The Legend of the Grimiores RP

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  1. Kyy sits around the abandoned house he camps at when a couple of guys burst in, maybe 11 or 12 years old. "Kyy-sama, Kyy-sama! We gatta go! The Shadow is here!" Kyy puts his beer down. "What?!" The boys nod. "Yeah, go look!" He stands up and goes to a window and peeks out. Just as the boys had said, figures of pure darkness were outside, killing innocents and destroying buildings.

    "Boys, I need you to do something for me." The boys nod. "Anything." Kyy sighs. "Can you get me my book? The one I always told you never to touch." They run around before one climbs on the other's shoulder and grabs a book from a high shelf. "Here you go!" Kyy smiles halfheartedly. "Thank you boys. Remember when I told you I'd name you when I was ready to consider you my kids?" They nod. "Well, Shaiko..." He nods at the older one, "...and Kryl. I need you to find the safest place you can. Get far, far away from here." "But..." "No buts. I don't think I can protect you this time. I may not even be able to protect myself." The noys nod, tears in their eyes. "O-okay... Papa." "Shaiko, take good care of your brother for me, okay? I'll find you when this is all over." The boys run out. Kyy grabs his blades and spear before leaving as well.

    Shion heard the screams from the woods. "Hmm? That sounds like it's coming from the capital." She grabs her bow, quiver, and knives before rushing towards the noise.
  2. "Here comes the shadow, hip, hip hurray~, I hope the time I die is not today~" Aki sung spitefully as he emerged from the forest. He let out a big sigh as he with drew his ebony sword. Aki was seriously annoyed at the shadow disturbing him again- it was such a drag. Still, saving lives was more important.
  3. Shion bursts out of the woods, the bow already drawn, just in case. She sees Aki running toward the capital too and decides that he's probably not the problem.
  4. Gin kneeled beside a crystal blue lake lost in thought. A burst of rushing water erupted from the lake like a torpedo and a glint of light blinded the scenary momentarily and out of the blue a creature decorated with bluish-gray scales emarged and roared with eager fetocity. Gin smirked at his most trustworthy partner. The dragon had done well capturing fish for the duo. Without a moment's notice a shout could be heard over the horizon of the forest as Gin's nerves got the best of him, he sprung to his feet and proceeded to mount Levia. "C'mon! Let's go!" Gin demanded in a fiery gaze; signaling the dragon to take flight.
  5. Aki noticed another person heading towards the capitol, and it's swarm of shadow. It seemed to be a pretty girl, with her bow drawn. She was most likely running for the same reason as him, but just to check... "Hey, are you after the shadow too?" Aki called out, the words jagged as he sprinted across rugged land. A few seconds later, Aki swore he saw a strange flurry of scales take to the sky. This time it was especially serious, it seemed.
  6. Sion looks at him. He seemed kinda cute. "Ya, although, I'm not quite sure why. All I know is they have something to do with my past."
  7. Aki couldn't help but notice how pale, and shrouded in white the girl seemed. He was out of it as she spoke: "Ya, although, I'm not quite sure why. All I know is they have something to do with my past." It took him a few moments for his brain redirect his thoughts from her looks to her speech. When he's finally managed to process it, he replied "All I know is I hate that the damned shadow. Anyway, what's your name?" Aki hoped to meet the scaled being later on.
  8. "I'm Sion. Nice to meet you!" She curtsies and smiles at Aki.
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    "I'm Sion. Nice to meet you!" replied Sion. Sion...what a unique name. This girl seemed very strange, yet entirely enticing. She even managed to pause for a curtsy as they ran...then again, Aki was a very slow runner. "Cool name, Sion. My name is Akihiko, but just call me Aki. Anything else interesting 'bout you?" Aki replied, lacking any tact- not that he cared.
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    Shion smiles. "Thanks! What do you mean by interesting?"
  11. "Thanks! What do you mean by interesting?" Shion asked, smiling. Aki thought it over a moment.
    "I don't know...why don't you tell me the colour of the last food you ate?" Aki finally replied.
  12. Elilidh had her back against the sturdy tree, her feet resting on the same branch she sat on. She etched words into the leather bound book she held. The breeze twirled, making her skirt swing about her. She closed her eyes, letting the wind pull the hair away from her face. And then, her moment of peace shattered.

    Something smashed into the branch, nearly knocking Elilidh from her perch. She looked straight into the face-if you could call it that-of her attacker. A dark silhouette coagulated into a human shape crouched before her. She ducked the second blow, only catching the rain of splinters from where it grazed the trunk. She whipped her dagger free from its casing, and slashed at the thing. It didn't even flinch. The momentum from her swing pulled her off-balance, leaving her open to the darkness' strike. She let herself fall.

