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I'm open to a wide range of genres. Obscenely wide. It's harder for me to list all I do like than all I don't like. My absolute favorite is mixed and multiverse, but I'm not limited to those.

• Mixed Genre
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• High Fantasy
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Please contact me before you post!

One hundred years ago, the First War began. There had been other wars, but this was the largest and the most vast in scope, and lasted for five years, fueled on by racism and prejudice. All four sides of the war had dirty hands after only the first year, and few were surprised when half-breeds began to appear—born of rape by soldiers who missed their wives but had only enemies before them.

Sharo Zul was one such bastard, with a father unknown and a mother that barely survived childbirth. The two hid in secret in one of the various forests of Orkome until the war ended, and humans from Alorsa began to settle in to their newly-conquered land, enslaving the native orcs in the process. Sharo Zul and her mother were taken, and her mother was cared for at first, and then drugged into enjoying the depravity visited on her by their new master.

The child, Sharo Zul, was ignored for being too young until she stole too much food, and was sent to the Pit—a colosseum where unwanted slaves of all races were sent to bring entertainment to their human masters.

Somehow, the child survived until adolescence despite the beasts sent against her—even besting a Minos warrior. She claimed it luck, and continued her streak of survival until she overheard mention of her master wanting her back now that she had learned to behave, and was 'close enough' to an adult.

That night, she slept with one of the guards and slashed out his throat, then stealthily unlocked the bonds of the other gladiators before she fled into the night. More than half of the slaves successfully escaped, and banded behind her as she fled into the dense forests in which she had been raised.

Over the course of several weeks, she and her fellow escapees remained missing, until suddenly, accompanied by the others and a pack of wolves, she attacked the Skytower (a tall tower created by humans for worship of their gods) and conquered it, then set about defenses.

By day, the tower was nearly silent, but at night, she struck out at neighboring cities and towns until she began to conquer, taking the freed slaves into her ranks as she did. Each time she attacked a camp, her wolves became blacker and larger, and more numerous. their eyes began to burn with white fire.

She nearly succeeded in liberating her homeland when she suddenly went missing sixty years ago, along with all of her followers and the wolves.

Since then, most people have started to assume she was a man, and attributed her to being a full-blooded orc giant at roughly eight feet tall.

Sharo Zul became a legend that slaves told about in whispers to their pups as they dreamed of a day Sharo Zul would return to free them.

At long last, 'he' returned, to the top of the old Skytower two years ago, in the high place where priests practiced their daily rites. Each of the pair of priests were slain and defenestrated, and Sharo Zul conquered once more her tower, though 'he' did so alone. Rumors grew as more and more people were turned away by who they thought was Sharo Zul's mate, and during the night, Sharo Zul made away with slaves from the neighboring cities, gathering them to the tower.

However, it took only six months for the human armies to take back the tower, recapture the slaves, and take Sharo Zul into custody, while stories of Sharo Zul the Liberator faded from the lips of the slaves.

Laws of the Land

  1. My partner should play a free person, preferably a human from the setting. We can discuss this in detail over PMs.
  2. This roleplay is not for pure smut, but will feature adult scenes that make it unacceptable for me as a member of this site to wish it to be in any location accessible to children.
  3. Advanced or adept writing levels are required as a minimum. I want a partner who challenges me to improve myself. I prefer a short paragraph in length as a minimum, meaning roughly four sentences, and I have no maximum unless the bulk of the post I am reading appears to be filler material.
  4. Details about the world after Sharo Zul's return are up for debate, as is the direction in which the plot will move. With that in mind, anyone wishing for a happy ending should expect that it will not come easily. I believe this will ensure the 'happy ending' will be most satisfying for all parties involved.
  5. Sharo Zul's legacy is meant to be that she was mis-labeled as a man. Her name is selected to be feminine as far as orcs are concerned, but so that human ears would not detect a feminine sound. Please respect that I wish for confusion and surprise in this matter.
  6. Language barriers are not a negative, nor are misunderstandings between characters. I want to see what happens through hardship.


Sharo Zul stared out the high window of the white stone construction called 'Skytower' with glaring golden eyes. Her pupils contracted to tiny dots as the sun illuminated them directly, and she stared down at the humans that massed outside Skytower's walls. Everything was different, now. Humans wore a metal that was stronger than iron, and their weapons didn't break as easily, and they even chained their swords into their hands. Humans moved on in however long she was absent—but she had nothing new. She was nothing more than the same half-breed who was sucked elsewhere for what had felt like only a few months—a beautiful summer of prosperity and nervous peace for her people. Down below, gleaming silver and bright colors milled about.


