The Legend of Korra; Book Five: "Love" (Nassione & Thought Manifest)

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  1. Asami had been waiting for this for four very long weeks, and now the time had come for her vacation with Korra. Excitement built inside her as the two women approached Republic City’s Spirit portal. It was truly awe-inspiring now that she was looking at it from a less battle-ready perspective. She looked at Korra, a smile forming on her lips, and they clasped hands, the action so natural that neither one had really initiated it first.

    They walked together, and Asami’s hopes were high, not just for their vacation but also for her future with Korra. As rocky as their acquaintance had begun, it had grown into something more beautiful than she’d ever experienced in her life. Her pale skin almost seemed to fill with a not unpleasant vibration as the two entered the portal light.

    There were a lot of things about the Spirit World that made Asami nervous, especially considering some of the negative ways both the Spirit plane and the material plane had interacted in the past. However, any fears she might have had paled in comparison to the overwhelming security she felt at being with Korra. The trust she felt for the other woman was so poignant that instead of facing the Spirit World head on, she turned toward the Water Tribeswoman, their other hands joining, and looked into her eyes.

    The world around them changed, and she felt her body suspended in mid-air, but they faced it together, united. She could see Korra’s clothing and hair move in an unfelt wind and felt her own do the same. Asami’s heart quickened, and she gripped the other woman’s hands just a little tighter as they began to float down to the most beautiful scenery she’d ever witnessed in her life.

    Korra was bordered by colours Asami had never even thought could exist. “This place is even more amazing than I imagined!” She breathed, green eyes widening as if to take everything in better. She released one of Korra’s hands but maintained a hold on the other. “Does it look like this everywhere?”
  2. Korra smiled softly as they slowly descended to the ground. Her eyes were not on the scenery but on Asami. She was beautiful, Talented and by far the most accepting person she knew. As she heard Asami's question she chuckled lightly "it is very much the same everywhere but it depends there is many places I have yet to explore".

    As their feet gently touched the ground Korra turned to face the world around them "we can go anywhere you like Asami" she mused turning her head to show a huge happy grin on her face.

    "You may also meet Iroh he lives among the spirit's" she said softly unsure which direction they would be going.
  3. The field of cool-toned flowers seemed to stretch on forever, yet somehow, the icy mountains on the horizon seemed strangely close. It was a little dizzying at first to have two conflicting perceptions of Asami's environment, but it didn't make her feel unsettled, not with Korra by her side. She took an uncertain step forward, unsure of whether or not her depth perception was accurate. It seemed to be okay, so she took another step. The purple grass rustled like dry leaves, but it felt distinctly soft beneath her boots, almost like walking on a plush carpet. "It's a good thing we planned for a long vacation. It's going to take a while to get used to this." She teased.

    Asami adored Korra's smile, the way one corner of her lips was just a little higher than the other, the way her entire being seemed to light up with it. As she considered her options for where they could go here, the other woman told her about Iroh. At first, she was a little confused. What would the United Forces General being doing in the Spirit World? Then she remembered what Korra had once told her about meeting the former Fire Lord Zuko's uncle. The man was a legend in the world not only for his helping take back Ba Sing Se during the Hundred Year War, but also for his compassion toward others, even those who had been disregarded as lost causes. "Meeting him would an honor."

    Thinking about seeing him made her wonder if maybe there were other people here who had passed. She felt a small wave of sadness overtake her for a moment. Would she see her father while she was here?

    Asami forced herself to shake off the feeling. This was a vacation; it was about spending time with Korra and having fun and relaxing. She'd mourned for her father already, and even though the thought of him would likely always bring a bit of sadness to the forefront, she couldn't let it get in the way of the things she really wanted to do. She put a large smile onto her face, reflecting Korra's. "Let's go somewhere you've never been! Even if we just end up there by accident, the journey's half the fun, right?" She wanted to go places with Korra that weren't already filled with memories for her companion, a place where the first recollections would be of them together. She gave Korra's hand a hopeful squeeze.
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  4. Korra admired Asami's gorgeous eyes as she smiled then turned to admire the scenery as she walked leading Asami along. She couldn't help but feel really excited to show Asami all the spirit world had to offer. "So somewhere I haven't been before well this is going to be exciting"

    As she walked across gently looking at the scenery as she took her boots of so she could feel the soft cool grass under her feet. Her eyes went wide when the dragon spirit bird glides across them making a loud sqwark "wow that's the spirit that helped me" she mused pointing the the multi coloured bird. The reds and oranges stood out in the sky as it flew across them before landing.

