The Legend of Zelda Extravaganza:Murder Game VIII

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    • The Legend Of Zelda Extravaganza Murder Game VIII

      Hyrule needs a new set of warriors that can save them. The world has become corrupted by a threat other than Ganondorf. His name is the Demon Lord Ghirahim. What Chaos that has overtaken Hyrule is unknown. The hero chosen by the goddesses, otherwise known as the hero of time, has gone missing. There last hope is a new set of heroes who come from other worlds. They may not know the reason they were brought here but their only hope to get back home is to help Midna, Zelda, and many of their friends in order to stand any chance of defeating the Demon Lord and his followers.



      RP Link:
      Legend of Zelda Extravaganza Murder Game VIII |

      Rounds and Updates:
      Prologue Update
      Round One
      Round One Update
      Round Two
      Round Two Update
      Round Three
      Round Three Update
      Round Four
      Round Four Update
      NPC's in the RP you should know that aren't Zelda characters and are also kind of like players:
      Prince Ashitaka & Shotaro Kaneda Canon: Princess Mononoke &Akira (Film version)
      Player: @The Silver Paladin Role: Unknown Status: Alive
      Lank Canon: Legend of Zelda OC idea from a walk-through video Player: @Raven Role: Unknown Status: Alive

    • Rules

      1) All Iwaku rules apply

      2) Please respect me, @Raven and our wonderful CO-GMs@FireDrake150@Jeremi@The Silver Paladin @TheSpringwoodSlasher and @Librarian Cat as well as other players that will be in this game

      3) Tell a GM/CO-GM if issues may arise

      4) Please keep the OOC discussion to the General Chat group thread and roleplay discussion in the RP Discussion group thread.

      5) Please be respectful to others and be conscious of their time and OOC Obligations

      6) This is a rule I specifically want to approach. I'm cool with romance but please if you wish for it to be more than hold hands, hugs, small kiss on check, take it to a PM or state fade to black. This is a mixed-age roleplay and anything beyond what is described above is unacceptable.

      7) Please no Zelda Characters. This is a Zelda RP I understand, but it's also multiverse crossover RP. The other GMs and I have things planned for most of the characters in at least these five games: Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Skyward Sword, A Link Between Worlds, and Twilight Princess. This is just so we don't have to worry about hijacking other people's characters or changing their plans a whole lot.

      8) Interact with others. It keeps the RP fun and moving for everyone. Even when I or the other GMs may not have time to reply it can give characters some lay back time. When you interact, please tag those you are interacting with.

      9) Tag me and GMs when you cast in votes for a traitor please. It should help at least one of us see everyone's vote.

      10) Also, please, no ridiculous attacks saying something is like unstoppable. Yes, I am aware of DBZ Characters seeming OP but things need to be fair. So when a boss battle could take place please use dice. It will keep everything fair. Also, please state beforehand what hits or misses.

      11) I know this is a lot so if you stayed with me this long awesome the last rule is just to Have Fun!!!!

      Hero- Basically someone who was chosen to help save Hyrule by Midna, Zelda and the many others who wish to defeat Ghirahim and his followers.
      Traitor- Works pretending to be a hero but is really working for Ghirahim and his allies. They are meant to help Ghirahim make the Heroes have a hard time getting to their goal and hope to kill a few along the way.

      Mercenary- Their reasons for being here seem to be in a way their own. They were made possible by Midna or even Ghirahim, but they hope to gain something by helping one or the other. They, like the heroes, don't want the traitors to win, for if they do then they may not get there prize.

      CS Sheet for both Canon and OC





      Canon base: (Optional if not from a particular show or anything universe wise you base off of then you could still fill this out and just say Self)






      Animal Spirit:

      Theme Song:​

    • Alright now those who are accepted:

      Accelerator & Kaori Kanzaki Canon: Raildex Player: @Verite Role:Unknown Status: Alive
      Aeric/The Chosen Undead Canon: Dark Souls Player: @BarrenThin Role:Unknown Status: Alive
      Alexi The Dragonborn Canon: Skyrim OC Player: @Alexi The Arcanine Role:Unknown Status: Alive
      Star Lord & StraxCanon: Marvel Comics/Guardians of the Galaxy & Doctor Who Player: @Mighty Roman Role:Unknown Status: Alive
      Balto&Rocket Raccoon Canon: Balto&Guardians of the Galaxy (MCU) Player:@Librarian Cat Role: Hero/Mercanary Status: Deceased
      Bernkastel/The Witch of Miracles& Lambdadelta/Witch of Certainty Canon: Umineko No Naku Koro Ni Player: @Gummi Bunnies Role:Unknown Status: Alive
      Dage the Evil Canon: AQ Worlds Player: @DapperDogman Role:Unknown Status: Alive
      Dr. Zanzibar & Mitten Canon: OC Player: @Archwar Role:Unknown Status: Alive
      Ellie Canon: The Last Of Us (+ Murder events) Player: @Brigmore Witch Role:Unknown Status: Alive
      Fizz Canon: League of Legends Player: @Bomb Role:Unknown Status: Alive
      Kratos/Eds Canon: Ed,Edd, Eddy/God of War Player:@TheSpringwoodSlasher Role:Unknown Status: Alive
      Madotsuki Canon: Yume Nikki Player: @york Role:Unknown Status: Alive
      Officer Jamie Reagan & Sargent Leo Barnes Canon: Blue Bloods & The Purge Player: @ResistingTheEnlightened Role:Unknown Status: Alive

      Randall Dean Clark Canon: Fallout: New Vegas Player: @Forrest Role:Unknown Status: Alive
      Raven Canon: Elsword Player: @Crimson Spartan Role:Unknown Status: Alive
      Rosalina Canon: Super Mario Galaxy Player: @Shattered Secrets Role:Unknown Status: Alive
      Serge Canon: Chrono Cross Player: @The Tactician Role:Unknown Status: Alive
      Teruteru Hanamura Canon: Danganronpa Player: @Atomyk Role:Unknown Status: Alive
      Ty/Ty-Kun Canon:Our reality, albeit, a very, very exaggerated version of it. Player: @Krieg Role:Unknown Status: Alive
      Ventus Canon:Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Player: @Klutzy Ninja Kitty
      Victor Kresnik&Rowen Ilbert Canon: Tales of Xillia&Tales of Xillia 2 Player:@FireDrake150 Role: Traitor/Hero Status: Deceased/Imprison
      Yuki Amano & Yuno Gasai Canon: Future Diary Player: @C.T. Role:Unknown Status: Alive
      TaopaipaiCanon: Dragon Ball Z Player: @Tokusentai Role:Unknown Status: Alive
      Monkey D. LuffyCanon: One Piece Player: @Ryu Keiko Role:Unknown Status: Alive
      Ri Boon-Hui Canon: 코리아 Player: @Mari Role:Unknown Status: Alive
      Kazuma Kiryu Canon: Yakuza 3 Player: @Wedge Antilles Role: Hero Status: Imprisoned
      Levi Ackerman & Hanji Zoe Canon: Attack on Titan Player: @Lizzy Role:Unknown Status: Alive
      Talim&Motochika Chosokabe Canon: The Soul Series Player: @Jeremi Role:Unknown Status: Alive
      ScotmanCanon: Samurai Jack Player: @Doctor Smartass Role: Traitor Status: Deceased
      Geralt Of Rivia Canon: Witcher 3. The Wild Hunt Player: @Korra Role:Unknown Status: Alive
      Astarte Canon: Strike the Blood @Kaykay Role:Unknown Status: Alive
      Jennifer Tate/Michelle Kile & Abdizur Canon: Primal Player: @Thuro The Assassin Potato Role:Unknown Status: Alive
      Source Hunters/Romulus & CeciliaCanon: Divinity Franchise Player: @The Silver Paladin Role:Unknown Status: Alive
      Nonon Jakuzure Canon: Kill La Kill Player: @Mapelle Role:Unknown Status: Alive
      Bo BroskiCanon: Self/OC Player: @ShiroKiyoshi Role:Unknown Status: Alive


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  2. I'll get something up. MY ANIMAL SPIRIT IS A SCORPION, FUQ U ALL
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  5. CS 1:


    Name: Prince Ashitaka

    Age: around 18

    Huge thing From the wiki (open)

    Princess Mononoke starts as Ashitaka is riding towards the lookout tower for his village, telling everyone he meets along the way that the village wise woman has ordered everyone inside the village. When he reaches (and climbs to the top of) the watchtower, asking the watchman if he sees anything. he points into the forest not far from the tower. Something is visible moving in the underbrush, getting closer. It is a demon that first appears to be made of purple worms. Everything it touches withers up and dies. It moves towards the watchtower and the village. crashing into the watchtower, sending it down a steep hill. Ashitaka and the watchman escape, and Ashitaka mounts Yakul and rides to cut the demon off before it reaches the village.
    He manages to stop it right before it reaches the village, and tries to reason with it and make it leave. It doesn't listen to Ashitaka. Seeing no other choice to keep it from attacking the village, Ashitaka shoots an arrow towards it, and hits its eye. Enraged, the worms around the beast reach out for Ashitaka, and a few latch themselves onto his arm. Ashitaka shoots the second eye, and the boar falls to the ground, immobile.
    The wisewoman and several villagers come to the scene of the fight, and remove Ashitaka from Yakul. He has a large, irregularly patterned, purplish scar on his forearm where the worms made contact with his skin. The wound is tended to. The wisewoman turns to the dying boar and tells it that they will give it proper burial rights and asks it not to bear them any ill will. It dies after ignoring the wisewoman and saying that humans are pathetic and that someday they would suffer as he had suffered.

