The Last Summer

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  1. Marinka strolls into the towering, sky blue beach house. It's a wonder she could ever be living in a house this big and not feeling like an incompetent wreck, like she does in her giant of a home up in Ithaca. But this summer, her parents are over in Manhattan, and her real friends will be here any minute now.

    Entering the house and dropping her bags in the lounge for the time being, she begins to straighten up the already pristine house, the first matter of business being to open the windows, letting the sea air drift in. The salty breeze ruffles her short black bob, but that's no matter. The wind has never felt better.
  2. Voilet hobbles in kicking the door closed behind her, multiple bags hung on my neck and a suit case rolling behind me. She sets the suit case down on all fours, beginning to remove some of the bags that are clung against her.

    "Hello" Voilet calls in a sing song voice as she sets the bags against the suit case. The voice echos around the large cabin, making her smile.
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  3. Squealing, Marinka drops the rag on the kitchen table, the wax can being knocked to the side. She sprints to Violet, already barefoot and helps her good friend drop her bags in the lounge next to her own before throwing her arms around her, her dark arms clashing with Violet's light skin.

    This was wonderful, some of her friends have already arrived. Her gut tells her this is going to be the best summer yet.
  4. tumblr_l8uis2VSV21qd4x0vo1_400.jpg Honor sat in his car, a minute away from the cabin. His Black and gold hollywood undead snapback on his head and black sunglasses. He was happy to once again see his group of close friends, He loved spending time and having fun with them. When he finally got to the cabin, he parked his car and opened the door, He locks the door and closes it behind him. When he finally approaches the cabin he gives a big smile."Are you guys just going to stand there!?" He went in for a hug
  5. 12295"]Squealing, Marinka drops the rag on the kitchen table, the wax can being knocked to the side. She sprints to Violet, already barefoot and helps her good friend drop her bags in the lounge next to her own before throwing her arms around her, her dark arms clashing with Violet's light skin.

    This was wonderful, some of her friends have already arrived. Her gut tells her this is going to be the best summer yet.[/QUOTE]

    Voilet smiled into Marinka's shoulder as she wrapped her arms around her, accepting the hug.
    "I missed you" She giggle as they let go of the embrace. Voilet peer around the cabin taking notice of how open the rooms were, as she waited for a reply.
  6. Sierra walks through the doorway, struggling for a moment as one of her larger bag gets stuck in the door. She finally heaves it through, letting out a breath as it slams against the ground. This happened almost every year, but she had never gotten around to getting a smaller suitcase. Besides, though she may pack relatively lightly, 3 months is a long time, and she doubted that she could manage to bring along everything she'd need if she were to ditch the huge bag.

    "Knock, knock." she calls out, drinking all the details of the cabin.
  7. Marinka practically glows, squeezing Violet's shoulder. "Tour the house. Discover mysteries." The secretary-in-training slips on a mysterious expression, leaning in and whispering, "We may or may not be heading down to the beach after everyone arrives, so... That might change what you want to do." She winks at her friend, bustling away to Honor.

    Marinka wraps him in a bear hug, almost tackling him with her lanky body. "Honor! I've missed you so, so much!"

    Hearing Sierra come in behind Honor, Marinka drags her into the group hug with her and Honor. "And my Si's here, too!"
  8. Voilet chuckles hearing what Marinka had said. She follows her out to Honor and Seirra, an even bigger smile cutting into her face.

    "Hey guys!" She exclaims excitedly, hair bouncing as she talked. She pulls her bags and suitcase away so make room for more.
  9. tumblr_l8uis2VSV21qd4x0vo1_400.jpg
    "I thought violet was going to get all the love, missed ya to." Honor then looked to Sierra "When will you ever bring a smaller bag Si?" He gave a small smile, Then waved to Violet "Damn this is going to be a great summer." Honor said smiling. He gave a deep breath and started walking around "So where am i sleeping!? Hopefully not outside like last year, Sierra" He gave an evil look.
  10. Marinka lets go of all of them, sighing softly, contently. She grabs a few of the bags, dropping them into the pile in the lounge and dropping onto the couch, pressing a button on the remote on the coffee table, causing Florence + the Machine to begin blaring out of the speakers around the room. "Well, Sierra and I are sharing a room, and so are Vi and Carolina... At least, once Carolina arrives. Honor, you'll be sleeping alone, for the moment."

    Raising an eyebrow and looking to the ceiling, as if that would tell her the lay out of the house, she mutters under her breath, "I think there's a few extra rooms..."
  11. Sierra laughs lightly, hugging them all back tightly.

    "I like my bag, Honor. It fits stuff. Also, if you didn't want me to take your room, then you shouldn't have used mine as your water balloon fort." She replied, smiling.

