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  1. First off, the level on this isn't actually Prestige. I just never see requests with that level selected and I wanted to make one. I was sorely tempted to go with Douche instead because it makes me giggle, but I didn't want people to avoid this thread entirely. Any level from Adept on up is good with me.

    Now to the actual stuff..

    Here are the things that everybody writes and nobody reads!

    -I play females. Yes, there is always going to be a 'fe' in front of that. I shall not don dangly bits for you, even if I really, really like you.
    -I post at least once a day unless I am off somewhere, in which case I shall either apologize profusely afterward and grovel like the dirty peasant that I am, or I'll warn you ahead of time like a responsible adult. More likely the former.
    -If you move my character in any way - even tiny things - I will beat you over the head with a metal chair and I won't feel badly about it. I do not like this, even if you ask permission ahead of time. Just be patient enough for me to respond properly.
    -I don't do PM RPs. So don't ask for it to take place in there.

    Here is the plot!

    My idea for this is that there is a library that is reached in a Narnian way - through a door. Rather than some random closet, I'd like it to be a locked door that somebody happens to find the key for and is always located in one place - no going from a wardrobe to a painting. Time in the library is also a very odd thing. Narnian. It is now a word. Even if you haven't seen/read the Chronicles of Narnia, doesn't matter. What matters is that you go through a door to a vast library that really shouldn't be there, and time passes there in a much different manner than it does in the 'real world'.

    Glad we got that straightened around.

    Your character is male. I don't really care about any other details you want to put there. Shy, extroverted, jock, nerd, whatever. I don't care for anime reference pictures though, so please use a real one or simply write an excellent description. Anyway. Your character finds the key or is given it somehow. Male person finds door, finds library, cue magical theme music and random twinkly lights.

    This is a romance plot. Keep in mind that I said romance, not libertine. I would like your character to find the library for the first time when he is younger, school age. Then perhaps forget about it and revisit it a few years later. There will be character death in this story - the same person is not going to be in the library at all times. As I said, time is finicky here. So if your character falls for somebody, chances are she'll end up vanishing and then perhaps coming back at a later time. I'm expecting lots of drama here.


    Come forth, my beautiful minions.
  2. This grabbed my attention
  3. Hi Justin! Thanks for your interest! I looked at a few of your posts and I don't think that you would be a good match for exactly what I had in mind for this particular plot, but I do like your style and we should totally RP something else :D

    Feel free to PM me!

    *Still looking for a partner!* ^_^
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  4. Alright then :P
  5. I really like the idea pm me and maybe we can work something out :)
  6. This rp idea intrigued my a lot, I would love to do this rp with you madam, if you think I'm worthy enough for it of course.
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