Always the superior, and always advancing more quickly than she comprehended. She pulled her hands away from the sill of the window and flexed her fingers, feeling the ache for something to hold again almost immediately. She shook her head, and the sensation of her long earring and her hair hitting her face and scalp eased her slowly from that state of nervous high tension.

They would mount an assault at a strange hour again, hoping to catch her asleep. Her body felt heavy, and her mind felt too slow. Her safest option was to cloister herself in the highest room as she had before and sleep while she could—if she could. It appealed, but some small voice in her head urged against it.

That voice always led to positive things in the past, so she listened. She rested her head against the cold white stone of Skytower—too smooth now to feel like the home it once had been. Slowly, the woman slid down, silently wishing her beasts followed her through before the strange door closed. Never before had she felt so alone!

Only two hours later, humans threw open the door to gaze upon Sharo Zul and ran right into the razor wire she stretched across the room, where she waited with club and dagger to pick up any who made it through the trap. A grin spread wide on her tusked maw before she lunged at them, then slammed and locked the door. There it was—what her inner voice warned her would come.

Surrounded by the corpses of ten men, she flung them from the window before she collapsed in a tired heap and began to half laugh, half sob. Even her strength waned from the humans' tireless, sporadic attacks. "Open," She growled at the round gateway at the far end of the room. "Let me go. They're exhausting me. I need to go back." Her head fell, and she stared down at her muscular stomach, pondering the meaning of her belly button for a few moments.

Sharo Zul closed her eyes then, and when they opened, it was to a sight she'd last seen as a child.

Slowly, Sharo Zul stood and looked around the colorless world, accented by the bright visions of spirits—blindingly bright. One spirit, a human woman, stared at her with eyes gouged out. She beaconed, and Sharo Zul remained. No orc spirits, no other nonhuman spirits—she had seen many die in this place in only the past four days, but none remained! Humans did this, she felt as certain about that as she did about the scent that clung to her tongue and nose—toad grass mixed with iflerd and spear vine.

Her mother lit that incense when she thought Sharo Zul was not present, but once she had been. She held her breath for a few moments, but the effects of the herbs refused to wane.

"You're tired, Sharo Zul." The eyeless woman spoke slowly, in a voice soft and warm.

"I will last until I can return to my people." Sharo Zul answered with a half-numb tongue. She turned to look at the gate, but it held not even a glow. "That opened and sent me away, and then brought me back again."

"I can take you to your people, Sharo Zul."

The half-blood frowned and slowly sat back down. "You have no eyes. You're no help to me." Spirits without eyes could not be trusted. She recalled that much. She closed her eyes and slowly sighed. "Where are the other spirits? Those who are not human. I know several died here." She opened her eyes to see a sickening grin on the woman's face, like her cheeks were sliced open.

"They did not belong here, and now, you will leave this holy place as well."

She looked around, and then gasped. Two humans on either side of her, their faces blurred and their hands holding chains stood so close, she should have felt their breath on her skin. She tried to rise, but her body fell immediately.

A kick to her face, and the world became dark as she wondered how she didn't notice the men approach.

"Sharo Zul!" The exclamation woke her with a jerk, and she looked around. Her arms and legs ached, and her back burned. "Wake up." The voice snapped, and she craned her neck to try to look back. Her own hair fell into the path of her eyes, and she squirmed. Neither arms nor legs moved, only erupted in fresh agony.

"Oh good, there you are!" The man's gay voice chirped as he stepped into view.

He was muscular and pale with freckles that dotted his cheeks and nose, and his yellow hair fell freely on either side of his face, like the images that decorated Skytower's halls depicting pale men with fire around their heads. She pulled at her arms experimentally, but they refused to budge. The man smiled at her, and changed from something that might have been beautiful to a human to the sort of face she expected. His eyes narrowed as his smile grew wide and filled with a human's strange, flat teeth.

Cow teeth.

She kept her laughter inside of her as she stared at him.

"You know, I always heard Warlord Sharo Zul the Blasphemous Laird, the Infernal Hunter, Breeder of Demons, Escaped Champion of the Pit, and Master of the Desecrated Skytower was taller, and had a dick on him. Imagine my surprise right now. Female, and a hand's length taller than me." He grinned and licked his lips. "You caused horrible injury to my family in the past. I won't be gentle with you, I promise."

