The Legend of the Bunker

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  1. Prologue
    "Good morning, good citizens of Makin, and welcome to another bright and sunny day out here in the Redrock Flats. We'll be looking forward to unusually mild weather later on today, as far down as below 30 degrees centigrade for most of the day, so be sure to enjoy the outside air as much as you can! However be mindful to wear protection even if Mrs. Sun is a bit more forgiving today, as it'll be quite windy today, as you can already see if you step out the door. So make sure to protect your windows and as always, our great leader Mayor Solomon wishes you all a wonderful day!"

    With that, the voice on the radio was replaced with the sound of a guitar and harmonica playing a merry tune. One of twenty songs that had kept playing again and again for months now. Played all the time because they are popular; popular because they are played all the time. The music didn't last long, though, as you could hear a light click as the radio was turned off. "Ugh. Never liked that Maxwell fella. Hate his voice."said Uncle Addi as he removed his large, rough hands from the radio, the dark skin on his hands covered in dirt and oil as he had just stepped in from the garage.

    With heavy steps against the rough, dirty wooden floor, Addi walks towards the bar, back behind the counter, pulled out a bottle of whiskey and a glass - you and he are the only ones inside, after all, not to mention that he owns the entire place. He pours up a glass and swings it in one gulp, before taking another look around the place. The old wooden floor - the same as when the place was built decades ago, long before Addi even bought it. The wooden stairs up to the second floor to the left from behind the counter, not as torn as the floor as it had actually been renovated a few years back. He looked over at the old mechanical clock on the wall in front of him, right next to the gun rack with its three rifles - all home made - hung silently, once polished and shiny, but now covered in dust. He threw a quick look behind him, where he had stacked up row after row of liquors, beers and all other kinds of beverages. He then turned to his right, where the room opened up significantly, leaving place for a pool table, a dartboard, as well as a group of leather armchairs and sofas over in the corner, and even an old jukebox next to it. It had been broken for almost a decade, but it was nice to look at, so it got to stay. The middle aged man smiled as he saw you all sitting in an armchair each, each with a bored look on your face.

    The large man walked out of the bar and towards you, his heavy boots once again beating loudly against the floor. "Hey kids, cheer up a bit, will ya! You heard the radio man: beautiful day today! As soon as this sandstorm ends of course."he said, the last part a bit under his breath. Indeed, even though the thick, black, metal covers had been pulled down all windows like curtains, you could hear the sand picking at them like birds constantly. "Say...where's Danil?"the man said, tying his brawny, hairy, dark arms together against his chest, which was covered by the old oil-stained orange jumpsuit he always wore when working in the garage.

    As if on cue, the door to the bar slammed open on the second floor, and looking up, the group could see the familiar young teenage boy walking through the door, his face covered by his blue shemagh, with his goggles covering his eyes. In his hands he had a large paper bag. "Gah."Danil groaned, shaking off some of the sand that had stuck on him.

    "Hey, hey! You'll have to sweep that up later."Uncle Addi said with irritation. He remained quiet as Danil walked down the stairs. "Where have you been, by the way?"he asked as the boy walked past him on his way to the table that which all the sofas and armchairs surrounded.

    Danil dropped the paper bag down onto the table, and it promptly fell over, spilling out loafs of bread, bottles of water, vegetables, dried pork, and no small amount of sand, the last of which made Addi sigh a little annoyed. "I got the groceries you specifially asked me to get, remember?"Danil responded as he started pulling off his shemagh and goggles, his tone too holding some irritation.

    "I did?"Addi muttered in confusion, reaching up to his thick mustache with his fingers. "Oh that's right, I did! Thank you, Danil."he said, putting on a small smile.

    Danil looked at Addi for a moment, but then turned towards the others sitting in their chairs. "Storm's pretty bad out there, seems we'll be here a while longer. Ugh...think I got sand in my ear."he said with a groan.