    "Come I will introduce you to him" she said softly walking across all holding onto Asami's hand.
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  5. Asami grinned as Korra led the way. Truth be told, she was glad her partner was taking charge. Having never been in the Spirit World, she wasn't one hundred percent sure what to expect. At least with her companion leading her around, she would have a better idea of what to avoid. She didn't want to accidentally step on a Spirit or fall into an unseen pit. She wasn't sure if the Spirit World would be as chaotic as it had been described when Unavaatu had risen to power, but she knew that this world definitely didn't adhere to the same physics as the Material Plane, so she wanted to be careful.

    Her eyes widened for a moment as she saw the Spirit slither across Korra's feet before she broke into a chuckle. "Do you mean when you and Jinora were stuck in the Spirit World or some other time?" She asked. Any friend of the Avatar was high on her list for being Asami's friend, too. Korra had faced imminent danger so many times, and the one thing that had always helped her out was trusting in the bonds of friendship she wove so easily with those around her. They were knitted together like a family now, and it was no surprise that those bonds extended to the Spirits as well. Korra was the bridge between the two worlds, after all.

    As they approached it, Asami was struck by how much larger it seemed now compared to how small it had looked when it skittered across Korra's feet. This dragon bird Spirit was beautiful and majestic, and it was somehow gentle seeming despite its impressive and somewhat intimidating exterior. "Hello." Asami said softly. "My name is Asami Sato. It's so nice to meet you. Korra has told me a lot about you. All of it good, I assure you."
  6. Korra chuckled happily as the size of the dragon spirit bird grew. It bowed it's head to Asami. "He likes you" she mused happily leaning across putting her arm around Asami's shoulders. "He's going to watch over us while we travel also Naga will be joining us sometime too" Korra said smiling more as the spirit flew away into the sky. "Also you get to name him" she says removing her arm then beginning to walk onward.

    This was a holiday the avatar never wanted to forget. Her relationship with Asami kept blooming. The two had kept their relationship a little on the ddown low after all the incident with Kuvira. From now onwards Korra's focus was on Asami 100%. "So I was thinking we should travel in the direction towards the forest" Korra pointed across to a brightly colored forest that had a faint glow to it.
  7. Asami rested her head on top of Korra's, their height difference making it a relatively easy feat. It was nice to be able to be more open about their affection. In Republic City, they had to worry about their friends and Korra's family. They weren't really sure how any of them would react to their relationship. The engineer was especially worried about how Mako would take the news when he found out. It didn't take a psychologist to realize that Mako still loved Korra, and even if he'd dated and lost both women, their friendship with him was still strong. She didn't want to hurt him, but he would have to find out eventually.

    She smiled when Korra told her the Spirit liked her, allowing her less pleasant thoughts to slip away. "How can you tell?" Spirits didn't exactly have human facial expressions, and aside from Naga and Pabu, who were very open about their body language expressions, Asami hadn't interacted with very many animals. She supposed Spirits weren't exactly animals due to their seemingly increased sentience over material world creatures, but they still seemed very similar when they didn't communicate vocally.

    "It amazes me just how easily you communicate with the Spirits. I'm glad we'll have him looking after us, and I'm glad I'm here with you." She expressed before the two pulled apart and began walking. "Is someone bringing Naga later?"

    Her eyes followed the dragon bird Spirit as it flew away into the distance; it was truly a majestic creature. She was torn from her thoughts when Korra told her she could name it. She blanched a little. Having never even had a pet in her life, she had never been the decider of anyone's name. "Um... He doesn't already have a name?" She asked, a little nervously. "What if he ends up not liking what I choose?" It was a rare moment where her confident exterior slipped. She was normally so cool and collected, and it was a strange feeling for her to not feel that way now, but she couldn't help it. Asami released a breath. She supposed the best way to get over her nervousness would be to just decide on a name. "What about Ryuu?" She suggested uncertainly.

