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This show is the absolute best thing on HBO right now. Anyone wanting to watch something on HBO try watching this show, its currently on its second season yet its unknown if its going to be a renewed for a third season due to low ratings, but hopefully it dose, it got renewed for Season 2 just as the first season was about to end.


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I've been trying really hard to get into the second season, but I just can't do it.

The first season was completely amazing, and I was absolutely in love with Kevin and the train wreck that was his life. I loved how Jill and Nora were both relatable with their own little meltdowns, and I absolutely loved to hate Laurie.

This season though I'm just......blah. I don't like most of the new characters. But I think what I hate the most is that they've moved away from their home to try and find something that they could have found staying where they were. I just feel like the move was absolutely pointless, and the change of scenery along with the additional new characters is just a turn off.
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