The Last Turn of The Seasons

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  1. It is 2015. Global warming is rampant and becoming a more prevalent issue in society. Despite the calming of the politicians, the world is still worried about the global crisis. The weather shifts from winter temperature to that of a sweltering summer every few weeks or so. And now, the electronics are failing every day , cars now lightning-rods, and some even question themselves as they sometimes see auroras in the sky, even at noon. However, their tribulations are not without undue concern. The weather is changing. But not because of global warming. Because of the sun's slow death. With the cooling of the supermassive star, so comes the severe change in seasons that appears so sudden. The world does not have long left to survive. What will the last generation of humans do during the Last turn of the Seasons?

    • Name:
      Age: (16+)
      Appearance : (Picture or Written Description)
      Distinguishing Features:

    • External Personality:
      Internal Personality:

    @Kelsi Kitsune
    @Alex B.

    Zachary Mills~ 18~ Alex B.
    Bran Santino~21~ Arcadia
    Erin~ 18~ @Vysivaire
    Emilio Diaz~21~ Effort
    Aubrey Valencia~ 27~ Pretty Turtle
    Brio Visser~ 24~ Dawn
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  2. Name: Zachary Mills
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Tall, reading glasses over greenish-blue eyes. His brown hair reaches down to his eyes, giving him sort of a "goth" look, and the dark clothes he always wears only adds to it.
    Mental Characteristics: Usually shy and antisocial, but doesn't at all mind talking if someone strikes a conversation with him. Very honest, yet very blunt about his opinions. Even though he tends to push people away, his worst fear is being alone.
    Likes: Music, guitar, mainly in the Rock/Metal genre
    Dislikes: People who automatically "assume" things about him.
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 130 lbs.
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  3. Alex, you need to add the mental characteristics.
  4. Name: Brandon "Bran" Santino
    Age: 21
    Appearance : [BCOLOR=#ffffff][​IMG][/BCOLOR]
    Distinguishing Features: Bran has a small scar extending from his right eye down to the tip of his nose.
    Height: 6'4
    Weight: 198 lb
    External Personality: Social, cheery and always happy when talking to others. He is intelligent, after reading so many books, and also his jobs as a meteorologist at MIT was also a booster or his understanding of science.
    Internal Personality: Doubtful, cynical and snappy, Bran can get annoyed at provocation. He typically gets annoyed when people ask him questions that they could have answered themselves.

    -Weather reports
    -Quiet Environments

    -Being unable to solve a problem
    -Being left alone to suffer

    -Unable to concentrate without complete silence.
  5. Name: Erin
    Age: 19
    Appearance : Average high, slightly too thin. Bleach blonde hair with dark roots is cut to suit a pixi and forever in a bedhead tumble. The heart shaped face, unremarkably pale, is set with stormy brown eyes and cosmetically pinked up apples. Her mouth is thin, distracted, and forever perched upon by a petulant silver ring.
    She cruises in dark wash denim jeans and jacket. The jacket might have been black once, and is missing a few studs on the diagnal cut breast. Nothing would suit her routine but combat boots. Not shiny, but cared for. She wears a few rings and a hip satchel.

    Distinguishing Features: Asymmetrical earrings, double cartilage piercing on left ear. Ring in lip and right eyebrow.

    External Personality: Course, blunt, relatively forward. Nihilistic hedonist.
    Internal Personality:Nunya bidness.
    Likes: Gratification, ducks, vices, novel experience, carousing.
    Dislikes: Frustration
    Inabilities: Subtlety.

    Confession: I'm not sure I'm super committed to this yet, but if it looks interesting I'll probably poke around since it seems like expectations for quality aren't a potential stressor. :D
  6. Name: Emilio Diaz
    Age: 22
    Appearance : He's quite wiry with dark hair that, like his eyes, appear to be black unless in certain lighting where they are revealed to be very dark brown. Most commonly he wears a tough cloth jacket, blue jeans, hiking shoes, and a small pack.

    Distinguishing Features: His gaze is intense, even when having a normal conversation people feel unnerved just watching him. Hums or whistles. Eyes look black.
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 168 lbs

    External Personality: Somber and quiet, Emilio spends a lot of time in his own head and doesn't enter into conversation unless he can think of something to talk about or someone speaks to him. The latter doesn't happen often.

    Internal Personality: A lot of stuff whirrs through Emilio's head, most of it is having to do with is own personal interests and questions. He's really friendly and is almost always willing to lend a hand.