    "That forest is beautiful! Let's go!" Asami said with a grin, walking beside Korra. It looked a little far away, but as they moved forward, she got the sense that the two women were standing still while the forest was coming toward them. It seemed that in only a few steps, the forest was before them, and they were able to peer through the multi-shaped trees into an entirely different world from the one in which they'd arrives. The branches of these trees were crooked and slanted and almost sharp, but they weren't menacing. All around them glowed multi-coloured plant life, and luminescent Spirits fluttered through like butterflies. It was incredibly magical. "Oh, wow..." Asami breathed, and she found herself reaching for Korra's hand again as her heart warmed.
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  8. [​IMG]

    Korra felt her cheeks lighten slightly as Asmai rested her head on hers. This was one moment that the avatar ever wanted to forget. She knew returning one day from the spirit world would be a hefty task full of courage and possible sacrifice. Yet the young avatar was ready to face all the challenges ahead. Even if it were to cause great confusion or worse.

    As she returned to reality she listened to Asami’s suggestion for the Dragon spirit Birds name. “Ryuu! That is a wonderful name and I am sure he would love it” Korra muses happily reaching across taking Asami’s hand in her own and began to enter the breath taking forest. The colours were and bright as the sky yet it was not blinding it was soothing and as they walked they came across a pathway made out of blue shimmering stones. The avatar examined it noting it kept going through the forest. “well may as well see where this will lead” she says smiling playfully as her gaze fell upon Asami’s

    “Oh and about Naga she is being brought here by my father he plans to visit Iroh and share a pot of tea” Korra explains thinking about how sad Naga would be without her. “plus I feel I have left her alone for far too long just like I did you Mako and Bolin” she says sighing a little.
  9. Asami interlocked her fingers with Korra's when the Avatar took her hand. The action felt peaceful and warm and right as her gaze fell on the brilliant yet calming colours of the Spirit forest. Being with Korra was the most natural thing in the world for her. In fact, she'd never felt so relaxed with anyone. Even from the day they'd met, she'd gravitated toward the Water Tribeswoman. She'd admired Korra's energy and vibrance, her dauntless ideals. Asami needed people like that in her life, and she was so glad that their petty competition to gain a boy's heart hadn't severed their relationship so much as it made their friendship stronger which had then become a springboard for something... more.

    Asami's painted lips curved into a sly smile as her eyes turned to the other woman. Had Korra been implying more than walking, and had she meant something other than the physical pathway? Regardless, she was more than ready to see where either one lead. She squeezed her companion's hand. "Let's go." This time, she took the first step, her boots surprisingly soundless on the hard stones. The rhythm their steps took seemed to cause the lights to twinkle in a way she would have described as musical if not for the lack of sound.

    Thin brows furrowed a little when Korra told her about having left Naga alone too long. Asami stopped walking and turned toward Korra, placing her free hand on the woman's shoulder. "Hey, you don't have to worry about that. That's all in the past. You needed that time to figure things out for yourself, and it all worked out in the end. No one is bitter about that anymore, not Bolin, not Mako, and certainly not me. Naga loves you, too, and she's going to be so glad to see you again that she won't even remember that you were gone for any length of time." Her fingers unlaced from Korra's only so she could wrap her arms around her.

    She still felt bad for exploding on Korra about her absence the same day she'd returned. It felt like so long ago that it felt like it had been years instead of a couple of months that had passed between then and now. She hadn't realized Korra still held onto it, still let it eat at her even if only a little. Asami was determined to do whatever it took to assure her companion that no bitterness remained, that she wasn't holding a grudge and never really had. She'd just been stressed about her father, and she'd mistakenly taken it out on someone else she'd loved. That could never happen again.

    Asami pulled away just a little, and her hands moved to gently cup the sides of Korra's face between them, green eyes looking intently into those big blue ones. "No one is upset, and Naga won't be, either." She assured her once more.
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  10. Korra admired Asami's gorgeous and caring nature as she said the kind word's. "Asami... There is something I have been meaning to ask" the avatar said looking at the beautiful woman standing in front of her. Gently raising her own hands on top of Asami's pale white hands. "I uh ..." she studdered a little face going flush and pink. "What I'm trying to say is..." pausing she closed her eye's for a moment to calm her now fast beating heart.

    Opening them again she smiled jet face now full of confidence. "I really like you Asami Sato... I just wanted to know if you feel the same?"She asked knowing her hands are now shivering slightly Thanks to the seriousness of what she said. This could make our break there friendship. "Please tell me I haven't just said something that will make you avoid me forever".

