The Lesser-Used Reason for This Thread... A Goodbye.

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  1. So, I've been on Iwaku for over a year, but now I've got to say goodbye. Lately there have been so many other things going on in life that I just haven't been into Roleplaying at all, so I figured instead of just up and disappearing, I would give a farewell. I may be back, but I don't know when. Could be days, could be years... By the time I want to come back, this site may be gone (although I hope not). So I'll say it now: I love all of you guys. Honestly, everyone I've roleplayed with here has just been absolutely fantastic and I've gained so many friends and confidants that I will never forget. When I was going through some hard times, I would get on here and everything would get better, but now that I'm making a future for myself in job corps and working or outside most of the time, I've lost my love and need for the internet. Sure, I'll still get on every once in a while in the next week or two to check up on this post or to check messages, but I will not be roleplaying, and after that, I'll fade out forever. But hey, I've given y'all some pretty cool other people like Amoroth, Taven Kuro, eclipse.moon, Clu-Fix, Deadreaperr, and Shadowwriter, so it's not like I'm not leaving behind a legacy, lol.

    So, I love you guys and I'll miss the site, but I have some things that need to be prioritized above Roleplaying (like a relationship that I need to hammer out and come to terms about with a certain Mister Taven Kuro...), so I have to go.

    Just remember:
    Who you try to be is not always who you're meant to be, so just be all that you can.

    Thank you for everything. All that any of you has ever done for me, to me, about me, or none of the above. Thank you.

  2. Nice you used the qout you heard today. And see you around center llm.
  3. I read this just because it said goodbye and now I'm wishing that I had gotten to roleplay with you. D: I hope that where ever you go in life that you always remember the fun times you had on this site. And that it will always be here for you when you're super bored and want to roleplay. When that day comes feel free to message me. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.