The Last Wolves (Male character needed)

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  1. Hello everyone! I've really been craving this sort of love story for awhile. It will most likely include action, blood and mild gore. But first, let me tell you what I'm looking for in a partner for this plot.

    • You must be a pretty experienced roleplayer
    • Average of AT LEAST two paragraphs per post
    • Be available to post at least once every two to three days
    • Be able to apply proper grammar and spelling obviously
    • And be willing to plan in a pm ooc so the story will flow smoothly
    I won't be on all the time because I'm a bit busy lately, but I will comply with the rules above so we will be equal.


    (without insignia on shoulder)
    (except with blue eyes. Height: 5'3 Weight: 100 lbs)
    Name: Johanna
    Personality: Cautious, fierce, insightful, compassionate, and most of all, guarded.
    She puts on a devil-may-care attitude, but wouldn't ever let an innocent get hurt if she can help it.
    Species: Shifter Wolf
    Background: She was wild in a pack far from humans until they began to actively hunt wolves down. They came in helicopters shooting down all but the best of them. Johanna got away, but most didn't. She was lost for awhile, going for long periods of time without food all alone. A group of men at the edge of a city thought she was a dog and kicked her around a bit. Scarred and broken, she kept walking and in a lest resort, shifted into her human form for the first time. She hated being bipedal and mostly furless, but once she stole clothes from a clothes line, she could steal medical supplies and take care of herself as a human for awhile. She abhorred staying like that for too long though for she had too much pride in her wolf form. It's who she is. She is no human and to pretend to be something she's not was an insult to her dignity. For the last two years, she's been following her nose to find others of her kind, but hasn't had much luck.

    This Roleplay will be loosely based on the anime series called Wolf's Rain. If you've seen it, cool! If not, I'll give you a good enough description for this rp.

    In a post-apocalyptic future where humans live in domed cities surrounded by wasteland, wolves have been hunted to near extinction for their pelts. Of course it wasn't just the pelts the humans wanted. It was power. The humans wanted to believe that they were the Apex Predators and in this world, wolves are very powerful creatures. Not only do they have the standard claws, canines, powerful sense of smell and amazing agility, these wolves are as intelligent as any human and are incredibly fast and strong.
    CLIPS for examples:

    See how fast they are? How high they jump? They can break out of metal cages by bending the bars with their jaws alone. It's incredible. So that's how these Shifter wolves would be whether human form or in wolf form. They can go without food for a month at most if they bask in the moonlight. They howl if they need help or if under direct moonlight. The night is when they are most powerful.

    So basically in this story, your character would be a Shifter wolf as well. You can give him whatever history you want as long as he doesn't turn out to be a timid or sensitive crybaby all the time. He would be searching for a place called Sanctuary. Most, including Kira, don't believe it exists, but your character is determined to get there. It's supposed to be like paradise for wolves, where wolf packs roam free and flowers grow everywhere and there are no humans anywhere. We can figure out how to get there in planning and stuff but if you're interested, please post your characters, your average post length and times when you're able to rp on this thread. And then I'll choose which qualifies.

    Thanks for reading, I hope this works out and if you have any questions, ask on this thread!
  2. Might be interested. I remember being your prince in a role play one time. :)
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