    That night Ashitaka meets before the village elders. The Wisewoman reads Ashitaka's future using magic stones and tells Ashikata that the wound is a curse, and that it will grow and consume him, cause him great pain, and then kill him, and there is nothing he can do to stop it. A few elders protest, saying that their numbers are growing smaller, and that they do no wish to send away their last prince. The Wisewoman tells Ashitaka that the most he can do is to meet his fate. She takes from her kimono an iron ball, and tells him that it was found inside the boar's body, and that it is the cause of his suffering and what turned him into a demon. She bids Ashitaka ride east and find out what did this, to 'see with eyes unclouded' and see what he can do to make sure what happened to the boar doesn't happen again. Ashitaka agrees, and cuts his hair before leaving to pack his things.
    Even though the laws of the village forbid it, Ashitaka's sister, Kaya, comes out to bid him goodbye, and gives him her crystal dagger. Ashitaka tells her he will never forget her, then rides off on Yakul. Kaya runs to the front gate where it would be her last night to see him.

    After rescuing two men in the waterfall, Ashitaka looks around to see if their were any other injured men, only to see a wolf that is injured. A girl with her two wolves comes and gets rid of the poisoned blood. The girl spots Ashitaka, but doesn't confront him. Ashitaka decides to introduce himself only to mistake her as the forest spirit. Being told to go away, Ashitaka hears a scream coming from the men he rescued and decides to bring the men back to their home. With the help of the Kodama's they arrive in the forbidden forest. A deadly forest where humans were restricted not to come near. Ashitaka decided that they should take a break. While getting water for one of the injured men, he noticed a wolf paw printed onto the grass, thinking that the wolf girl lives in the forest. He later see's another print in the water, realizing that the prints were made recently. As Ashitaka is observing, he sees a hoard of moose-like animals, then see's one that is completly different from the others. Surprised and wanting to get a better look, the side effect of his cursed arm begins. Not wanting the injured men to know about his curse, he quickly puts his arm into the water, not having time to take off his arm sleeve. After the pain was gone, the hoard was gone. Ashitaka asked the man if he saw something strange but he said no.

    Ashitaka and the two injured men arrive at their home, Irontown. Not wanting anyone to know his identity at first, he arrives in Irontown by boat and is greated by Gonza. A group of workers come to bring one of the men to a place to heal and rest. The injured man who has been riding on Yakul's back is known to be an ox driver in town named Kohroku and has a wife name Toki. Toki is at first happy to see him alive, but furious to see his broken arm and leg yells at him how he's going to ride the ox when he is all injured, later giving him a death wish of dying by the wolves. Lady Eboshi, mistress of Irontown comes to greet Ashitaka and welcome Kohroku back home. The men treat him as if he was family while the ladies asked Ashitaka if he would like to see their job. As the men were talking about the demon boar god Nago, Ashitaka receives a slight feeling that Nago was the one who attacked his village. Speaking with Eboshi and exposing his cursed arm, Eboshi reveales that she was the one who put the curse on Nago.

    The very same night of Ashitaka's arrival, San makes a surprise attack on Iron Town. But due to her quick agility, no one was able to chase after her while she was running her way to Eboshi. Ashitaka stops San from being killed by three gunman. San was knocked out by two ladies, one named Kiyo and the other unnamed, who's husbands were killed by her wolves. Ashitaka wakes San up, only to receive a scar on his face by her dagger. Ashitaka, showing off his powers, stops San from attacking Eboshi and exposing the truth about his cursed arm. After Ashitaka stuns both Eboshi and San, he decides to leave Iron Town with San. Kiyo points her gun at Ashitaka, but actually not wanting to shoot him. By suprise by one of the elders, Kiyo shoots Ashitaka by accident, but due to Ashitaka's curse, he was able to stay alive.
    Arriving at the gate, San's wolves come to take her back. Ashitaka tells them that she is safe and he is coming with them. His final words to the people of Iron Town, "You have my thanks".
    As Ashitaka is leaving Iron Town with San, he is mortally wounded and falls off Yakul. San wakes up right after and notice her wolves going to attack Ashitaka. After ordering them to leave him to her, she quickly gets angry and tells Ashitaka that she should kill him for saving Eboshi.

