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  1. Long ago, before humans came in this world, Demons and Angels lived amoung each other. Peace flurrished everywhere, demons and angels got a long. That was before a Demon Lord rose up through the ranks. This Demon Lord was known as Lucifer. He raged war against the angels feeling that Demons should be the only ones to be in the world.

    Lucifer rose 666 legions and attacked the Angels, whom rose their own armies. And for thousands of years, war raged between the angels and demons. Growing tired of war, Lucifer’s 6 most trusted generals met secretly and made a pact to betray the Demon Lord and bring the war to an end. The legions that these demons commanded were extremely loyal to their generals, and helped bring an end to the war.

    Because of their betrayal, the Angels gained an upper hand, and helped imprison the Demon Lord. The key was split up into six swords and were given to the Demon Generals, and forced them to become the Demonic Guardians over the world, to protect it from all enemies. They had one rule to obey, to never harm a human.

    Thus over time, as humans came into the world, these demons watched carefully. As hard as they tried, the demons fell in love with humans, creating half breeds. Only once in several generations, will the Demon souls be reborn into the same generation. Over the years, the legions of betrayal have been hunted down and killed off. No one knows exactly how many demons from each legion is left, if any.

    And now, the year is 2016, and each of the 6 demonic souls have been reborn into the same generation, but an eerie darkness looms over the world. The question that have rose is will this generation be able to fight off this darkness, and protect the world once again, or will they fall, and bring destruction and chaos to the world.
  2. Ok after reviewing what I have posted I forgot to add the scene. Now some geographical information may not be real, and i'll be changing up the regions some so here it goes.
    A few miles off of the coast of Maine, sits a small island, 5 miles longs and 3 miles wide at the widest point. The island is named the Island of Saints, or Saints' Island for short. The population is only 1800. The town is small, and when you drive through it, it seems you have gone by in time. The town hasn't changed much over the years, still small, everyone knows everyone type of thing. On the north are cliffs with an old lighthouse. On the east side of the island is the beachs and a small harbor for the fishing boats. Everyone is pretty much spread through out the island, except for the south end. That is where the real history is. An old abandoned Plantation of 400 acres sites there, very rarely does someone visit the mansion. On the highest point of the plantation is an old cemetery, in the center of the cemetery stands an weirdly shaped Fountain. The figures are of demons fighting angels, and running the base is weird writing, that no one has came forth to being able to read.
  3. Name: Jacob Lee Tavernaris
    Nickname: JT
    Age: 16
    Role: Half-Demon
    Appearance: [​IMG] Jt has brown hair and blue eyes eyes. He stands only five foot five inches tall and weighs one hundred eight pounds. He has the demon mark on his right wrist, which is covered by a ton of bracelets. Those bracelets are all different kinds.
    Personality: JT can come off as a Jerk, and shy, but once you get past that, he's very friendly, loyal to his friends and family, and will do anything and everything in his powers to help them. Jt is very intelligent, but is afraid to show that part of him, so he tends to make stupid remarks.
    Likes: anything that has a blade,
    Dislikes: Tomatos, Spinach and reading.
    Weapon: (This would be a picture of your sword for half-demons, others can show pictures of their weapons.) [​IMG] This sword is three feet seven inches long.
    Jt was born as an only child on Saints Island in Maine. Shortly after he was born, his family left and disappeared. A few short years later, when JT was 4, his mother past away. She had left guardianship of JT to a samurai master by the name of Yoshi Mita, a dear friend and ally of hers. Yoshi wasn't just a samurai master, he was also one of the top three members of the Yakuza clan. When Yoshi decided to rise Jt, he moved to Washington state with two of his most trusted clan members. Together the three of them rised Jt, teaching him the way of the samurai, through swords and martial arts. JT became very good, very fast. Just before Jt's 16th birthday, Yoshi got word that all descendants must return to Saints Island, so they moved to the island. Yoshi knows of JT's past, and secrets, and has yet to tell the demon half blood the truth.
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  4. Name:Suzanna Raven Roth
    Role: Half Demon
    [​IMG] Hair color is black, eye color is green. She five foot three inches tall, and weighs one hundred ten. She has the mark of a demon on her fore head which she keeps hidden by her hair, and usually a hood from her hoodie.

    Personality: Zanna is very shy but she opens up a little once you get to know her. She is very intellectual but she doesn't always show it. She not found of certain jokes for example the kind that seems to be about the person your telling the joke to. She won't stand for those, and when someone makes a comment about her friends or family she will stand up for them, and therefore she can come off as overprotective at some times, but not always. Many find her very loyal because of how protective of her friends she can become.