    She landed with as much grace as she could, from a height like that. The breath was knocked from her lungs, but she forced herself up. Gasping, she started away from the tree. She looked back to see whatever it was jump down. With a silent curse, she started running.
  13. Shion laughs. "Is this what they call flirting? Sorry if that sounds like a silly question." She thinks for a moment. "And to answer your question, green. I ate broccoli."
  14. Into the capital Levia soared along with Gin mounted on the dragon's spine. The town was being ravaged by a dozen or more of the shadow. Gin could not believe his eyes, never had he seen such chaos and despair at one setting. Shouts of pain and death filled his eardrums as the malevolent creatures chased after the town's people and destroyed their buildings into ruin and flame. Quickly, the young swordsman unsheathed his blade and dived into the area of destruction. Gin's nostrils vaccumed with dust from the rubble as his eyesight became impaired by the dust clouds. Fortunately, Levia's wing span cleared the clouds with just a flap of her wings.Many were fleeing from the darkness of the utter anarchy. Yet, many were not so lucky as the shadow consumed them. Taking flight once more Gin plotted to attack aerodynamically he had to try and help the frightened people as best as he could. Jetting around the premises of the collapsing capital awaiting the right moment to strike an apparition of darkness appeared before the dragon rider in a poof of smoke-like gas. Startled as the shadow formed out of thin air Gin was caught off guard.

    The darkness of the creature phased into the thunder dragon's chest as the scaled-beasts eyed altered into a deep pale "Levia!" Gin cried out in a panic as his friend fell into a comatose state.The airborne dragon became paralyzed in a frozen shock freefalling amidst the anarchy of the town. Gin held on tight. There was not much he else he could do as he and his dragon fell into a half missing tower, bashing from floor to floor. Luckily the levels slowed down the momentum of the duo as they collided to the bottom atop much broken concrete. Gin grunted as he struggled to his feet. His forehead was dripping in crimson blood. A minor injury had scraped his head in the collision. He wiped the dust off his cloak as he observed his surrunding. It was a dark room with no light except for the daylight that the countless holes in the ceiling and walls gave way to. Rubbing his eyes to clear his vision it was apparent Gin was presently in a library of some sorts, bookshelves decorated the space. Shrieks of the desceased and shadows cried in an echo as Gin clenched the grip on his weapon. He didn't want to leave Levia but it seemed he had no choice. Again the figure of darkness emerged from the shadows and an ugly spooky visage rushed towards Gin. Hastily, without thinking Gin dashed with a mighty swing of his sword as the apparation disappeared in a cloud of black smoke.

    "Damn... Coward..." Gin muttered in disgust. They would surely pay for his dragon's coma state. Once more the shadow appeared behind Gin's coffee tinted cloak and at that moment Gin could feel the shadow's gruesome presence. The swordsman sweeped his blade in a horizontal hack as Gin spun towards his rear however this time the shadow did not retreat. Instead phasing upon his instrument of battle and possessing it. Like a puppet Gin's sword flew out of his grip and pierced into the unkempt wall and the force of the shadow knocked him back among the books of the shelves completely knocking them over as he landed in a sitting position.

    Unexpectedly, something had caught Gin's gaze as a book opened on his lap as gin stared blankly. An illuminating glow erupted from the pages and literally lit what was left of the broken tower. In the process cleansing the shadows from the area.As the book remained open the blinding light dimmered as an amulet of some kind laid in the printing. The artifact was shiny and gold, Gin could not resist to hold such possession and as he did the young man could feel his entire body charged with intense energy. Never had he felt such power as his brown hair stood into spikes and an electric aura enveloped his entire bodily shape. The shadow had returned with three more as well. Gin wasted no time charging towards his possessed sword in a lightning speed. Going so fast it was almost impossible to control it as his body gave off sparks, he couldn't stop and therefore collided through the wall where his sword was grasping it in the process and stretching it towards the foul creatures of darkness.

    The anatomy of the shadow defied description. Amorphous in detail some merely call it “a nothing,” while others have likened it to distilled darkness - so black that it can be easily seen on a moonless overcast night. Despite their sinister appearance, these fiends tend to remain a threat globally in Alvandia(sp?) they brought forth misery as much as possible. Since the shadows are so exotic and are more powerful than other creatures of the night they often take a terrible toll upon any enemy. "You're all mine!" Gin exclaimed as he yelled in a battle cry. Leaping straight towards the shadows as they danced around the warrior like sharks cycling a boat.