    ((For some reason, the plot on the wiki is unfinished, but you all know the rest. Probably.))

    Cannon: Princess Mononoke

    Powers/Abilities: His cursed arm gives him Inhuman strength.

    Strengths: Unmatched with a bow,
    Good at Mounted combat.

    Unfortunately, his biggest strength is also his biggest weakness. At times, the arm acts up, and causes issues in combat, or in whatever he's doing. It will eventually kill him, and causes him great pain.

    Personality: Stern and determined, yet calm and kind. He wishes the best for people, and doesn't wish for conflict.

    San Mononoke (Girlfriend/Friend)
    Unnamed sister

    Animal Spirit: Wolf

    Theme Song: N/A

    Two more to find...

    Oh, boy.
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  8. [​IMG]

    (except no helmet and short, spiky black hair)

    Name: Project A-537 or, Ace

    Age: 21

    Bio/History: Ace was created as a cybernetic assassin in the year 2045. He was the greatest soldier known to man and was one of the greatest fighters man kind has ever created. But, he soon developped a conciousness and went rogue. As soon as he went rogue, he made himself a mercenary, a hunter. If you wanted someone dead, you would call him. He was pulled in here due to the high bounty that he was told about and liked the idea of having lots of money.

    Canon base: OPTIONAL if not from a particular show or anything universe wise you base off of then you could still fill this out and just say Self): OC

    Powers/Abilities: Can hack into any technology and if his body is destroyed he only needs any piece of software that's atleast a tera byte to fully be able to be alive. His A.I is stored in the cloud. He also has a jet pack. He has dual wielding plasma swords that can cut through iron like butter. He also has a plasma gun that he can turn his right hand into.

    Strengths: Hacking, Killing, Weapons

    Weaknesses: He is like a human but with armour that can resist only bullets and a couple lazers, but is invulnerable to arrows, sword hits, etc. Cocky, Arrogant and hates being tricked and is a sore loser.

    Personality: Snarky, smart and smart-assed, annoying, sarcastic, mean. Can't stand others that aren't as smart as him, he's also a big asshole.

    Family/Friends: No one. He's a lone wolf

    Animal Spirit: The Lion

    Theme Song:

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  9. Coming in as Kratos and the Eds.

    Kratos is the epitome of what a Spartan soldier is in that he is essentially made for battle. He is exceptionally tall, standing at a height in between 6 to 7 feet, in which, due to his status a warrior, he is at his peak physical condition. Based on his facial features and voice patterns, one can assume Kratos' age is ranging from late 30s to early 40s.

    Prior to the series' actual time of taking place he had tanned skin and a red tattoo going down the majority of his upper body and up to his face. On his face, besides the aforementioned tattoo, he has a scar on his right eye and a black goatee. The scar was caused by Ares, when Kratos was a child and tried to save his brother from the raid of Gods on Sparta. After killing his beloved wife and child, two of the few people he truly cared for, the village oracle bound their ashes to his skin to be forever a reminder of the horrible deed he committed on that day.

    Double D:In keeping in theme with the whole fantasy feel Zelda's got going on, the Eds are all cosplaying as DnD characters after Ed introduced it to them. Double D's appearance is that of a typical wizard with pointy hat, robes, a spell book, and a owl.

    Eddy is that of a rouge with a hat hiding his usual blue hair, and well the best way I can describe how he looks is sort of like Robin Hood.

    Ed went full out and painted himself green and got fake ears. Also the beard stubble he has going on is fake as the Eds are all supposed to be their usual ages as in the show.

    Name: Kratos

    Ed, Double 'Marian' D(edd), Eddy 'Skipper' *insert last name*

    Age: 40s? They don't come right out and say how old Kratos is. The Eds are all I presume to be 12/14


    Canon base: God of War/Ed Edd Eddy


    Edd has a ruler which is designed/intended to his wizard staff. But sadly he cannot really cast spells. Can give ya a mean paddling with the back end of it however!
    Eddy has a slingshot that he can use to fire much smaller versions of his El Mungo Stinkbombs at whoever tries to get in his way or interfere with his scams.
    Ed has superhuman strength. Some even say that if a pebble were to enter his shoe, he'd be kicked up into a massive fury.

    Strengths: Edd/Double D:Being smart and solving problems that require more common sense/logic than Eddy and Ed are willing to spare at any given time.


