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    • The Library

      An action and adventure RP, alive since 22/11/11


      The Library is the heart and brains of this world, more influential than the government herself. Much like a modern day company, the Library offers various services to those that can afford the fees. They develop magitechnology (magitech for short) fund scientific research and own most knowledge, and outsource specialists as well as mercenaries and administrative workers.

      The players will take the role of the employees of the Library. The mercenary branch, to be more specific (although you can be part of a secondary branch) and become holders. Holders are connected to a spirit that can be practically anything. Do you want a samurai, a Roman gladiator, a satyr or even a fire-breathing dragon? It is all fair game! With your new companion, you will fight alongside the other holders against other super-powered beings... That for some mysterious reason want to kill you!

      The Lobby

      The Lobby is a thread for the game's accepted characters to hang around. Although it's not obligatory, chronologically correct or maybe even canon (I have no idea what'll happen there) it is a way for characters to interact with one another off the clock. A full description of the place can be found in the thread, just take note the GM is not responsible for pushing the story here. I might also be less involved in the lobby than the IC, so if something needs my attention it might be best to address me in the OOC or by PM.

      NEW: Paralogues​

      Paralogues are, in a way similar to the Lobby, stories that be written happening in parallel to the events of the main IC. In these paralogues, players can have their own missives and lead their own stories and other players can join them at their wims. So if you want to explore something that doesn't fit in the main thread and is more structured than the Lobby, a paralogue might be the solution for you.

      Essentially, think of them as mini-RP's within the Library's world.

      To set up a paralogue, write up a premise and ask if other players are interested in running it. Yes, it is that simple. However please note that, in order not to screw with continuity, you cannot harm or kill other players their characters. As I won't be supervising them personally (although I might join them with my characters) there also won't be awards. The point of these paralogues is simply to explore characters outside of the boundaries of the main IC.

      If you're new to leading stories, here are two useful references;

      Library Structure

      This is where the general info part starts. The Library is split up in different departments, or branches if you prefer.

      The Library's branches are the following:
      • Administration
      • Culinary
      • Intelligence
      • Medical
      • Mercenary
      • Political Relationships
      • Public Relationships
      • Recruitment
      • Research
      But you're free to add suggestions.

      Every branch has a small hierarchy. Names may differ depending on branch; but these are usually their roles.
      1. Head of Department
      2. Manager
      3. Team leader
      4. Worker
      All players start out as 'workers' but may grow in rank over the course of the RP. Power level has nothing to do with rank and holding a higher rank grants no combat-related advantages.

      All departments are under the lead of the director and the council. The director is the leading executive but requires permission from the council for major decisions.

      The council itself has no executive power. It mainly consists out of major shareholders and heads of departments, but also a few certain managers. The highest possible position for a player to achieve is a council-member.

      The World

      The country in which the Library itself resides, is called the Hub. The dominant style in architecture is Victorian, like this, this, this, this and this.

      The technology advancement is very similar to our own steam-era. However instead of steam; the Hub uses magitech. The (often liquid) magic that runs through machines is commonly referred to as mana. Rule of thumb is; if it doesn't run on a steam engine, it prolly won't run on mana either. Mana-powered machinery is often heavy and rarely makes an indirect connection with other machinery. Exceptions exist, but will be specifically mentioned in the IC and/or OOC.

      In terms of the social and moral setting; think more or less modern. Money, knowledge, job and connections are what give a person power. Race, gender and castes are completely irrelevant.

      Aside the Hub there are many other lands; all will be specified in the missions they're relevant to, but they range from rainforests to volcanic regions. From lands full of cavemen to nations nearly as advanced as the Hub.


      Spirits are immaterial beings that may or may not have been amongst the living at one point. Little is still known about them. They come in all shapes and forms and are drawn to mana, for some reason. Only through the use of mana, people can see and communicate with spirits.

      Most spirits are intelligent. They have similar levels of intelligence to humans, regardless of what they look like, be it a man, an elephant or a grasshopper. Also all of them can speak, but only holders can hear them...


      Sometimes a child is born with mana in their bloodstream, but people can also have implanted mana into their bodies artificially. People who hold mana in their bodies are called holders and can bond with spirits. Bonding with a spirit has some great benefits; but they differ from person to person. We make a distinction between different types of holders; Pawns, Rooks, Bishops and Knights (Queens and Kings are not playable.)

      Sometimes a child is born with mana in their bloodstream, but people can also have implanted mana into their bodies artificially. People who hold mana in their bodies are called holders and can bond with spirits]. Bonding with a spirit has some great benefits; but they differ from person to person. We make a distinction between different types of holders; Pawns, Rooks, Bishops and Knights (Queens and Kings are not playable.)

