The Legends of the past

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  1. The people of back in the day We all know them through history books do we not? Well what if they came into our time and what would they think. See our world is now over run by the demon's or dark souls of back then and now We must get the other's to bring them back to there time or destroy them in our time and be erased from History all together. There were scientist who figured out how to bring the past to the future even if it was a dismal future. How ever the demon's from the past escaped and now they must get them back to there own time or the whole world will be thrown into chaos. Mind you it isn't just the ones you see in history books, but also in old tales. Rough Idea atm.

    Playable characters



    John Smith

    Anne Bolyen





    Robin Hood

    King Arthur

    Sherlock Holmes

    Anne Frank

    Three Muskateer's:

    Queen Cleopatra- Taken


    Not Playable Characters

    Captain Rochefort

    Morgan Le Fey


    Adolf Hitler

    Henry VIII of England

    Joseph Stalin

    Jack the ripper

    Black Beard

    Billy The Kid

    Genghis Khan

    Nikola Tesla

    Jesse James

    Attila the Hun

    Anne Bonny

    Annie Oakley
  2. Morgana and her sisters unplayable huh?

    Hmmm... are certain genderbends alright? You know, mild machine glitch, or the figure was female all along.

    If yes, I'd like Merlin. If no, I'd like Alice.

    But overall, I'd like to see the full plot and signups before my final decision.
  3. Alice I rather not have gender bended characters, I will put it up when I get more interests
  4. Calling on Athos.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.