    Ed: Having superhuman strength capable of picking up trees and swinging them as if they were baseball bats probably counts. Only if he gets a pebble in the shoe mind you.

    Weaknesses: Kratos is often far too stubborn and hot-headed. This usually ends up getting him into fights that he might not be capable of winning. While it's a guarantee he'll be back again to try later on, his anger really does get the better of him at times. Such as his first encounter with Zeus. Heavily injured and on the verge of death, yet he still insisted on fighting the king of Gods. This resulted in a sword being plunged through his gut and having to then fight his way out of Hell.

    Both Double D and Eddy are pretty weak when it comes to the physical department and so they typically rely on Ed to do the heavy lifting. This in turn appiles to Ed as well. But in the opposite direction. Whereas he has all the strength one would ever need, his intelligence leaves a lot to be desired.

    Kratos is incredibly cruel and destructive and would kill anyone who gets in his way. He doesn't seem to care if he kills women or children or men weaker than him.
    Before and during God of War, Kratos was very respectful towards gods and divine entities, to the point of calling them "Lords", and even being afraid of them, and even in God of War II, he was still extremely respectful to the Titan Gaia. However, in God of War III, he lost all sense of respect towards divinities and does not care if he has to kill them to proceed, and will insult the gods, no matter whom it is, for example, calling Hermes "A fly from the ass of Zeus".

    Kratos was once a very destructive and amoral man. His guilt is often converted to extreme rage and his goal was to achieve vengeance on Ares for making him kill his wife and child. This vengeance later extends to Zeus for trying to kill him in Rhodes, then Kratos resolves to kill all the gods of Olympus, if they try to oppose him. Unable to cope with the memory of his own misdeeds, Kratos has considered suicide on two separate occasions. On some occasions, Kratos even to put the blame of his actions onto others (Ares, The Gods, etc.), until the very end, during which he finally realized the consequences of his actions, stabbing himself with the Blade of Olympus.

    Eddy can be nice when he wants to be and defend Double D/Ed if he's really pushed to it. But most of the time he's manipulative and deceiving. Edd and Ed however are some of the nicest people. Double D is perhaps too nice.

    Family/Friends: Um, I don't think there is really a need to fill this one out for Kratos. Considering his family is DEAD! Kind of by his own hands too. The Eds also have family but it's not really addressed too well. Which is kind of the point as the series focuses on the kids and not the adults

    Animal Spirit:The phoenix for Kratos. No matter what is done to him he'll never stay dead. He'll come back even stronger and run you through with your weapon. Then roar a little at you for extra effect.
    Double D:Spider

    Theme Song:

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  10. [​IMG]

    Alexi The Dragonborn


    My story starts in the carriage that was supposed to lead to my execution, but instead it led to the biggest journey of my life. After A dragon attacked as I escaped I started my quest to hunt it down. Getting support from noted factions throughout Skyrim, and even the help of a dragon stuck in the plains of oblivion. I honed my skills, did bounties, murders, and some other fun things. And the day finally came I fought Auldwin. After what felt like an eternity of battle, I had slain the son of a god. I gave freedom to the dragons stuck on this plane of existence and saved Skyrim from the evil dragon.

    Shouts/Thu'um/The Way of the Voice - Channeling sprits of the dragons and using his knowledge of the ancient language of the dragons he can use his voice to help change the tide of battle.
    Lesser Healing - Weak healing spell, heals minor wounds on self.

    Sparks- Weak chain lightning spell that mildly affects the targets magic.

    Flames- Weak fire spell that can burn target.

    Candle light- Orb of light that is conjured.

    One handed weapons
    Heavy Armor
    Lock picking
    Killing Chickens
    Can read a map

    Doesn't know a thing about technology
    not really good at magic

    Quiet and reserved, only speaking to those he needs too. He is brave, not afraid to lead a battle charge; yet he is kind helping anyone in need, good or bad. He doesn't care for politics, just for bettering his skill and helping people. He hum ballads when he is bored.

    Aela The Huntress - Wife

    Animal Spirit:
    A dragon (open)
    Specifically Paarthurnax

    Theme Song:
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  13. Welp here we go.