Even his wink seemed predatory. She restrained the urge to shiver, to shake her head—to move at all. She simply stared at him unblinking as she waited for him to finish.

"What's the fang around your neck from, orc?"

She didn't answer.

"Answer before I stick it somewhere unpleasant." He glared up at her, blue eyes like steel.

"It's from my mother, Lord." She answered quietly.

"Your mother? And did something happen to her?"

"She was bred to death by her master while I was fighting at the Pit, Lord." She continued to stare.

The man's grin returned. "Oh, that's wonderful. I like that. I think... I think I'll do the same to you. You can come from a whore and then become one. It's only right, parading as a man like you do."

She remained silent, and slowly closed her eyes. The voice told her nothing, and so she did nothing—not that she could.

"For the first act of your demise, let's ruin you some." The man smiled as he licked his lips, then shouted to somewhere behind her. "Bring in Drudge!"

A door opened on creaking hinges that grated her ears, and a muscular half-orc walked in, carrying a strangely-shaped anvil, an open ring of metal, and a hammer. He refused to look at Sharo Zul, and kept his head down, even as the human unlocked one of Sharo Zul's hands and shoved it hard into one of the indentations. Drudge positioned a stake above her wrist, and with a mighty thwack, Sharo Zul's world became a shower of sparking pain.

She couldn't remember if she screamed more then, or when Drudge slowly worked the ring through the new hole in her wrist, then used the hammer to close it, securing it over her middle finger so it forced the finger down.

The pain kept her world hazy and distorted, even as the second ring was installed onto her other wrist, before the shackles were placed back on her to hold her arms up. Blood dripped, cooling along her arms as she stood tall, body trembling.

Her wrists slowly healed around the rings, and she wedged her fingers out from under them, but now the rings themselves supported her weight. Every day, it felt like her hands were pulled further and further off, and every day, the human added weights to her ankles as she dangled above a hole in the floor. Her clothes rotted away under more and more beatings, and the fat on her body melted away as her captor fed her less and less.

The man entered again today and shoved a wet cloth into her mouth. She obediently sucked at it, eager for the moisture. He threw a bucket of water onto her body as usual, then grinned. "I have a present for you today, orc."

She stared, and the man beckoned someone behind her forward.

Drudge appeared again, and she flinched. The human grinned wide, then laughed. "Oh, you remember him! He's been having nightmares about what he did to you, you know. Horrible ones, I hear. He cries now."

Sharo Zul waited, fully aware the man would speak more—put it off a little more if she remained silent—not that she wanted to part with the source of water in her mouth, anyway.

"I've decided to let Drudge see you again, to say how sorry he is, but he has to pay for it, of course. I told him he would have to father a little piglet for me. I may have forgotten to say who the mother would be, but he doesn't have a choice anyway, does he?"

Drudge kept his head down, but his hands clenched in front of himself.

Her heart couldn't decide if she should pity or hate the other orc. She directed her gaze once more at the human.

"It's you." He waited, and when she didn't answer, he snorted. "Well, of course! This is Sharo Zul, the warlord who conquered the whole region at one time and killed two hundred men with only her hands. I can't have you kill Drudge—he's nice and obedient."

"Master-" The orc male began, but fell silent at a mere glance. "Forgive me for speaking, master." He lowered his head again.

"Drudge, double the weights on her feet, then put the bitch into heat and mate with her." The man grinned, then walked away and pulled up a chair.

Obediently, Drudge added the weights, and Sharo Zul grunted as she felt something in her wrists shift. Her eyes unfocused and her mouth dropped open, sending the sucked-dry cloth falling out from it as she gasped.

Rough, thick fingers traveled along her body, and a gentle kiss pressed against her shoulder, followed a brief, whispered "Sorry."

Drudge began to tease at her in earnest. "Sorry." Every time his face came near hers, he whispered it. "Sorry."

"Sorry," right before he lowered himself to lick between her legs, and "Sorry" again as he lifted her legs to either side and penetrated from the back. "Sorry" came with each thrust, as his voice grew more and more breathless and she felt his breath grow sticky and hot on her neck

Curse him and the human. She moaned, and Drudge entered his own heat.

Two pups and three monster births later, Sharo Zul hung listlessly in her cell. Drudge nuzzled her slowly with a whispered apology as he held her still to allow the human to cut at her thin body, with careful attention to her loose-skinned and too-stretched belly.
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