    Likes: Electrical devices, climbing, food, exploring, martial arts, taking his time.
    Dislikes: Greed, small dogs, being rushed, ignorant people, being in confined spaces for too long, violence.
    Fears: Failing when it matters most. Having to kill. Mobs.
    Inabilities: Killing someone outside of self defense. He inspects things that interest him very closely and sometimes he'll put all his focus in one thing.
  7. Well, once Kelsi makes her app, I say we can get started on our little journey to the final days of humanity :)
  8. Lemme see if I can come up with a useful character for this. :)
  10. I will be working on a character.... soonish
  11. Name:
    Aubrey Valencia
    Age: (16+):
    Appearance : (Picture or Written Description)
    Aubrey has dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Before the rampant fluctuation of weather patterns, she was a self proclaimed fashionista. Since the weather has become wild and unpredictable she has abandoned her fashion sense for common sense and wears layers, and zippers.

    Distinguishing Features:
    In low light her eyes almost glow. It's eerie and disquieting, though when you look closely it is actually just the fading light highlighting the golden colors of her irises. Her height also seems to set her apart. She's tall for a woman, and seems even taller when she speaks. Her voice stern, and unyielding though leaning more towards that of a strict caring mother than that of a drill sergeant.

    140 lbs (10 stone)
    External Personality:
    Witty, boisterous, demanding. She's a know-it-all and will try to take charge of any situation. Though not often wrong, she will admit when she is misinformed but only when the evidence is irrefutable. Aubrey is a very caring person, in her own way; trying to mother those around her.
    Internal Personality:
    Insecure, and self doubting. She puts on a strong front and feels like it's her job to take on the world, but inside she questions every choice she makes. She's also very suspicious, and is, in a way two faced. She mothers and hovers over those near to her, but only truly decides to trust them after some time. She uses her maternal tendencies to try and get people to relax enough to show her their true selves.
    Feeling as though she's needed, being surrounded by people, animals
    Heat, liars.
    Spiders, death, fire, abandonment

    She's actually not very athletic, cannot climb very high, or run very far. Heat causes her to fatigue quicker than it should.

    [[I might add some more to the personality bio later.]]
  12. Great app!
  13. Thanks! ^_^
  14. When Dawn gets hers up, we'll get going :D
  15. Name: Brio Visser
    Age: 24
    Appearance: Tall, wiry build, Japanese and Dutch ancestry, short black hair, a grumpy expression.
    Distinguishing Features: Police uniform, his grumpy expression.
    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 182 lbs

    External Personality: Optimistic, stubborn, determined. He's hardly a person to let himself or others give up, especially if it were a matter of life or death. Despite his hard-to-approach appearance, he's quite friendly. You could even call him the Team Dad type.
    Internal Personality: Pensive and protective. He'll put others before himself because he knows his limits are usually higher than everyone else's. He's also not the type to charge forward without thinking things through, though he won't sit there and debate all day. He believes that some situations call for risk-taking and he trusts in his gut-feeling often enough when he's faced with something he's not knowledgeable about.
    Likes: Outdoor activities such as climbing, hiking, swimming, camping, etc. Animals! Adventure! Surprisingly he likes his job as a police officer.
    Dislikes: Having his hands tied both figuratively and literally. Pessimistic people, but puts up with them anyway. Rich society and dressing fancy.
    Fears: That people will begin rioting and that he'll have to take a life.
    Inabilities: Can't carry a tune in a bucket. Not very good at expressing his feelings and if he's suffering mentally or physically, he won't admit it unless you pester him about it thoroughly.
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  16. are spots still open?
  17. If you make an app in the next day or two, we can start properly and not have you fall behind :)
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  18. Is there still a spot open?
  19. Yes. By the time you may see this, the intro will be up, so just get stuck in :D
  20. Name: Charles (Chuck/Knuckles) Finley
    Age: 18
    Appearance : [​IMG]
    Distinguishing Features: Several scars decorating his body, a slightly warped face. His voice is rather deep but slurs sometimes.
    Height: 6ft 1.
    Weight: 200lbs.
    External Personality: Rather brutish, but kind hearted. He is a simpleton really, gifted with tinkering but not so in smarts.
    Internal Personality: He can unleash an inner evil, the desire to smash and bash everything in front of him.
    Likes: Beef, Brawling, Dogs and other animals.
    Dislikes: Cruel people, anyone who would hurt his friends, swimming.
    Fears: Drowning, as a bigger guy it scares him to think of himself in the water. The possibiliy of his bulky frame slowly sinking and his lungs clogging has brought him many nightmares.
    Inabilities: Not very bright, many call him a brute with a lovers heart.
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