The Legend of the Bunker

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  1. Prologue
    "Good morning, good citizens of Makin, and welcome to another bright and sunny day out here in the Redrock Flats. We'll be looking forward to unusually mild weather later on today, as far down as below 30 degrees centigrade for most of the day, so be sure to enjoy the outside air as much as you can! However be mindful to wear protection even if Mrs. Sun is a bit more forgiving today, as it'll be quite windy today, as you can already see if you step out the door. So make sure to protect your windows and as always, our great leader Mayor Solomon wishes you all a wonderful day!"

    With that, the voice on the radio was replaced with the sound of a guitar and harmonica playing a merry tune. One of twenty songs that had kept playing again and again for months now. Played all the time because they are popular; popular because they are played all the time. The music didn't last long, though, as you could hear a light click as the radio was turned off. "Ugh. Never liked that Maxwell fella. Hate his voice."said uncle Addi as he removed his large, rough hands from the radio, the dark skin on his hands covered in dirt and oil as he had just stepped in from the garage.

    With heavy steps against the rough, dirty wooden floor, Addi walks towards the bar, back behind the counter, pulled out a bottle of whiskey and a glass - you and he are the only ones inside, after all, not to mention that he owns the entire place. He pours up a glass and swings it in one gulp, before taking another look around the place. The old wooden floor - the same as when the place was built decades ago, long before Addi even bought it. The wooden stairs up to the second floor to the left from behind the counter, not as torn as the floor as it had actually been renovated a few years back. He looked over at the old mechanical clock on the wall in front of him, right next to the gun rack with its three rifles - all home made - hung silently, once polished and shiny, but now covered in dust. He threw a quick look behind him, where he had stacked up row after row of liquors, beers and all other kinds of beverages. He then turned to his right, where the room opened up significantly, leaving place for a pool table, a dartboard, as well as a group of leather armchairs and sofas over in the corner, and even an old jukebox next to it. It had been broken for almost a decade, but it was nice to look at, so it got to stay. The middle aged man smiled as he saw you all sitting in an armchair each, each with a bored look on your face.

    The large man walked out of the bar and towards you, his heavy boots once again beating loudly against the floor. "Hey kids, cheer up a bit, will ya! You heard the radio man: beautiful day today! As soon as this sandstorm ends of course."he said, the last part a bit under his breath. Indeed, even though the thick, black, metal covers had been pulled down all windows like curtains, you could hear the sand picking at them like birds constantly. "Say...where's Danil?"the man said, tying his brawny, hairy, dark arms together against his chest, which was covered by the old oil-stained orange jumpsuit he always wore when working in the garage.

    As if on cue, the door to the bar slammed open on the second floor, and looking up, the group could see the familiar young teenage boy walking through the door, his face covered by his blue shemagh, with his goggles covering his eyes. In his hands he had a large paper bag. "Gah."Danil groaned, shaking off some of the sand that had stuck on him.

    "Hey, hey! You'll have to sweep that up later."Uncle Addi said with irritation. He remained quiet as Danil walked down the stairs. "Where have you been, by the way?"he asked as the boy walked past him on his way to the table that which all the sofas and armchairs surrounded.

    Danil dropped the paper bag down onto the table, and it promptly fell over, spilling out loafs of bread, bottles of water, vegetables, dried pork, and no small amount of sand, the last of which made Addi sigh a little annoyed. "I got the groceries you specifially asked me to get, remember?"Danil responded as he started pulling off his shemagh and goggles, his tone too holding some irritation.

    "I did?"Addi muttered in confusion, reaching up to his thick mustache with his fingers. "Oh that's right, I did! Thank you, Danil."he said, putting on a small smile.

    Danil looked at Addi for a moment, but then turned towards the others sitting in their chairs. "Storm's pretty bad out there, seems we'll be here a while longer. Ugh...think I got sand in my ear."he said with a groan.

    "You can always play pool again."Addi suggested with a shrug of his shoulders. "Or maybe dart, I think I've got some darts lying around here somewhere."
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