    "Gosh, I feel like I haven't seen you guys in forever, has it really only been a year?"
  12. Grinning and patting the open cushion next to her, Marinka responds quickly to Sierra. "Not counting the Skype calls I'd say approximately ten months, right...? As we spend two months here?"
  13. Sierra plops down next to her, making herself comfortable.

    "Well it felt a whole lot longer to me. So what have you all been up to these last few months? You never write me back, Vi."
  14. Voilet is rummaging through her bag when she responds.
    "I'm sorry about that. I've been really busy, being senior year and all." She sighs, closing the suit case back up, turning her attention to Sierra.
    "What have you been up to?!" Voilet says excitedly, sitting down on the polished floor, leaning back with her feet kicked out.
  15. Marinka purses her lips as she gladly makes room for Violet on the other side of her. "You know, the usual. The parents trying to convincing me to join their company for an internship during college. Me falling for that. Parents nagging me to do better in school. Me getting a job because I really freaking need ADHD/Dyslexia meds so I can actually focus." She shrugs. "The usual... What about you guys?"
  16. A doleful look plays Violet's mouth as she jumps up next to Marinka on the couch. "Dude," She start, softly. "That suck's. Can't the government pay for your meds, I thought there was a program out there for that?" [BCOLOR=#000000]Her forehead creases into a questioning line, as she props her head up on an elbow which was resting on the chair.[/BCOLOR]
  17. Marinka snorts, tilting slightly towards Violet. "In Canada, maybe, not here. But money's not even my problem; my 'rents could get it easily if they paid attention enough to realize that I'm not just stupid."
  18. I shake my head slowly. "Parents suck" I pull my lips into a slightly disgusted face, brushing a stray piece of hair back behind my ear.
  19. Fixing her dark bob so it wasn't all over the place, Marinka nods, and then hesitates. "Well... My mom and dad aren't all bad. After all, they lent me the money to rent out this place for the summer for all of us." Her iPhone bleeps, indicating a text. Sighing, she digs in the pocket of her white blouse, grabbing it and reading the text quickly, a smile slowly spreading across her face. "Lynette's on her way."
  20. Lyn


    The window of the yellow city cab was rolled down allowing the salty scent of the sea to be inhaled by her as the Italian taxi driver took his time casually talking to her in his native tongue of Italian. She didn't mind after all she had only left Milan 2 weeks ago for Manhattan. The sun beamed down onto the water as it's unique aqua color glittered brightly as it's soft calm waves hit the beaches surface. It'd been about 15 minutes since she sent a text to Marinka. Thinking of the others a soft smile appeared upon her face.

    "Quanto tempo si alloggia a New York ?"

    The young Italian man questioned as he looked into the the rear view mirror his soft brown eyes glancing at the reflection of her before she beamed a bright smile his way and cheered in fluent Italian,

    "Sarò a New York per tutta l'estate , più un paio di giorni in più che sarà essere spesi in città ."

    Excitement oozed from her at the cab began to approach the cabins on the beach. The driver stopped the bright yellow taxi directly in front of the large cabin she would be residing in for the summer with her friends.

    "Hai bisogno di aiuto con i bagagli ?"

    She nodded before hopping out the cab and saying

    "Yep sarei grato ."

    The man smiled at her before jumping out the cab as well. He popped open the trunk only to see that she had already begun to unload her bags. He took two of her larger suitcases as she fished through her purse for her wallet. The driver walked up the steps and placed her bags before the doorway as she bounded off after him. She handed him the bills and tipped him gratefully before noticing the door was open. She opened the door as her heels hit the wooden floors of the spacious cabin.

    "Im qui ! E tutti voi dovrebbe aver chiuso a chiave la porta ! Chiunque poteva solo a piedi in qui !"

    She called out before repeating the last piece of her sentence in English as her New York accent flowed out smoothly as her words sailed upon the air,

    "You all should've locked the door! Anyone could just walk in here!"

    She took a few steps more into the cabin before turning to the driver,

    "Grazie Signore per il vostro aiuto . Avere una guida sicura indietro ."

    The man nodded and left her bags by the doorway before heading out and calling out in his Italian New York accent,

    "No problem, Have a great time out here! And the names Tony, if you want me to give you a ride back to the city just request for me they'll know who I am."

    He said as she nodded and shouted back at him as if she were living in the projects,

    "Aight Thanks again Tony!"

    With her goodbyes finally stated she swung the door to the cabin shut and made sure to lock the door, she was usually the childish one but she hated the idea of some random person possibly walking up in on her and her friends. She had four bags in total, two overflowing with several outfits, the other two filled with gifts for the others. She walked further into the as her long wavy brown hair flowed behind her and the wheels of her luggage mad sounds in sync to be clacking of her heels against the wooden surface of the floor.

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