    "You can always play pool again."Addi suggested with a shrug of his shoulders. "Or maybe dart, I think I've got some darts lying around here somewhere."
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  2. Twirling her red curly locks between her fingers, she stared at it with a bored look. Her smile was even gone at the moment. Then again, her father had an especially tough day yesterday. Horrible customer in all. She kicked the son of a gun's shins and received one of the biggest scoldings of her life. Then had to apologize to the ingrate man who couldn't handle a girl kicking his shins. So maybe her sour mood was because of that. Either way, the sandstorm and boredom were not helping her one bit.
    Even Addi was not as effective on getting her to cheer up today. Usually the older male got her interests piqued before a minute had passed since her arrival to his place. From the looks of it, his place could use a cleaning. Again. They may have lived in a dusty hellhole of a town, plagued with sandstorms, but that was no excuse for this much dust.
    Almost as she realized her mind had reached such a girly topic, her nose wrinkled in disgust as her cheeks puffed out childishly. With her hazel eyes scanning the room once again for the thousandth time, they rested on the old jukebox. A ghost of a smile growing faintly on her lips at the sight. She had remembered asking Addi about it. Well, she pestered him for answers really. From what he had told her it played music. It used to anyway. Somewhere along the lines, something went wrong with the machine. Probably the dust he refused to clean. And now it was more for decoration than anything else.
    The door opening grabbed her attention as one of her friends... Well her father called him her friend, she referred to Danil as an anus monkey who does her bidding when given the proper encouragement. Basically her best friend who helps her when she asks him nicely.
    While Addi yelled at the blond male, Bloo smiled for the first time as her eyes followed him as he sat down in the seat beside hers.
    "Geez Danil. Way to keep us waiting."
    She mused while leaning on the armrest of her chair to look closer at his sand filled ear. Curiosity and the flecks of golden amber gleamed in her eyes. She saw nothing, but it would not surprise her if he did have sand in his ear.
    "Well you were out in a sandstorm stupid. Of course you're going to have sand somewhere."
    With her sarcastic tone, her grin became wider and she rolled her eyes dramatically. Yet, she was kidding. Like always.
  3. Naromi was lounging in one of the leather arm chairs, a single dart in her hands. She wasn't in the mood to talk to anybody and so she had simply been sitting there for the past few hours, fiddling with the dart. She mimed aiming a few times, as if she was going to let the projectile fly through the air in the direction of--well not the suggested target. She liked throwing things, rocks, sticks, clumps of dirt. It was her idea of fun. It was a good way of brushing up on her aiming skills and also a source of a laugh when it hit somebody in the face or back of the head.

    Dropping the dart on the seat of the chair, Naromi sauntered over to the table where Danil had so gracefully deposited his bag, and snatched up deformed looking carrot. She narrowed her eyes and resisted the urge to gag. She hated carrots. They were just about the most disgusting thing you would ever find at the market. The orange vegetable ruined everything that it was put in and Naromi thought 'bull freaking shit' every time someone said 'Oh but it's good for you!'

    She put the carrot down and returned to her former seat and once again began fake throwing the dart. "Hey Danil, did you see anything worthwhile?" Like my sister? She asked, not looking at the boy and instead launching the dart and the board, and cocking an eyebrow when it made it's mark more than a couple of inches from the center.
  4. Bongani looked at the people that spoke and then down to his cards again, he played a single game with the card and it was a really old one as well. He didn't remember the actual name for the game though he've heard that it was called something like the "bomb" or perhaps it was "gomb"? Either way, he took all his might to get into this game and actually finish it but it was quite hard when he didn't have all the cards, so he had to take away some that lied beside him and outside his game on the brown wooden table. But after loosing for the 15th time he gave up and threw the cards on the table and sighs.
    -"Bah! How can dis be easy?!" He spoke out and gathered the cards and then put them deep down into his pocket. He then saw that Danil had approached from the sand filled land or land of the dead, as he called it since it wasn't really much out here.
    -"Danil, how's it goin'?" Bongani said with his quite bad english accent, though. Honestly speaking, it could've been much worse, atleast people heard what he said but it was clear that English wasn't his first language. Anyhow he took up his glass filled with beer and took a sip of it and with a sip, two huge ones as he then put it down on the table, he leaned backward a little against the chair, it was an old one and it was clear with it's squeeking sounds it made.
    -"I coud have guess'd that a sandstorm is out, thers' always is one and it's nothing to do but to wait." He says with a sigh.
  5. Raising his head from a worn old book. Theyden listened at the sound of the storm blesstering down at the walls of the building. A silent sigh escaped him as he closed it. The silence was broken and the book was missing a page. "Addi mind if i get some more tea" The tall youngster put the book on the floor leaning towards the arm chair and looked around at the others.

    Everyone looked bored out of their minds. But at least Danil's arrival had woken them up a bit. He threw a thoughtfull glance at the jukebox. It would be interesting to pick that thing apart and see if it was fixable. At first he was about to stand up. But then he felt that he was also quite bored and tired from lack of activity so he decided it was more comfortable to just slid back down into the chair again. Tea could wait unless Addi brought it
  6. "Sorry, Theyden, you've emptied a third of my stock in the past month."Addi said with a light shake of his head. "I can't just give it all away for free, you know that. That stuff ain't cheap, and I ain't revisiting Fairview anytime soon."

    Danil gave Bloo a mean glare before turning to Naromi. "No, I didn't see anything. You can't see shit out there. I almost tripped and fell down the whole hill on my way to the store."the young man grumbled. He then turned to Addi. "Addi, could you turn on the radio? I heard from Ol' Davik that there was something going on down by the wall. Figured they'd talk about it on the box if it's worth knowing about."
  7. Bongani whom got very tired of the people chatter, tried to already start the radio, though it was so old that it was almost to give up.
    -"Come on, stupid!" Bongani said to himself out loud, tried to turn the switchonce again as it made a lot of noise, he turned it and the static calmed down until they could finally hear some real voices and not just sounds. "It-sshhh-tha-shh- we nee-shhshhhh"
    -"Can't hear a dam' thing." He then muttered and turned the volume and now the voice could be heard much more clear than before.
    -"It seems that the group O2-7 is finally back from their long journey out in the land of sand and not only that, they seem to have something with them. No one knows what it is yet but it will be taken to the experts that will examine what it is and make sure it's safe. Also one of the members in group O2-7 warn other groups to go outside since it seems to be more monsters out there than usual." The voice continued to talk on and on and Bongani got tired of it eventually.
    -"Blah blah blah." He said and was for the most the only thing he could hear the voice say, nothing that really interested him. He then started to take out his cards again and play something that will make the time go on as he took his drink and calmed his dry throat down.
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  8. "Heh well it is tasty. Will try to scrape some extra money together to pay for it next time."
    Theyden's ears perked at the mention of something unknown on the radio. And turned his eyes towards the radio listening with interest.
    "I wonder what that thing is. Wouldn't mind having a look my self but i bet they will guard that thing like a mother guards her child" He muttered and stood up stretching his stiff muscles.

