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  1. Is me. Not fascinated? don't have to be shy there. I know you are -wriggles eyebrows- :flirt:
    First of all to give away some important info, about me: I might seem like the next spoiled, brat, but I ain't! I'm telling ya, I ain't momma! -clears voice- No, really. It's my head that doesn't listen to me most of the time and my fingers are traitors as well, so I'm just. Well, me. When it's something serious or comes to loyalty, I'm 101% the person, for you.
    Leaving all the good things about me, aside from the fact that I love to roleplay and etc. -sits, with crossed legs- Do tell....what are you into, how are ya, had some life threatening expriences today? :magnify:

    Here, have a song for inspiration:
  2. Yo! Nice to meet you I am Domeki Sato. Welcome to Iwaku! If you need a buddy....Give me a shout my friend! tumblr_static_natsu_happy.gif
  3. Hallo Genie, welcome to the siiiite! :D
  4. Hey...Who let you out of your lamp? Was it Diana???
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  5. OMG !! A Genie !~. Sweetness me.:3

    Welcome to the Craziness, please enjoy your stay xD.
  6. Dankeschön!

    I was let out of my lamp, to grant wishes and all that sh*t, so feel free to give your desires out~~ WARNING: In exchange of every wish, you become mah pet, for eternity. You wish can't be: 1, 000~~~ more wishes, freedom - both mine and yours, my death [to save yourself from, slavery].

    Aside from that, I'm happy to be greeted so passionately by you peeps! <3