The Legion of Shadow: Destiny Quest CYOA

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    You have no memory of your past.

    With only a sword and a backpack to your name, you must discover your destiny in an unfamiliar world full of monsters and magic.

    As you guide your heroine through this epic adventure, you will be choosing the danger that she faces, the monsters that she fights and the treasures that she finds. Every decision that you make will have an impact on the story - and, ultimately, the fate of your heroine.

    With hundreds of special items to discover in each book, you can completely customise your heroine. You can choose their weapons, their armour, their special abilities - even the boots on their feet and the cloak on their back! No two heroes will ever be alike, which means your hero will always be unique to you.

    Welcome to a new world. Welcome to Valeron. Welcome to DestinyQuest.​

    The Destiny Quest series is a trilogy of adventure gamebooks akin to the old Steve Jackson Fighting Fantasy books, or the Choose Your Own Adventure series. (I'm sure no one here knows anything about any of that) I want to adapt the series adding smut to the deep plot, yet staying true to the story.

    In the Destiny Quest series you generate a hero based on fairly simple RPG rules and go on an adventure while given a choice of paths.

    Kinks definately involved: Rape by Sexy Humans and Monsters, bisexual encounters, groups, gang bangs, body transformations (akin to games like Corruption of Champions, Fall of Eden and Nimin)
    You must be okay with all involved kinks.
    Rape scenes occur when defeated in battle.
    Body transformations occur when items are consumed and when magic is used.
    Transformation examples: Breast enlargement, futanari, body size, cosmetic changes (hair/skin/eye color), limbs/wings/tail/etc. (No Furry stuff unless requested.)

    Kinks not involved: Death, Scat, Gore, Vore, Urine.

    Feel free to add or forbid your own kinks.

    Also, there are instances where your character may be moved along by the series. I won't control your character, but there will be situations where you will be moved around against your will.

    I'm looking for someone who wants to play the heroine as I walk you through the paths of adventure, storytelling as I give you the choices. I will be adding extra dialogue and sexual encounters to the adventure, to make it more interactive.

    PM me if you are interested. I do not care if you are a male or female IRL, but the hero must be a young, virginal, and petite human female.
  2. I like the idea of this I'm fine with most I have a few no goes. They are Futa, Gender bending, anal, scat. Limited use is urine, only as normal body function but will happened if overcomes by severe constant pain, extreme fear, or sudden surprise. I also ask to limit blood as I'm a Hemophobic in real life.
  3. I'm okay without futa or gender-bending. There will be absolutely no mention of feces or urine in this RP. There will be no gore or death at all, including blood. Think of how enemies die in video games, they fall over and go poof! That is how it will be in this.

    I really wanted anal to be a part of this to go along with the gang bang kink. I am requesting that you just pretend for the sake of this RP that the only use of your character's anus is as a sex organ and feces do not exist in this fictional universe.
  4. I can you try but can we minimize anal sex?
  5. How about this? It will only occur if you lose in combat against 3+ enemies at once. Most combat is against a single opponent.

    And, after the first time, if you didn't like it, I won't do it again.
  6. That works for me.
  7. I edited my last post and added a final comprimise.
  8. I can agree. Do you have a character sheet? Also would this work for you if I don't like it depending on how its done. Would you consider Chatacter enslavement till able to escape or earn freedom?
  9. My plan was that in certain places, like in a dungeon, if you are defeated in combat, you'll probably be thrown in jail and have to escape somehow.
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  10. I think that would be good pending on where I'm at in story and was defeated. If at a town or village, jail works, but if not slavery works or some other bondage can work such as ransoming.