over thousands of centuries,” the teenager chuckled while she started to gesture for Emily to follow, her hand pushed aside the blanket hanging over the door. She was only a few years old as Emily herself at the time and married to a candid to the village’s leadership, adding a cold fact to add to her point. “Now, if you were an outsider then I wouldn’t have been so stupid as to do that. It would’ve killed you within a few hours. That’s why no one from the outside is allowed to live here.”

    “Your best friend wasn’t an outsider, yet he and his new wife aren’t allowed here.” Emily forgot to choose her words carefully, forgetting how the news was still a fresh pain with her cousin. She regretted it immediately when she nearly slammed into Andrea, her body stopped in the middle of their path down the carved out tunnels heading downward. For a moment, she believed her cousin would turn about and slap her for her stupidity. Instead the older girl inhaled then spoke in a depressive tone.

    “It’s for his, as well as any children of his, safety. It was tried once and the risk was too great to repeat, Em. It nearly destroyed everything we sought to preserve and now… I just feel more pity for his children as they will never know the culture they are from now. Not unless they want to risk dying.”

    An awkward silence spun between the pair, Emily’s arm wrapped a little tighter around the Dyrah’s body making the animal start to wake. Its heads swayed to face her then began to climb up her arm, edging to her shoulder where it reached a hole in the ceiling and vanished. Her eyes watched it disappear until her cousin’s next word, forced cheerfulness, broke the spell.

    “Come on, let’s not think about the past. It’s too painful and today’s not the time, it’s your engagement day after all. So come on!” With those words echoed within Emily’s head, she felt herself suddenly dragged down the tunnel.

    When the memory faded, her mind aroused into awareness. Gingerly Emily fluttered her eyes open to take in her surroundings; her head throbbed with a massive headache that seemed to pound relentlessly within her very skull causing her to raise a hand to cradle it. Her skin seemed blistered and flaking, sun burnt by the orb that blazed overhead and now started to dip into the horizon. It would be night soon. That meant she risked freezing to death unless she could find a placed to stay. Emily tried to focus but found the task hurt more then it should’ve, her memory currently hazed whenever she tried to recollect after the dragon’s wings scattering them to only hell knew where. Her throat burned, forcing Emily to reach for her canteen then sooth the scratchy sensation with water. It was struggle not to gulp it all down at once. Her mouth still cotton dry, her forced herself to return the skin to her side and glanced around.

    She was alone saved for one other: Cerberus.

    The three-headed beast looked at her intently with his six eyes, his black body lounging just a foot away and in a relaxed position. He seemed deep in thought until he noted her movement. It’s about time you woke up. Now it would be much easier to confirm the time of day, which by the looks of it seems we’ve little time before night falls.

    “What the hell happened?” Emily croaked, her eyes scanned her legs and noted the slight difference in their appearance. They looked much better than before as they were healed.

    You noticed it was well. Cerberus commented, ignoring her question, while his body moved upright. It seems your body is adapting and has gained a new trait. Though I suggest you not try to push it so hard next time, being able to heal doesn’t make you invincible as you should remember in your battles.

    Emily glared at her spirit’s form, “Stop being a bastard already Cerberus.”

    Stubbornly she pushed herself back on her feet only to feel her vision blur and spin, her left knee crumbled underneath her weight. She managed to add venom in her glare at her spirit when his comment rose at her weakness.

    As I said before you aren’t invincible contrary to what you seem to believe.

    “Just shut up Cerberus…” Emily replied in an exhausted and irate tone, her voice strained in her attempt to stand and stay upright again. It took some effort but she managed it, albeit a little wobbly, to stay on both her feet. Her eye corner spotted a neon green beam, which shot into the sky and seemed familiar, drawing Emily’s face to twist about to center on it. “What do you make of that?”

    I believe its Fran’s… it’s about time the translator woke up. Cerberus growled, slightly blaming the woman’s lack of help in the earlier scene and in Cerberus’s mind placed them in an unsettling position that should’ve been avoided.

    “The others?”

    Not here… Came his simple, negative answer making Emily sigh.

    “Let’s get going then. Else we’ll freeze out here…” Emily said then slipped into silence, her body started to walk diligently to where Fran’s beacon shined as the only sign of life around. She only hoped there wasn’t any drakes or werecats out here or she might not survive the fight that was likely to occur.
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