    Korra's gaze was fixed on Asami longing for a reply.
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  11. The smile that took hold of Asami's lips was soft and sweet. Her green eyes lit up with Korra's words. They'd never really discussed how they felt about one another, at least not until now. The blush that bloomed on Korra's cheeks made her even more beautiful to the engineer. While it hadn't been rare lately to see the Avatar's confidence wane, this felt entirely different. This took a lot of confidence, but it was done so shyly that it made Korra seem... vulnerable in a way that was altogether different from her previous cases of vulnerability over the years.

    "I really do." Asami answered, a few fritillaries floating lazily in her stomach. "I've felt this way about you for a long time. It was just complicated at first, and I felt like I must be wrong about how I felt. The time I've spent with you has helped me realized that this is probably the one thing in my life that has always been right. I just wanted to wait until things had calmed down to tell you, but I guess they have now. Avoiding you is the last thing I want to do." Her thumb gently caressed Korra's cheek. "I really like you, a lot."

    A flush rose to her cheeks, and almost as if a magnet had pulled her forward, Asami closed the gap between them. Her eyes closed as their lips met, and she couldn't imagine anything more right than this moment.
  12. Korra felt as if this was the one moment she truly felt alive and happy. There was no stress no scary threats or problems just her and Asami, the most skilled , smart and talented engineer. Taking in every small detail of Asami's lips Korra eventually pulled away "you seriously have no idea how happy I am right now..." she said almost in tears of happiness and she finally broke into a huge grin.

    "Yes!" she mused out loudly as she picked Asami up and gently spun the light woman around then placed her on the ground with a huge grin still stuck on her feet. Korra moved her hands away as her face wen bright red as she tapped her left foot behind the right as she nervously noticed that she had picked up Asami without permission.

    "shall we keep going?" she asked still mumbling slightly due to being so nervous and happy.
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  13. Everything was falling into place in Asami's life. Her company was leading the way in helping to rebuild Republic City's economy, and everything was stable enough that she could take a vacation. Even if she'd suffered recent tragedy, it didn't seem unbearable with Korra by her side. The love she felt for her companion was overwhelming, and it seemed like she'd been waiting an eternity for the moment when their lips finally met. Everything else faded away until there was only the two of them, only the taste of Korra's mouth, only the sensation of her touch.

    Once they finally pulled away, Asami felt almost breathless. She chuckled at Korra's words. "Oh, I think I have some idea." And she really did because the engineer felt it, too. Her smile became a wide grin when Korra picked her up and twirled her around. Her dark curls floated around her, bound only by the leather tie at the nape of her neck. It never ceased to amaze her how physically strong Korra was. Asami wasn't a big girl, but she was tall, and she did have a heavy pack on her back, yet the Avatar lifted her off her feet as if she weighed no more than a feather.

    When she returned to the ground, she realized that the glow in the foliage all around them had become significantly brighter and more colourful, as if their untempered joy had infected everything around them in a positive way. The Spirit World was even more amazing than she'd ever imagined it could be. This was going to be the best vacation she'd ever had, better than any expensive trip her father could have tossed money at. "Yes. Let's go." Asami took Korra's hand again, and with a soft squeeze, she continued forward. Each step caused a latent glow in the stone pathway to light up more vibrantly.
  14. Korra admired Asami's confidence and her will to fight through any struggle and come out stronger. The avatar knew the engineer would still have an open wound from the death of her father. Who knows maybe she would find him here? It is not impossible for a human spirit to venture in the spirit world. Looking at the vibrant colors of the spirit plants Korra couldn't erase the huge grin on her lips as they walked. "I'm glad you are the one Asami..." she whispered softly as they kept walking.

    As the vibrant plant life opened up they found themselves facing a large River which led all the way to a bridge where the water joined to create a place for spirits to heal and rejuvenate. "I..I think my past life has been here" she mused looking across to the beautiful brunette.

    "Ah! Stinky it's been a long time! Ooh who's this fine one?" A spirit who stood as tall as Asami who had patterns a lot like a raccoon approached them walking just like a human . Korra's eye's went wide. "You really have changed I can barely sense the original you Stinky but that smell can never be forgotten"

    Korra laughed lightly scratching her head with her free hand. "My names Korra and this is Asami Sato" she mused happily. "Never thought you would return as a woman but just life before you and Raavaa and Miss Sato are welcome here" he said with a bow.
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