The Legendary Weapon challenge

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  1. From looking at the general chat forums recently, it's clear that we have plenty of people here that like weapons and know plenty about them. I also know we've got a lot of people interested in mythology, Dungeons and Dragons, and just videogames in general, so the idea of a legendary weapon should be pretty familiar.

    Pretty much all great epics have a magical super weapon (or two, or more) in their legend somewhere. Some might be the ultimate weapon, capable of bringing an entire kingdom to its knees, whilst others might just be imbued with some minor traits. Often these weapons are swords, but you could have spears, axes or any other sort of weapon, depending on the mythos. Examples would include the Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda, the legendary Japanese spear, Tonbogiri, Sting, the Elvish knife from Lord of the Rings, Gungnir, Odin's spear and, of course, Excalibur, the sword of Arthurian legend.


    So, this time, your weapon is imbued with the spirit of a noble white tiger. What kind of abilities or magic does this tiger's spirit give to the weapon? Please define the type of weapon (sword, hammer, spear etc.) and if possible, a brief description of how it looks, because a legendary weapon always looks a little bit special, no matter how minor its magic.

    I look forwards to seeing what kind of creative weapons you all come up with!
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  2. Hi~

    Name: The Furious Stalker

    Type: Bracelet

    Description: A golden bracelet made with the chains of the Imperial Castle Doors; it has a white pearl in the center and a black one on the opposite side; the white one is pure and clean, it almost seems like snow; the black is dark as coal, with no kind of shine or purity.

    History: Who made this bracelet is totally unknown; if the records are correct, it was made 2,000 years ago. During the Holy War, the White Tiger Spirit Tora which was one of the Five Holy Guardians, was sealed inside the bracelet by the King of Remura, the leader of one of the Five Kingdoms in war; it was sealed there because of the thirst of power of the King; he wanted to win the war at any possible cost because of the price that defeat would lead.

    Description of Powers: It can give the user enhanced senses and the power of invisibility. When the user goes on rampage/rage, the true power of the bracelet gets unleashed summoning the White Tiger Spirit Tora to destroy everything in it's path.

    (I know it's a bit short...)
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  3. It's not too short at all, it's perfect. Thank you for replying, I was afraid this thread would die alone!
  4. Thanks~

    Nononono, I will never let a weapon related thread die alone and without me in it
  5. Legend tells of a sword... This sword goes by many names... many call it The Dragon's Fury, some call it The Fire-drake's Blade... But the name does not matter, after all It should be up to the owner to name the sword. The sword's grip is long enough for two hands to fit upon it, and the cross-guard appears in the form of unfurled dragon wings, shining obsidian. The Pommel is in the shape of a dragon's tail tip. The blade is a shining silver in contrast to the night-black hilt, and upon the flat end of the blade, on both sides, in an engraving of a dragons letting loose flames from it's jaws. Sometimes, the engraving appears to be almost moving... It is extremely light, and comfortable in the hand for those able to hold it, for if the blade does not feel it's wielder is worthy, the hilt will burn the hand of whoever is holding it, and leave terrible scars. To wield the blade, one must take it at a time of dire need, and hold it, ignoring the pain and managing to draw an enemies blood with it. By then, the scars on the hand would have burned down the whole arm, with a pattern in the scars Identical to the engraving upon the sword.

    And then... there is the reason it is a feared weapon. When it is normal, it behaves like a normal sword, albeit an exceptionally sharp and well made one. The blade can take over it's host's mind. It is activated by rage, the pure, feral rage held at the very back of the mind, the one that drives a creature to attack, to kill, to tear apart their enemy. The host will glow with a red aura, and pitch black lightning will run down the edge of the blade, while this happens, the host moves with terrifying speed, and the slices shields, carves flesh, and boils it's enemies blood. While the blade draws physical cues from dragons, even they can be unnerved by this blade's presence, which means that the blade can only have a maker that more terrifying than the even. great flying firestorms themselves.
  6. Pavitr Bagh Nakh


    This is the basic structure of the Pavitr Bagh Nakh. The blades, however, are made of a silver, almost white metal with black details, attached to black leather gauntlets for added stability. It does glow white when it is being used virtuously.

    When the spirit within the bagh nakh deems the cause worthy, the weapon enables the user to move much faster, and the claws gain the strength to cut through most metals.

    Vaghdeva, the spirit within the weapon, is an ancient white tiger spirit that guided kings of old to rule peacefully and fairly. However, when eventually outsiders invaded, the king was forced to defend his people. Vaghdeva gave the king bagh nakh imbued with his powers to fight off the invasion. However, once the invaders were pushed back, the king wanted revenge, despite Vaghdeva's counsel. The king struck back, without Vaghdeva's blessing, and without his power. The king was killed and the weapon seized, locked away for centuries.

    Eventually, as all weapons of this sort do, the Pavitr Bagh Nakh resurfaced in the hands of an explorer, who donated it to a museum. There is still a tribe, however, that worships Vaghdeva and still tells the story of its secret power.