      Pawn These are the most basic of holders. Pawns can't do anything with their spirits, most can't even talk to them or see them, but they are still more powerful than the average human.
      Rook Rooks focus on the physical side of combat. As a Rook, you're tougher than a regular Pawn and can wield spirit-weapons! Every Rook has an arsenal of three weapons, based on the spirit itself. A holder of a samurai's soul for example, may have a katana, yumi and naginata. A dragon's soul, on the other hand, could grant you a huge flaming zweihander, a cannon in the shape of a dragon's jaws and ball (skull) and chain (spine).
      Bishop Bishops assume the role of spellcasters. While not physically tougher than the Pawn, a Bishop has an array of three magical spells. Again, using the dragon for an example, a Bishop could possess the ability to breathe fire, grow two scaly wings and have a really loud roar! Or perhaps he can summon dancing katana, empower allies' weapons/spells and force an opponent to single combat.
      Knight Knights do not use their own body or mind to fight, but instead summon a physical form of their spirit. Knight-type holders their selves may not be more powerful than humans, their summoned spirits sure are! The spirit can have both spells and weapons (the combined number is still three), making it a lot more versatile. Knights often fight alongside their summons, or may even mount them!


      As a holder, you are capable of growing much stronger than the average human being. For this there are three categories in which you can grow; Power (POW), Spirit (SPI) and Agility (AGI). A quick summary of what they do:
      • POW combines physical strength, sharpness and sturdiness of weapons/claws/etc. (don't ask how) with defense and stamina. Bishops will also want to get some POW but in lesser amounts because spells don't exert body.
      • SPI provides greater spell-strength along with defence against spells and helps out your ability to keep casting spells. Rooks want some SPI so they're not burned to crisps by Bishops.
      • AGI is a mix of speed, reflexes and dexterity. So you're faster at attacking, more likely to hit and when things go wrong you want some AGI so you can run the hell away!


      Your standard powers may seem pretty cool, special skills add a whole new level! As you level up you will gain 'skill points', with which you can upgrade your character by buying skills! Skills also come with stat requirements. For example, to get the skill SHOVE you will need 4 POW, 2 SPI and 2 AGI.

      You can upgrade skills with skill points as well, making them bigger and better. Upgrading skills costs less skill points than buying new skills, but the stat requirements are higher. For example, to level up SHOVE you need 7 POW, 4 SPI and 3 AGI.

      Most skills often have cooldowns (CD.) If a skill has 1 CD, that means that after you've used it you can't use it the next post. If it has 3 CD you can't use it for the following 3 posts, etc.

      Most damaging skills have multipliers. The formula is stat*multiplier=output. So if SKILL uses POW, the user has 20 POW and SKILL is level 1, 20*0.1=2. So you would do as much damage as if you used a normal attack, but with only 2 POW.

      A list of skills, along with their requirements and prices, can be found here.


      Now, I don't know if any of you own an xbox or playstation, but if you do you might be familiar with the system. Upon playing a game, you unlock certain achievements for doing certain actions. These will give you even more points to spend; one skill point and one stat point. Skill points will always be up to the player, but stat points must be put in the category of their achievement. Someone who earns 'Companion' must put the point in SPI.

      A few notes on achievements:
      • You can only unlock one achievement per mission.
      • Achievements can only be unlocked once per character.
      • The same achievement cannot be earned by two or more characters during the same mission.
      • Achievements give you a skill point to spend wherever, but a stat point of a predetermined value.
      • Achievements will remain hidden until at least one person unlocks it.

      Now; without further ado, the list!

      Active Abilities

      When the mission Glow in the Dark finished, there has been an amazing discovery. Radiana, a normally unstable and destructive form of mana, can be manipulated to grant extra functions to each of a holder's existent abilities. For example, a rook might be able to set his sword on fire by it and make his arrows drenched in venom, or a bishop might make their fireballs split up in a lot of tiny fireballs. All these skills require to have a cooldown relative to their power level. Minor boosts naturally have lower cooldown periods than larger ones. These cooldowns don't have to be obeyed. Technically speaking, you can use your actives indefinitely. Well, until you die anyway. Using an active ability before the cooldown has been reset can and will permanently cripple your character. The penalty will be determined by the GM.

      If you choose to have active abilities, add them in with your standard abilities in your character sheet with appropriate description and cooldown. If you have an accepted character sheet without active abilities and want to get them later on, run them by me before using them.

      A couple notes before you get started on crafting them;

      • The more powerful the ability the longer the cooldown. Weak effects may only have 1 or 2 post coodlowns, while a powerful one will go above 5.
      • Versatility and utility counts as power.
      • As a general rule, plain buffed up attacks have a multiplier of 1.25. Any higher will require a negative side-effect.
      • Your active must be, in some way or another, be based off the ability it's an active for.
      • If you're unsure if your actives are balanced or not, compare them to those of accepted characters].


      The Library knows multiple ranks that can be found on the top of the thread. While all characters start off as workers, they can apply to be promoted to team leader after completing at least one IC mission. What are the benefits of this rank? Well, besides added responsibility and accountability you may command up to three minions; creatures artificially created to follow your character! Minions can be controlled by their creator as well as the GM.

      To apply for a minion, follow in the following sheet and the GM will provide you with abilities, stats and skills. Afterwards, you may add them to your character sheet.

      Minion CS (open)
      Dominant stat(s):
      POW/SPI/AGI, maybe a mix?
      Traits: Leave a single keyword, role or element relevant to your minion.
      C/P-version (open)
      Dominant stat(s):

      Note that team leaders do not actually have the authority to penalise other PC's. Also if your character performs irresponsibly during missions, they may be demoted... Don't let that scare you though! We all like mental torture through misery and self-doubt character development!

      Character Sheet

      CS (open)
      Name: Your character's full name.
      Appearance: How does your character look?
      Bio: Quick overview on history and personality.
      Branch: Totally optional. What branch is your character part of aside the mercenary branch?