    He really needed something else to happen now. Sitting in here waiting for the storm to subside was driving him nuts. He was even prepared to walk over to the workshop and help out with general maintenance at this moment.
  9. "Tch. 'Monsters'."Addi scoffed at the radio. "Isn't there enough wear and tear on that word already? Wildlife is what it is; why not just call it that? No need to try to be so dramatic all the time."

    "02-7?"Danil popped up out of his seat at the name. "Hadn't they been gone for weeks?"

    "I guess they must have been looking for something specific."Addi mumbled as he once again stroked his moustache, he himself growing more interested in the situation.

    "And I guess they found it."the blonde young man said, his eyebrows furrowing slightly at the idea. "What could it be, I wonder?"he added, his last words all but dripping with curiosity. "Keep the box on - I wanna hear more."
  10. He sighed as he turned the radio volume to almost it's max, if you could call it that. It was so old that you still needed to rise the volume a little bit more to let everyone in the room hear, but since they weren't many it wasn't a big problem.
    -"The group whom where in search for a hidden town seemed to have found something else, a big box tightly sealed with boards upon boards. As I've said, we'll check if this box is safe and then will return with information shotly after. But for now, it doesn't seem to give out any harm."
    -"Searching for city but found a box, that sure's som'thing!" Bongani said and then got quiet as the voice kept talking.
    -"Group O2-7 where searching for a hidden area in the desert but then found a cave where they went in for a hideout from the storms but then found out that it wasn't any cave they have find, a little bit deeper inside, they found this box that seemed rather out of place and since it has seems to have been abandoned, they took it with them. It didn't do any harm but their curiosity as well as ours and I hope yours too, doesn't end." Then the voice kept going and Bongani raised his eyebrow.
    -"What's that suppose to mean?" He asked and sounded rather irritated by it.
    -"But their curiosity as well as ours and I hope yours too, doesn't end? Does he want us to expect som'thing?" He asked that more to himself than the others as he put away his cards once again.
  11. velgen looked up from the table after he had herd monsters. He thought to himself "really again." Hey Addi how long has it been since you left this place? The reason I ask, you've been eyeing those guns every time I come in here. Velgen thought to himself "I wonder what that fella did when he was younger?" Also Addi I'm a little intrigued by this box thing 0-7 found, you are to Bongani right?
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  13. "maybe a map of lost treasure, ancient technology lost in time" Theyden shrugged. "As it is right now im ready to hope for any of it as long as something interesting happens that isn't watching you lose a one man card game" He teased and walked over to the bar leaning on it, instead of sitting down. Listening in on the radio. " and i bet our radio man is bored to, just trying to spice things up a bit" The young man commented with a low chuckle before going silent again listening to the wind as a strong gust struck the wall of the building. Blasted storm.
  14. "You could just walk out, you know." Danil sneered at Theyden as he threw his booted feet up on the table in between the chairs, spreading even more sand upon the wooden surface, to Addi's chagrin. "It's sand - it's not like it'd kill you if you if you stepped outside."he said. "Unless you trip and fall down the hill because you can't see..."he muttered a little silently, remembering what happened to him not long ago.
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  15. -"Well..." Bongani said, getting up from the chair is it made an annoying noice that echoed through the room but very fast got quiet only to get filled with Bongani's voice.
    -"I'm gonna see what it is." And with that, he took his jacket on and started to get ready to go outside to the heat.
    -"I dun' really know wher' that is, but I'll find it. Better than being here."

    (Sorry I haven't answered, is still working and to warn you guys, next week I'm going away on a trip and will not have my computer with me for a whole week (erhmerhgerd!) So if you guys want, you can go ahead without me for that week and then I'll come back again the week after that and try to answer)
  16. "Well im going with you then the more the merrier right" Theyden grinned and looked over at Danil. "I tend to avoid such misfortune learning what not do from you sandman" Taking the long coat he used and pulled it over his shoulders. "now where did i put my goggles" He muttered and started searching through his pockets. Get sand in your eyes was a nightmare especially when a sandstorm was swirling around you at the same time. "hm i hope at least some of the road is still visible out there"
  17. Danil sighed. "Back out again, I guess."he murmured, lifting his shemagh from his shoulders as he started tying it around his head again. He then snapped his goggled onto his eyes and threw his jacket back on. Despite being the last to start putting his things on, he was the first to be done, and he walked back towards the stairs from whence he came. "Hurry up if you're going, I don't have all day."he teased, hiding a grin under the light blue fabric covering his head.