    Centuries ago, an ancient water-dwelling race built a hidden city beneath a mountain in the sea. Though these creatures had their enemies, the city was an impenetrable fortress, and, in the safety it provided, they grew complacent. Fizz, however, harbored a curious spirit that could not be satisfied living so cushioned a life. Unable to resist the allure of danger, Fizz had a habit of sneaking out of the city to look for trouble. In his many adventures he grew to be a powerful fighter with a sharp cleverness that let him skirt danger with ease. One day Fizz returned to find the city abandoned: his people had vanished, leaving Fizz without a clue to explain their disappearance. With nothing left in the city to keep him, Fizz salvaged an enchanted seastone trident from the ruins and set out alone.
    Fizz wandered the ocean in search of his people for years, using the skills he'd learned during his adventures as a young boy to survive. Finally, Fizz discovered the port of Bilgewater. He was fascinated with the existence of life above the water and could not resist exploring the island. In his endless curiosity, Fizz inadvertently meddled in the affairs of the humans who lived there, and his presence did not go unnoticed. His mischief angered many residents who eventually sought to capture or kill him. Fizz found himself cornered, and he prepared to return to the sea despite the fondness he'd come to hold for Bilgewater. As he stood at the docks, a massive dragon-shark attacked the port. Fizz defeated the beast, using his resourcefulness and knowledge of the creature's weaknesses to his advantage. Having earned the gratitude and respect of the humans, Fizz decided to stay in Bilgewater. To further serve his new home, he joined the League of Legends.

    Canon base:
    League of Legends
    [​IMG] -Nimble Fighter (Passive) - Allows him to squirm through units(people and living things) easily, as well take a bit of reduced damage.

    [​IMG]- Urchin Strike - Fizz dashes to a target, dealing damage as well.

    [​IMG] - Seastone Trident - Fizz deals more damage over time upon hitting an enemy.

    [​IMG][​IMG] - Playful / Trickster - Fizz hops on his trident, avoiding all damage for a while, then hops back down to do a splashing damage to nearby enemies.

    [​IMG] - Chum the Waters - Fizz tosses a fish to tag an enemy. After a while, a shark pops up underneath the tagged enemy, dealing massive damage, and might possibly lose a leg.

    Nimble, somewhat tactical, resourceful, bursty.
    Gets into trouble easily.
    Likes to cause mischief, tricky.
    Family has gone missing, Nami and a few Bilgewater champions are his friends.
    Animal Spirit:
    Theme Song:
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  14. Name: Ventus

    Age: 15

    Bio/History: Ventus, also known as Ven, is one of the main protagonists in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix. His name means "wind" in Latin, similar to how Sora's name is Japanese for "sky". He was a Keyblade wielder before Sora ever became one, and was apprenticed to both Master Xehanort and Master Eraqus. He is the youngest of the trio composed of Terra, Aqua and himself. For full bio see here:

    Canon base: Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

    Powers/Abilities: Although not yet a master of his weapon, Ven is skilled in multiple, quick strokes with the keyblade that do less damage rather than slow, fewer hits that do more damage. He is very fast. Ven also possesses abilities in magic, d-linking, command styles, and shotlocks.

    Strengths: Physical = speed, dodging attacks, quick thinking
    Self = Kind, helpful,

    Weaknesses: Physical = heavy hitting
    Self = childish, struggles with listening to orders

    Personality: Kind, helpful, innocent, childish, stubborn, energetic

    Family/Friends: His best friends are Terra and Aqua while his master is Eraqus.

    Animal Spirit: Dog! Loyal, brave, energetic, kind[​IMG]

    Theme Song:
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  15. Prepare yourselves... The Witch of Miracles and the Witch of Certainty have come.

    (Bernkastel's on the left and Lambdadelta's on the right)​

    "Did you know? They say that in chess, the player who moves first is twice as likely to win?"

    The Witch of Miracles


    All that is known of Bernkastel's history is that she was once a human being tormented in a cycle of games led by the Witch Lambdadelta. It was only when a miracle happened, she was able to become a Witch and soon came to terms with the Witch that once tormented her.

    -Canon Base-
    Umineko No Naku Koro Ni

    ... there's no other way to explain it. Being a high-ranking Witch, Bernkastel's magic is something to not underestimate. An example of her power is demonstrated in her fight against Lambdadelta, where it's described that their attacks were able to create and destroy universes in a matter of seconds. For the purpose of this rp, her magic will be heavily nerfed for obvious reasons.

    Due to being a Witch, Bernkastel has access to both the Red and Blue Truth. The Red Truth is used to tell the absolute Truth, and the Blue Truth is used to display theories that abide by the Red Truth I won't abuse these two powers in order to prove innocence, but it will be used in a manner of referencing known evidence to any murder and possible theories.

    - Master manipulator
    - ... aw fuck it, she's great at screwing people over
    -Powerful magic

    - Too focused on screwing people over at times
    - Her miracle magic doesn't work if the chance of a miracle is 0%.

    Cruel. Sadistic. Manipulating. There's all kinds of words to describe Bernkastel's utterly terrifying and nasty personality. Once she becomes bored, it's a wise idea to steer clear of her way.