      Holder: Are you a Rook, Bishop, Knight or Pawn?
      Spirit: Short description of your spirit, including name, appearance and personality.

      Weapons/Spells: Weapons for Rooks, Spells for Bishops and a combination for Knights. Pawns can ignore this section.

      • Name weapon/spell 1: Description (Including Active with description and coolodown, if you have it)
      • Name weapon/spell 2: Description (Including Active with description and coolodown, if you have it)
      • Name weapon/spell 3: Description (Including Active with description and coolodown, if you have it)

      Skills: A list of the skills you've got.

      Stats: What are your stats, how much POW, SPI and AGI have you got?
      • POW
      • SPI
      • AGI
      C/P version (open)





      [list][*] POW[*] SPI[*] AGI[/list]

      You get the following points to spend when creating a character.

      • 20 stat points that can be sunk into either POW, SPI OR AGI. 2 of are predetermined based on your class;
        -- Rooks have at least 2 points in POW
        -- Bishops have at least 2 points in SPI
        -- Knights have at least 1 point in both POW and SPI.
        -- Pawns... Well, subtract 2 points from your stat total, you'll get them when/if you advance.
      • 17 skill points which can be spent on a skill right away, or saved up. Please make a notation of where they're going in your sheet.


      Available Missions (open)
      Seafood in Demand (open)
      Contractor: Sol Brumik
      Location: Poseidian Sea
      Mission Objective: During the mission Cargo Aboard, Sol Brumik discovered a new range of tastes in the hordquiken. He retired to start a seafood restaurant where his new culinary success went viral. To keep up with the ever-growing line of reservations, Sol has requested the Library to catch more hordquiken; a monster that resembles a sea-horse with a mane of tentacles that comes in massive numbers and can potentially grow up to the size of a ship. Due to their predatory nature, this isn't a job for your average fisherman!

      That and during the last mission a crate of radiana was dropped into the sea. We do not know what effect this will have on the wildlife, but if it's effect on humans is any indication, it will cause sporadic and unpredictable behaviours and disruptive effects on spirits...
      Mission Participants:
      Three Little Birds (open)
      Contractor: The Library
      Location: Highland Tracks (the Hub)
      Mission Objective: A train secretly shipping the eggs of the elusive vampire bird has reports of cargo gone missing several times in the last few days, unable to determine how or what could’ve happened to it. The area shows no signs of break in and when the passengers as well as the crew are interviewed, no one seems to remember anything suspicious. In fact, they can’t remember the hours from arrival at all. The station manager believes there’s an inside man and has hired the Library’s in aid in discovering the cause as well as arrest those responsible.
      Mission Participants:
      In Progress Missions (open)
      Sandwalker by Night (open)
      Contractor: The Library (Medical Branch)
      Location: Ryznyk region (Irsztia)
      Mission Objective: There’s another need for a new ingredient: A cave dwelling scorpion! Adapt at hiding and able to fit in a full grown man’s palm, this little critter likes to nestle under another creature’s skin for protection. So it could be inside anything from a quick rabbit to a large bear, manipulation the host’s behavior to attacking threats before seeking out a new host. It’s location in a deep cave in high mountains, so the sent team will suffer though the high attitudes, rocky climbs and dark caves to seek it out first. Once there, the Library has sent three vials of a special scent from the scorpion’s favor food to determine the current host and lure the scorpion out but this mission might not be as simple or easy as it seems...
      Mission Participants: Eowyn, Emily, Charles
      Wanted: Liaison (open)
      Contractor: The Library
      Location: Olivia Town (The Hub)
      Mission Objective: Liaison has been spotted within Olivia Town! Only problem, both the Library and city officials know the true Library’s head is in his office running things. Currently the imposter has started to cause mischief and ended in straining the city and the Library’s already thin relations. Action is required, but due to the tensions, the local authorities refuse to ‘officially’ sanction librarians to spread and search in the district where the suspect is believed to be. So, a small team of holders is allowed to search the distracted provided they are discreet and bring in the imposter alive for questioning.