    Instantly, Gin swung lightning breeze(his sword) in a circular motion as his blade gave birth to rapid electricity which crackled like fireworks as streaks of lightning struck the shadows and the what remained of the broken tower structures.The creatures of the night were no match and quickly they dispersed from sight as Gin held his sword high and roared in victory as electricity flowed throughout his sword and physique. Nevertheless, Gin's celebration was cut short as the rest of the tower was about to drop. His hair dropped back to its normal do and the walls suddely began to vibrate in a quaking shake. Sheathing his blade he went to the side of Levia in hopes to reverse the effect of the shadow, using his newfound power to jolt his companion out of his distressed state. A current of electricity triggered the dragon's nerves as the shock allowed the beast to awaken. There was no time left though, the tower was ready to unfold both on Gin and Levia.

    However when Levia realized their danger she sheltered over the mortal with her wings and large spinal back, allowing the remains of the tower to shower over her.The tower had crumbled and Gin and Levia were now completely clothed with rocks of rubble as a fog of dust formed around them from the tower caving in. Miraculously, the dragon shook off the rubble of her head and back. She had survived the dysfunctioning tower but not unscathed she was bady injured with gashes, scratches and bruises. The battered dragon stretched her broken wings and let out a hutful cry. There was no way the blueish gray scaled wing beast could fly now. She would need medical care immediately. Gin however was fine and well, Levia's attempt to protect him was successful, he was totally unharmed by the falling tower. "Don't worry girl we'll heal your wounds." Gin promised his companion in an effort to soothe her pain.
  15. "Nope, it's what they call blurting. Green hmm... makes a difference to that black blob approaching us!" Aki (ironically) blurted. As the beast- if you could call it that, since it had no real physical being- was hurtling towards the pair at an alarming rate. The humanoid figure kept altering its shape, to better suit its speedy needs. It was soon upon Aki and Shion, launching a deadly attack. Aki hurriedly raised a wall of earth to protect himself and Shion from the first blow- but the earth was shattered into tiny fragments after the shadow being struck it. "Care to join me?" Aki asked Shion, as from under the earth he summoned his ebony blade.

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    Shion giggles until Aki's remark about the being. Shion draws her bow and starts delivering arrow after arrow at the beast, each made of what seems to be pure energy.
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    Aki intently watched the glowing arrows Shion was firing. "Nice arrows!" Aki remarked. While she managed to take down the shadow beast before them, a hoard of about twenty seemed to be approaching. After Shion had defeated the first one, Aki felt a like he hadn't helped enough. Which lead to a stupid idea of his..."Why don't we have a competition to see who can take out the most shadow beings today, Shion?" Aki asked. He grew a couple of vines from the ground, ready to hold back the on coming wave till he got a reply.
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    Shion smiles a bit. "I guess. But don't cry to me when you lose!" She sticks her tongue out playfully. She runs toward the group, knives at the ready and trips on a pebble.

    Kyy had really ticked them off now. He had killed quite a few when a group of about 20 of them started running at him. "Ya, screw this. Later!" He runs out of the capital with the group following not far behind. "I guess I have no choice." He opens the book his sons had brought him and starts running a lot faster than most ever could. He sees a girl falling and quickly catches her. "Why hello there beautiful. I never dreamed I'd meet such a young beauty at a time like this."

    Shion looks up at the newcomer and smiles akwardly. "I don't think this is the best time for flirting... Just saying." She throws a knife over his shoulder, hitting one in the forehead. "That's one!"
  19. The creature was faster than Elilidh could hope to outrun if it kept up much longer. She ducked branches as she ran towards the village. Perhaps there would be help there. As she drew closer, the screaming drowned out any thoughts of rescue. She whirled, holding her dagger before her. The creature didn't have time to stop, and ran into the blade, splashing over her. It was colder than water under a sheet of ice. She stumbled backwards from the shock of it.

    When she could breathe again, Elilidh took stock. Her only weapon was her dagger, and from the sounds nearby, she'd need better than that. Her home wasn't far away, and the village was in danger. She sprinted back the way she'd come.
  20. "It's on then... wait where are you going?" Aki called out to Shion, as she ran around. A strange man suddenly caught her, as she attacked one of the shadows. Time to get to work Aki thought. He bound a few Shadows with his vines- though they started to change form and slip out pretty quickly. Before they escaped, Aki added large spikes to the vines, spiking and dispersing some of the Shadow. That's three down. Another Shadow, faster than the others, leaped towards Aki, only to be swallowed consumed by a Cape sundew. Aki grew a large group of Oleander a safe distance away from him, that poisoned another two of the Shadow. Seven of the group are gone now... "Hey Shion, I got six!" Aki shouted out, as he broke into sweat. He'd used a fair bit of magic to take them out, and he wasn't sure he could take them all out in time before they were upon them. There was no other option than to keep fighting the last thirteen though.