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The League of Heroic Pensioners

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Karakui, Jan 9, 2016.

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  1. So as you may have figured, this RP involves a bunch of old people who wake up one day and find out they have super powers. Hopefully, it will be hilarious!

    WARNING: This RP is a pisstake based on stereotypes. If you are an old person, you may be offended by this (or not, because old people tend to have pretty good senses of humour). If you are offended by characters saying discriminating things, you may also be offended (because stereotypical old people, which would be the main cast, are quite racist).
    I'm not here for a discussion on the morality of making a comedy that takes the piss out of stereotypes, so if that's a problem to you, just move on - don't cause trouble for the staff by causing an argument (because I'm very bad at resisting arguing).

    If you've continued this far, I congratulate you, for it means red text is not scary to you! (which will be useful in this upcoming battle, for the supervillain only has a red pen). This story will follow the adventures of a bunch of archaic pensioners who discover they have superpowers and embark on an anime-like quest to save the world from the evil villains. They will meet many obstacles along the way, including but not limited to: Exercise, heating bills, hearing people properly and Arthritis!

    Arkham Carehome for the Elderly - a carehome filled with old people, lovingly dubbed the 'Asylum' by its inmates, after that show on the newfangled telly-devices those darned kids have nowadays. There's nothing particularly unusual about the home, until one day, the inhabitants of the Second Floor East Wing spend the morning accidentally shooting fireballs and turning invisible. That day happened to be a day when the carers assigned to the Second Floor East Wing were off sick, so no one was there to find out. One of these elderly people, however, decided to use their new powers for evil. They escaped and began their scheme, and as the only other people with powers, the East Wingers decided to form the League of Heroic Pensioners because they have so much spare time and frankly, they're getting bored of auction show re-runs.

    Powers can be anything, but the stronger the power, the more old-person ailments your character has, to make it funnier.
  2. Sounds like Magneto vs. Wolverine, Batman etc. tbh.

    I'm interested.
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  3. I'm down.
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  4. I'll be honest, I don't actually watch superhero stuff so besides the names, I don't really know what you're talking about XD
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