      That and the town has recently been plagued by giant rats. Although the sewers have been cleared since the mission Home Alone, the leftover radiana has been causing mutations that lets rats grow as big as dogs. Many have other mutations, like two heads of five legs as well... The creatures are jittery and unpredictable and patrol not only the sewers but also the darker alleys you'll be using to manouevre through the city...
      Mission Participants: Arlette, Ilsa, Sigmund
      Finished Missions (open)
      Cargo Retrieval (open)
      Contractor: The Library
      Location: Highland Tracks (the Hub)
      Mission Objective: There's a freight train with some pretty interesting stuff. Or rather, the men upstairs want it. There is one problem, and that is that it has been hijacked by a bunch of slumdog criminals! Guess who is going to get it back? That's right, you. Board and take over the train, re-route it to the hidden terminal. I'm sure one of you know how to do that much.
      Mission Participants: Trippy, Zvezda, Player2
      Mission Statement: Mission Failed
      The X-files (open)
      Contractor: Hub Government
      Location: Paggio, port city (Calacany)
      Mission Objective: This is easy. Some questionable international documents, I say that due to them needing a heavy guard for pick up and delivery, need to be well, picked up and delivered. I'm sure you numbskulls can do that. You are under no circumstances allowed to read them or mention you have them. Head south, pick them up at the pier, travel unseen, don't do anything suspicious and trust no one! You are to bring them to the intel department of the Library, before ultimately delivering them at a location that will be specified at pick-up. Of course, nobody can know about us knowing, you know what I'm saying?
      Mission Participants: Valeric, Animus, Andre
      Mission Statement: Soon after reaching the port town of Paggio, the Aven Grey, Andre Jackson and Adeline Tourret received instructions in the form of a key to a house. They found their package in the address stated, but were soon pursued by drogans. The team made a hasty retreat from the town and returned safely to the Hub, albeit with some scratches.
      Great Spring Cleaning (open)
      Contractor: The Library
      Location: Szolner Woods (Irsztia)
      Mission Objective: Well for fuck's sake fellows, and ladies. The last batch of mercs fucked up something serious and you folks gotta clean up. For a bonus.. Bring the other mercs back alive or dead. Though, chances are, they are already dead. The contractors approached the team personally, therefore we have no documentation of what happened, all we know is that witness reports mention they were headed to a desolate village in the woods.
      Mission Participants: Shade13, Alta, Embested
      Mission Statement: Daniel, Will and Lux took on the mission to find out what had happened, but stumbled upon more resistance than they had accounted for. Will was shot out of the air and despite putting up a fight Daniel and Lux were overpowered. Daniel was beheaded and Lux captured. His captors, Kest, a powerful rook, and his minions, sent a threat to the Library, hoping they'd get off their backs.
      Midsummer Explosion (open)
      Contractor: Midsummer & co.
      Location: Olivia Town (the Hub)
      Mission Objective: One of the contracting corporations (Midsummer & co.) has suffered a break in, and some rather important experiments have been taken. As such, they need some mercenaries to find and return these goods, or at the very least, make sure the experiment doesn't explode in the middle of the city! Footage of the thieves has been caught on camera, contact Midsummer & co. and track those thieves down!
      Mission Participants: Lyzan, Gamerdude369, Hedya
      Mission Statement: Salia Kyrie, Orion Brenton & Ramza Losstarot took on the mission & followed the clues they'd gathered, leading them to a university not far from the Midsummer's office. The experiment was safely retrieved & Ashley Vagren was apprehended but Micheal Vagren managed to escape. Mission accomplished!
      Dragon in the Dunes (open)
      Contractor: The Library
      Location: Badlands (Gyptalria)
      Mission Objective: Recent discovery of a new species of drakes has caught the attention of the Library, and they have contacted several mercenaries to capture this beast, alive. Specs are as follows:

      Common name: Burrowing Drake
      Size comparison: A horse-drawn carriage
      Colour: Sand/brown
      Diet: Carnivorous
      Environment: Desert, steppes

      Burrowing Drakes pose a threat for anyone risking a journey across the Badlands. These wingless lizards live in complex warrens which generally lead to nearby oases, hiding in the earth waiting for creatures to stray past. They sense their prey with feelers protruding from the snout which detect tremors in the earth. When their victim is close enough, they erupt from the earth, spewing clouds of dust and sand from a specialized sac in their throat in order to cloud their victim's vision. The Drake will then attempt to drag this unfortunate creature back into the hole from which it came. While we theorise it is possible to survive an attack from a burrowing drake, no one we know of has lived to tell the tale.

