The Last Resistance


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The universe in which we inhabit is but one of many... one of the infinite amount of universes that make up the Multiverse.
The Multiverse had been at peace for almost as long as it had existed. However, for an infinite amount of universes, there are an equally infinite amount of evils.
One day, The Xir'algath, A horde of godlike aliens existing outside the multiverse, had invaded. The Xir'algath obliterated everything on their path to conquest, including earth. They crushed any hint of rebellion, and showed no sign of mercy to anyone or anything. The only ones who have been spared of the Xir'algath's might are beings who are just as vile and evil, and could be used to the advantage of the Xir'algath.
Their invasion was so brutal, it had shattered the very boundaries of time and space. All points in time, and all universes in the multiverse, have now been melded together to form a singular chaotic reality.
And from the ashes of this destroyed and twisted reality, the Xir'algath plan to build their new empire.
Now, the Multiverse's greatest warriors, from all across time and space, have been called upon to fight against this threat ,and defeat the Xir'algath once and for all. They are the multiverse's last Resistance...

The Resistance will be operating from these three locations:

Or at least, what's left of it. After the invasion of the Xir'algath, all the Earths of the Multiverse had been fused together, transforming it into a chaotic wasteland, inhabited by mutants, bandits, and Xir'algath attempting to colonize the planet. The remaining inhabitants of the multiple Earths had taken refuge in a vast underground bunker, soon planning to take back their planet...

The Battlefield: A giant asteroid, serving as the main warzone in the conflict with the Xir'algath. The battlefield is where the bloodiest and most brutal battles are fought by the most powerful of warriors. Here, ships deliver supplies, and fighters from all over the universe come to take on the Xir'algath and impede the progress of their invasion...

Space: Aboard the space station U.S.S. Warhammer, a sanctuary and safe haven from the Xir'algath. The Warhammer sends out ships for certain missions, and for aerial combat with the Xir'algath's ships, and occasionally scavenges supplies from abandoned or wrecked vessela. They are the most prepared for the conflict and are making their way towards the door of their enemies...

A project that i've been bouncing around my noggin for months, this may be my most ambitious RP yet. If the RPs on this website were the MCU, than this one would be "Infinity War." Basically, this is my idea of the ultimate battle between good and evil. The end of everything- but also the beginning of a new chapter.

(Also, as a technical note, this RP will actually be divided into three separate threads of their own, each one taking place in a different Base Of Operations.)

1.) fighters can be OCs from a fandom, or completely original characters of any kind. They cannot, however, be canon characters of a franchise or series.

2.) No OP or ridiculously powerful characters.

3.) Existing Characters from previous RPs may be used. In fact, I encourage you to use your favorite RP characters. Hell, you could even use dead characters, since the fabric of time has been pretty much effed up in this RP.

4.) There is no character amount limit, as long as a player is capable of well handling their current amount of characters.

5.) No Autohitting, Autododging, Godmodding or Metagaming.

6.) Even after the RP has started, signups will remain open. New members of the Resistance are always welcome!

Character Sheet:






Description/picture of appearance:

Base of operations: (Earth, Space or Battlefield)


Allignment: (do they serve the Xir'algath, or the Resistance. To put it more simply, are they good or evil?)


(Feel free to add other fields of your own if you want to flesh out your character more.)
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