The Legions

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  1. (Ok now we can start).

    It was November 9th at 3am. Jacob had just landed and arrived on Saints Island. He hand school in a few hours and was tired, but wanted to look around first. Master Yoshi had came in a week earlier to make sure everything was set for when Jacob returned. It didn't take long before Jacob heard the sound of metal hitting metal, and had went to see what it was. When he found the spot where the sound was coming from, he was surprised to see someone about his age sword fighting with someone that had to be at least ten years older.

    It wasn't long before the young teen slid his sword into the older man, and watching the man burst into flames. Jacob had turned and gotten out of the spot as fast as he could. He went home and locked the doors. What had he just witnessed too? The guy burst into flames. He knew if he went to the police that they'd laugh him out of town, or throw him into the looney bin. Jacob figured he'd best get some sleep and figure it out later. He had his first day of school in a few hours.
  2. It was close to time for school to start back but yet Zanna was still up. She couldn't really sleep or at least not yet. Her mother had no idea that she was still up at three in the morning but that's normal for Zanna was usually in her room awake when her mother wasn't. And when it's three in the morning she cant really seem to ever fall asleep unless she works her mind a little. So she was reading, but the story was a little different than normal. It had her usual fantasy feel with demons and vampires but this time it was about a boy who was a hunter for mystical creatures. She was just reading a good part when the boy was about to learn more of his father. She stopped when she heard a noise that she thought was outside. Zanna got up from her bed and went to her window to see if she could figure out what it was. She thought that down in the alley below she saw a man vanish from thin air. 'Gess I should get some sleep my eyes are now playing tricks on me.' She went back over to her bed and lied down waiting for sleep to finally come.
  3. Fang jumped across the rooftops, eager to get some free-running in. He loved parkour. But he never had time. So, Fang wakes up at 1:00 at night to jump across roofs, slide across walls, and other parkour things. He was about halfway across the city. He took out his phone and pressed the home key. It read 3:20. "Jeez, I've been at it for 2 hours... Well, might as well finish the trip." He put away the iPhone and began running again. As he jumped to the next roof, Fang grabbed a brick that was sticking out. This brick happened to be loose, slipping through the wall and brining the teen to the ground. After hitting a fire exit with his face, he landed on the asphalt below. "Jesus..." Fang looked up to see a window opening. He looked up and saw a girl looking down. Only for a split second, however, as he jumped behind a trash can. He got out a hook blade, ready to fight. Fang waited a bit before peeking to see the girl closing it and heading back inside. "That was close..." He began climbing the wall to finish up his parkour session. Vvvvvt. "Text message." He got his phone. It was from his uncle. 'Head home.'
    'Okay, on my way.' He locked the device and jumped to the other wall, ready to head back.
  4. Jacob laid in bed wide awake, his mind was all over the place. His first day at this new school was in the morning, and he wondered if anyone would say anything to him, and then he witnessed someone bursting into flames, flames.....what the hell would cause that. He wasn't sure what he saw, and tried his best to push it out of his mind so he could at least get two hours of sleep or so. He was home, the place he was born, in a house that was still owned by his family. The only family Jacob had was Master Yoshi, his guardian and a very close friend to his mother, and their house keeper Mia. She was a lovely woman, and a gourmet chef, she cooked a lot of different meals, but always returned to japanese dishes.

    Before Jacob knew it, it was 6am, and time to get ready for school. Master Yoshi had enrolled him into high school just a day before he came in and already had his school supplies waiting. Jacob slowly climbed out of bed and jumped in the shower, and then got ready for the day. He smelled pancakes and knew that Mia was already up.
  5. Zanna heard her alarm go off. 'Great as though right when I seem to finally get some sleep I have to get up for school.' She rolled out of bed. Once she was up she stretched and then began to look for clothes for the first day of school. She picked out blue jeans, a black t-shirt and her favorite dark blue hoodie. She went to the bathroom to make sure that once she brushed her hair that it covered her birthmark on her forehead. Then she went back to her room to grab her book bag. Once she made sure she had everything she might need for her first day she headed down stairs to see her mother fixing toast, pancakes, and some bacon. She went to the fridge and got her some milk then sat down waiting for the food.
  6. Jacob ate his breakfast and headed towards the door. Master Yoshi had stopped him and handed him some papers, it was his schedule for school. JAcob sighed when the old asian man told him that he had to go to school, adn he wasn't going to take skipping anymore. Mia had left a little while earlier, traveling to the houses that where listed, and knocking. She would ask for the parents of certain children, if a child did answer, if it was a parent, she merely handed them the rolled up, waxed seal letter and walked off.

    Jacob arrived at school and began walking around, looking for his classes.
  7. Zanna had finished her breakfast and stood she grabbed her bag and headed for the door. Right before she opened it there was a knock. She answered "Hello can I help you?" It was a lady at the door and she asked for a guardian so Zanna called her mom and continued to make her way to school. Before she was out of sight of her house she noticed her mom take some paper from the women. 'Hu I wonder what that's about? Oh well.' She knew it would be a few minutes before she made it to the school but that was fine. Finally once she was on campus she took out her seclude to see her first class.
  8. Jacob walked into the building and looked for his first class. Jacob was staring at his schedule when he ran into a girl who was looking at hers as well. He back up a little bit and frowned some. "I'm sorry, i didn't mean to run into you." Jacob apologized to Zanna, as he looked around to see if anything was dropped and inf so, he was going to pick it up. Jacob may act like an asshole, but he didn't want to start off that way just yet.
  9. Zanna looked up from her schedule when a boy bumped into her. She saw that he was looking to see if she drooped something. After apologizing. "Your fine. Just I guess next time try and keep a eye out." She looked to see if anything did fall but noticed the only thing she had out was the schedule which was in her hand everything else she needed was still intact within her book bag.
  10. "I will, it's just that i don't know this school, and trying to find Mr. Henry's history class." Jacob informed. He was truely lost, and the feeling he got when a demon was close by had come again, though he still didn't know why he got those feelings, nor knew that he himself was a demon, well half demon. Jacob was tired, having very little sleep in the past few days, and tired of traveling, but he's glad that he's here and now he could get settled in. Jacob noticed that Zanna was infact very beautiful, but tried really hard not to stare.

    (i am so sorry, life had gotten a little crazily busy for me)
  11. Zanna gave a small smile. "I'm actually going to his class." She could tell by the look Jacob had that he was truly lost. "We could... Um... Go to his class together..." She asked shyly.