      Mission Participants: entranteer, SIngemeister, orangebox, Trippy
      Mission Statement: Mission Failed
      Rug for the Fireplace (open)
      Contractor: Library
      Location: Szolner Woods (Itsztia)
      Mission Objective: The team sent to track down the missing mercenaries has been slaughtered! Whoever is behind this must have some heavy firepower to take out an entire mercenary team and then do it all over again to another. However, something is odd, they didn't take out one of the members, whom they refer to as the leader. Seems like now, we have a hostage situation that needs to be handled, on top of finding the whereabouts as the previous team. Godspeed to anyone who undertakes this, they have a heavy road in front of them.
      Mission Participants: Alphakoka, Animus, Alta, Hedya
      Mission Statement: Lux has been saved from the clutches of his kidnappers, but we lost Allen in the process and there is heavy damage to the forest. The rebel Kest has been taken into custody, his allies are confirmed as deceased.
      A Claymans Tattoo (open)
      Contractor: A. D. Slomski, mayor of Bihar
      Location: Bihar Ruins (Itsztia)
      Mission Objective: An excavation site near Bihar ruins was attacked by a mysterious golem, prolly one of them fancy-ass independent archaeologists screwed up. Now that the golem is making raids on the town they're finally wising up and hiring us. Take this thing down.
      Mission Participants: Valeric, Lyzan, Blazinvire
      Mission Statement: Adeline Tourret, Valerie Kharn & Ramza Losstarot took on the mission & ventured into the ruins of Bihar (Itsztia). We encountered strong resistance from the Golem and barely managed to escape the site. Mission on hold until we figure out how to stop them. We believed Dr. Valenci may hold the answer.
      Y-files (open)
      Contractor: The Library
      Location: Old Shire (The Hub)
      Mission Objective: 'cause we can't send no damned wounded dogs to do it, I sent another pup to deliver the letter. All nice and easy, but the government said it ain't done yet. Said there was a killing, we sent out a party to find our guy's body. The supposed killer has stolen the information too. We need you to find out who it was and bring them in. Preferably alive.
      Mission Participants: Brovo, Heroguy, Corporal Lance
      Mission Statement:
      Your Local Pharmacist (open)
      Contractor: The Library, Fayola
      Location: Yallen Swamp (Allaria)
      Mission Objective: A mission for the brave or stupid, our head of medicine wants someone to gather ingredients in Yallen Swamp. She needs blue swampgrass, hill-weed and something she described as a large, moving shrub.
      Mission Participants: Vologhn, Nuka, Eowyn
      Mission Statement: Success.
      Monsters Ball (open)
      Location: Mercenary Branch building
      Mission Objective: Attend the promotion event slash party.
      Mission Participants: Every mercenary available.
      Mission Statement: Liaison became the new head of department. The party, however, was hijacked by a rebellion, taking out 30% of the body of the mercenary branch. The rebels were suppressed and the survivors detained. Reorganisation of the Library is in order.
      Home Alone (open)
      Contractor: The Library
      Participants: Andre, Ramza, Emily, Lux
      Location: Olivia Town (The Hub)
      Mission Objective: The base of the rebels who attacked the party during Monster's Ball has been located. You will investigate it for leads to their organisation. You need to be thorough.
      Mission Statement: Rebel purged from the sewer, suspected leader caught and neutralized, remaining stolen chemical where about unknown.
      A Claymans Parlour (open)
      Contractor: A. D. Slomski, mayor of Bihar
      Participants: Salia, Allen, Adeline, Nuka
      Location: Lyra (Calacany)
      Mission Objective: In order to do something about the golems in Bihar Ruins, the holders have decided to look into dr. Valenci, the man who has taken artifacts from the ruins, after which the golems started acting up. He currently has an exhibition in the town of Lyra.
      End of mission-statement: Doctor Valenci has a dark secret and is hostile. He ambushed and fled during questoning. Enough information has been recovered to return to the ruins, but we should remain wary of this doctor...
      Glow in the Dark (open)
      Contractor: The Library
      Participants: Aelfric, Tonia, Sol
      Location: Cloverville (The Hub)
      Mission Objective: A suspect named Micheal Vagren has escaped after an encounter with our guys during the mission Midsummer Explosion. He has recently been arrested near the southern border in Cloverville. We need a few guys to bring him in for questioning.
      Mission Statement: The mission was far from straight forward or simple. Micheal initially escaped custody due to a malfunction in Aelfric's teleportation ability. Micheal was soon found, in the company of a red headed who seemed to have amnesia, not knowing even her name. It was revealed that the malfunction was Micheal's doing. He possessed the ability to pollute the river's of holders, essentially turning their abilities on themselves. The red headed women unfortunately died, struck down a raining barrage of weaponry. Both Tonia and Sol sustained injuries, Aelfric is currently missing in action. Micheal is now in the custody of the Library.
      Looking for Mister Bond (open)
      Contractor: The Hub government
      Participants: Andre, Ophelia, Ethan, Sairen
      Location: Paggio, port city (Calcany)
      Mission Objective: One of the government informants has gone missing in Calcany. Last party we sent got chased outta town, so what we know is that Paggio ain't that happy. Calcany enforcers are on the scene too, but refuse to co-operate in locating the informant. Worse; they're on the edge because there's been signs of the mafia showing in Paggio. What we need you to do is get into town, find the spy and don't cause any more trouble. Mission Statement: Agent still missing after mishap. Possible Mafia infiltration in Library and Paggio police due to their ability to seemingly predict our presence. Ophelia is MIA, assumed to be taken by the Mafia, also possibility that she's an accomplice to Mafia. Dead Holder sent to morgue.
      Mother of the Dunes (open)
      Contractor: The Library
      Participants: Emily, Lux, Ramza
      Location: Badlands (Gyptalria)
      Mission Objective: After recent discovery of the Sand Drake, we sent a team to capture one alive. They have not come back; we need a team to go after them and find out what happened... And capture a specimen for our research department to study, if you can...
      Mission Statement: Those involved with Dragons of the Dunes mission were discovered, alive and in one piece, but are no longer apart of the Library. The reason for not returning was that they were held against their will as punishment for killing a drake, a fledging of a dragon, and were entrusted with delivering a message. The message had come too late after a surprise attack, ending in the current leader nearly being killed and the unfortunate death of one of the drakes. Lux, Emily and the team went to confront the dragon, now appeared around the caravan. Only Cerberus was able to communicate with the dragon and it was then that everything that was learned had been confirmed. As a result from a mother’s wrath and to prove her message, there were causalities and among those were the holder Eight and her spirit Octal.