    "... family... friends... what are those?"

    "I love Lambda... on the contrary side..."

    -Animal Spirit-
    Cats... it's pretty obvious that it's cats for Bernkastel.


    "That nightmare still terrifies me. And so, I need to constantly feel, truly feel that this isn’t a dream. Hey, are you guys really real? You aren’t just an insane delusion I’m having inside that hell, right? Right? Right?"

    Witch of Certainty


    Lambdadelta's background is shrouded in mystery, and all that could be found out is the fact that she was a Witch that tormented Bernkastel when the latter was still a human. Once that human became a Witch through a miracle, the Witch of Certainty didn't seem to hesitate on allowing her to be an ally of hers.

    -Canon Base-
    Umineko No Naku Koro Ni

    Just like Bernkastel, Lambdadelta's magic is something to not underestimate. An example of her power is demonstrated in her fight against Bernkastel, where it's described that their attacks were able to create and destroy universes in a matter of seconds. For the purpose of this rp, her magic will be heavily nerfed for obvious reasons.

    Due to being a Witch, Bernkastel has access to both the Red and Blue Truth. The Red Truth is used to tell the absolute Truth, and the Blue Truth is used to display theories that abide by the Red Truth I won't abuse these two powers in order to prove innocence, but it will be used in a manner of referencing known evidence to any murder and possible theories.

    - Being adorbs
    -Powerful magic

    - Overconfident as fuck
    - She's candy. You can apparently eat her insides...

    Just a playfully cruel Witch. That's the best way to describe her. ... at least she's more pleasant than Bernkastel.

    "Bernkastel's my lovey dovey lover~!"

    -Animal Spirit-
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  16. Appearance: [​IMG]Dage stands formidable, at seven or maybe eight feet tall, his form covered in thick armor msde of souls and foul metals that make him nigh untouchable


    Age: You ask irrelevant questions

    Bio/History: My history is my own to know, but know this...My past is littered with death and many crushed not stand before me and assume to live

    Canon base: Adventure Quest Worlds

    Powers/Abilities: Reanimation, ice magic, death magic, soul forging, The legendary Sword Caladbolg, easily able to cleave armor and flesh and bone with ease, felling foolish warriors with single stikes

    Strengths: Immortality, strong, fast, capable commander, able fighter and mage, unshakeable control over the dead

    Weaknesses: You dare to assume Ihave a weakness?! (Cocky, his armor doesn't absorb all magic thrown at it, allowing powerful spells to harm him)

    Personality: Dominant, in combat and commanding an army

    Family/Friends: None, I cast aside mortal bonds long ago

    Animal Spirit: Bear, large, unstoppable and ever hungry for war

    Theme Song: If you insist I choose music with which you associate me...then let it be this
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  17. By day (open)

    By night (open)


    Ty or Ty-Kun

    Kriegy, Hipster Trash, Homestead Lumberjack.




    By day, he is your average aspiring senior in highschool, the "nerdy" one who enjoys a bit of reading, pop culture, writing, video games, and music. He is your most kawaii, desu-desu guy, the somewhat popular nerd, with an expensive subscription to Loot Crate and a possibly unhealthy addiction to Game of Thrones, Total War Shogun II, and a certain little community called the "Dying Games". He is known by many names, but to his family, to his most beloved, he is merely the "Ty-Kun". The boy lives a humble life, a quiet one, enjoying the view of rural America through the eyes of a suburban. relatively average, middle-class citizen.

    But by night, he is an entirely different person.

    Nobody knows what influenced Ty-Kun to follow such a lifestyle, hell, some people think even Ty himself doesn't know. Is it the wealth, the power, the fear of falling into poverty, or merely the fun? Whatever the case may be, Ty's life during the night is a stark contrast to the stability of his day-to-day life. Instead of a nerdy, white, middle-class American, when the sun sets, Ty embarks on a nightlife of crime, debauchery, and strife. Earning the iconic nickname of the "Homestead Lumberjack", the young boy has become an influential, ruthless member of local crime rings, his identity virtually a mystery to those that threaten him and his crew. Hell, even the authorities are unsure as to what this "Homesteader" does, from accusations of being a five-star hitman to a dealer of nefarious substances, one of which strangely being sugar. No, not cocaine, actual sugar. What a dangerous individual.

    ~Canon Base~
    Our reality, albeit, a very, very exaggerated version of it.

    note: click on the titles of the equipment to get an image of them. They are embedded with direct links. Click da bluuue~!

