The last ray of sunlight.

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  1. One x one roleplay between Haruto and Dancing with life.

    The basic of this rp is a apocalypse rp. After a nuclear war cities are ruined and a disease have spread which turns people into zombies/monsters. In the start you got sick because of the radiation, but now you have to be bitten, scratched or poisoned. But not only do you have to avoid radiation, zombies/monsters, but also so cannibals. There isn't a lot of food out there, so some people have turned to the easier prey, if they can find any. Your character wakes up with a memory loss. You meet my character who isn't excatly friendly, but helps you out as a crowd of zombies is trying to eat your brain.

  2. Green polypore mushrooms grew up the sides of the fallen building. The sun that escaped through the holes in the building light them up. They looked poisonous and they were. It was only a few years ago if you had been exposed to one of it's spores you would have gotten some horrible disease, or maybe even worse.. You would have turned into a monster looking creature that didn't had a mind on it own, well not a empathetic and caring mind as humans have.. Or well, some humans have.. Once Red would have happily agreed that there had to be something good in everybody, but now everything was different. She could no longer say that everybody had a good side. This world was proof enough in itself. Red stretched her neck, rubbing her right shoulder where her bag was napping her slightly. She gave out a silent moan as she rubbed the sore spot. Just a few more miles and she would take a break. Her eyes returned to the mushrooms that grew largly on the grumbled walls. Luckly they no longer gave out poison spores. They were still poisonous, but only if you touched or ate them. However she was sure nobody was that stupid. Right?

    Quickly her eyes turned to Sam who had whole his mouth around one of the big mushrooms. He hadn't taken a bit, yet. But soon his powerful jaws would close and his sharp teeths would cut through the soft mushroom like a knife that was cutting butter. "Sam!" Red growled in a stict voice. Sam lowered his ears and jumped into the air. With sorry eyes he lowered his head as he asked, what had he now done wrong? Red sighed and made him walk forward. She knew he was hungry, she was pretty hungry herself. But there wouldn't be any snacking before they reach a safe point. Sam quickly forgot everything about the mushroom and ran forward, just as Red had ordered. His tongue was sticking out his mouth and it swung around in the wind, dripping with large amounts of saliva. He looked happy, but tired. But only gods knows for how long they had been walking. Time didn't really exicted anymore, there was only day and night. Nobody wore watches anymore and nobody really cared, it wasn't like you had a place to be anyways.

    They got through the roughened building and reached what looked like a center of a old shopping mall. The building they just had walked through had collapsed into the shopping mall. It probably happened right in the beginning of the war. In the start they hadn't used chemical weapons, only bombs as if that wasn't good enough.. Red's eyes lowered and she quickly stopped Sam from jumping into the opening of the mall, she hide behind a half broken wall and carefully tried to get a look on what she had seen. There was somebody in the opening, but who? Or should she ask what? Red pulled out her rifle to get a better look. She didn't had any bullets left for this gun, but she could see much far away with the glass that was on top of it. She pointed her gun on the being in the room. It was a male and oddly enough he was laying down? "What in the.." she whispered to herself. Why would anybody be laying out in the open? Had he no idea how dangerous that could be?

    Red put her rifle away again and took a small hand gun which she actually had bullets too. Slowly and carefully she crawled closer to the male. Sam was crawling right behind her, he was a good dog. He knew that he was suppose to be quiet. Red got very close to him, so close that she could see his face. She hid behind a old ice-booth. Red looked over at him with cold eyes. It looked like he was sleeping? Red frowned, who in their right mind would be sleeping now and right here!? Then it hit her, this might be some sort of trap. Red quickly casted her eyes around, she couldn't see anybody else, but that didn't mean that there weren't anybody there. As if she would jump into their trap. She was about to crawl away when she heard footsteps. About ten meters away a mushroom man was walking. A mushroom man was a man who had gotten eaten up by the spores, half his head was nothing, but mushroom. Blood and plant mixed together, it was a disgusting sight.

    Red smiled and looked over at the man. Ha. Soon he would get up and run over to his group, his scam would be over. No man would risk their life to fulfill a scam. It just wasn't worth it. Red got herself comfortable and ready to shoot. If the mushroom man got to close to her she would shoot him. Belive it or not they have a incredible smelling sense. It wasn't before long that this mushroom man soon caugh the man's scent, this meant that he was dead. Mushroom men didn't liked rotten flesh, they only wanted the fresh warm blood and flesh. Which was probably why they didn't attacted their own kinds, they smelled they too much of rotten flesh. Slowly the mushroom man started to run toward the man who was laying carelessly in the middle of the opening. Red was sure that any second now he would get up and run for his life. But he didn't. He didn't move a single fucking muscle. 3meters, 2meters, 1meters away was the mushroom man now from the man. When he was about to jump on him Red cursed under her breath and shot. The shot went right through the mushroom man's face. It splattered out it rotten vegetable brain all over the background. Red jumped up followed by Sam. They ran over to the man who was still laying down. "What the fuck man!? Get up!" Red called from 4meters distant.

    A handicapped like scream filled the center. Those brainless fuckers knew where they were now. Red reached him and when she did she kicked him right in the guts. That couldn't be painless. She grabbed the collar of his jacket and pulled him up as she started to run. "Get up!" She roared while she looked over her shoulder every now and then. Red released him by harshly pushing him forward. She turned quickly on her heels and fired five shots. Sam barked loudly of the man, tugging in his pants as if he wanted him to follow him. Red looked over her shoulder, towards the man. "Follow Sam, he will get you out" Red hissed and turned back before firing six more shots. Only three shots left and there had to be over a twenty brain-dead fuckers left. "Shit" She growled under her breath. She turned on her heels and dashed towards Sam and the man she could see in the distant. "Run, just run!!" She screamed and caught up with them. She run right pass the man and sam followed. The man could either stop up in all confusion and die or run after her and maybe keep his life.
  3. Wandering around for days Xavier had no idea what happened, where he was, or even who he was all he could recall was his name and age. His hunger had become torture and he wandered around helplessly trying to find a source of food before his body gave into its weakness and he collapsed and he was down for the count. Laying there he knew he was going to die so he was hoping death would claim him quickly. He had spent most of the days hiding from them monster looking humanoid creatures only to know he'd become food for one of them eventually and just as he was close to being a meal for one he felt a sharp pain and found himself yanked up roughly by his shirt collar and dragged alone. He heard the words run and suddenly the urge to not die gave him the strength to run along with her. The two of them rounded a corner and Xavier wasn't sure how much farther he could sprint but they were no longer following and he saw a small hole inside a building and he yanked her into it and collapsed to his knees wheezing.
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