      Her message: This is what follows to those who not only mutilate, but goes as far as murder her children.
      Songstress of the Damned (open)
      Contractor: The Library
      Participants: Diane, Yuzuriha, Kuro, Aiden
      Location: Ryznyk (Irsztia)
      Mission Objective: Another mission to catch a monster. Several samples, this time. Harpies have been spotted in the mountain region of Ryznyk and it is your job to catch them and bring them back to us. Preferably both a female and the illusive and rare harpy male...
      Mission Statement: Yuzuriha and Aiden were killed before reaching the halfway point. The mission was cancelled.
      Footsteps in the Snow (open)

      Contractor: The Library
      Participants: Remia, Eowyn, McKenzi, Vologhn, Arlette
      Location: ??? (Mösund)
      Mission Objective: Rebels have been spotted heading past the mountains in Mösund. Their only destination can be the forests; as we already have men stationed in all the cities. Better dress warm; we need a team hunting these rebels down.
      End of Mission statement: The rebellion leftovers have been taken out promptly. The survivors and their family members held captive. The battle was not without losses, many members of the team suffer emotional damage and we have lost one of our own; Ryan Mccormick.
      Cargo Aboard! (open)
      Contractor: The Library
      Location: Poseidian Sea
      Mission Objective: Ever since the mission 'Cargo Retrieval' failed, we lost track of or agents as well as the cargo. Good news, we've had word from the harbours and we have reason to believe the thieves are taking it overseas. We have identified the captain (being held hostage by the thieves) and it is up to you to contract a ship and return this mysterious cargo to us.
      Participants: Andre, Sol, Tonia
      Mission Statement: Due to the interference of local wildlife (hordquiken) only a limited amount of the cargo has been retrieved. The ship has gone down with the rest of it as well as the thieves, who are all MIA and likely all deceased. The remaining cargo was radiana, the effects it will have on the local wildlife is worrying...
      Viva la Revolution (open)
      Contractor: The Library
      Location: Aegis Corporation headquarters and laboratory, Audino District, New Stork (The Hub)
      Mission Objective: Doctor Alexander Bishop has been suspected to have relations with the recently apprehended rebellion members. Interrogation has confirmed there have been transactions between the his company, the Aegis corporation, and anonymous recipients. Your mission is to get us answers; has doctor Alexander Bishop been involved or in contact with the rebellion? What has been his recent work? Documented or not. This information is crucial to not only the Library, but considering the rebellion's extremist repertoire potentially threatens public safety. Leave no stone unturned.
      Mission participants: Bishop, Arlette, Vologhn, Sigmund
      Mission Statement: Doctor Bishop Alexander has been confirmed to not only have been in contact with the rebellion, but also with members of the Calacany Mafia. The doctor has been apprehended and taken into custody.
      Thundercats (open)
      Contractor: El-hnur
      Location: El-hnur (Gyptalria)
      Mission Objective: Storms have been brewing for over a week now in the normally dry city of of El-hnur. It's up to you to venture into the barren outskirts of the desert and find the exotic wildlife that has been spotted there.
      Mission participants: Chione, Kurotori, Diane
      Mission Statement: After rescuing a banished woman from El-hnur from dying in the wastelands, the team got into a conflict with the locals. The woman, supposedly pregnant with a species called werecats, delivered her children (triplets) and was safely transported to the Hub where the Library has taken custody of the woman and her newborns. Chione objected to this course of actions for unknown reasons, but was neutralised by Kurotori and Diane and has been removed from the active force.

      Oddly, soon after the Librarians left, the unnatural rain has vanished also. The reason why remains a mystery...
      A Claymans Contract (open)
      Contractor: A. D. Slomski, mayor of Bihar
      Participants: Noelle, Salia, Nuka, Adeline
      Location: Bihar Ruins (Itsztia)
      Mission Objective: With the knowledge extracted from doctor Valenci's findings, we have obtained the means and blueprints for the Bihar golems. We have secured this knowledge and are working on a method to disable the golems permanently. Regardless, recent sightings of camps and strangers on Bihar's outskirts have us on alert. Given our findings and the vanishing doctor Valenci, we fear that we are not the only party with access to this knowledge. Find out what the activity in Bihar means and if necessary; put a stop to it.
      Mission Statement: After doctor Valenci managed to delay the team, he has managed to gain a head start on us. During our pursuit, Salia and Adeline have been trapped inside the temple, while Nuka and Noelle (as of yet) know of no safe entry point. We have recruited two of doctor Valenci's assistance and gained intelligence on the man being blackmailed by the Calacany mafia, but without help we cannot bring this mission to a good end.
      Postmortem Dogma (open)
      Contractor: Hertz Rhajo, forest ranger.
      Location: Szolner Woods (Irsztia)
      Mission Objective: Monsters have been appearing in vast numbers among Szolner Woods area, slowly spilling into the local towns and disturbing the eco-system. Local rangers have contracted hunters and attempted to eliminate the monsters, but their numbers are too vast. Fearing the threat the monsters might cause, we need to put boot on ground and eliminate all the monsters within the area; before they overflood more than just these woods. But what is strange is that it's not just one species overtaking others, but a whole slew...
      Mission Participants: Lux, Emily, Lucy, Marisol, Vignar
      End of Mission Statement: The blame for the forest's transformation has been pinned down on none other than Ophelia Mercelliér, whose supposed underling was doing experiments in her name. In an attempt to observe the behaviour of crossbred and radiana-injected insect species, they failed to estimate how quickly the parasitic ones would spread and reproduce. According to the woman, we could kill the queen of the giant insects to stop them from procreating, and the leftover hive will go solo and become like aggressive wasps; likely devouring all of the parasites before flying off to who knows where...
      Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (open)
      Contractor: The Library
      Location: Badlands (Gyptalria)
      Mission Objective: The sightings of rainstorms previously in El-hnur have been moving across Gyptalria. However, they have stopped near the nest of the sand drakes, where the rain has subdued as well. It appears controlled now. However, there have been reports of raids on caravans and nearby villages by not only monsters, there were holders amongst them.