    Likes: Read, Write/draw, the colors black, blue, purple, and red, listening to music.
    Dislikes: The color yellow, jokes about others, not a big fan on jokes that seem really childish (Although she may find some of them funny.)

    Weapon:[​IMG] This sword is three feet seven inches long. Demon incarnations upon the blade.

    History:Zanna lives with her mother Anne Revill Roth in the Island of Saints. She never met her father. But she does know that he left her a sword why she has no idea but her mother has told her stories of a demon and his blade, along with the many battles that they have fought together. These childhood stories made her curious and she asked learn how to wield a blade. Once she learned her mother felt that she had no choice but to let her use and keep her fathers blade. Between learning the arts of the blade she also asked to take lessons in martial arts. She became great at using the skills from both sharping her reflexes, and senses, she seems to use her sword as an extension of herself. She knows that she is different but she's not sure on how or why. Her mother has keep many secrets from her and has yet to reveal them all, but she has revealed some from the stories that she tells Zanna.
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  5. Name: Xun Féng
    Nickname: Fang
    Age: 17
    Role: Half-Demon
    Fang has short black hair that he leaves to do what it wants. He is always seen wearing some type of hoodie, which hides the mark of the demon, located on the back of his neck. He is six foot even, and 138 pounds. Fang has to wear glasses, and is blind as a bat without them.
    Personality: Fang is a very outgoing person, who doesn't care if he's taller than everyone else in his class. He doesn't have many friends, and is constantly bullied by people because of his height. Fang merely ignores them, as he knows they are a waste of both time and breath. He is a simpler type of person, letting things happen as they happen and not stressing about the future.
    Likes: Simple Concepts, Simple Weapons, Anything that can be kept simple.
    Dislikes: Idiots, Bullies (Which falls under the idiot category), Trying to make friends, Failing at making friends, Dandelions.
    Fang's weapon is the shuang gou, otherwise known as the Chinese Hook Swords. Each one of these swords is 3 feet, 9 inches long, longer than the traditional Shuang hou. Fang wields two of these, using the dagger's on the ends to stab foes, the guard to disarm them, and the blade to slice enemies. He uses the hooks to stab opponent's feet or ankles, and then lifts them to trip his enemies.
    History: Fang was born in Saint's Islands. His mother died while giving birth, so his Dad raised him on his own. Fang learned to use the Hook Swords, as they were the most innovative style weapon with the most practical uses. He stayed with his Dad for a long time. Sadly, this time ended, as his dad was stabbed to death one night. Fang now lives with his uncle Shào. He has been training himself in the ways of taekwondo and kung-fu. He is now skilled in both. Shào knows something that Fang doesn't. Something about him. Something big. He's sure of it. And he's gonna find out. No matter what the cost.
  6. I like them both, great characters! Welcome aboard Vernyx. I will start the thread and make the first post here in a bit.

    The thread is now up.
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  7. Name: Rabbit (her demon name was too long, so she shortened it)
    Nickname: ...Rabbit
    Age: 18 (1,937)
    Role: Demon
    Apperence: [​IMG]
    Rabbit is roughly about 5'6 and has very, razor sharp teeth. Her hair grows very quickly, her weight is 199 pounds, but she's heavier then she looks. And she sqeaks with an English accent.
    Personality: Rabbit is an overly happy, joyful demon. Always joking around or the like. But since her soul was bound to this body, the trait of Coprolalia came onto her. She would have random outbursts of curse words and anger. Which turns her into an angry, psychotic demon. She is moody, to put it easier.
    Likes: buses, walking around, snails (eating them), spunky jazz, seeing people in pain, rock, life in general, dogs
    Dislikes: depressed people, cursing outloud, cats, getting her hair cut, having to do stuff
    A demon scythe. This can practically cut through anything, but metal and things the weilder doesn't want to hurt. She only uses this is shit hits the fan. Other than that, she uses her strength and instincts.
    History: Rabbit used to work at the gates of Hell, when the Devil told her that she would have to secretly watch over a couple of half-breeds antnd take their souls, and make sure they don't fuck anything up. His words. She agreed and was sent to Earth and took a corpses body. But, unknown to her he was just using her so no one could kill them and take the souls of the Demon Generals. Unlucky her, she got a wild curser. She didn't have anything to do, since she arrived a few hundred years early, and decided on messing around. When she visited France, for the 5th time that year, she had an infinitive to snails. She also did things i would not speak of. But lets just say she grew very happy over the many years, and looked on the bright side of things. Plus her cursing landed her in a mental asylum, but she ecsaped with no problem. She had no family or friends, but was always joyful no matter what. So determined.
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