    -Lil' Asskicker-
    A typical, iconic weapon of the 21st century gangster, this particular Mac-10 submachine gun has been modified for a faster, fully automatic firing mode and an attached silencer. Strangely, however, it can only be used at night, as any attempts to use it in the day will only result in the gun jamming. Plus, to be brutally frank, Ty-Kun during the day is a giant scaredy cat to use a gun.

    -Edgelord Katana-
    A powerful two-handed sword, made of the finest steel, forged in the finest of forges, the exclusive art of folding steel a thousand times by the most expertise of feudal, Japanese blacksmiths. Some say this katana was passed on from the mighty Tokugawa clan since their arise as Shogunate nearly five-hundred years ago. Others say that this sword is, in fact, the legendary Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi, the Excalibur of Japan. A thousand men rose up against this sword wielded in the hands of a powerful samurai retainer, and lo, a thousand men fell honorably to the earth and heavens...

    Well, that is the fantasy anyways. In reality it just a shitty $50 display replica made of out cheap stainless steel. In fact, it'd probably will break after a few swings, but hey, on the bright side, it does look pretty awesome! Anywho, Ty ordered this partially out of his unhealthy addiction to playing Shogun II a lot. Conquering Japan is hard work, yo. He also wears it on his back, because that is what all the cool guys do.

    -Lumberjack's Axe-
    It is an an axe.

    It does a fine job a chopping, it is a little heavy, and Ty can use it anytime of the day.

    What else do you need to know?


    -Kawaii Sparkles-
    Only accessible during the day, Ty can, once a day, emit strange, sparkly pheromones that bedazzles the targets around him, stunning them. This is usually followed by a rather squeaky, desu-desu voice and blushing cheeks. D'aaww.

    -Scarf Whip-
    Only accessible during the day, Ty can actively use his own scarf as a makeshift whip, allowing him to disarm foes and attack from a distance. However, as we know, whips are very hard to use, and a scarf isn't exactly the best materials to use as a whip. However, Ty can use it efficiently to at least distract foes if he cannot disarm them, partially because they'll be utterly confused on why this nerd is using his scarf like a whip.

    -Hipster Highlander-
    Only accessible during the night, and akin to Kawaii Sparkles in the sense it can only be used in one night, Ty will become enraged, the sounds of some thug-life music playing in the background strangely when this mode is activate. Entering this stage, Ty will get really mad, like, super mad, so mad I have to post ">:(" to fully convey the madness. In reality, this actually doesn't really do much, though, outside of Ty yelling and maybe frightening a few foes.

    -Lumberjack Luck-
    Only accessible during the night, Ty has an increased chance of luckiness for everything happening around him. Maybe he might win the lottery, you know, assuming lotteries are even a thing in Zeldaverse.

    Ty is rather lovable, most of the time anyways. He is rather persuasive and kind, both an advantage and disadvantage with those around him. The boy truly wants to ensure the safety and others, and is willing to offer compromises and ideas to even his enemies in order for a peaceful resolve. Even a night, when he is more "ruthless", Ty genuinely is a kind soul for the most part, albeit the occasional casual murder. Outside of his cooperation, Ty is mostly a normal human, although considering his lean stature and average height, he is rather nimble, agile, and swift. Whilst no Einstein either, he is rather intelligent.

    Unfortunately for Ty, he is but human. Which means he can easily die, and you know, isn't some immortal badass. Not to mention, he is very self-consicious of this notion, and at the first sight of serious combat, the demiboy is prone to panicking quite easily. Outside of that, he sexually can get rather flustered and confused, and to top that, he kinda is a wimp. Oh well~

    This depends on the time of the day, but normally, in daylight, Ty will act as your awesome stereotypical nerd, albeit exaggerated. He is prone to fangirling, to acting overzealous excited, and generally overreacts to his emotions a lot. However, he can be serious when the time calls for it, and hates seeing others suffering or dying. At night, this is altered a bit, with a more ruthless, tactical side of hims coming out, almost akin to a general. At night, he is more solemn, his voice tends to be a bit deeper, and his intentions are more calculating. It is difficult to pinpoint whether or not Ty has some sort of multi-personality disorder, or if the mere change of day alters his perspective on matters.

    The usual, parents, a half-brother, two half-sisters, cousins, highschool buddies, a certain little community called the "Dying Games" or whatever. Sounds like a buncha nerds.

    ~Animal Spirit~
    A Direwolf, what else was you expecting?


    I'm so sorry.
    but i have no regrets #thuglife

    I would like to thank Ronan for the picture, you glorious Irish sod, and Josh, for pestering me to RP Mortal Kombat characters.
    you got your wish.
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