      Based on the intelligence gathered in Mother of the Dunes and Thundercats, we suspect the dragon is organising and mobilising; but we do not know what for. It is your mission to not only find out, but be careful... This mission's success, as well as your life and potentially that of a nation; relies on the sharpness of your tongue; not your blade.
      Mission participants: Emily, Vignar, Diane
      Summary: A small team of holders, including a translator, was sent to investigate alleged reports about the dragon organizing and mobilizing. When the holders arrived, they discovered the scenery had been changed into what some might call a peaceful oasis, dominated by glass domes, drakes and were cats, a species apparently migrated and discover during the Thunder Cats mission. What they hadn’t counted on was battling the remaining ex-holders left behind: Sean, his spirit Steven, and another, Valor, whose holder was nowhere to be seen. Despite any attempts for a diplomatic ends, a conflict broke out resulting in the translator being out cold and Sean’s death, alongside his spirit. Then the mother dragon arrived. It was clear in the conversation that the Mother Dragon was driven by hate and desire for revenge, declaring she was intending to take back the whole Gyptalria as a paradise for her children as well as other ‘monsters’. It meant all holders and their kin were to abandon the land or be slaughtered, either way it was a death sentence for one Holder’s homeland’s way of life. Persistent they continued to try to reason with the dragon only have her sneer one single word, “Soule,” and gave the holders one final test, to show what mankind’s true nature was. Then with a burst of her wings, scattered them.
      Free Billy (open)
      Contractor: The Library
      Location: Alwin Bay (The Hub)
      Mission Objective: Recent monster captures missions have gotten a lot of media attention. Environmental activist organisation Pacific Beryl is holding a demonstration at Alwin Bay (for reasons we do not quite understand.) Considering their media influence, we've sent some guys from PR to the demonstration for damage control. Pacific Beryl is notorious for having many extremists in it's ranks. We need some mercenaries to shadow our spokespeople and keep an eye out for... Less peaceful methods of demonstration and possible riots in a neighbourhood (it wouldn't be the first time.) Work discrete and don't show yourself unless necessary, the less Pacific Beryl knows, the better. Especially when it concerns bringing mercenaries to supposedly peaceful demonstrations.
      Mission Participants: Eowyn, Arlette, Mari, Remia, Nathair
      Will of the Piper (open)
      Contractor: Fusokuso clan
      Location: Around Kyo-shi (Shima)
      Mission Objective: Many children seemed to have gone missing from the town of Kyo-shi. Their tracks vanish into nothingness; as if the children simply vanished from the earth. With the daimyō unwilling to help the citizen's cause, fearing the wrath of the spirit-world, the town turns to the Library for help.
      Participants: Eidren, Charles, Sigmund
      URGENT: A Claymans Finale (open)
      Contractor: A. D. Slomski, mayor of Bihar
      Participants: Salia, Nuka, Adeline, Lux
      Location: Bihar Ruins (Itsztia)
      Mission Objective: After pursuing Dr. Valenci into the ruins, Salia and Adeline have been trapped. Unable to enter the ruins conveniently on their own, Nuka and Noelle contacted the Library for back-up, while lying in wait for doctor Valenci and his 'clients' their return. What they have discovered however... Is beyond dangerous and shakes the foundation of our own knowledge. You will be assisted by two members of the royal guard itself. Hurry up and finish this mission before all of Bihar will be obliterated by this new secret weapon!
      Rendezvous Crash (open)
      Contractor: The Library
      Location: Calacany
      Mission Objective: After the completion of the mission Viva la Revolution, Doctor Alexander Bishop has been confirmed to have contacts with not only the rebellion, but also the mafia. He has a meeting with one of the mafia's affiliates and we've managed to retrieve the details. Using this information, it's up to you to find out how deep this connection runs... And see what other information you can dig up...
      Mission participants: Bishop, Vologhn, Andre
      End of mission statement:
      A Hive of Minds (open)
      Contractor: Hertz Rhajo, forest ranger.
      Location: Szolner Woods (Irsztia)
      Mission Objective: Following the mission postmortem dogma, librarians have discovered a gigantic nest of wasp-like creatures. Ophelia Mercelliér, the ex-librarian who has been apprehended at the spot for conducting experiments, has let go of the information they were a creation influenced by radiana and a completely new life form. They reproduce at an alarming rate, which can spell trouble for all of the environment. It is your mission to stop them from multiplying further.
      Mission Participants: Ramza, Daniel, Deneaerys
      End of mission statement: Mission failed.

      Casualty Records

      Records (open)

      • Aiden Sahar, grabbed by a harpy, shot by a friend in Songstress of the Damned.
      • Alexi de Bassitan drank too much in Monster's Ball. Out of Commission.
      • Allen C. Marks, smashed into a wall breaking most of bones in Clayman's Parlour. Out of commission.
      • Aven Grey, blasted into oblivion by Kest (the dwarf, not the GM) in Rug for the Fireplace.
      • Bill Drowry, died on a train for unknown reasons in Cargo Retrieval.
      • Chione Altenvine, has been pulled off the team after a disagreement during Thundercats. Now works as a nurse under Fayola.
      • Daniel West, has hole where his head once was, also thanks to Kest, in Great Spring Cleaning.
      • Deneaerys Drean, wasp poison made her belly pop like a balloon in Hive of Minds.
      • Eidren Tassar, got clubbed to death with the petrified remains of his own spirit in Will 'o the Piper.
      • Ethan Novacheck, suspended due to alcoholism in Looking for Mister Bond.
      • Exazie Hasae, burned all the flesh from his skull in Home Alone.
      • Firittes le Langley, made servant to a mommy dragon in Dragons in the Dunes. Died during the events of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.
      • James Longfellow, mauled by rabid bat-dogs in the Y-files.
      • Kurotori, left to stand an indefinite watch after Will 'o the Piper.
      • Kyle Christensen, never went on a mission. Had an unfortunate accident too gruesome to describe.
      • Lucy Fuhr, ran off on her own in Postmortem Dogma. Status unknown.
      • Marisol Cortez, never seen again after Postmortem Dogma. At least, not by the public...
      • Octal Chaser, was adopted by a mother dragon in Dragons in the Dunes[/b], and incinerated by said mother dragon in Mother of the Dunes.
      • Ophelia Mercelliér is a treacherous wench that left us in Looking for Mister Bond. Later found and apprehended during Postmortem Dogma.
      • Orian Brenton, stopped coming to parties after Codename: Midsummer Explosion.
      • Ryan Mccormick, had his blood hardened in Footsteps in the Snow.
      • Sairen Cerbves, died to internal bleeding caused by carnivorous bugs in Looking for Mister Bond.
      • Sean Barry Merister, made into a dragon's lackey in Dragons in te Dunes.
      • Sol Brumik, started a restaurant after revolutionising sea-food cuisine in Cargo Aboard.
      • Steren Novaya, got hit by a train in Cargo Retrieval.
      • Tonia Justus, stopped turning up for missions since Cargo Aboard. Now frantically searches for koalas.
      • Yuzuriha Takeru, intestines got mauled by a harpy in Songstress of the Damned.
      • Valerie Kharn, sickle to the head in Monster's Ball.
      • William Durkgein, shot out of the sky in Great Spring Cleaning.


      Q: Can Pawns advance to other classes?
      A: Yes, they can. At a certain point they will be able to advanced to any of the other three available classes. This point will be requested by the player and determined by the GM's. Pawns will not gain advantages over players who did not start out as a Pawn.

      Q: Are skills the only available weapons/spells?
      A: No, skills are additional abilities completely separate from your weapons and skills. Weapons and spells their selves are completely up to you to design.

      Q: Will we ever get more than 3 weapons/spells?
      A: Not unlikely! At this point of time we can't say much about it, though, but until then there are always those extra skills that you may purchase.

      Q: Can characters use normal weapons?
      A: Yes, but normal weapons won't be affected by your stats. So at some point a 5+ POW character won't be damaged by your puny sword strike, then it will take your sword away and bend it with its own hands; because physical attacks utilising the body are affected by POW.

      Q: If my character is a knight, do stats affect them as well as the spirit?
      A: Only affect the spirit, yeah. Knights their selves stay human. The price to pay for their versatility.

      Q: What happens to a spirit if their knight goes unconscious?
      A: Without a concious knight, spirits have trouble staying on our plane so they will quickly fade out as if they were dismissed by their holder.

      Q: Do Rooks carry all their weapons around all the time?
      A: A rook's weapon is basically a materialised version of their spirit. It can be summoned and dismissed at any given time. However for this reason you also can't use two weapons at once. Only exception to this rule are Knights because parts of their summon's bodies may count as weapons.

      Q: What's the deal with nobility in the Hub?
      A: In this world taking pride in being of nobility means about as much as carrying around a plastic bag of poo; your nose might be held high but everyone can see your reason to do so is full of shit and will walk a circle around you. Nobility exists but it doesn't have any meaning. Just take note of that. It is just a title that's been passed down, the holder is just as likely as everyone else to be a part of regional politics as he/she is to do manual labour against minimum wage.

      Q: Are there cars?
      A: No.

      Q: I'm new, do I need to read the entire IC?
      A: All finished missions have nice little summaries going on. Check 'em out.
    • Character List​

    • Rules​

      Most rules are simple; play fair. Just abide to the common ones and you'll do fine. Posting requirements are at least a paragraph and that you run a spell-check. If you're unsure about something feel free to ask.

      Aside that, there's a couple reservations I'd like to make as GM. Kestrel reserves the right to control your character if he/she is holding up the plot for an extended period of time. I also reserve the right to remove your character from the game entirely, should you be inactive for an extended period of time or be otherwise disruptive to the game.

      I'm a fairly relaxed guy and I'm open to reason and discussion, but if I give you a no-go or warning; that is final. Insisting to argue a closed case may be considered as disruptive to the RP.

      Oh and please don't put OOC-chatter in the IC. Just make a separate post in here. We get to read an uninterrupted IC and you get to raise your post-count! Everybody scores! But do place the name of the mission you're on on top of the post so that I can track them down more easily.
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